My Son In My Clothes Ch. 03


"She told me about you tossing her off. It is her idea to do something for you for a change."

She took his cock out of her mouth and looked up at me. I watched her tongue come out and lick up the length of his shaft.

"Mum, I'm going to get him nice and hard, so he fuck your brains out," she whispered.

She winked at me, and then plunged her mouth down again on her boyfriend. Okay I was drunk, but not drunk enough to wonder why I was letting him grope me and kiss me again. My mind soon relaxed as Adam started to make little circles in my pussy. I was sucking his tongue in further now. I could hear my son, Veronica, slurping all over his dick. I mean what a slut, what a pair of sluts!

"Hey, your mother goes down further than that," he spat.

"Sorry, darling," she whimpered submissively, in her little girly voice.

God, he was treating her like he treated me! I watched her red face going down on him again. Now I never would have believed this in a million years. Kevin was so confident in everything he did as Veronica it was unbelievable.

"That is enough, get her undressed," Adam ordered.

Again I couldn't believe my ears, or the way Veronica jumped up. She held out her hand and I just took it. We were soon stood face to face. She gave me a little shy smile as her fingers started on my blouse. I couldn't help thinking back to when I stripped Kevin. As my blouse fell away I felt Adam's hands go up my skirt and drag my panties down to my ankles. Veronica had my bra straps off my shoulders and she stood there staring at my exposed tits! She slipped her hands down to the front buttons of my blue skirt. It was soon round my ankles with my panties!

"Look at me slut," Adam growled.

We both did!

"Straddle me, and you, put my dick in your mother," he hissed.

Veronica held my hand as I moved on Adam's lap. I looked down as his hand took hold of Adam's cock. I went down as Veronica held his stiff dick. I gasped a little like I always did when Adam first went into me. I started bouncing up and down. My head had given up on the right and wrong of this. I was full of lust now and coming off almost immediately. Adam started tormenting my nipples like he likes to do. They got pulled and pinched and added to my highly aroused state. For the first time I saw my son's tits, as he fed a nipple to Adam's eager mouth. Her blonde hair tickled my arm, and I watched as Veronica pushed her hand down the front of her skirt. She moaned and whimpered but she wasn't as loud as I was. I shuddered and climaxed on Adam's hard young cock. Gradually I slowed up and stopped, panting heavily. I just couldn't take much more. I got off him and there it was standing right up in front of me. Veronica knelt on the floor again. She had one hand in her skirt, the other wrapped around his cock, and her mouth sucking it for all she was worth!

Adam's eyes closed as my son, soon to be my daughter, slurped away and pumped him. I gradually got my clothes on and went to the door.

"Fucking drink it, bitch!" Adam snarled, just like he did at me.

I heard Veronica choke and gag as my shaking legs took me to the door. I sat at the station feeling numb, drunk, tired, and very wet between my legs. It would take me years to analyse what had gone on that night, so by the time I got out of the bath and crawled into bed I just wanted to sleep, and that was what I did.

Two months later Veronica phoned me. She sounded happy as she told me she was now a woman. That thought echoed round my head for days. I had told my sister and her husband, all I got was strange looks and sympathy. Telling mum and dad was fucking weird. Dad went off on one big time. Mum, well, mum would use her energy calming my dad down later. Mum phoned me a few days after and told me I had made a big mistake telling dad. I suppose I could have left it, but eventually it would come out. But as I told the family why Kevin was now Veronica, one thing struck me more than anything else. I was defending Veronica against all the nasty comments that were thrown at me about her. She was my son, and now she is my daughter, either way I would defend her until the day I died.

I ended things with Adam. Well he sort of ended it with me, and Veronica. She came home for a few days 6 months after her operation. Now watching the old man next door, leering at her stocking tops as she got out of the taxi was something that tickled me. Even the taxi driver had managed to get his fat ass out of the seat to carry her case. She wiggled up the path with the taxi driver in hot pursuit; he carried her case and couldn't get his eyes off her ass and legs. So there she stood in front of me. We hugged but something got in the way a bit.

"D cup now mum," she said with a giggle.

I just stared at the tits that put mine in the shade. We sat and chatted like a mother and daughter would. Her blonde locks were now down her back, and those lips looked a little fuller too. My daughter was a knockout, and she knew it!

"Darling, I think you ought to get changed, um, my sister, and her husband is coming over."

She crossed her long legs in the red tights, and tugged her red dress down a little. Again the tits sort of poked your eyes out. They were so bloody close to popping out of her dress that I just couldn't stop staring at them.

"Granny and Granddad won't be coming," I said with a gulp.

She sighed a little, "Well, I guess they don't understand, but you do now, don't you mum?"

I nodded and I asked again if she would cover up a little more.

"Mum, this is me, this is who I am."

"Jesus you are bloody stubborn," I mumbled.

She smiled at me and we laughed.

So an hour later Veronica was stood in front of my sister and her husband. Eyes were all over Veronica for a few seconds, and my sister gave her husband a dig in the ribs as Veronica went to make a cup of tea at my request.

"Put your fucking tongue away, that's your nephew," she hissed at him.

"Niece," I said correcting her.

My sister grabbed my arm and pulled me out to the hall.

"I don't bloody well believe that. How could you let it happen? Kevin looks like a fucking freak!"

"Oh, well it seems Alan likes what he sees," I spat back at Judith.

"I knew he was queer. He always had a strange interest in my underwear, I caught him going through my washing basket once, and you have just made him into a fucking queen."

"You listen to me, Veronica is happy, surely you can see that?"

"Alan we are going," she called, still looking at me.

She went to the lounge and there was Alan talking to Veronica. She walked up to Veronica.

"You look bloody ridiculous you weirdo, that wig is just blood stupid too!" she snarled.

I watched her tug at Veronica's hair. She yanked twice the second time a lot harder than the first. Finally she let go. She looked at me in total shock.

"Fuck, it's real," she mumbled.

Before anyone could say anything she grabbed Alan's hand.

"Come on we are going," she hissed.

"Judith please, just let me explain things?" I begged.

She didn't stop. The front door slammed shut.

"Well, that went better than I thought it would," Veronica said sarcastically, with a little grin.

"I'm sorry, I thought she would be a little more understanding," I moaned.

I flumped down in the chair and sat with my head in my hands.

"Don't worry mum, I've had worse when I first started going out."

She came and sat next to me.

"That is why I show off my cleavage. Now and then I get the odd look, not so much now. I think people reckon something isn't quite right, but when they see a little bit of real breast they are satisfied. Anyway, I spend more time fending guys off now. Did you see the way Uncle Alan gawped at me?"

She chuckled a little and cuddled me.

"Well if you just toned down your clothes a little," I mumbled.

Her chuckling had become a laugh now.

"No way, Mum, can I stay for well, a few weeks?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Good, because they are transferring me to a bank in town."

"Why, exactly?"

"Oh not what you think, I'm doing a course, an assistant bank manager's course. But it doesn't start for a few weeks, so I'll need a little part time job, just to pay you some keep."

So my son, sorry daughter, had got on very well indeed.

A few days later, I could hear my boss panting and grunting in his office. Then it went silent, and this blonde emerged red faced, tugging her skirt down, and doing up her blouse. I watched my Greek boss wiping his handkerchief over his forehead as he came out behind. He gestured for me to go over to them.

"Claire, this is Veronica, she'll be working here for a few weeks."

I was still gawping in shock as my daughter stumbled forward and let out a little surprised gasp, at the hand that pinched her ass. She chuckled as he walked away.

"Sorry mum I didn't think you'd miss one of your uniforms, and as you can see, I kept the badge you pinned on me a few years ago, I thought it might come in handy."

At the end of the shift the tips were shared out, and I saw a few jealous looks as Veronica seemed to have the most money. As we walked home together I had just one thing to her, "If you are going to work there at least buy a bloody blouse that fits."

We smiled at each other and she said, "Sorry mum, but I can't help having bigger tits than you."

After a few weeks Veronica started work in the bank. She looked very smart in her skirt suits. We spent our time shopping together for clothes, and life settled down. I watched her blossom into a beautiful young woman, which is something I never thought I'd say. Of course we couldn't stop Nick from finding out, but watching him trying to chat up my new "friend" Veronica in a pub was quite something. Nick asked me when Kevin was turning up and moaned about him being late for his birthday. When Veronica came back from the toilet she just stood there looking down at Nick. For the first time my ex husband got his eyes further than Veronica's chest. He peered a little deeper, and then it dawned on him. A jumble of words came out of Nick's mouth, but they didn't make any sense. A guy approached and kissed Veronica on the cheek. Nick just sat there confused by everything that was going on.

"Dad, this is Mark, he's the bank manager, and um, he's asked me to marry him."

"What, you can't you're a bloody bloke," finally dribbled from Nick's mouth.

"Was, I think you mean," said Mark, as he smiled and kissed Veronica again.

I spent all night telling Nick what had happened, I even told him he had paid for Veronica's nose job, indirectly. All he could go on about was, not believing a guy could look that good in a frock. Nick never made it to the wedding, but seeing Kevin as the beautiful Veronica stunned him so much, he just accepted it. I suppose it was cruel the way Nick found out, but can you imagine how it would have gone if Kevin had just turned up on his doorstep as Veronica!


While this is a fantasy hopefully some readers will identify with the struggles transvestites and transsexuals go through. While cross-dressers, transvestites, and transsexuals are generally frowned upon or worse, they seldom do anyone any harm. They have feelings, and they are only human beings, and some do what they do because they are happiest that way. So what is more shocking and unacceptable, a guy in a dress, or the cheating between husband and wife?

The End.

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5 stars, for the final paragraph alone... *tear*

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I absolutely loved this series. Thank you for writing it.

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