tagNon-EroticMy-sogyny Ch. 03

My-sogyny Ch. 03


Part III - Triple Threat

I sat next to Belle the Red Dragon, her lean frame wrapped in skin tight leather and a blood red sweater. Her green eyes seemed to be made of emeralds and fire, though I'd wager the red was from the whiskey. I hadn't seen her in years, but in times past we'd been good friends and I'd always found her dangerously attractive. This red and black ensemble, nature's warning colors, made her even more so.

On my other side was Sally, the Naughty Nurse. Sally and I had an off and off relationship, literally, on the bed then off the bed, then on again. She was a petite blonde with big blue eyes, pouting lips and gold skin. She was a nurse and had just gotten off of work. She still had her uniform on. The joke rode around the table once or twice, where was her skirt and little hat? She smiled peevishly and sipped her Malibu. I hadn't seen Sally in some months either.

But neither of these two young ladies was the focus of my attention. It was the alterno-chic vixen across the blackened and scarred table, who had captured my eye that evening. Long red dread-locks, blue eyes like a summer sky, to complete the package, an ample pair of breasts, hanging like a challenge from her chest. Her name was Carrie, and she was to be my latest adventure. Of this, I was sure.

I'd done a smattering of flirting with Carrie in the recent past. She was a year younger, and as things turned out, we ran with the same packs, just had never crossed paths. I ordered a round of drinks, since I was riding the high-hog at the time. Sally accepted, sucking half her Malibu and coke down like a professional. Belle protested, saying she'd come into her own and wanted to buy me a drink. I waved her money down and handed a twenty to the waitress.

Conversation came and went, as did several more drinks. Empty glasses piled up faster than they could be removed, along with cigarette butts and ashes. The black and pinks lights seemed to become stronger, more forceful as the haze thickened.

There were others at the table, men, friends, competitors, enemies. A regular stroll through memory lane. They chattered at me, at Belle, Sally and Carrie. The gold-poison was soaking me through and I'd had enough of the games. Last Call was rocketing towards us, and I'd be twice damned if I didn't fuck one of these ladies tonight. My approach, however, would have to be clever. The one I wanted was too far way to speak privately with. Her and her rack staring directly at me, I did the only thing that seemed natural.

I put my hand on Sally, the Naughty Nurse's knee and I leaned over to Belle and began to whisper in her ear.

"Belle, look at Carrie's rack." I hissed. I knew that Belle not only enjoyed men, but had a certain predisposition towards shapely women as well. She leaned close.

"I know. She's cold too." We giggled. On my right, my hand crept up Sally's thigh. I turned my head forward and looked at Carrie, purposefully, slowly, mouthed the word "tits". Carrie caught my eyes and wrinkled her delicate eyebrows.

To Belle, I said "Think she knows we're staring at her tits?"

I felt Sally's hand on mine, but I didn't look over to her.

"Shhh..." Belle tried to shush me, but it was more The Water of Life talking than me.

"Look at 'em. We could each take one. I bet she would love it. She's making the eye contact with both of us. She knows."

"Christ! Stop it!" Belle giggled. I pushed my hand further up Sally's thigh, to her crotch. Carrie was staring at me, her foot brushed against mine. It had to be hers. Ah, that was it. Contact. I felt Sally's warmth, and spared her a look. She smiled, finishing her Malibu.

"Last call!" the bartender called out, as if it were a tornado warning, his voice careening through the bar, infiltrating the little corners, resounding off of the dirt and smoke caked walls.

And we drank. One more, a jack-ass said. For the road, a friend yelled. Shots, cried a moron struggling to his feet. And we did. One more, for the road and shots, to keep the winter chill away as long as it could.

The shuffle of bodies was confusing, slow moving as we were herded towards the exit.

I found myself on the street, my breath freezing as I forced it from my lungs. Belle, was suddenly next to me, squeezing my hand. She pushed a crumpled piece of paper into my suddenly very cold hand. Then she was gone. I un-crumpled it and examined it. An email address. Not first place, but an honorable mention at least.

I looked at the gaggle of my friends and enemies mix tape, standing in the biting cold. They stood there, hi-fiving, punching each other in the shoulder, smoking cigarettes, the Idiots. Real treasure was slipping through our fingers.

I cast my eyes around for Carrie, the dread-locked dream I was so looking forward to waking up to. Gone. Like warmth of the bar, she had dissipated into the night. Poof.

Ah, Sally. Sally the Naughty Nurse. It's wasn't even a matter of her being third choice. It was just another fork in the road. She was coming out of the bar. She hadn't seen Belle give me her email.

"Hey, you need a ride home?" She purred, standing close to me, as if to share in my rapidly fading heat.

"Uh, yeah. Please."

"Come on." She stepped over a snow bank and walked to her shining, new silver car. I walked around to the passenger side and got in. She reached for the ice scraper. Though not really a gentleman, it would have been vile of me to expect her to scrape her own windows.

"I'll do it." I reached for the instrument.

"I got it. Sit. Warm up."

So I did.

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