My Son, The Photographer Ch. 05


I took a deep breath before committing myself. "Andy, I want you to spank me." There, it was out in the open. I waited with trepidation for my son's response.

"Hmm ..." he said after a few seconds. "I wondered about that. Did you know you were very, very wet while you listened to Wendy getting beaten last night? Is that what you really want, Mum?"

"Yes, Andy," I whispered. "Not a beating like Wendy got, just a spanking. That's what I was dreaming about on the beach this morning. Will you please?" I was almost shivering with nervous anticipation.

He looked around and, noticing a flat rock of convenient height, he spread a towel across it, sat down and directed me to lay across his lap. With my heart thumping I obeyed and spread myself on his knees. I stared at our footprints in the soft sand, waiting for the first slap. I flinched and gave out a little shriek as his hand gently contacted my quivering buttocks and stroked them gently for a few seconds. I felt his hand lift off and then crack down.

He didn't hit hard but I felt the warm tingle on my right bum cheek transferring to between my legs. The next slap lit a fire in other cheek then a soothing caress. But I wanted more, much more. "Do you like it then? Want more?" Andy asked.

Oh, yes, I wanted more. "Yes, Andy. Hit me again, hard. Hurt me," I pleaded.

Each cheek got a couple of harder slaps which left me gasping – but wanting more. I squirmed on his lap, conscious of his growing erection. Somewhere in the back of my mind, as another short series of slaps warmed my buttocks, was the thought that Andy was also getting turned on – and that suited me no end!

He stopped slapping and started caressing my warm, tingling flesh, his hand slipping between my legs where I could feel my juices streaming. "You're enjoying this, aren't you, Mum?"

"Yes, oh YES. But harder. I want it harder."

"Well, if you're sure ..."

"I'm sure, son. Just do it."

His hand slid down my leg and bent it at the knee and I felt him removing my sandal. "You've asked for it, Mum. Tell me when to stop!" With that he brought the sole of my sandal down really hard and the pain shot through me. He paused – maybe to give me time to quit, then really lit into his job with a vengeance that had me screaming and sobbing with the pain. I never counted the number of times he hit me – maybe 15 or 20 strokes with the sandal, alternating between sides – then he lifted me off his lap, put me on the on the sand and entered me with his erection. Both of us were at a high state of arousal as he pumped in and out so it only took a few strokes before his seed filled my womb and I clutched at him, holding him inside as my mind left my body.

I returned to Planet Earth to find my son tenderly wiping away my tears and kissing me gently. "Are you all right, Mum?" There was concern in his voice.

"Oh, yes, I'm fine. Wow, that was SO HOT! I want to do that again. Not yet for a while, not for a couple of days at least, but I definitely want to do it again. How about you? You seemed excited too?"

"I don't know what it was but your bum looked great as I smacked it. I was worried that the sandal might be too much with the shouting but ..." his voice trailed off. I answered him with a kiss.

"It was perfect. Thank you. But now I'm going to cool off in the sea." And with that I ran down the beach to the soothing water pursued by my son with his semi-erection waving and bouncing with each step. I sat down in the shallow water near the edge, feeling the cool waters take the sting out of my flesh and the small wavelets lapping at my open pussy. Andy left me there luxuriating in the shallows while he waded into the deeper water and swam for a few minutes then we walked back up the beach to our campsite at peace with the world.

Andy put lots of wood on the fire then banked it down with a thick layer of damp seaweeds while I made up a bed from the blankets, using our bags for pillows and we settled down to sleep under the stars.


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Very sexy, the whole story is really erotic well written and more is good.
Thanks for the treat.

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