tagIncest/TabooMy Sister's Volleyball Thong Ch. 02

My Sister's Volleyball Thong Ch. 02


Please read "My Sister's Volleyball Thong Ch. 01" before reading this story. WARNING: This story contains some scatological matter, as well as masturbation between two males. STOP READING NOW if this offends you.

"The pipes froze over. So we had to shut the water off. We have someone coming out tomorrow to fix it, but you'll just have to wait until then," said my mom to my sister.

Britney was standing in the kitchen looking livid. Her clothes were still soaked in sweat and she looked hot and tired after her volleyball game. Her beautiful brown hair was tied up in a sloppy ponytail on her head. She was standing with one hand on her hip, and her shirt had lifted up a little bit on the side, exposing the string of her sexy pink thong. Her large breasts were heaving up and down under her tight uniform top.

"Mom I just played in a fucking volleyball game! I'm disgusting! I can't wait till tomorrow. And what about the toilet paper? I already....'went to the bathroom' by the time I noticed it was gone."

"Well honey, the water will be fixed tomorrow. I think you can go one day without showering. And I was heading to the store anyway. So I'll pick up some toilet paper while I'm out. You might as well go change your clothes."

"Mom I'm covered in sweat. I smell terrible. I don't want to ruin a perfectly good outfit. I'll just keep my volleyball uniform on until I get to shower tomorrow."

"Well at least change your panties sweetie. If you just went...'number two,' and then pulled your thong back up, I'm sure it's quite nasty. You'll probably start to chafe. So at least go change that."

Just hearing my mom talk about my sister's filthy thong put an extra strain in my pants. My cock was already painfully hard after Adam had rubbed it in my room. But if it was possible, it had gotten even harder. I looked over and saw Adam was rubbing the bulge over his shorts while he listened to my mom and sister argue. I looked over to him and mouthed the word, "soon." He looked back and nodded with a smile.

"Fine!" my sister screamed. And with that, she stormed out of the kitchen and headed back towards the bathroom. Adam and I hurried back to my room to get out of her way. From inside my room, we heard the bathroom door slam. Then, after a couple of moments, we heard Britney stomp down the hallway to her own room. Then, we heard the door to her own bedroom slam.

Adam and I looked at each other.

"I think this is it dude. She must have taken off that fucking thong. It must be just waiting for us in the bathroom. Are you ready to do this?" I said.

"Are you kidding me bro? I'm about to cum in my fucking pants. Let's go get that thing."

Adam and I quietly open the door of my bedroom, and tiptoe across the hall to the bathroom. We go into the bathroom, and quietly close the door behind us. The smell coming from the toilet is strong as we search for our treasure. The floor is pretty spotless. I open the closet door and look down into the fairly full laundry basket. All of a sudden, I freeze. There, sitting on top of the pile, is our treasure.

It is the tiniest little thong I've ever seen. I'm sure it used to be a brighter shade of pink, but clearly, this thong is one of my sister's favorites. The bright pink has turned a paler shade after much use and many trips through the wash. As I said, my sister is in great shape, but her ass is very large. She says it helps her play more physical in her basketball games, the other sport my sister plays other than volleyball. So as I look down at the tiny piece of pink fabric, it boggles my mind to try and imagine how she fits into this skimpy thing. I pick up the dirty thong and hold it up in the air for us both to see. Even holding it away form my face, the stench is unbelievably strong. A mix of sweat, cum, piss, and shit invade my nostrils. I look over and Adam has already released his thick hard cock form his pants. He's looking at the thong in my hands as he begins to stroke his hard meat.

The thong feels relatively heavy for a pair of panties. Clearly, all the liquids in it are weighing it down. As the liquids begin to dry and become sticky, the thong had closed itself into a tight ball. I had to peel it apart in order to get a good look at it. As I do, I start to rub my hard cock over my jeans with my other hand. First, I inspect the crotch. Britney clearly wasn't hydrated enough, because there was a dark yellow stain right in the middle of the crotch of her panties. There were white stains in the crotch as well. Maybe it was just natural secretion. Or maybe Britney enjoyed seeing her teammates in those skimpy volleyball outfits as much as I did. Who knows. I then examine the back part of the thong, which is really nothing more than a string. The string is stained brown, and I know that this little piece of cotton had spent hours wedged up in between my sister's beautiful ass crack, touching her dirty, smelly asshole. With no toilet paper, she hadn't had a chance to wipe, and I know Britney had pulled this thong back up over her shit stained asshole before going into the kitchen to argue with my mother. It turned me on so much to think about my sister wearing this thong over her thick, tanned ass.

I started to think about what went through Britney's head when she wore the thong. Did it make her feel sexy? When she got dressed in the morning, did she just stare at her beautiful sexy, toned, tan body in the mirror, with only this tiny little thong to cover her most intimate area? Did she stare at her large full breasts that hung down form her chest, and realize how fucking hot she looked? Did it make her feel dirty to know that she was wearing panties filled with her own sweat, and piss, and cum? Lost in my thoughts, I almost didn't realize that I had unzipped my pants and was now stroking my hard cock.

"Dude, I gotta smell that thing."

Adam jolted me out of my daydream. With both of us openly stroking our dicks with one hand, we walked towards each other. I held the thong up in the air, and Adam and I, standing less than a foot away from each other, both leaned forward to smell the filthy panties. We both put our noses into the material, with only the thin cotton separating our noses from each other. Our cocks were probably only a few inches from each other. Then, we each inhaled deeply. The smell was unbelievable. As we inhaled the sweaty smell, I though about the hours of exertion Britney had put into the thong, with all the sweat accumulating down in the volleyball shorts covering her ass and pussy. However, the smell of the piss and shit is what made me want to cum right then and there. Piss and shit, associated with an ugly, fat woman, or a guy, does nothing for me. That would repulse me. But knowing these bodily fluids were coming from a goddess like my sister got me so fucking hot and bothered. I thought about how amazing it would be if I could kneel down behind Britney, peel down her tight shorts and thong, and just bury my nose into her dirty, smelly asshole.

Adam took a step back.

"Dude, you know I'm not gay right" he asked me.

"Yea of course man. I know how much you love chicks. You're always trying to smell their panties, especially your moms."

"Right. So I wanna ask you to do something, but don't think I'm being gay or anything."

"OK," I responded.

"Dude, I'm so fucking hard. I can't stop thinking about your smoking hot sister in this tiny little fucking thong. I'm trying to visualize her stroking my cock or wrapping her hot lips around it, but it's hard to do, since I know my hand so well. So...would you...like, wrap those panties around my cock, and stroke it? And I could pretend like it's your sister doing it? And our skin won't actually be touching. Cause the thong will be in the way."

I know most of you cynics out there wont believe it, but Adam and I really aren't gay. But sometimes, when you're caught up in a super fucking erotic moment, like we were at the time, the taboo nature of tings makes you do things you wouldn't normally do in a less aroused state.

"Sure dude. Only if you return the favor," I responded.

With that, I took the filthy, shit and piss filled panties and wrapped them around Adam's hard tool. Even though the damp panties, I could feel the heat emanating off his cock. I had jerked off in front of Adam tons of times, and felt his cock over his pants, but I had never felt another man's cock so directly before. With his eyes closed, Adam made a moaning sound as I began to stroke his cock with the thong. Thinking about the dirty panties, Britney's shit still in the toilet, and the way Britney looked covered in sweat in those tiny spandex volleyball shorts during the game, I started to stroke my own cock in rhythm with stoking Adam's. I began to stroke faster and faster, getting more and more turned on, getting closer and closer to cumming, when all of a sudden I heard,

"What the fuck are you two doing!?"

I immediately let go of Adam's cock and took a step back. Britney was standing in the doorway, still wearing her dirty, tight volleyball shorts and sweaty uniform top. Her face was red and she looked pissed. With all the excitement, we must not have heard her come in. Adam and I stood there frozen, with our hard dicks sticking out of our shorts, and Britney's piss and shit filled thong still gripped tightly in my right hand.

To be continued...

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