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My Slutty Valentine


I was not going to forget Valentine's Day this year. Any man could tell you how easy it is to overlook what is essentially just another day on the calendar. And any man in a relationship with a woman could tell that this can be a very big mistake. I would know. I learned this the hard way, with my ex-girlfriend Jessica.

While technically she broke up with me because she caught me stroking to Facebook photos of her sister, the fact that a month prior I'd come home from work on February 14th empty handed did not make a good case for my commitment to our relationship. I was not going to make that mistake again. Stephanie is the world to me; the best girlfriend I have ever had, and most certainly will ever have. She's the kind of girl I wouldn't let catch me stroking to pictures of other girls, because I don't even want to anymore.

In the ten months we've been together she has been the only thing that gets me up in the morning and the only thing that gets me up in the bedroom, if you catch my drift. Hence my determination not to let things go sour with Stephanie on Valentine's Day this year.

I got off work and went straight for the florist. One dozen long stemmed roses, Stephanie's favorite. I thought I'd bring them to her at work and pick her up there. But flowers would not be enough. I would also need chocolate. I stopped at the market to pick up a box of Valentine's chocolates. It was a red, heart shaped box with an assortment of European chocolates, which I knew Stephanie would enjoy. After I grabbed those, there was one more thing that I needed to make this Valentine's Day complete. I needed to buy Stephanie some lingerie. Stephanie loves lingerie. She loves to show off for me, and perform erotic stripteases before we make love.

I made my third stop at a lingerie store and hoped I'd be able to find something that would fit the occasion. The store clerk recommended a sexy bra and panty ensemble, so I said why not. I picked out a red bra, size 38DD, made of some kind of see-through fabric so that her nipples would show through. For the panties I chose the skimpiest thong I could find. It was simply a small patch to cover her pussy and the rest was little more than string. The clerk could see I was aiming to please so she went for the upsell.

She talked me into a matching pair of stockings and heels to complete the set, but I figured Stephanie was going to love wearing this lingerie, and I was going to love seeing her in it.

After paying for my purchases, I whipped out my phone to give Stephanie a call at work. She was a secretary at a very successful marketing firm, although I have my suspicions that her boss hired her mainly because he wanted a hot piece of ass around the office. The phone rang once before Stephanie answered.

"Precision Strategies, Sean Valens' office," Stephanie said in her usual perky-but-professional phone answering voice.

"Hi, this is Bob Collins calling from DCB International," I said, trying to disguise my voice.

"Hello, Mr. Collins, what can I help you with today?" Stephanie asked.

"Well, I'd just like Mr. Valens to know that he has an exceptionally stunning secretary who will be treated to a lovely dinner at San Pablos tonight at seven."

Stephanie giggled. She has such a sexy laugh.

"Well I'm looking forward to it, Mr. Collins," Stephanie said, still giggling.

"Great, I'll pick you up in twenty," I said.

"You'd do that?" Stephanie said. "You're so sweet!"

"And I've got a little surprise for you too," I said.

"Ooh! Can't wait!" Stephanie said. I knew then I was so getting laid that night.

"Hey, my boss is here, I have to let you go," Stephanie said.

"Okay, see you in twenty," I said.

As Stephanie set down the phone, she looked up at her boss, Sean Valens, who stood at the side of her desk.

"Hon, would you be able to work late tonight?" Sean asked. Stephanie frowned at Sean.

"I'm sorry," Stephanie said, apologetically. "It's Valentine's Day. Ryan's taking me out."

Stephanie placed several papers into a folder and rose from her seat.

"I really need you, babe," Sean said, as he watched Stephanie open her filing cabinet and tuck her folder inside. "I wouldn't ask if it weren't important. We got a lot of work on the Markwort project to do."

Stephanie sighed. She knew Sean had been very busy lately. She sorted through the cabinet drawer and removed four hefty folders.

"Ryan's gonna be so disappointed," Stephanie said, as she shut the cabinet door with her hip.

"Well, think you could make it up to him later in the week?" Sean asked.

"I'll see what he says," Stephanie said, forcing a smile.

"Thanks, toots," Sean said. He gave Stephanie a slap on her butt and walked back into his office.

I arrived at Stephanie's office about twenty minutes later as promised. She looked up at me from her desk and shot me a gorgeous smile. "Hey sweetie!" Stephanie said.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" I said, handing her the flowers. Stephanie grinned.

"They're beautiful! Let me get a vase!" Stephanie said. She bent over and opened the bottom drawer of her desk. Her ass looked fantastic in her form-fitting black pencil skirt. She was not wearing stockings today, but she did have on a set of black heels and a pretty low cut white blouse that showed off her beautiful cleavage. Stephanie grabbed a vase from the drawer and quickly sprung to face me, and I noticed her breasts gave a pleasant little bounce as she did.

"Thank you SO much, baby!" Stephanie said, placing the roses in the vase. She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a warm hug. I returned the embrace and inhaled the aroma of her sweet perfume. Her long, brown hair always smelled wonderful. I loved how she never wore it in a pony tail. She would let it grow down to her mid-back and wear it unrestrained, so it could flow freely. She released her hold on me and looked me in the face. She had sparkling brown eyes and a bright smile inside her bright red, luscious, kissable lips. She must have been thinking the same thing as me, because she placed her wonderfully soft lips against mine and gave me the sweetest kiss. We kissed for several seconds, just long enough for me to sprout a stiffy, before she pulled away.

"I got you these, too," I said, handing her the box of chocolates and the bag containing her lingerie.

"Chocolates? My favorite!" Stephanie said, and peeked into the bag. "Ooh, my other favorite!"

"Thought you'd like that," I said.

"I think you'll like that too," Stephanie said, swinging the bag teasingly.

"Ready to go?" I asked. Stephanie hung her head.

"Sean wants me to stay late tonight," Stephanie said. "We've been really bogged down this week."

"Tell him you can't!" I said. "It's Valentine's Day! I got us a reservation!"

"Damn," Stephanie said, tapping her nails on her desk. "I'll talk to him. Maybe we can work this out."

I took a seat at Stephanie's desk as she walked towards Sean's office, which was accessible only through Stephanie's office. The door was closed, so Stephanie knocked.

"Come," Sean said. Stephanie opened Sean's office door and closed it behind her.

"What's up, Steph?" Sean asked.

"Hey Sean, Ryan's here and he got us reservations at San Pablos," Stephanie said. "There any way I can leave now? I'll stay late tomorrow."

Sean sighed.

"I'm sorry babe, but I also need you to stay late tomorrow too," Sean said. "Seriously, this week is gonna kill me."

"Please!" Stephanie said. "Is there anything I can do? Work a double next week? Come in on Saturday?"

Sean shook his head.

"Our meeting's on Thursday. My hands are tied here," Sean said.

Stephanie put her hands on her hips.

"There's nothing you can do?" Stephanie asked. "Nothing at all?"

Sean cocked his head.

"Well..." Sean began.

"Well, what?" Stephanie asked. "What can I do?"

Sean folded his hands and rested his chin on his fingers.

"Remember last month I asked you to go to dinner with me?" Sean asked.

"Sean, I can't date you! I have a boyfriend," Stephanie said.

"You don't have to date me," Sean said. "I'd just like to see what I'm missing."

Stephanie rested her hand on Sean's desk.

"What do you mean?" Stephanie asked indignantly.

"I mean," Sean said. "Maybe you could let me see you in that lingerie Ryan bought you."

"Who says it was lingerie?" Stephanie asked. Sean rolled his eyes.

"What else could it have been?" Ryan asked. Stephanie huffed.

"All right, if I model the lingerie for you, will you let me leave right after?" Stephanie asked.

"Of course," Sean said. Stephanie thought for a moment.

"I'll go tell Ryan." Stephanie emerged from Sean's office and walked happily towards me. It looked like good news.

"I have to take care of some stuff, but he'll let me go right after," Stephanie said.

"Okay great," I said. "Can you wait in the car?" Stephanie asked. "I'll be down in just a couple minutes."

"Sure," I said, getting out of Stephanie's chair. "Want me to take your presents with me?"

"No!" Stephanie said. "I mean, I'll bring them down. See you in a bit!"

"Okay," I said. I couldn't stop smiling. Stephanie loved the surprise! I strolled down the hallway happily and made my way out to my car. I hoped Stephanie wouldn't be long. I couldn't wait to nail her after dinner. Little did I know, as I was getting into my car, Stephanie was slipping into her lingerie. As soon as I left her office she shut the door behind me and quickly stripped out of her work clothes. She tucked her blouse, skirt, bra, and panties into her desk drawer and slid her shoes under her desk. She peeked out her window to see me walking through the parking lot, before opening the gift bag and removing the flimsy lingerie that was inside.

"Stephanie, are you almost ready?" Sean said through his office door.

"Yes, I'll just me a moment!" Stephanie said, quickly sliding her legs into the skimpy thong. After securing the bra around her breasts and stockings on her legs, Stephanie put on the red heels and was ready to go. She took a deep breath, and knocked on Sean's office door.

"I'm ready," Stephanie said. Sean didn't answer, so Stephanie tentatively opened the door. She could see Sean sitting at his desk, smiling as he watched her saunter in, decked out in her skimpy lingerie.

"My, my," Sean said. "You look absolutely ravishing."

"Thank you," Stephanie said. She gulped. This was perhaps the most awkward moment she'd ever experienced at work. And yet, Stephanie couldn't help but be a bit flattered at the admiring stare in Sean's eyes as they passed over her body. Sean gazed on her soft, creamy skin. It was difficult for any man to resist staring at Stephanie's beautiful curves. And did she have them! Large, round breasts. Wide, full hips. Delicate but firm thighs. And her legs, which seemed to go on for miles when she wore a miniskirt now looked even finer when she was just in panties.

Sean stared at Stephanie's gorgeous breasts. Her large brown nipples were perfectly visible through the see-through material. He could also see her clean-shaven pussy plainly through her panties. Stephanie stood with her arms to her sides so Sean could see everything he wanted. As awkward as it was, in truth, Stephanie loved the attention she was getting.

"Turn around," Sean said. Stephanie slowly turned her back to Sean, so he could take a peek at her ass. Gorgeous round cheeks, separated by a thin piece of string. She'd spent many hours in the gym and yoga classes to maintain their round shape and firm feel. She hoped Sean enjoyed seeing her in a thong after having slapped her ass so many times in the office.

Stephanie turned to face Sean, and saw he had unzipped his pants and was stroking his fully erect penis. Stephanie gasped when she saw Sean was astonishingly well-endowed.

"Well, what do you think?" Sean asked, grinning. Stephanie gave an embarrassed smile.

"A lot bigger than Ryan's, huh?" Sean asked.

"Yes," Stephanie said, without hesitation.

"I thought so," Sean said. Stephanie backed away.

"Well, can I go?" Stephanie asked.

"Not so fast," Sean said. "Come over here. Next to me."

Stephanie stepped towards Sean's desk, and he patted the surface to invite her to sit. Stephanie sat down on the edge of Sean's desk uncomfortably. Sean smiled up at her. He placed his left hand, the one that wasn't stroking his penis, on her leg and softly stroked her thigh.

"Tell me Stephanie, how often do you and Ryan make love?" Sean asked.

"A few times a week," Stephanie said.

"That's good," Sean said. "Does he satisfy you?"

Stephanie nodded. Sean looked her in the eye.

"Every time?" Sean asked.

"Well," Stephanie stammered. "Usually. We have our ups and downs."

"I see," Sean said. The truth was, Stephanie was lying for me. In actuality, in our ten months of dating I had never once satisfied Stephanie sexually. The problem was both that I was very poorly endowed and often would ejaculate too quickly to give Stephanie an orgasm. She was so sexy I often found it impossible to keep from shooting my load within a few seconds of entering her. Stephanie was very understanding though, and would usually resort to using her vibrator after I went to sleep.

I had no idea that at that moment, while I was tapping my fingers on the steering wheel waiting for my girlfriend to come out and join me, Stephanie was seriously debating whether or not she would remain faithful to me.

"You look very sexy in that lingerie, Stephanie," Sean said. "I would love to see you without it." Stephanie quickly stood up.

"I don't think I should," Stephanie said.

"Well, that's understandable," Sean said. "But I think we both know what you really want." Stephanie's heart raced. She'd never been so tempted in her life. She loved me, she honestly did, but she had certain needs that she needed fulfilled.

"Tell me, Stephanie," Sean said, tugging on Stephanie's panties. "What would you like to do right now?" Stephanie stopped. What she wanted was for her boss to see her naked.

"I want..." Stephanie began, "...to be faithful to my boyfriend." Stephanie said the words, but she didn't believe them. Sean knew she didn't believe them because she wasn't stopping him from tugging her panties further and further down her hips.

"If I keep tugging at these, they're going to fall down," Sean said.

"I know," Stephanie said, and she covered her face with her hands. Sean tugged at them a bit more, so that her pussy was now partially exposed.

"Mmm," Sean said. He tugged her panties down further so he could see more. The waistband was now at the edge of her hip, so that any further down and her panties would fall to her ankles.

"Well this is it," Sean said. "Yes or no?" He slowly tugged at the waistband, stretching it outwards as he waited for her answer. Stephanie kept her hands to her face and answered.

"Yes," Stephanie said. With that, Sean released the waistband and her panties fell to the floor. I checked my watch and it was 5:20. I had no idea that at that very moment, Stephanie had made the decision to cheat on me. I had no idea that Sean was rubbing his hands all over my girlfriend's body, squeezing her tits, spanking her ass, and sticking his fingers in her pussy just to get a feel of the wetness. She was indeed wet; there was no doubt about that. I was starting to get impatient waiting for her, so I unfastened my seatbelt, not knowing that as I did, Sean was unfastening my girlfriend's bra.

Then I realized Stephanie had told me they were very busy so I decided against going inside and seeing what was taking so long. So I waited. I reclined my seat back to rest, not knowing that as I did, Stephanie was reclining totally nude on Sean's desk. I wished I had room to set my feet up on the dashboard, not knowing that Stephanie's feet were resting on Sean's shoulders while he licked her pussy lips. I patted my palms lightly on the steering wheel, while Stephanie bent over Sean's lap so he could spank her bare ass.

Nothing I did was at all similar to what Sean and Stephanie did next, but I was still ignorant just the same. Stephanie grabbed Sean's cock and took the entirety of it into her mouth. She ran her lips up and down the shaft, licking it all around as she did. She took his balls in her mouth and sucked them, while stroking his penis with her hand.

"I can't believe you haven't come yet," Stephanie moaned.

"I'm not like your boyfriend, am I?' Sean asked, knowingly.

"No," Stephanie said, and took his cock into her mouth again. She sucked it quickly and passionately, with long loving licks. Sean moaned and stopped her.

"Okay, enough dick suckin' honey," Sean said. "Let's get it in your pussy now."

"Okay," Stephanie said, wiping Sean's precum and her saliva from her lips with the back of her hand. She lay on her back upon Sean's desk and lifted her legs high in the air. Her pussy lips were swollen and dripping wet with her juices. Sean grabbed Stephanie's legs and spread them apart, and looked down at her open pussy.

"Wait, before you put it in I wanna-" but before Stephanie could finish her sentence Sean slid his cock inside her and she let out a surprised "ooooooohhhh!"

Sean rubbed his cock back and forth inside her cunt repeatedly. Stephanie sighed and moaned. She'd never experienced anything like this, not with me. Sean watched as Stephanie's big titties bounced up and down while he pounded her. He'd had his share of sluts on his desk, but Stephanie might have been the finest piece of ass he'd gotten his dick into yet.

"Oh yes, oh Sean yes, harder!" Stephanie shouted. Sean was happy to oblige her. Around that time the phone rang, and Stephanie chose to neglect her secretarial duties in favor of satisfying her boss' other needs. Even so, she accidentally kicked the phone off the hook. The person on the other end was me.

"That's it Sean, right there!" I heard Stephanie moan over the phone. "Give it to me! Give it to me!"I had never heard Stephanie say those word before, but I knew it was her. I set my phone down on my lap. Now I knew what was taking so long. And it was all right with me. I'd never heard Stephanie in so much ecstasy. I loved her enough to allow her that. I decided to simply wait until she was finished. For the next several minutes I waited, while listening to Stephanie's moaning over the phone.

I set the phone onto the passenger seat, but I could still hear Stephanie's screams of pleasure just fine. I couldn't believe how long they were able to keep at it. I would have busted long ago. Little did I know Sean had already blown his load in Stephanie's pussy and still had the stamina to continue.

"Ooh, Sean I-" Stephanie stammered. "I'm gonna cum!"

"I know," Sean said with a smile. He could always make girls cum.

"I'm, I'm, I'm gonna-" and with that Stephanie felt the tension in her body release. "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!" Stephanie moaned.

Sean continued to pump his dick in and out of her pussy, but he slowed his pace when he felt the onset of her orgasm. Stephanie writhed about on the desk, and grabbed the desk's edge to hold on for support. Sean looked at Stephanie's face. When he saw her eyes clenched tightly shut and her mouth open, he mentally added another notch to his belt.

I could hear Stephanie's breathing begin to slow and I could tell that her orgasm was waning. Stephanie opened her eyes and looked up at Sean.

"I can't believe I did that," Stephanie said. Sean didn't respond. He didn't tell her that he had known the day he hired her that she'd be opening her legs for him at some point. Instead he pulled out his penis, which dripped with pussy juices and aftercum. He wiped the tip of his penis off on Stephanie's thigh and zipped up his pants.

"Thanks, babe," Sean said. Stephanie nodded and quickly gathered up her lingerie. Stephanie walked out to my car a few minutes later, fully dressed and carrying her chocolates and bag containing her lingerie.

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