tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Son Loves My Legs Ch. 02

My Son Loves My Legs Ch. 02


Note: If you're looking for dirty hardcore sex, this is NOT the page for you. Some scenes in this story were actually based on personal life experience. Leg lovers, I hope you enjoy!

Hi my name is Katherine, a 39 year old housewife and mom from Florida. I'm 5'11 tall, 34b, with slender built, and dirty blonde hair. My long smooth legs are my best feature, and I enjoy showing them off to anybody who appreciates.


Well you already know my 18 year old nerdy son Mark and his obsession for my sexy long legs.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I was sitting by the porch having coffee and cigarettes. I was kinda upset because my husband Steve had to leave for a convention that day. He was suppose to take me out shopping. Oh well I'll just have to wait for next week.

"Good morning Mommy!" Mark said in a cheerful voice.

He walked towards me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning Sweetie! Surprised to see you up so early." I replied.

"Yes Mom it's a wonderful day because I have this." He handed me one of his test results.

"Wow a perfect A+. I'm so proud of you Sweetie." I leaned him over to give him a tight hug.

He sat down right next to me facing the street. His hand rested on my bare thigh that's peeking out from the split of my long silk robe. His hand were all over my smooth thigh, forcing the split of my robe to open wider. Wide enough expose my full bare legs on the street for everyone to see. I crossed my legs when I noticed the lawn guys staring from accross the street.

"Mom just leave the split open like that ok? You look very sexy that way." He requested.

"I know I promised you can play with my legs everytime you get a good grade, but my full legs are on display for those guys over there right now. They keep staring. Can we just do this inside Sweetie? Please? You can give mommy a leg rub all day. How's that for your A+ reward?" I tried to convince him to let me inside.

Those guys staring at my legs look creepy.

"I got an A+ Mom! Now stop complaining. We had a deal that I get to play with your legs with every high score I get from school." He demanded.

"Ok ok you win Mr. Genius." I guess I didn't have any choice.

"Nice Mommy! You look very sexy, and the lawn guys across the street seems to agree." Mark said, as he opened the lower split of my robe as wide as he can.

"Oh my God Sweetie. I think they can see my panties now too." I pouted.

"Yes Mom and they love it!" he grins again, as he stared down at my thighs.

"I have an idea mom! Let's go inside now." He said.

"Finally! Thank you Sweetie. Anything but this." I replied with relief.

"Anything huh Mom?"

"Yes Mark anything but this. Please. Those guys look really creepy."

"If you say so Mom."

He had that naughty smirk on his face as we entered the house.

"Hmm now what are we going to do Sweetie?" I asked.

"We're going to the mall Mom." He replied.

"Now that's a good idea. Let me take a quick shower first ok?" I said.

"Sure Mom, but I'll pick your clothes for today while you're in the shower."

"Ok Sweetie, just leave them on my bed"

So I went for a quick shower. I was excited when I got out of the bathroom, knowing that I'll still go shopping after all today.

As I entered my room, the first thing I saw on my bed was my white long sleeved shirt. Hmm unusual. I was surprised he picked one that covered my entire top. No cleavage or any extra skin will be exposed. So I slipped into my shirt. I didn't see any bra so I assumed I'm going braless today. My nipples were a bit obvious against the thin fabric, but I managed. I was suprised to see my daughter's red plaid skirt on my bed. Mark probably took it from his older sister's drawer. Kelly, my 19 year old daughter is at the university right now. So I guess it's ok for me to wear her skirt. I slipped into it and looked at the mirror.

"Oh my God. This skirt barely covers my ass. No panties too? Oh my. Oh my." I said to myself.

I stepped into a pair of 6" inch high heels that Mark picked for me. I looked at the mirror again. I figured out how he wanted me to look. He covered up everything but left the full length of my legs exposed for everyone at the mall to see. I stand 6'5 tall wearing these shoes, which made my legs even longer. Well I just hope I can manage to keep this skirt down at all times. It is very short, considering that I'm not wearing any panties.

I went straight downstairs after doing my make up. I was surprised to see 3 of Mark's friends in the living room. These boys are just like my son. Big fans of my legs.

"So I assume we're all going huh?" I asked.

"Yes Mom, we're taking Tyler's Wrangler jeep." Mark said.

I noticed all their eyes are on my legs instantly like little perverts they are.

Oh well. "Let's go guys!" I said.

We all stepped out of the house to Tyler's jeep. There isn't any roof on it. I guess I'll just live with it. These boys had a good view of my bare ass and pussy as I climbed up the jeep. No wonder they let me go up first. Mark sat upfront while Tyler drove, while I was at the backseat between their 2 other friends.

It was kinda awkward 'cause only 1 inch of my skirt was covering my pussy as I sat between the 2 boys. They both had sunglasses on which didn't do a good job on hiding their eyes as they stared at my bare legs the whole time.

Mark leaned over to us to ask if everything was fine back here. He smiled when he saw his 2 friends staring straight at his mom's bare legs.

"Go ahead guys. You can touch them. Feel my mom's thighs." Mark said to his friends who didn't even hesitate and went for it.

They had both their hands on each of my thigh so quickly.

"Wow Maam, your son is right. Your thighs really feel so soft and smooth." One boy said.

"Mmm you have perfect creamy skin, I wished my mom was as sexy as you are." The other boy said.

"Thanks I guess. You boys be gentle and don't go up too far up my inner thighs or this will stop ok? Feel up my bare legs and thighs as much as you want but that's it." I replied.

These boys are really feeling up my legs like crazy, and people from other vehicles can see them carressing my bare thighs in this traffic jam. This is very humiliating!

"Oh my God." I said out loud.

They managed to pull my skirt up all the way up to my waist. Now it's not just my legs that are on public display, even my bare pussy too. They even have each of my leg on each of their laps. What are they planning to do with my legs spread so wide open like this. They continued to carress my inner thighs while they kept complimenting on how good it felt to touch them. I don't mind each time their hand brushes my pussy lips once in a while by accident, but there are 4 hands wandering between my legs right now. How do I control this? Too late! One of them just pushed his finger right into my pussy.

I moaned so loud which caught even more attention from other vehicles and by standers.

"Ohhh Ohhh Ooohhh! Please stop! Please stop!" I moaned as I felt another finger shoved deep into my pussy.

This is getting out of control! 2 fingers from separate hands are fingerfucking my pussy so hard.

"Mark please do something! This is so embarrassing." I begged.

We finally got to the mall parking lot, but the 2 boys didn't stop fingering my pussy. I couldn't help but moan as they kept thrusting their fingers in and out of me.

Mark leaned towards the back and asked. "Are you ok mom?"

"No please stop them Mark!" I begged again.

Mark moved closer to us, but instead of stopping his friends, he shoved his finger right into my ass.

"Ohhhh Ohh Oooohh Ohh God!" I was literally screaming from the tip of my voice. Now they're fingering both my holes at the same time. I feel helpless. I'm being sexually abused by my son and his friends.

As soon as we parked, Tyler jumped out of the jeep and started fondling my breasts.

"God Maam! I been watching your sexy tits from the rear view mirror. Your nipples were poking out your shirt the whole time. Mmmmm!" He said as he shoved his face on my boobs. He even bit my nipple from outside my shirt.

All 4 boys were all in it together now as they fingered my pussy and ass so hard, while the other playing with my tits. I screamed so loud until I finally reached orgasm. They quickly pulled their fingers out from me and asked me to lick them dry. I didn't want to argue anymore so I just did as I'm told. I licked and sucked their fingers dry before they hopped off the jeep.

"Oh my God. What just happened? What would the people who saw us think? That a grown woman like me lets her son and his friends abuse her body like that in public?" I asked myself. I feel so humiliated. I just hope nobody I know saw me.

"Let's go Maam!" Tyler said.

The boys helped me off the jeep. I fixed myself up. Pulled my skirt back down, while we walked towards the entrance.

Oh no! It felt like I'm back from where everything started as soon as we got inside. More perverts in the mall having dirty looks on my fully exposed legs. Even worse was, they were able to see my own cum dripping down my inner thighs as we walked by.

Despite of everything that happened on the way here, I still managed to calm down and relax. I'm looking forward to a normal mall day like everybody else here. Well, except for the fact that I can't be normal in this very short skirt my son made me wear for him and his friends. I walked tall in my 6" heels, trying not to catch a lot of attention, but it didn't work.

"So where are we heading boys?" I asked.

"We're meeting some of Mark's old friends at the food court Maam" Tyler answered.

I noticed his hand was on my ass most of the time we walked.

We walked all the way to the end of the foodcourt, where a group of boys were seated at the last table. There were 8 of them. Their eyes were all on my fully exposed legs as we approached them. They shook each other's hand when we got there. Those new boys couldn't take their eyes off my legs. They were looking at me as if they havent seen a woman before.

It all made sense after we all got introduced. They're Mark's old friends from the science club, or also known as the geeks. Well at least I feel a lot safer here. Tyler and the 2 boys took off to looked around to give Mark some space with his old friends.

"Guys you all met my mom?" Mark introduced me for the 2nd time.

This group seems more polite than Tyler and the rest. One of them offered me a seat. I accepted and just like what i expected. They were all looking at my skirt hoping they could catch a glimpse of what I had under while I slowly sat.

Funny thing was the guys from the other side of the table stood up to walk around my side. They were trying to see more of my legs. They were all moving around pretending to do something just to get a glimpse. Mark noticed what was going on and he giggled. He grabbed a bar stool from the vacant counter then brought it at the center facing everyone at the table.

"Here you go Mom. I think you'll be more comfortable sitting here." Mark said.

So I transfered from a booth seat, to a very high bar stool. I slowly got up on it and guess where everyone was looking? Well you already know, at my very short skirt!

I was sitting directly high infront of them. One false move and my bare pussy would be exposed to everyone seated on that table. So I had to slowly cross my legs. Everyone went quiet as they all enjoyed the view of my sexy long legs on display for them.

I can almost see them drool while they stare at the full length of my long smooth legs. I thought they were suppose to have a meeting or something, but the attention went all on my legs again.

It didn't take long when my son Mark, also known as "The Showoff" came closer and stood next to my stool. His hand rested on my knee while he chatted with his friends. Inch by inch the boys watched my son's hand crawl up my bare thigh.

"Mom will you cross your leg higher so we can see the back of your thigh too please?" He asked.

"Sure Sweetie" I replied as I did what he asked me to.

I crossed my leg so high enough expose the back of my thigh to everyone seated in front of me.

Mark went on showing off to his friends. Letting them know that he can feel me up anytime he wants. And from my point of view, here I am sitting with the full length of my long sexy legs on display to a group of people I just met. While my son carressing, and feeling the smoothness of my bare skin for his friends to see.

"Mommy will you pull your skirt up higher for us please?" Mark requested.

"Oh no Sweetie. My skirt can't get any higher. You know how short this is."

"Please Mommy."

"Not possible Sweetie"

"Who wants to see my mom lift her skirt up higher?" Mark asked everyone in the group.

With no time wasted, everyone raised their hand up. I guess I'm out numbered again. Well I'll just have to get over it.

So I had both hands on my outer thighs. Slowly pulling my skirt up from the sides. God I feel so embarrassed even guys from other tables are watching me now.

"Higher Mom!" Mark shouted.

"Higher!" A guy from the other table shouted.

"Yes higher please." One of Mark's friends said.

I was too embarrassed to see what's going on, since I knew more strangers were watching. So I closed my eyes and pulled my skirt all the way up to my waist and did what they wanted.

"There you go Mark. Are you happy now?" I asked.

"Not until you spread your legs wide open Mom" He quickly replied.

I thought to myself. "Can I do this? Here? In front of strangers in the food court?"

"Spread your legs! Spread your legs! Spread your legs!" The boys chanted.

Feeling very humiliated, I eventually spread my legs as requested, exposing my bare pussy to everyone, as tear dropped down my cheek. I felt so degraded, I wanted to cry.

So there I was sitting on the bar stool, at the food court with my skirt up my waist, and my legs wide open for everyone to see.

I thought the worst was over until somebody shouted. "Finger that pussy for us!"

I wanted to melt when I heard that.

I asked Mark if we could leave already. He said we could leave after I did their last request. I tried to refuse, but they threatened me. "If you won't finger yourself, we will do it for you!"

After hearing that, my hand just went directly between my legs as I started pushing my finger inside my bare pussy. I saw everyone having fun watching me fingerfuck myself for them.

I wanted to get over it as quickly as I can. So I used my other hand to rub my clit. I added another finger inside my pussy as I closed my eyes. I was moaning as I was getting close to orgasm. Until I finally came so hard all over my fingers as I gave out my last moan.

I quickly got off my stool and fixed my skirt back down. Everyone clapped their hands after the show I gave them. I hope there wasn't anybody I know watching.

"You did great mommy! The guys are waiting for us outside to drive us back home." Mark said.

No other word was spoken until we reached home.

Well that was one weekend I'll never forget...

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