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My Sleeping Companion


I really hate to sleep alone. I'm used to having a man next to me while I sleep because it comforts me. Sex really has nothing to do with it. Of sure, I love to have sex with my sleeping companion as well since it relaxes me, but afterward to fall asleep with a man you trust who can protect you is a wonderful feeling. Though I believe in the equality of men and women in most things, I still want to be protected by a man.

My husband has performed this task for over 25-years with no complaints from me. He does make business trips for his company several times a year and I usually went with him so I wouldn't be alone. But once the children were born I had to stay to take care of my daughters, but it worked out since my daughters loved to sleep in my bed when my husband was away so we made it a fun few nights of TV watching, drinking apple juice, and munching on popcorn. Mind you it wasn't the same as having a man next to me but having your children is the next best thing as you are too busy being a mother to worry about things.

Even when they got into the teenage years, I still felt safe when they were in the house with me and my husband gone. But now that my daughters are grown and out of the house I've been getting frightened again to be alone. I sometimes can go with my husband on his trips; however, because of my own schedule and job at the charities, I haven't been able to go with my husband on his trips as often as I would like to. So, I became a frightened bunny at home, all alone, while my husband went on his trips.

About six-months ago, my husband actually came up with the idea of inviting one of our trusted male friends over for a sleep over. I normally don't like other men to spend the night with me after sex, having reserved that for my husband. But things change and new circumstances make it necessary to rearrange things. So I decided to try it out. However, it had to be with a man I totally trusted and not someone I've only known for a few months or weeks. It had to be somebody I knew that would protect me if things came to that (it sounds so dramatic, doesn't it. I actually life in a safe neighborhood).

Chuck was one such friend that I had been intimate with many times and was one of the few that didn't need to use a condom with me. Chuck was a great choice because he was in no way a weak, sissy type of a man. He was former military, in great shape, and having served in actual combat, knew how to take care of business. He was also patient and kind and not a big headed person. I was actually amazed at the things he had done in his life but he didn't allow it to go to his head. He had been married for many years but had lost his wife to cancer a few years back. They had been in the lifestyle but stopped after his wife got ill and they stopped playing though his wife had asked me to take care of her husband's sexual needs during her illness. He was also seven-years younger than me (a perfect age gap) and wasn't a man full of himself. In short, he was a perfect bed companion.

I talked it over with Chuck and he readily agreed to sleep over when my husband was out of town. It just so happened that my husband's next out of town trip would be in about a week and he would be gone for two nights. Chuck was willing to take his place by my side in bed for those two nights.

Many might be fearful that they would develop feelings for the other man in a situation like this. I have to admit that sharing your bed with a man over time might bring problems. But in the ten plus years I've been with other men, this has never been an issue. I've been with some very handsome, charming men that I have to admit in a different time and place I could see myself married to them. However, my brain doesn't work that way. I'm loyal to my husband and no one else. He has my heart and soul, which is what is important. Sure, I may allow another handsome man to be inside of my body and to even release his sperm inside of me, but without my heart and soul, there is no danger of me yearning for him rather than my husband. I might yearn for the physical sex, but nothing more.

The same with Chuck. I liked being with him. I can spend the day with him and have fun. We can return to my home where I cook him dinner and then relax drinking wine and talking about anything and everything. We can then go to bed and receive his sperm into my body and then go to sleep with him by my side. But my husband has nothing to fear. Once he gets home I will rush back to his arms and be anxious to get his sperm into my body as soon as possible.

Chuck is a good friend and we have a history with him and had helped him after the death of his wife. I love him as a friend but not as a husband. They are two different things and I don't fear crossing the line by giving Chuck my heart and soul.

Well anyway, I've been to bed with Chuck many times before and he was one of the few that I didn't require to wear a condom (I did have a pregnancy scare with him once, but that is a different story). So sex with Chuck wasn't going to be something new, only the spending the night until morning was.

What would the neighbors say? Well I really don't get too worried about it. I don't advertise and let everyone know my husband is out of town. But I don't go to great lengths to hide it either. When Chuck arrived for that first sleepover I had him park in my front driveway so that two cars would be there (mine and his). Not that I'm afraid of being burglarized but why take chances?

My husband had already left that morning for Chicago and I was just getting home from the grocery store when Chuck arrived. I was going to cook him a home meal as a way of thanks. Since we had been together sexually many times before, the sexual tensions that are normally there for first time visitors wasn't there. Chuck and I acted like an old married couple where sex wasn't an all-powerful force, but just something to be enjoyed later on in bed. I liked that since I knew I was going to "get laid" that night but I didn't have to be revved up all day in anticipation. I could just relax and enjoy some non-sexual company.

I love to cook so I prepared a roast beef dinner, roasted potatoes, corn, gravy, and an English dish called Yorkshire pudding. Of course I made a cherry pie to go with that and we had a great dinner together. Afterward, Chuck took me out to see a movie which I thought was so sweet of him. We went to a movie theater that was about 25-miles away near downtown Houston (Edwards Theater at 610 loop and Katy Freeway for those of you in Houston).

I held Chuck's hand as we stood in line to get tickets and felt secure in the fact that my love for my husband was assured but I could still enjoy myself with others. We watched our movie and got out at about 9 p.m. and then we went back to my home.

Chuck had brought his overnight bag and took his shower and dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. I did the same and put on a short, semi-transparent teddy and a dressing gown and we got into bed and watched TV. I called my husband from the bed and told him what we had done that day. He reminded me that I needed to write him all about it for his pleasure. I told him not to worry and then hung up and continued to watch TV and talk as we sipped a glass of wine.

I was actually a bit excited about having an overnight guest. I've spent a few nights here and there with other men, but it was actually more of an all-night sex marathon with very little sleeping. This was going to be a quiet, normal evening in the scheme of things. We were in bed watching TV, talking, and sipping wine just as I might do with my husband. Chuck and I then would have sex, and then go to sleep. We weren't planning on waking up in the middle of the night and going at it again. But the most important thing was that I was going to go to sleep that night with a belly full of sperm and the man who put it there sleeping by my side protecting me. That in itself was a wonderful feeling to have.

We started out holding hands while we watched TV. Chuck soon took my bare feet into his hands and began to massage them while watching TV. Just having my feet rubbed was almost good enough for me. So here I was in bed with another man with my feet in his lap getting my toes rubbed and soon, very soon his penis was going to be inside of me. I was in heaven.

When the TV program was over we got ourselves ready for bed. I brushed my teeth and then climbed into bed and waited for Chuck who was brushing his teeth. When he was finished he climbed into bed with me and turned off the light. He opened the curtains so the natural moonlight would light the room. It was so romantic. He turned to me after opening the curtains and took a look at me in the moonlight. He then got into bed and held me in his arms and told me he was really happy to be here. We kissed.

The foreplay was good. He knew all my sensitive spots and what I liked and proceeding to do it all. The kissing went on for a long time since I love to be deep kissed as it is almost as intimate as intercourse itself. His hands found their way to the places I liked touched but he kept things going slowly. I just put myself in his hands and enjoyed myself.

My first orgasm through oral sex was particularly intense that night. I don't know if it was just the anticipation of sex all day with Chuck or something else. Whatever it was it took my breathe away and I broke one of my habits by crying out in pleasure fairly loudly. By nature I like to make lots of sex noises but I've had to train myself over the years to be quiet because of my daughters. No matter how open I might be to them about the facts of life, I didn't want them to hear their mother moaning in passion, even with their own father, so I learned to suppress my noises until I was able to bring the noises down to a soft whisper or moan.

Since my daughters have moved away I've been trying to relax myself a bit. Of course I don't want to totally untrain myself as one day I will have my grandchildren staying for overnight visits and don't want them to hear grandma making sex noises.

But tonight I couldn't help myself and I gave a loud cry as my orgasm swept through me. Chuck continued licking and kissing between my legs for several moments as my pleasure subsided. He then pulled himself back next to me and held me for a little while putting his hand over my vagina hair and rubbing softly.

I took hold of his penis and put my hands around it, or tried to at least. Chuck was fairly thick and had what came closest to what I call the "perfect penis." He had a thick (but not too thick) male member that wasn't too long (a little over seven inches from my measurements). But he knew how to use it which is what made it so perfect. So many men with large male members think that all they have to do is get it into a woman and let it work its magic. Well I'm here to tell you that this just isn't the case. Bigger is better, true, but only if you know how to use it. I've had very powerful orgasms with smaller male members inside of me but attached to a man that wasn't in a hurry and knew a thing or two about sex. A lesson for you larger men.

We relaxed in this fashion for a while and then he began to kiss me softly while I continued holding his penis. He didn't try to put it inside of me until I whispered in his ear, "I want you inside of me." He didn't hesitate at that point and I felt him beginning to mount me. I opened my legs wide open to receive him and then waited while he positioned his body on top of mine. He pushed slowly inside of me and as the tip of his circumcised penis entered me I felt a surge of pleasure rush through my body.

Once he got inside me all the way he began to move and it felt wonderful. The buildup to an orgasm for a woman is slow but pleasurable. I've found that intercourse is almost as enjoyable as the orgasm itself. Unlike a man that has a sudden burst of pleasure, a woman's orgasm comes on slowly and ends with a final intense few moments of pleasure. If for some reason I was denied that final intense push, I'd be a bit disappointed but would still be able to walk away and say that I was sexually satisfied. On the other hand a man denied an orgasm will walk away thinking the whole thing was a waste of time, no matter how good the sex actual was. Deny a man an orgasm and he will think of it as bad sex.

Well the buildup of pleasure was happening and I was enjoying myself. We got into a few other positions during intercourse since Chuck gets a bit tired in the missionary position if it goes on too long. I don't mind as long as we can finish in this position, especially if I know that the man I'm with is going to actually release his sperm inside of me without a condom.

I like the spooning position which Chuck had me in as it gives his hand access to my clitoris which, if rubbed during intercourse, can be particularly stimulating. Today was no exception and I had my second orgasm which was not intense as the first, but very, very good. Two, maybe three is my limit for orgasms. My body just can't take too much pleasure. I don't mind as I absolutely adore sexual intercourse. Having a man inside of you, especially without a condom, is something that I've never gotten tired of. Though I need orgasms as well as a man, I can easily forgo one and enjoy the intercourse if that is my only option.

I was in a bit more control of myself and didn't cry out as loudly as I did before, but rest assured, I did make some noises. Chuck let me rest while he held me. Nothing is better than being held by a man after an orgasm and tonight Chuck was being more tender than normal. I suppose that he knew that afterward he wasn't going to be sent away to his empty home but allowed to share my bed the rest of the night and wake up with me.

When the sex started again I was on my back with Chuck on top of me. I was excited as I felt his uncovered penis entering me because I knew that soon he was going to release his sperm and I would be falling asleep with this precious fluid inside of me. Unless there was a condom break with other men, I made no effort to clean and get rid of any sperm deposited within me. I loved having a man's sperm deep within me as it makes me feel like a real woman.

One day I will write about my attempts to get pregnant with my husband. That was the most sensual, wonderful, mind blowing sex I've ever had and probably ever will again. There is no other sex that can be compared to it. Though I'm happy with having two children, I wish I could have had "getting pregnant sex" many more times. Unfortunately, I got pregnant fairly quickly with both daughters. Both took two months of trying to conceive for it to work. Six months would have been better. Oh well.

When Chuck told me he was about to come I held onto him tightly and wrapped my legs around his waist and waited to receive his sperm. I felt his penis pulsating within me and then the slow, deep thrusting as his sperm was being released. I can sometimes feel the sperm actually entering my body if the man is stimulated enough and hasn't had sex. I am happy to report that I felt his warm semen entering me and I couldn't have been more content.

He quickly got off of me and then got me back into the spooning position and entered me again, not to have sex again, but just so we can relax feel him getting softer and softer while he held onto me. I was so relaxed that I didn't want to move and then I realized that he was spending the night so I let myself relax and I fell asleep in his arms.

I awoke a few hours later I had to get reoriented and remember that Chuck was with me. He was no longer holding me so I felt around and touched his warm body sleeping besides me. I pulled myself a bit closer and fell back asleep.

The next morning I awoke to the sounds of Chuck in the kitchen and when I got up I found that he was making coffee and breakfast for us both. I thought that this was so sweet and joined him at the table. We talked, like an old married couple would, and there was no discomfort or embarrassment about last night. Chuck had given me a good "pounding" and had now made breakfast for me. We ate and discussed what we were going to do that day. He was going to spend one more night with me but we didn't plan on spending the day together.

Chuck had some things to do and after we got cleaned up he left, but we made a date to meet for dinner at a local restaurant. I spent my day doing chores and writing an email (which is the basis for this story) and sent it to my husband. I knew that it was going to make him hot and that he was probably waiting in anticipation to receive word on how things went since this was the first time a man had properly spent the night with me.

I received an "Oh My God!" reply from my husband and smiled. He was going to be back the next day and I knew that as soon as he came home he would be quickly adding his sperm to what was already inside of me.

I met Chuck for dinner that night and we returned to my home and had a repeat performance from the previous night. The sex was good and the companionship in bed even better. It was a stormy day and I have to admit I would have been very scared to be alone that night. Having Chuck was such a comfort to me and I again was able to get a good night's sleep after sex.

The next morning I cooked breakfast and then saw Chuck to the door and gave him a goodbye kiss. I told him that my husband and I would have him over very soon to thank him for taking care of me. He smiled and told me that he couldn't wait.

When my husband came home later that day my predication was right. I soon found myself on my back with my excited husband thrusting wildly inside of me. He didn't last long and was soon filling me with his sperm. Though I didn't orgasm, it still felt good.

That was about six-months ago and Chuck has spent one other night with me when my husband had to go on another trip. It's so nice to have a sleeping companion. I recommend everyone have one.


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