tagIncest/TabooMy Sister's Request

My Sister's Request


When my Mom married Jim I was eight years old, and Jim's daughter, Denise, was eleven. Even at eight I took knew that this girl would grow up to be an unbelievable babe. Her father died two years after he married my Mom and she found herself all sort of hobbies to ease the pain.

Shortly afterward she found modeling; it was the one thing she got obsessed with. She would model for herself in her room for hours on end. I found karate and studied that all the way through till high school. Denise did in fact grow to be gorgeous beyond belief. I spent most of my early teens spanking it to images of her. By that time I had found her portfolio of all the pictures she had taken of herself over the years, and found myself plenty of bikini and underwear modeling shots.

Denise and I were close, but not close like a brother and sister would be close. More like good friends, and it was that reason that allowed me to masturbate to her pictures.

Denise got her big break in the second semester of her senior year in high school. She got picked up by a talent agent for Guess, and The Gap, and in no time she was packed up and living in L.A. She became successful too, my Mom would cry when Denise's commercials come on or one of her ads appeared in Cosmo.

As the years pasted without a visit from Denise, my young teen aged obsession moved on to other things, namely Britney Spears and Eliza Dushku. Anyway I had just graduated when my Mom received a letter saying that Denise was going to come home to visit for the summertime. She was coming the day after my eighteenth birthday.

Needless to say my Mom was excited, but I really didn't care. I mean the only time I saw her had been on a billboard or a commercial the last three years. Why the hell was she even bothering to come home?

The day she was coming, I woke early to start to look for a summer job before I began college the following spring. I wasn't going to go to school during the Fall semester because frankly I'd spent the last 12 years running going to school and to me that earned a bit of a break. So I was taking an extra semester off.

Anyway I was browsing through some retail positions when my Mom walked into the room all dressed up, jiggling her car keys. "Hey Matt, are you coming with me to pick up Denise?" She asked.

I half-glanced up from my paper. "Nope." I said simply.

"You don't want to see your sister?" Mom asked. "I bet she has a birthday gift for you."

"Don't care." I said.

"You don't need to be an asshole Matthew. You better start acting nice, she is your sister." Mom told me.

"She's my step-sister and why should I care? She hasn't so much as called in three years." I asked.

"She's been busy with her career. You should be happy that your sister has managed to be so successful." Mom said.

I looked up. "I'll be sure to congratulate her on being pretty."

"You know what? You'd better watch your mouth I don't want you being pissed at her for just because you're jealous." My mom stomped out of the room before I could reply.

They didn't get home until well after dark that night. I figured they went shopping or to a movie and dinner or something. I was getting ready for bed when I heard them come in and I figured that if I at least pretended to be asleep I could avoid my sister until the morning.

No such luck, though. I heard her footsteps come running up the stairs before I finished brushing my teeth. I stepped into the hallway as she reached the top with a huge grin on her face. She never slowed down her pace though as she ran at me. I spun to run to my room but she tackled me with all her might knocking me down to the floor and landed on top of my back.

"HI, Matt!" She cheered, rubbing my head. "Hey you let you hair get long. You going for a rock star look these days?"

I groaned, "Get off me Denise."

"Oh, what happened to Mr. Karate expert?" Denise teased.

"You going to start giving me shit the second you get home?" I asked from the floor.

"What's up your ass?"

I violently flipped her over onto her back and sat on her waist. I got my first look at her then and my breath caught in my throat. I had seen her pictures but nothing compared to the real thing. Her long chestnut brown hair flowed over her shoulders even on her back, her light blue eyes and full lips gave her an exotic yet sexy look that could steal a man's soul.

I shook off my shock and sneered at her. "You disappear for three years and wonder why I'm upset? God Denise, you never even called."

Denise frowned. "I'm sorry, but life has been crazy since I left. With everything between one shoot to the next and moving around L.A. so much, I just never thought about calling. Then one day it hit me and I said I would take the summer off and come home to visit you and Mom."

I frowned and climbed off of her. She sat up slowly, "I'm sorry about everything. I never knew you were so upset about it."

I felt that pang of sorrow you get when you both very happy to see someone and yet very mad at them. Happy and mad together make sad, that's the formula, write it down. "Well, you ARE my sister Denise. I would have liked to have known how you were. I'm sorry I got so mad."

Denise stood and hugged me, I could feel her large firm breasts press against my chest. The feeling of her mounds pressed against me brought all the images of her I used to use to masturbate. I swallowed hard and fought back my suddenly stirring erection.

"Matt, I am sorry I didn't mean to leave you and mom in the dark like that really I didn't." She pulled back and smiled. "Hey you had a birthday yesterday right? What's say you and I go out to the mall tomorrow and I'll get you some make-up gifts?"

"I uh, I guess that sounds good." I said.

She clapped and grabbed my shoulders to kiss my cheek. "Ha, great. We'll make a day out of it." She turned and bounced happily down the hall.

I stared down the empty hallway. I had known Denise a long time and somehow I always could tell when she was hiding something or was full of shit. And all of a sudden, I had the feeling she was doing both. She was here for some other reason, and I had a feeling I would be able to find out.

* * * *

We borrowed Mom's car for our day at the mall. She had been happy to hand me the keys knowing I was going with Denise. She wanted me and her to get along and any sign showing I was getting along fine with my sister was fine with her.

I had to drive because Denise hadn't been around in three years and didn't remember her way around anymore. The mall had nearly doubled in the last three years and Denise let out a low whistle as we pulled into the parking lot and she caught sight of how the large building now wrapped itself around in a giant U shape.

"This place sure got bigger." Denise said.

"A lot happens in three years." I said as I found a parking spot nearby the East entrance to the mall which had all my favorite stores in it, including the Game Mania, and the Walbooks. I was kind of a gaming freak, but only during my down time.

I was actually hoping to get a PS3, but they were too expensive for my Mom at $599 for the 60Gig version. I thought it was worth it though, which was kind of the biggest reason for me trying to get a job. My college had already been covered by a scholarship so all the money I made at work would allow me to save up for my game system.

As we walked into the cool air conditioned building Denise asked. "So what do you want for your birthday? And don't feel shy about asking me for more than one thing. I missed a lot of birthday's and Christmases." She smiled at me and winked.

"Well, I don't really have anything reasonable to ask for." I said.

She frowned. "Reasonable? What do you mean by that?"

"Well, PS3 came out but Mom can't afford it. That's why I've been looking for a job so I can save up for it." I explained.

"So why can't I get it for you?" Denise asked.

I looked at her. "I can't ask you for that? It's 600 bucks!"

Denise actually laughed at me. "That's it?" She smiled and draped her arm around my shoulder. "I think you've forgotten what I've been doing these last few years."

I blinked a few times not getting it, then we just so happened to walk by a Guess poster with her in it and it hit me. She's been a high paid model for the last three years, of course she could get me something expensive like that. Hell, she could probably buy ten PS3's without so much as blinking.

"You'd really get me something that expensive?" I asked in disbelief.

"Sure." She said. "If that's what you want? We don't even have to stop at that. Go crazy, have a shopping spree on me."

My eyes narrowed. "Why are you doing this for me?"

"Two reasons. One, you're my brother. Two, I think I want to make things better between us."

So twenty minutes later we were sitting in the food court and I had a large bag from Game Mania. Denise not only bought the system but all the games with it. She got and extra remote so I could play with my friends when they came over and just all together spent $1500 easy.

Now we sat with our lunch, Denise had a Chinese dish and I had McDonalds. As we ate that feeling that I had gotten about her yesterday got bigger and bigger and I had to say something. I couldn't just pretend to ignore something was going on with her. If it was something that could get her hurt how would I live with myself after all.

"So are you going to tell me why you're really here and why you're being so overly generous to me?" I asked her, munching on a fry.

She was about to take another bite of Lo-mien but she stopped and looked at me. "What are you talking about?"

I slapped the table. "Come on Denise, I'm not stupid. Why would you come out here after three years? Don't give me that visiting bullshit either. You're here for some other reason, are you like in trouble in L.A. or something?"

She frowned. "You still know me too well Matt."

I nodded. "So spill it? What's wrong? Is someone stalking you out in the big city so you came back to hide out or something?"

She shook her head. "No nothing like that at all. It's kind of something I need your help with."

"My help? Well, I guess that explains the Game Mania shopping spree." I said, glancing at my new toys.

"I want a child, Matt." She said, softly.

That took a moment to run through my head. A child, why would she want a child so early in life, especially since it could ruin her modeling career? It didn't make any sense, and besides why would she need my help? She was the hottest woman in modeling, she could get any guy she wanted.

"So you came to Middleton to find a husband?" I asked. "What you want me to help you go bar hopping or something?"

She shook her head. "No, I don't have time to find a husband."

"Don't have time? Denise, you're only twenty-one, you have a long time before you have to worry about not being able to have kids." I said.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she reached out and took my hand. "Matt, I have a hormonal imbalance and its causing my own immune system to eat away at my ovaries. My doctor said that if I really want to have a child, I have only seven, eight months max before my blood destroys my ovaries and I go through an early menopause."

I blinked, she was crying as she spoke, her tear ran down her cheeks and dripped from her chin. "Oh, man. Denise, I'm so sorry I had no idea. But if your immune system is eating your ovaries won't it kill any fetus inside you, should you actually get pregnant?"

She shook her head. "The ovaries are causing the imbalance, and my immune system is eating them to destroy the imbalance, so my doctor said once my ovaries shut down my immune system will not need to continue to eat anything and my hormones will return to normal again, with medication."

"Or basically estrogen right?" I replied.

She nodded. "Yeah, I'll be a twenty-one year old senior citizen."

"Well, why do you need my help?" I asked.

"I need you to father my baby." She said simply.

I choked on my French fries and began coughing wildly. She jumped out of her seat and began slapping my back until I waved to her that I was fine. I took a huge sip of cola and caught my breath as she sat back down wearily.

"What did you just say?" I demanded.

She put up a hand. "Look I know what you're going to say. You're going to say 'we can't you're my sister for crying out loud'."

"Well you are, for crying out loud!" I cried.

"What other choice do I have Matt? Huh, tell me. Because if you can think of something else then I'd really like to hear it." She said.

"Well, maybe you could go find a guy somewhere."

She laughed. "Yeah, go up to a random guy and ask, 'hey, would you like to plant your seed in me so I can get inseminated?'. Think about that for a second Matt."

"Well you could find a guy to go out with and get to know and all that jazz." I suggested.

She shook her head. "I don't have time Matt. I don't want to date a guy for a couple of dates. I'd still have to get pregnant well before I really knew him. You're the only guy I REALLY know and love Matt. Look I can't go through life without having at least one child, I can't. I thought about my career and I have enough money saved that I can live VERY comfortably for the rest of my life never working again if need be. So if I have a child now, it doesn't really hurt me any."

I scoffed. "You ever hear of a little thing called incest? Or how about Inbreeding?"

"Hey dumbass, were not blood related. We're step kids, hell we could have met up in a bar in a year or two and it would be the same thing." She said.

I nodded. "Well you have me there. I don't feel right about this though, you know?"

She stood up, and grabbed my hand. "Come with me." She yanked me out of my chair and I had just enough time to grab my bag before we were trotting through the mall. She looked both upstairs and downstairs as we walked, obviously looking for something in particular.

She found it in the form of a Victoria Secret store. On the display window was a huge advertisement for a push-up bra without pads, or seams, or straps or anything more than a pair of push-up cups. The girl in the poster was Denise with a very sexy look in her eyes and her hand running through her hair as if enticing men to come to her.

"What do you think?" She asked.

I looked at her. "I've seen your pictures."

"But what do you think?" She pushed.

"Everyone knows you're hot, what are you getting at?" I demanded.

She moved around behind me and put her arms around me, placing her chin on my shoulder. "Look at that girl there, Matt. Those sexy blue eyes, her full cock sucking lips, her large firm breasts, tight toned midsection, lush tight ass, and her long silky legs. Think about that for a second, think about how many guys walk by this picture everyday and go home thinking about it. A bet half of them get a boner just standing here, imagining I would come alive and take them to paradise."

Well that was true, I could see what she was saying I just didn't get the point. "Denise, I don't know where you're going with this."

"How many guys fantasize about me in this picture? Thousands probably right?" She asked.

"More than that I'm sure."

"Now how many do you think would kill to be in your shoes right now. That girl," she pointed at the poster, "is asking, no begging, you to fuck her. What do I need to do to get you to do this for me? Be your sex slave?"

I gasped.

She smiled. "Oh, you like that do you? I didn't know you were so naughty. You want me to be your sex slave? I'll do it for you if you want. I'll even go get some outfits and walked around like your bitch."

My morals were screaming at me not to do this, but everything else in my head was saying I'd be a moron not to. Denise would easily be the most beautiful chick I'd ever get with, hell, FHM voted her and sexiest woman alive last year. Who else would I ever get that would be able to compare? I know I'm not super good looking, and I'm not hung like a horse, so why say no?

I shrugged her off my back and turned to her. "You really want me? I mean you're sure you wouldn't rather find yourself another guy?"

She nodded. "I want you, I don't need anybody else."

I sighed. "I'll do it."

She smiled and leaped it my arms wrapping my me her legs and hugging my tightly, laughing uncontrollably. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She said rapidly.

"I can't promise anything though." I warned. "You know I only have one testicle."

She lowered herself back to the ground. "I'm not worried. I know what happened between you and Lisa." She smiled knowingly.

"Mom told you?" I asked stunned. Lisa was my ex-girlfriend. We dated throughout junior year and unfortunately I got her pregnant. She aborted the baby saying she was way too young to have kids and I understood. But then she got pregnant again and had to go through another abortion. We had had a fight after that one but stayed together on the condition we use condoms. One of them must have broken though because she got pregnant a third time and after she got rid of that one she got rid of me. My mom took me to the doctor afterward and while we were alone I had asked him if he could take a look at me to see why it seemed I got Lisa knocked up so easily. He took a sperm sample and said it was probably a combination of two things. The first being Lisa happened to be one of those girls who had a long fertile cycle and got pregnant more easily than others. The second was that I produced an unusual amount of sperm in my sample which was probably caused by my body overcompensating for having only one testicle.

Denise nodded and smiled. "She told me everything, and I have faith in your ability to impregnate me."

"I guess we'll see won't we." I said. "But you will be my slave, and that starts from here on out. Deal?"

Denise kneeled before me. "Master, I shall serve you well from here on. I will do my best to fulfill any desire you may have so that you may put your life giving seed to me."

I looked around quickly to see if anybody was watching us. Fortunately it was early on a weekday and most of the teens were still sleeping at home. "Alright, get up let's go."

We started walking through the mall and I began to think about how the hell we were supposed to find time to have sex. Mom would be home most of the time as she worked only part time and when she did leave it was never really long enough to have decent sex. With Lisa we could go to her house and do what we wanted because her mom and dad both were gone almost always. Denise didn't have a place out here so we had to find a way to fuck without Mom knowing.

"How are we going to have sex?" I asked.

Denise smiled. "I thought you knew that already?"

I looked at her. "What?"

"You are going to put your penis in my vagina and move back and forth for a while then ejaculate your seed inside me." She explained.

"Ha ha, very funny. I meant how are we going to hide this from Mom? She's home a lot and I don't see how we are going to find the time."

"Well I took care of that. I bought Mom a one-week spa vacation and she leaves in three days." Denise said.

"So you really have been planning this out." I said.


"How did you know I would agree to this?" I asked.

She looked at me. "Well, when we were younger I noticed some of my pictures disappeared on a regular basis. I knew you jerked off to them and I didn't really mind since it meant that other people would probably like my pictures too."

I blushed. "Oh, well did you ever actually see me doing it?"

"Only once by accident, I was coming out of my room to take a showed and you'd left your door open a little so I could see it as I walked by." She said.

"You must have liked what you saw, seeing as how you want my cock now." I smiled at her. She was going to become my slut; I was becoming giddy with excitement.

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