tagIncest/TabooMy Sister's Slave Ch. 1

My Sister's Slave Ch. 1


This is a fictitious story, nothing more then a fantasy. All characters are over the age of 18. If your under the age of 18, or are offended by sexual content do not read anymore.

* * * * *

I don't remember how old I was when my older sister made me her sex slave. I remember the night it all started though. I had been in my room sniffing my sister's panties; my mother was working nights and my older sister came home earlier then normal. I must have been quite occupied because I never heard the front door open. I knew I was in trouble when I seen the flash, I had been just about to cum, the panties under my nose. "I got you now you little pervert; you just wait till mom finds out about this!"

My sister was standing in the doorway, waving a Polaroid. With my pants around my ankles and my dick still dribbling cum, I didn't stand a chance when she took off running to hide the picture. I was too embarrassed to leave my room after that. After about half an hour my sister opened my door, "well, what do you have to say for yourself? I can't believe you stole my dirty underwear!"

She stood there waiting for an answer. I was so mortified I couldn't answer. She came and sat down beside me and said "So what do you think mom's going to do?" I said I didn't know and begged her not to show mom the picture. "Maybe we can work out a deal." She said. As thoughts of me doing dishes and laundry ran through my head, I heard what I wanted to hear the least, "You will be my slave!" Sarah stated. I mumbled something about doing whatever she wanted, "Well, you could start by painting my toenails."

My sister was not what you would call a pretty girl; she was about ten pounds overweight, mean as a snake and always had a bitchy look on her face. I followed her to her bedroom, where she sat on the edge of the bed "Get the nail polish and cotton balls off my dresser and start my toenails, you perv!" She punctuated this by giving me a quick kick.

After three coats, a few kicks and a lot of blowing her toenails were finally dry. When I got up to leave she said "Oh no, not so fast, I'm not done with you yet!" I knew that was too easy. " Get on your hands and knees!" She screamed. I dropped to my hands and knees, Sarah kicked my in the face and told me to turn around. "Now pull your pants down!" No, was the wrong answer " If you don't do what I say; not only mother will see the picture so will all your friends.

Well that made me drop my pants pretty fast that would be the end of my social life if she followed through on her threat. There I was with half off and my ass pointing at my sister, when I tried to look at her to see what she was doing, she told me not to look again. While I was wondering what kind of painful punishment I was about to receive, I felt her foot on my ass. What happened next, I would have never dreamt of in a million years, bracing my self for a painful kick she drove her big toe into my asshole. As she fucked my ass with her toe the embarrassment and pain slowly turned into pleasure, I could feel my dick getting harder and harder.

When Sarah seen that I was getting turned on, she pulled her toe out. "Now suck my toe clean you piece of shit!" I hesitated for a moment and got a kick. "Now!" She yelled, I sucked her toe clean, losing my erection in the process, I was praying that this would be the end of this depravity. Yet little did I know that worse was to come.

When I got home from school the next day, my mother was on the way out to work "You get along with your sister now!" And with a quick kiss she was gone. To my dismay my sister was already home. She caught me trying to sneak into my room, "Where do you think your going slave?" She asked. "Just leave me alone." I said. Well that was the wrong thing to say her knee caught me in the balls hard. "When you get up I'll be waiting for you in the bathroom."

With that Sarah stomped away. Once I was able to stand, I rushed to the bathroom not wanting to make her madder. I got to the door just in time to hear the toilet flush; I knocked on the door. "Come in." She said in a sweet voice, I knew I was in for it then. When I opened the door I saw that she was still sitting on the toilet, "I figured you liked the smell of my dirty panties so much that you wouldn't mind cleaning me!" I reached for the toilet paper and she said "Unh, unh, not with paper but with your tongue." I knew she would try to make this as gross as possible but I knew I couldn't refuse. She got down on her hands and knee's and said "Start with my ass, and make sure you don't miss an inch!"

Besides sniffing Sarah's and my mother's panties I had never been that close to a woman's private parts. I got down behind her and spread her big ass cheeks. I tentatively stuck out my tongue, she hadn't wiped and I gagged. When I gagged she shoved her ass back into my face and told me to lick. After a few licks of her puckered asshole, I was surprised to find myself enjoying it.

The more I licked up and down her cheeks, across her quivering asshole, the more aroused I got. The smell coming from her pussy was driving me nuts, I could see drops of liquid dripping on to the floor from her pussy. It felt like ever before she rolled over and told me to clean her pussy. I almost came with the first lick, I couldn't believe the taste, and my first lick only had a faint taste pee, after that the taste became more pungent and musky.

Much to my surprise she started rubbing my throbbing dick through my pants. By the time I figured out where her clit was, she had managed to get my pants open and was stroking my dick with her feet. She was getting wetter with each lick and a small puddle soon formed between her legs. She screamed at me to put my fingers inside her, two in her pussy and one in her ass. I was close to cumming when her breath started to become erratic, and she started to moan. Just as I was shooting my load over her feet, she grabbed my head tight to her pussy, and like an eruption she started to spray all over my face "Drink it you brat, drink it" she screamed.

If you liked my story and would like me to continue, please e-mail me.

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