My Son, The New Man of the House


He moaned and groaned as he screwed my gapping asshole with that massive fuck stick. His hands held me tight around my hips as he used his leverage to pick up speed.


I was screaming the house down with every hard and deep ramming of his cock into my insides. My son was fucking my ass off in a way that nobody had before. Fucking the shit out of his horny, big cock loving, incestuous mother. My mind was in a total spin as I tried to deal with the mixture of pain and intense pleasure that I felt in my ass. My cunt now gushed as my orgasms grew harder and longer, a wet puddle forming on the leather sofa below our hard fucking bodies.


My lust for my son was so intense. You know that feeling when you are so horny and lusting after someone that you hardly know what to do to satisfy that animal instinct.

I slammed myself against him with all the final energy I could muster. I was totally exhausted but at the same time shear adrenalin pushed me on.

Sam cried out but it was too unintelligible too distinguish the words. He went even deeper and harder into my ass, and I instantly felt the hot gushing spunk fire from his cock and coat my burning hot insides. He jerked forwards and sent another copious amount of cum jetting inside me, unloading his heavy young balls.


I loved the feeling of having my son's cum in my ass. It helped to cool my burning ring that he had so well fucked with his monster meat.

He fell against my back and we collapsed in an awkward twisted heap. His arm reached across me and took a firm squeeze of my tits. His large cock still wedged deep in my ass. We both breathed heavy and let out deep sighs.

As we lay there, our bodies entwined together, trying to regain our composure, I thought about my husband. I had never been so well fucked in my life. My whole body was completely exhausted but I was absolutely satisfied. My pussy felt hot and wet, my asshole on fire but still tightly gripping around my son's deflating cock.

Sam leaned his head against mine and we kissed deeply. I could hardly move but after we broke our lips apart I simply said,

"Fucking amazing Sam.....just fucking amazing son!!"


As the weeks passed Sam and I continued our intense relationship. Anal fucking became as regular as pussy and got used to Sam's enormous size ramming both my well fucked holes. Of course I didn't neglect my mouth either. Most mornings I would wake Sam up by taking his big morning wood and deep throating that thick juicy tool, until he exploded in my mouth. Being a young stud he always recovers quickly, so we normally end up fucking before getting out of bed.

I still visited my husband in the prison on a weekly basis, giving him all the details of what Sam and I had been up to in that big bed....or anywhere else we ended up fucking. Michael would always get a hard-on in his jump-suit as I told him how our son had dumped a big load of cum in me right before I came to the jail, or how Sam and I had fucked in the back seat of the car right outside the prison gates.

Michael tried to appeal his sentence but with no luck, he would have to serve the whole ten years. I was sad about that, but at least my sexual needs would be more than well looked my big well hung one and only `Man of the House! `

The End!

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Son fucking his mother that's good mother would walk around in her night gown I looked at her say how are those big jugs.she look at me say they are fine.her tits were massive size her nipplesmore...

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