tagIncest/TabooMy Son Loves My Legs Ch. 01

My Son Loves My Legs Ch. 01


Note: If you're looking for dirty hardcore sex, this is NOT the page for you. Some scenes in this story were actually based on personal life experience. Leg lovers, I hope you enjoy!

Hi my name is Katherine, a 39 year old housewife and mom from Florida. I'm 5'11 tall, 34b, with slender built, and dirty blonde hair. My long smooth legs are my best feature, and I enjoy showing them off to anybody who appreciates.


This story is about my 18 year old son Mark who's very obsessed with my long legs. He's a cute chubby boy, with curly brown hair, and sparkly green eyes. Some may describe him as a nerd. He really is, and I'm proud because there's nothing wrong in being smart. The problem is he lost interest in studying at some point.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, I was driving to Mark's school to pick him up. Wearing a white blouse, beige skirt, and a pair of 4 inch high heels. My skirt wasn't that short, but it rode up my thighs everytime I sat.

I pulled over to the curb where Mark and his friends stood waiting for their rides. Then the passenger door of my car opens...

"Hi Mom!" Mark greeted me with his eyes right on my thighs the first instant he got in the car.

I didn't mind that. What bothered me was when I heard one of his friends from the background say, "He's right, his mom's legs are really fucking sexy!" Then another one replied. "Yeah I'd love to lick those silky thighs!"

I looked down and realized that my legs are almost fully exposed to those boys. I asked myself some questions. Do these boys talk about my legs everytime they're among themselves? By the look of it, is it my own son who initiate those kinds of conversation? Since when did this start? Those were the thoughts I had as I drove out the school driveway.

"So how was school today Sweetie?" I asked.

"Not too bad Mom, same as always." He replied.

"Oh really? So what about that D- you had on Math yesterday? Think you can get away with that huh? Most of your grades have been really low lately."

"Don't worry Mom I'll do better to make up for it next time, I promise."

"Well you better do so, or your dad will be very pissed if you completely fail that subject. You used to be very good with numbers."

I noticed his head turned every few seconds to get a glimpse of my legs from my hiked skirt while I drove. It was surprising because I never thought of my son that way. He's always been my baby boy. Not a little pervert who checks out his own mom like this. I don't know if I should feel flattered or embarrassed.

We reached home and the first thing I told him as we entered the door was to put extra work on his studies starting right now.

"Yes Mom, let me change first." He said.

He left his books on the couch and went straight to his room and locked up.

Time passed it's almost dinner time and he hasn't gone out of his room yet. "What is he doing? Why has he been lazy on his academics lately?" I asked myself. He promised me he will give a few extra minutes for his homework today.

I walked over to his door and I heard him talking to someone on the phone. I'm sure it's one of his friends on the phone because Mark never had a girlfriend as far as I know. So I went straight to the kitchen and picked up the phone extension silently. I was very curious to know what was bothering my son.

"Why was he been acting weird?" I asked myself. Maybe I'll find something out. So I listened to the conversation.

Mark was talking to his buddy Tyler. One of the boys with Mark when I picked him up from school earlier. I was in shock because the words I heard being said on the phone were, "I'm so jealous of you Mark. I can't believe your hot Mom let you feel her long sexy legs like that."

"It's no big deal Tyler, I can touch my mom anytime and anywhere I want. In fact I took off her panties from under her skirt while she drove us from school today. My hand was all over her smooth thighs the entire ride home."

"Oh man that's fuckin' hot! You lucky bastard! Now I wished I rode with you earlier. I would love to see your mom driving with no panties. I'm sure the rest of the gang would love to see that too." Tyler said.

I was surprised to hear what they were talking about. Mark had Tyler convinced that he does all those things to me all along. "Oh my God! My own son fantasizes about me, and he even tells his friends about it!" I said to myself.

I slowly hung up the phone. While still in shock, I sat on the couch and thought to myself. "My boy not doing well in school now because of me. He's distracted of my body, particularly my long legs. I wonder if wearing longer skirts could help, or maybe I'll just wear jeans when he's around. Might as well give it a try."

After half an hour of thinking, I showered then looked through my closet for something conservative to wear. All my nighties are very short so guess I'll just be wearing one of my sundresses tonight for a change, at least while walking around the house.

So I picked a white sundress with thin shoulder straps. The hem of the dress goes down below the knees, so I figured that would definitly cover my long legs up from Mark tonight, panties, and of course my 4 inch heeled house slippers because I don't like going barefoot.

I put them on, then looked at the mirror and said to myself, "I hope this will work." It's the best I can do because it's the longest dress I have, and also comfortable to wear anytime of the day.

I went downstairs. Mark was on the couch watching television with his books on his lap. It looks like he plans on doing his homework after all which is a good thing.

"Mom, I went ahead with my dinner while you were upstairs, sorry I wasn't able to wait for you." He said.

"It's ok Sweetie, I'll just join your dad when he gets home." I replied.

He turned to me and he seemed disappointed to see me in a long dress. He dropped his books on the floor, leaned back, and flipped the television channels with the remote.

"Sweetie, I saw you were about to open your book just now. I thought you were going to start your homework." I said.

"Yeah Mom. I'll just do it tomorrow at school." He replied.

"You used to be on top of your class, but lately you been having very low scores. What is the problem Sweetie? Let me know so I can help you. I'm your mother and I will do whatever it takes." I said.

Mark just sat there totally ignoring me. Even while im standing right in front of him, he couldn't even look at me this time. I decided to try something.

I lifted one of my legs and placed my foot on top of the center table. My dress slightly rode up my thigh, but it was enough to get his attention. I left my leg up on the table while I fixed the tie of my hair. When I brought my hand down, I let it brush the hem of my dress, which made it ride up my thigh really high. I can see by the look on his face that he really enjoys what he sees, considering the little bulge on his shorts. So I stepped my foot back down on the floor and caused my dress to cover up my thighs again.

I stood in front of Mark with my hands on my hips.

"So now I know what catches your attention young man. My legs, am I right Sweetie? You do like seeing me in my short outfits like I always do? That's why you're upset because I'm not showing off much of my legs in this long dress right now huh?" I confronted him.

Mark got speechless. He blushed and looked very ashamed.

"Sweetie, talk to me. I'm your mother. I love you and I see a good future ahead of you. Me and your father are here to support you. Now can you please tell me honestly why you suddenly lost interest in your studies?" I asked, as i sat on the other couch across him.

I lit up a cigeratte, crossed my legs, and asked him to speak up. It looked like he was waiting for something, and I know what it is. So I pulled my dress up as high as i can while I smoked seated across him. It was obvious he was enjoying the view of my full bare crossed legs.

Then he finally spoke up while trying to hide his bulge with a pillow.

"Mom, I grew up as a smart nerd, but smart people like me don't get the girls in school. It's those stupid idiots who always get to hang out with the cheerleaders in their short skirts. Sad to say mom... you are the only girl I'm able to get close to. I been trying to hang out with this new group of friends lately, you know Tyler and the rest. They think you are amazingly sexy. The way you dress, the way you move, the way you show off your hot sexy legs which me and my friends love fantazising about. They all dream of fucking you, and so do I. I also made up stories about you just so I can blend in with them. It works so far, they let me hang out with them because of my stories about you. I know It's weird but I find you very very sexy. I masturbate about you several times a day, and night. My friends also jerk off over you." He said.

His eyes were glued on my fully exposed crossed legs.

I was touched by what he just said. I told Mark that he didn't have to make up those things about me just to blend in. He said he takes pleasure also in talking about my sexy body among his friends, so it's not really just to fit in. He admitted that he enjoys it even more than the other boys.

Mark apologized to me and promised that he will be back to being responsible in his studies again, and his grades will go up, and in return he begged me not to tell his friends that he was lying to them the whole time about feeling me up and all.

I agreed. I love my son so much and I'd do anything to keep him happy.

We both got up our seats, walked to each other and hugged so tight. My son's head was resting on my cleavage while I brushed his curly hair with my fingers. His hands were on my ass the whole time. I felt his bulge poking my thigh as we continued hugging. He tried for me not to notice, but he really seem to be turned on about his own mom. I can feel how hard his cock is, but i didn't want to embarrass him any further.

"Sweetie, I have a confession too. I was so curious about what was going on with you so I listened to your phone conversation with Tyler today. Don't worry, I didn't hear everything son." I said.

"Mom! Omg! What did you hear?" Mark surprisingly said.

Trying to hide from more embarassment, he lowered his face down my chest, causing one of my dress straps to fall off my shoulder, exposing my full breast to my own son. I could have pulled my strap back on, but I just decided not to, since he seem so sweet and gentle rubbing his face against my hard nipple.

"So sweetie, Is this one of the fantasies you told Tyler and the others about? Sliding off your mom's shoulder strap so you can see or feel her boobies, or even play with my hard nipple just like that?" I teasingly asked.

"Not telling you Mom." He shyingly said. But I can feel my son's cock growing even bigger and harder poking on my thigh.

"Ok sweetie. Since you're too shy to tell me, I'll just say what I heard you said to Tyler." I said while stepping back a little.

"Mark, Sweetie, you told Tyler that my skirt was hiked up and you rubbed my thighs the entire ride home while I was driving. I heard you talk about it, but don't worry Sweetie, I'm not mad."

I slowly stepped over the center table with both heels on.

"So you told your friends you had my skirt up my thighs right sweetie? Why don't you come closer and show mommy exactly what you were thinking." I said.

Mark stood speechless as he stared at me.

"What's wrong sweetie? Isn't this what you wanted?" I asked.

I started to slowly pull my dress up. Inch by inch. Moving my knees gently back and forth rubbing my legs against each other.

"C'mon Sweetie. Now is your chance. You can tell your friends that your mom stood on the table lifting her dress for you. Showing off her long smooth legs that you've always wanted to feel."

I continued pulling my dress up higher until my white lace thongs were visible. I held the hem of my dress up to my waist for my son. I found out today that he is obsessed with my long silky legs, so here I am offering them for him to enjoy.

"You told your friends you had your hands all over your mom's legs right? Come here and make it come true." I said.

Standing on the center table. I begin to rub my silky smooth thighs as I start to gently sway my body. Trying to hold my dress up high for my son see how I rub my own thighs for him.

After a few seconds of watching me, my baby boy couldn't help himself anymore. He held his bulge on the front of his pants as he walked towards me.

"Mommy I love you, your long smooth legs are very very sexy!" He admitted.

He begun to carress the full length of my legs as I stood, I held my dress up for him. He was enjoying my bare legs and thighs. He was making comments on how soft and smooth my skin is while his hands wandered all over. Mark even licked and kissed my thighs all over too. It really looked like a wish come true to him. My son's hands, mouth, and tongue were all over my sexy smooth legs, as I displayed myself on top of the center table for him.

Mark kept rubbing, kissing, and licking my silky bare thighs, like there's no tomorrow. He kept going for almost an hour.

Then I told him to stop.

"Aren't you forgetting something Sweetie?" I asked.

He was stroking his hard cock from inside his pants as he stepped back and wondered what he forgot.

Still standing on the table, I slowly pulled my panties down for my son to watch.

"I know you told your friends, that you had your mom's panties down for you. So here it is now Sweetie." I said.

I let my panties drop slowly to my ankles. I made sure I held my dress high enough to let Mark see my smooth bare pussy as he stroked his cock hard and fast. I didn't expect to see my boy this horny for his own mother. He still kept touching my smooth thighs, my boobs that are partially exposed, and even my bare pussy while he stroked his cock harder and faster.

"So this is how you play with yourself when you think about me? How does it feel this time with me for you to play with also? Much better I hope." I said.

I looked into his eyes as I bit my lower lip, giving out soft moans, while he used me to pleasure himself.

I can't believe I'm doing this, but a mom has to do, what a mom has to do. I was modelling for my son on top of our living room table, while he groped me, felt me, licked me, and enjoyed me as he masturbated himself.

"I love you Mommy. Mmmmm. You're very sexy Mommy. You're body is perfect. Oh my God Mommy... I love your sexy smooth legs so much!" He said out loud, while he squirted his creamy hot cum all over my legs and feet, while he complimented on how sexy I looked. I guess I made my son a very happy boy that night.

I stepped down from the table and gave Mark another big hug.

"Now remember our deal ok sweetie?" I asked.

"Yes Mommy, I love you." He replied, as he reached in his pocket.

"I love you too Sweetie. Goodnight." I said, as I gave him a sweet kiss on the forehead.

I had a feeling Mark was already texting his friends behind me, the moment I turned back to walk away to my room...

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