tagIncest/TabooMy Sister's Volleyball Thong Ch. 03

My Sister's Volleyball Thong Ch. 03


Adam and I didn't say a word. What could we say? All I could think about was how my life was over. My parents? How could I ever face them again? I was a sick, disgusting pervert. All I could feel was shame. My cock quickly started to deflate.

After a moment or two more of silence, Britney turned to Adam.

"Get the fuck out of here you little freak," she said. Adam stuffed his dick back into khaki's, zipped up, and bolted out the door. I was about to follow suit, when Britney stopped me.

"Not you, you little pervert. Don't you fucking move."

"Britney I'm so sorry. I know this looks bad but..."

"Shut up."

I quickly closed me mouth. When Britney spoke again, her demeanor had changed. She no longer seemed angry.

"I'm not shocked to see you sniffing my panties, if that's what you're thinking. I can't tell you how many times I thought I lost one of my little thongs from my dresser, and then found it again a couple days later covered in your crusty white cum."

I couldn't say a word. Britney wasn't mad?

"And I'm not shocked that you and Adam were jerking each other off, either. There have been tons of times that I've caught the two of you looking up my short, jean mini skirts and then exchanging glances at each other obvious bulges. You fucking pervs."

My mind was racing. Why wasn't she yelling? Why wasn't she telling my mom? Why was she standing there looking at me?!

"What I am surprised about, is that you are getting turned on by THAT thong. I mean, that thing is nasty. I wore that thing through an entire volleyball tournament. It's filled with my stinky sweat. And I had to pull that thing back up after going to the bathroom, without even getting a chance to wipe. I mean that a thing is absolutely filthy. And yet, I found you here putting that thing up your nose and jerking that little dick of yours. "

Britney describing her pretty pink thong was turning me on again. I'm sure my bulge was starting to show again as well. But as I looked at Britney's face, I saw that her eyes were staring right at my crotch. And she was biting her lip. Was something about this fucked up situation turning her on or something? I could still smell Britney from here. Her body odor must have been intense if I could smell it over all the other scents in the bathroom. I glanced down at Britney's crotch, still covered by those little, tight, black spandex volleyball shorts. Without her panties on (which were still in my hand), her camel toe was very noticeable.

"You know, there's more than just sweat stains in that thing. When I got out of the car before getting into the house, I even peed a little in my panties." She said this in such a sultry and seductive voice, putting extra emphasis on the "p" sound in the words "peed" and "panties."

She was looking me right in the eyes when she said this. I started right back at her and said,

"I know."

"Do I turn you brother? Do you make yourself cum when you think about my little thong covering my dirty little pussy all day?"

"Uh hu," is all I could say.

"Do you jerk off thinking about that little string being wedged up my filthy ass crack all day? Pressed up tight against my brown little asshole? Even when I don't get a chance to wipe myself properly?"

"God yes."

"What about my tits? Do you like those too?"

With that, she grabbed the bottom of her volleyball uniform top, and began to peel it up off her body, which took a little while because the sweat was causing it to cling tightly to her skin. Eventually, she made it up over her head, which caused her sweaty hair to be even more disheveled. Britney was standing there in an unbelievably small, bright pink sports bra. It looked great against her tan skin. This thing could barely cover anything. Her D-cup, tan breasts were spilling out from everywhere. This sports bra must have been made for B cups, at most. Her breasts were spilling out from the sides, the bottom, and her cleavage was oozing from the top. Her nipples were sticking out like little erasers through the fabric of her sports bra. Her toned, tan stomach looked amazing between the bottom of the sports bra and the top of the shorts. She moved one hand to her side, and started sliding her index fingers along the top of her shorts. I stood there dumb struck. Without thinking, I started to rub my hard bulge over my jeans.

"Why don't you come give your sister a hug?" she said slyly.

My brain was on autopilot. Desire had taken over all critical thinking on my part. I walked over to her slowly. She opened her arms and I entered her embrace. She ended up hugging me tighter and closer than she had ever hugged me before. I could feel her massive tits pressed up against my chest. My hands were all over her sweaty back. Our faces stopped a millimeter apart from each other. We were looking into each other's eyes. I thought we were about to kiss. I leaned in to kiss her, but she moves her head to the side, causing me to miss. Instead of feeling her lips on mine, I feel her lips on my neck. I felt her tongue dart out of her mouth and start to slide its way up my sweaty neck until it got to my ear. I kept holding her as I feel her tongue start to lick all around my ear lobe, and eventually inside my ear. It felt so fucking good. Having my ear licked is a huge turn on for me. My dick is straining my jeans and I feel like I'm going to burst. Then, I hear my sister whisper into my ear:

"Does my pee turn you on?"

"So much."

"Do you like to feel and taste my hot pee in my dirty little thongs?"

"I fucking love it."

"You know, I have to pee right now. Do you want me to pee for your brother?"

"More than anything in the world sis."

With that, she hugged me even tighter. I could feel her press her hot little pussy covered in spandex directly on my jean-covered crotch. I was unsure of exactly what was going to happen, until I hear a muffled hissing sound. Oh my god. Britney was peeing herself right now! I began to feel moisture all over my cock. Britney's pee was leaking through her volleyball shorts, through my jeans, through my boxers, and beginning to saturate my dick. As the stream got stronger, Britney began to moan and rub her pissing pussy all over my cock. I was in heaven. My sister was a filthy, depraved little slut. I felt the cum building up inside me. The pee, having fully saturated both of our clothes, was beginning to dribble onto the tile floor below us. Britney and I brought our faces together. I leaned into kiss her, and this time we connected. I could feel her hot breath on my lips. I felt her wet lips intertwine with mine, as she continued to pee on us. Eventually, our mouths began to part, and I felt her hot tongue dart into my mouth. Our tongues began to tangle with each other inside my mouth and hers. We began to kiss passionately as her continued. She was grabbing the back of my head and forcing my tongue deeper into her moth. I was rubbing my hands all over her big spandex covered ass. I could feel that some of the pee had begun dripping through the back. I was squeezing her amazing ass flesh. I then moved my right hand to the front. I brought my fingers to the edge of her shorts, and then slid my hand inside the spandex material. It felt amazing. My fingers brushed past her little landing strip of pubic hair. My fingers brushed over the hood covering her clit and Britney's whole body jerked. I temporarily slid my hands down farther to her wet pussy lips so I could feel the hot piss stream rush over my fingers. The liquid felt hot on my skin. As we continued to kiss and she continued to pee, I brought my fingers back up to her clit and began to rub it in little circles, faster and faster. Britney continued to swirl her tongue in my mouth as I felt her entire body begin to shutter in orgasm. She was moaning directly into my open mouth. She never stopped the flow of pee during her entire orgasm.

Finally, the stream stopped. Britney broke our kiss and took one step back. She looked even dirtier and more disheveled then before. I could see my saliva all around her mouth and chin. I look down. There was a dark wet stop on the front of my jeans. It was Britney's pee. It felt so good on my rock hard cock. I wiped my pee covered hand on my already wet jeans. I turned to look back at Britney.

"How bout you give me my panties back, bro?" she said with a smirk.

I had forgotten that I still had them in my left hand. Before I could respond, Britney turned away from me, bent forwards and started sliding down her skintight shorts. Slowly, I began to see the beautiful ass I had been dreaming of all this time. Droplets of sweat and piss were everywhere. As she bent all the way to the ground to take off her shorts, I could see her pretty cute little asshole, which was stained brown from her earlier business. The smell invaded my nostrils. I was lost staring at it. But after a moment, she turned her head towards me, with her ass still facing me, and stuck out her hand, motioning for the thong. I took her filthy little panties and handed it to her. And then, in opposite fashion from what she had just done taking off her shorts, she began to slide her little pink thong back up her body. Her disgusting little panties, filled with her sweat and piss and shit that I had been jerking around Adam's dick, just minutes earlier. When her thong was pulled all the way back, Britney turned around and faced me. She looked unbelievably sexy standing there in her little pink panties and pink sports bra, her camel toe extremely pronounced through the thin cotton material, and the strings of the thong resting high on her curvy hips. I was mesmerized.

"I love you so fucking much, sis."

"You fucking better," she responded.

With that, she dropped to her knees right in front of me. Her eyes were staring at my bulge. She began to rub the top of my piss-soaked jeans. Finally, she unbuttoned my jeans, unzipped them, and began to slide my wet jeans and boxers down my legs. My hard cock sprang up quickly and almost hit her in the face. It was glistening with all of her urine that had seeped through. I looked down at my filthy, slutty sister. I could see her massive breasts still contained in her tiny sports bra. I could see her huge, beautiful ass sticking out form behind her, with the hot pink string separating her beautiful ass cheeks. I felt her hot breath on my cock. I then felt her dainty lips kissing the head of my throbbing rod. Finally, I felt her lips slowly open up and wrap themselves around my shaft and she began to take my cock into her mouth. It was the most incredible feeling in the world. My slutty twin sister was sucking my cock. She began to bob her head back and forth. Her saliva and urine acted as lubricant. She began to make loud, sloppy, slurping noises as she sucked. She raised one of her hands and began fondling my balls as she sucked. As she was squeezing my balls, her index finger began to slide down towards my taint. This felt unbelievable. I knew I wasn't going to be able to last too long. As she continued to expertly suck my cock, I felt her index finger slide down past my taint and approach my asshole. Jus as she began to apply pressure onto my asshole, I knew I was going to lose it.

"I'm gonna cum sis," I moaned.

Britney popped her mouth off my cock, and began to jack my cock off furiously towards her face.

"Cum for me little brother. I wanna feel your hot cum all over my face. Come on my big huge tits that I know you're always staring at when I'm sunbathing in my bikini on the porch. Cum on your sister, who just peed all over your hard cock. Cum on me wile I wear the little dirty panties you were just sniffing. I wanna feel your hot cum all over my body."

Hearing my sister talking like a depraved little whore put me over the edge. I began to moan loudly as I started to cum. The first rope was so strong, it went right over Britney's face and landed on her sweaty ponytail. The next rope landed all over her nose, mouth and chin. Britney thrusted her chest out, and I spent the rest of my cum all over her massive tits and tiny little sports bra, instantly covering it in little white stains. It was the most amazing orgasm of my entire life. I took a step back and looked at my sister. She was scooping up the cum from her face and tits and sucking it off her fingers. Her hair had sticky cum strings all over it. Her sports bra was saturated with my hot white goo. She looked so fucking hot. Like a filthy, dirty, whore. She was sitting on her ass with her knees up and legs spread, giving me a perfect shot of her tiny thong. Accidentally, or not, she had sat right in the puddle of her own pee, which was quickly dampening the recently dried little thong. I felt like I couldn't love anyone ever as much as I loved my sister at that moment.

But just then, I heard a knock on the locked bathroom door.

"Is everything ok in there?," said my mother frantically through the door. "I thought I heard moaning? Is everything all right?"

To be continued...

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