My Son, My Panties


Without a word, I stoop up and zipped my skirt down and rolled it off my body, unbuttoning my top and pulling my swollen tits out of their bra, so my son could nurse on his mother's tits and he fucked her pussy.

Glenn saw the evidence of my lust - panties totally wet with cream and lust. I slid them off my legs and stepped out of them. They were heavy with juice, and I placed them in Glenn's hands.

"You know what to do with them," I said, daring to speak and break the mood, but wanting to give him permission to do what he'd wanted to do for years.

Like the wife of an alcoholic who didn't want to notice the empty bottles in the trash, I'd tried not to notice the light stains on my panties, How my panties seemed to disappear and reappear at times. How they seemed to move around in my drawer. But now I accepted the fact that my son had been jerking off into my panties for years, probably with one pair around his cock, and another pressed against his mouth and nose, tasting and smelling my pussy.

Glenn moved the panties to his face, and breathed in deeply the smell of my wet cunt. His tongue darted out and licked the cream off the soaked front of my panties, He suckled and tasted my juice like a man parched, like the horny young virgin he was, getting his first real taste of pussy. He moaned deeply, and his body quivered with each dart of his tongue getting another taste of me. I let him take it all in, but only for a few moments. I needed his meat in me. Filling me, fucking me, making me his.

I straddled his body and took hold of his cock, slippery wet with lube, saliva, and cum, and rubbed it against my soft pussy lips. My juices dripped down on his shaft, running down and beginning to soak the panties still around his balls. The panties fell from his mouth, and we looked deep into each other's eyes, as close as two people can be emotionally, and on the verge of being as close sexually as well.

The touch of his rigid cock head on my lips sent a shiver of lust through me, and I slid down on his cock, staring at his handsome face, stretched with pleasure and need. His cock was so big, but I took it all up my pussy as we both moaned in pure, blissful pleasure. He stretched me wide open and deep, until I'd taken my son all the way into me. After 18 years, he was back where he belonged. Deep in my pussy.

The forbidden pleasure of our incestuous fuck shot through both of us like electricity, preventing us from mouthing any words except moans and grunts of ecstasy. He was so hot inside me it felt like a glowing iron poker in my body. Then our bodies recovered enough from the thrill of penetration to allow us to use them again, and I began to pump my cunt up and down on his cock.

With my heels still on I had plenty of leverage to get a good motion going. Up and down, in and out. Fucking his cock. Fucking my son. His strong hands wrapped around my waist as his mouth found my tits, and began to suck. I remember him nursing on my breasts when he was a baby. Now he was a man, and back at his mother's warm breasts. I wish I had milk to give him. Sweet, warm, sticky milk to flow from his mother's breast into his mouth, providing my baby with sustenance. Still, he devoured my tits, wrapping his tongue around my nipples and sucking and teasing them till they ached.

We fucked. Joined at the waist, intimate as two people can be. His cock began to swell inside me, and I knew it wouldn't be long before he had to cum. I moved one of his hands down to my pussy, and guided his fingers to my clit. Such a sweet and sensitive boy, now man. He knew what I needed, and began to rub small circles on my blood and lust enlarged clit.

We kept fucking. Cock and cunt locked, imitate, related flesh and blood pleasuring each other. It was wrong, it was nasty and filthy and forbidden, and we both loved every second of it.

Glenn's cock turned rock hard in my juicing, sensitive pussy, and he began to reach his cum. The though of that cock, his cock, my son's cock, spurting a huge wet, sticky load of sperm deep into his loving mother's pussy pushed me over the edge, and my cunt locked down on his cock as I climaxed on and over him.

"Fuck me Glenn, ohh fuck me Glenn. You're making your mom cum!! She's coming on your cock!! Your nasty, incest cock!! Oh fuck me, fuck me!!!" I somehow managed to cry out as my cum took over my body. It was too much for my son too, and even in my state of ecstasy, I felt his cock shake as his hips thrust hard into me and pump his warm, rich cum deep into his mother's climaxing pussy.

He groaned deeply, his soul and life returning to where he'd come from. He was home after all the years, and he poured himself into me.

Bodies spent, we collapsed onto each other, heaving with breaths and attempting to return from the high of our cums. Glenn's cock was so big that it didn't allow any of his cum to escape past his shaft, down my pussy. Instead it stayed right at the head of his cock. I could feel the heat radiate out from the top of my pussy into my cervix as his cum mingled with my juice. Being coupled with him was so natural, so right. It was as if a missing part of me had been returned after all these years.

Finally, I knew we had to stop and clean up before my husband got home. With the only regret being that it was leaving me, I slowly stood up and Glenn's cock slid out of me. With his cock no longer plugging me up, his gorgeous cum began to drip out, running along his shaft, and finally dripping onto his head as we uncoupled, a gasp coming out of my mouth as his cock rubbed and kissed my pussy lips goodbye.

Even after two cums, his cock was still beautifully full and proud, now totally soaked and shiny with the juice from our bodies. I dropped to my knees and took him deep into my mouth, suckling all the mingled wetness off the shaft, and then giving him a wet, loving kiss.

"You better go back to your room Glenn. We'll talk later," I said, as he slowly stood up and collected his clothes, his back soaked with sweat, his chest still heaving with rapid breaths and heartbeats.

I lay on the bed as I watched my lover, my son, walk out of the room. Idly my fingers found my pussy, and slowly rubbed his cum into my lips and clit.

I don't know where things will go from here. Sometimes you don't plan things out, you just take them as they come, and deal with what happens as best you can. As wrong as it was to fuck and suck and cum on my son, I'm glad it happened, and can't wait to do it again.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/04/18

with pleasure

i have always liked the way they felt on my balls . there just sexy i wish women would let guys jerkoff in front of them instead of looking at porn : healthier all around for everyone

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by union206/27/17


excellent story.had me masturbating from start to finish!

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