tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Son and His Friends

My Son and His Friends


After I found out that my son and his friends spent time online together chatting with women -- especially older women, watching the women on webcams and masturbating, I decided to go online and join them. Of course, I did this anonymously. During my first two sessions, I learned several things.

First, I learned that my son's friends thought I was hot. They enjoyed seeing me come home from work wearing skirts and hosiery, loved looking at my legs, and tried to look up my skirts. I found this very exciting.

Second, I learned that my son had taken a somewhat revealing picture of my getting out of my car and had shared it with his friends. I also learned that the guys, including my son, had masturbated and came on my picture.

Third, I learned it was very exciting to watch these eighteen and nineteen-year-old guys masturbate. It was made even more exciting by the fact that they were masturbating as they fantasized about me -- as their friend's mother, at the same time they were online with me -- as an anonymous older woman.

Fourth, I learned it was very exciting to show them my nude body. Even though they did not know it, they were looking at the body they had dreamed of and masturbated over.

Fifth, it was VERY exciting for me to masturbate on cam for them and know that I was showing them something they would remember forever.

After my second online adventure, I knew that any lingering doubts I had had about going online with the guys had disappeared. After having an amazingly powerful orgasm, I knew I would spend much more time online with the guys. Even knowing that I might see my own son masturbating while he looked at my body excited me. All of these thoughts were in my mind when my son and I were eating breakfast a few days later.

"Mom," he asked, "is it okay if the guys come over to hang out after school today?"

"Of course," I said. "When have I ever said it was not okay for them to come over?"

"Well, I seem to remember a few times after we'd been 'acting up' as you said," he responded. "I promise we'll be good," he continued.

"I know you will be," I said, smiling. "Remember, your Dad is going to be out of town for the next few days for work, so you have to keep things under control."

"I know, he said, "we will."

I was smiling because I had an idea. After finishing breakfast, I went to get dressed for work. I took off the t-shirt and jogging shorts I usually wore to bed and picked out my skimpiest red bikini panties and matching bra. As I pulled the panties on, I noted that my curly hairs would be showing on the sides if I hadn't been waxed. I also noted that the bra left much of my cleavage exposed.

I looked through my lingerie drawer until I found a pair of sheer to waist nude pantyhose. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I slid the sheer hosiery up my legs until I reached my thighs and then stood so I could pull them on the rest of the way. Checking myself out in my full-length mirror, I noted that the pantyhose were almost invisible so my red panties were quite noticeable.

I went to my closet and got the dress I had decided to wear. It was a navy blue shirt dress that buttoned all the way up the front. Usually, I wore a slip under it because it had a tendency to have gaps between the buttons that opened a bit and, if someone was paying attention, he could see right under the dress. If the right gaps opened, my panties, or bra might be visible. I would have to be careful at work.

I was careful. A few times, I noticed that there were strategically opening gaps, but I was able to reposition myself so none of my office mates saw anything inappropriate. I was a little nervous and stressed by the end of the day, though.

Before I left the office, I unbuttoned several buttons on my dress. Usually, I would keep most buttoned, leaving only one or at most two open at the bottom and two open at the top. Before I left work, I undid another button which was not too much, but it could allow someone to see the curve of my breasts above my bra if they looked. I also unbuttoned several buttons at the bottom. Although the last button that remained fastened was only slightly above mid-thigh, the effect was quite amazing. It certainly showed off my legs.

I made one last adjustment. Lifting my skirt, I slid my hand under my pantyhose and panties and pulled up the material of my bikini panties so it slipped between my lips. I loved the feel of the silky material rubbing between my lips and on my clit. I began to feel myself getting excited and knew it was just a start.

On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some snacks and drinks for the guys. As I walked through the store, I could feel my panties rubbing me and I became more and more excited.

Although I was able to get the refreshments to the car in the grocery cart, I knew I would not be able to carry a case of Coke and two bags of snacks into the house by myself. When I got home, I pulled into the driveway and honked my horn a few times. Finally, my son and a few of his friends came out. I yelled out the window "I got you guys some refreshments, if you want to help."

Their response was quick. Four of them ran over to the car. My son opened my door for me and the others waited. In the past, I might not have noticed, but after my online conversations I knew what they were doing, and I planned for it.

I waited in the car until the guys got closer before I opened the door. My skirt had not ridden up, but the two sides had parted so my hose-covered thighs were on display. I acted as if I had not noticed, but I certainly knew the guys noticed. They all seemed to move closer to my car and they gathered near my door.

My legs were close together, so there was not much to see. Feeling naughty, I started to get out of the car, stretching my left leg out. This opened me to their view, and I am sure they could see my panties. Then, I acted as if I had forgotten that my purse was on the passenger seat, so I reached back into the car to get it. As I did so, my legs were spread even farther apart. I am certain there could be no avoiding the sight of my red panties under my sheer nude pantyhose. I wondered if they could tell how I was wearing them.

Picking up my purse, I turned to get out of the car. As I got out, I gave them a chance to look directly up my skirt. I am certain I heard a few gasps.

"Are you guys just going to stand there," I asked, "or are you going to carry the refreshments to the pool?"

The guys opened the back door and took out the refreshments I had purchased, while I remained in the front seat. I noticed they all took advantage of the chance to get a closer look at my legs.

"Oh, my God," said one, under his breath.

"She is so hot! ," said another.

"Wow, what a MILF." said a third.

"I'll say," said my own son, leaving a bit shocked.

I followed the guys to the pool deck and supervised them as they set the refreshments out on the table. Then, after they all jumped back into the pool, I walked near the edge of the pool and spoke to them, knowing from our chats how they tried to look up my skirt at times like this. I stood closer to the edge then usual and with my legs more open than usual.

"Try to keep the pool deck clean for me, okay?," I said. Slowly turning, I walked into the house.

Once inside and went directly to my room. One set of windows looked over the pool deck, and I quietly slid the window open so I could try to hear what the guys were talking about as I changed.

Removing my dress and my bra, I walked back to the window wearing just my pantyhose and red bikini panties. As I walked, I could feel how wet I had become. I listened to the conversation at the pool below my window. I recognized my son's voice, of course, but the other voices were hard to distinguish.

". . . . hottest woman I have ever seen," one of my son's friends was saying.

"I couldn't believe she was sitting like that," said another, "I think I could see her panties."

"I did, too," said the first, "nice and red under her nylons. Those sexy legs and red panties under her skirt," he went on, "I know what I'm going to be thinking about the next time I jack off."

"Hey, come on guys," my son said, "that's my mother you're talking about."

In spite of the fact that I had intentionally being showing myself to these guys, I felt some pride that my son was defending my honor. As the conversation continued, my feeling of pride was deflated a bit.

"Come on yourself, Ricky," one of the others said, "you enjoy watching her as much as any of us -- maybe even more. You're the one who took that picture of her getting out of her car that we all beat off to, and you were beating off to it for a while before you shared it with us."

"Yeah," said another, "and you're the one who likes to beat off wearing her panties, even though you don't look anywhere near as sexy in them as she does." At this, they all laughed.

"Aww, you guys are just jealous," Ricky said. "just because I get to see her every day and sniff her panties and pantyhose in the laundry." He laughed.

I was shocked. I never suspected Ricky had been doing that.

"Are you still going to try to put a webcam in her bedroom?" another of the guys asked.

I was more than shocked when I heard that. But I was glad I now knew what his plans were. I hated the thought of being spied on while I was online with the guys. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

"I still want to," Ricky said, "but I haven't been able to figure out where to put it so she and my Dad won't find it."

"You have to do it," said one of the guys, "remember, you said we could watch her. I get so hard thinking about watching her there. Maybe we'll get to see her and your Dad fucking."

"I don't know about that," Ricky said. "I told you guys I'd let you watch some of the videos I record if I put a webcam in there, but I never said I'd let you watch that. That's something I think I'd keep for my own viewing pleasure." He laughed.

I had very mixed emotions when Ricky said that. I never thought of him watching his father and me making love. We got pretty carried away sometimes.

On the other hand, the thought of being watched was exciting -- at least in the abstract. As I thought more about it, I could feel myself getting wet and, as I almost unconsciously reached down between my hose-covered thighs, my hand caressed my panties which were beginning to get wet.

I could not resist rubbing myself through my panties and pantyhose. As I continued rubbing, I felt myself getting more and more excited.

I had a very naughty thought: "If Ricky finds these he will really enjoy them." At that, I felt myself getting closer to an orgasm and then I went over the top. It was all I could do to stay quiet knowing that the guys were just below my window on the pool deck. My orgasm overtook me and I soaked my panties and pantyhose. As I regained composure, I heard the guys talking about the "other" me to my son.

"Ricky, that woman who was on cam was so hot!" one said. The others agreed.

"As hot as my Mom?," Ricky asked.

"Almost," one of the guys said, "but she showed us her pussy -- it was shaved!"

"Wow," Ricky said, "I'd love to see that."

"We're going to go, I think," one of the guys said, "I know I want to get home to jack off while I can still picture your Mom today." They all laughed.

"Okay," said Ricky, "I'm going to go in and check the laundry." He laughed. "You jerk," one of the guys said. "If you find them will you show us tonight -- we're all planning to be online?"

"I guess I will," Ricky replied, "and maybe I'll let you see me cum in them."

With that, the guys said their good-byes and left. As Ricky cleaned up the pool deck, I removed my wet panties and pantyhose and carefully placed them on top of my laundry basket. Putting on another pair of panties, a sports bra, T-shirt and running shorts, I went down to the kitchen to start supper.

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