tagIncest/TabooMy Son, The Photographer Ch. 06

My Son, The Photographer Ch. 06


Author's preamble:This story contains descriptions of a sexually explicit nature, consenting mother/son incest and spanking. All participants have at least achieved their 18th birthday. The story line and characters are entirely fictional: any similarities are purely coincidental.

If such material is illegal in your current location, please click away from this page without reading further.

If the nature of this story is offensive to you in any way to, you may feel more comfortable with other stories available on this site.

If you've got this far, I assume such reading material is legal where you are and that you want to read it. This story is a continuation of the series "My Son, the Photographer" which I urge you to read (and submit your votes.) To my regular readers, sorry about the long delay but the muses deserted me and I can't force a story. Enjoy ...

Chapter 6. Wendy's Day.

Wendy woke the morning after her husband, Tony, had caught her and her son in bed together. He had given her a beating before fucking her savagely, now one side of her face was swollen and her buttocks felt raw. She showered gingerly and dressed in t-shirt and her lightest long cotton skirt without underwear. Her boobs never needed a bra and her bum was too sore to be encased.

Telling Tony she was going to the shop, she slipped out the front door of the holiday chalet, glancing at the open door of her neighbours' chalet. Sarah emerged and joined her as she walked up the road. She looked at Wendy's battered face then walked beside her in sympathetic silence, maintaining the silence as Wendy shopped. Sarah almost had to force her recently discovered friend and lover into the café but they were soon sitting next to each other sipping coffee.

Eventually Wendy told her what had happened; she finished her tale sobbing on Sarah's shoulder. Sarah just held her friend, hugging her and patting her shoulders until the tears ceased. They had another coffee then returned to their chalets, exchanging a hug and kiss as they parted at the doors.

Wendy entered her chalet and carried her shopping to the kitchen. As she was reaching up to the cupboard to put the groceries away she was startled to feel Tony's hands groping at her breasts and his groin pressing into her sore bum, a solid bump thrusting between her cheeks.

"Do you like fucking with John?" his breathing was heavy as he whispered his question in her ear. She didn't answer or respond but tried to continue unpacking her shopping. Tony followed her movements. He gripped Wendy's tits hard, pulling her up straight. "Well, do you?" he hissed.

Eventually she confessed in a whisper that she did, worried that her admission might spark another violent outburst. Instead her husband just clutched her close, one of his hands mashing her breast while the other clutched at her crotch. He held her like that for a few seconds then half-carried her to their bedroom, dropped her on the bed and started scrabbling at her clothing.

Wendy realised he was going to fuck her, come what may, so she sat up and started removing her clothes. He stood and threw his clothes off and returned to the bed to help his wife disrobe. He was not gentle as he thrust into her dry pussy, ignoring her protests.

When he was fully inside her, he started asking her questions about her and John. How they first started, how often, what did they do together: Tony wanted the details. His thrusts became more urgent as she told him what they did.

"Does anybody else know?" he asked between thrusts. She was slow to answer. "Who else?"

"Just Sarah and Andy," she finally owned up.

"And who are Sarah and Andy?" he demanded.

"They are staying in the chalet next door. They heard us one night. Andy's her son: they sleep together like me and John. That was Sarah who went to the shops with me this morning." At this admission, Tony started humping and grunting as his sperm pumped inside Wendy. When he was finished he pulled out and demanded that she clean his dick and tell him about their neighbours while she did so. Between her licks and sucks she told him how she and John had been in a foursome sex session with them the evening before. As he listened, Tony's prick began to swell again.

Pushing her off, he told Wendy to go and get John out of bed and bring him back with her. Nervously she got off the bed and went to do his bidding, remaining naked at his command. She hesitated outside John's door before plucking the courage to knock and enter without waiting for reply. Her son looked up at her in surprise and shuffled over as she sat on the edge of his bunk. John reached up gently to touch the bruise on her face in sympathy.

"Your father wants you to come to our bedroom now."

"What for?" he asked nervously, fearing a beating like his mother had been given last night.

"He didn't tell me but I don't think he's going to hit you," she responded, realising what might be troubling him. "Just come." She stood up and tugged encouragingly on his arm.

Reluctantly the teenager followed his Mum to her bedroom dressed only in his boxers, noticing the red welts still vivid and swollen across her buttocks, back and legs. As he entered the room he was conscious of his father's piercing stare but John's eyes flinched away and surveyed his toes.

"On the bed and spread them," Tony commanded his wife, "And you, get those shorts off. I've just fucked your mother and you're going to clean her up ready for another fucking.

John looked round for a towel or something to wipe his mother's oozing pussy but was told to use his tongue. Nervously the young man knelt on the bed and lowered his mouth to the sloppy mess and started to lick all the sticky fluids from his mother's pussy. Had the circumstances been more tranquil he would have been enjoying his task but as he worked his tongue deep inside he relaxed more and the thought of his father looking on subsided into the background and he was starting to get excited himself.

Meanwhile, in spite of the embarrassing circumstances, Wendy spread as far as she could, closed her eyes and concentrated on what her son was doing. In spite of herself she found her body reacting to the gentle ministrations of the tongue probing at her pussy and she lifted her hips rhythmically.

After watching the performance in silence for a while, Tony started talking about their future love life. Wendy and John, he deemed, could continue fucking each other but any time he, Tony, wanted to join in he would be in charge. He made them both agree to his demands and they both felt a surge of joy that he was condoning their activities.

He, too, was further empowered by their submission to his will so he had Wendy turn around and sit on John's face while she had to go down on her husband. John was ordered to lick his mother's arse and stick his tongue up there to make it nice and slippery. When Tony deemed she would be lubricated enough he made her reverse again and sit on her son's now rampant prick. She sighed as her body received him inside her. Tony pushed the top of her body forward and perched himself between her legs and pushed his tool next to her anus.

Wendy braced herself for the pain she knew was coming - she knew from other occasions that he would not be gentle and considerate. True to form, when he had positioned himself, Tony thrust straight in. Wendy only half-suppressed a squeal of agony and she tried panting away the pain. It helped. Her abused sphincter slowly relaxed to accept the invasion and soon Wendy found herself enjoying the feel of a different prick up each hole at the same time. She felt so full and stretched and it was a lovely feeling. The tension in her belly was no longer nervous but purely lustful. She loved the two of them driving inside her; that their strokes never quite coincided made it even better, she was being touched in places she never knew she had.

It was exciting and new to the two men, too, so it wasn't too long before they both felt that certain quickening in their balls which was the prequel to their eruptions. It was John who was first over the hill. He grabbed her hips and pulled her right down, holding her in place as his sperm sprayed through pumping prick, calling, "I'm coming. Oh Mum Ooooh!" But Tony was still not quite there so kept thrusting up her arse like there was no tomorrow until at last he shuddered, delivered his load and slumped over her body which was writhing as Wendy's own orgasm pulsed through it.

John was instructed by his father to lick his mother's pussy and arse clean while his parents discussed what to do for the rest of the day, John not getting much to say as his mother was sitting on his face. Her own part of the conversation became more and more erratic as her son's tongue lashed her to another shuddering orgasm.

Eventually they decided to drive down to Land's End and spend the day as tourists so they all got showered and dressed and set off in Tony's car. They stopped at a roadside restaurant and enjoyed a very late breakfast then continued their drive down to England's tip.

Once at their destination they took in a couple of the exhibitions, Tony all the time grumbling about the extortionate prices these tourist traps charged. They had their photographs taken by that signpost pointing to major cities in the world, had a cup of coffee and cakes, saw another rip-off exhibition then piled back into the car for the journey back 'home', arriving at the chalet about half-past seven.

Sarah's car was parked up next to their own so Tony told his wife to go and invite their neighbours for an evening at a local pub. Wendy knocked on the door but got no answer so Tony decided they would all go to the pub on their own. John phoned for a taxi which took an hour to arrive but they finally settled at a table in the beer garden and enjoyed a couple of quiet drinks together, the tension and upsets of last night soothed away by their day out as a family, all three of them relaxed in the knowledge that they would end the day with another session in bed. They didn't have to wait too long for their taxi which they had booked with the driver when he had dropped them at the pub earlier and soon they were back at their chalet.

As soon as the door was closed behind them Tony told them both to strip while quickly removing his own clothes. The two men lay side by side on the bed and Wendy was told to suck them both off so she knelt between them and took one then the other as deep into her throat as they would go. After a while Wendy was turned so that her lower regions were accessible to her husband and son while she continued to lavish her attentions on the two hard pricks. The men fingered her pussy and her anus, dipping their fingers in whichever hole took their fancy, at one stage she had two fingers from each of them ramming into her bum.

John was the first to announce that he was ready to shoot so Wendy was instructed to lay on the bed while John shot his sperm over her tits. Tony was not far behind and he aimed his over her face. Wendy opened her mouth to catch as much as she could while John was told to lick her tits and face clean. They both enjoyed it as he worked his mouth over her breasts, concentrating on her nipples, then he moved his face to hers and they exchanged deep kisses between his cleaning licks. Both men were making free with her body, groping and pinching her breasts. Before long she was begging for a 'tool in her cunt' as she crudely put it and John obliged by settling between her legs and sliding his tool straight into her aching pussy.

Meanwhile Tony watched his wife getting fucked by their son: he played with his own tool until it became hardened back to full size. He was almost mesmerised by John's arse pumping up and down so he reached out and caressed it. He loved fucking his wife's arse and his son's arse looked just as tempting. Noticing Wendy's tube of hand cream on the bedside locker, he lubricated his tool and John's arse, sticking a couple of fingers to push more cream up the tight passage.

John jerked when he felt his dad's cold, slippery fingers touching then penetrating his back passage. Since his impromptu session with Andy just last night, he had given thought to his sexuality, accepted that he would like to explore further with his new friend and that anal intercourse seemed a logical consequence. So he was not disgusted with the idea, he just hoped his dad would take it easy on him but thought nervously that possibly his dad would ram straight in as he had done with his mum that morning.

Tony was in his rut again. He knelt between his son's and wife's legs, forcing all four apart. There was the small ring of John's anus twitching with nervous anticipation: it looked so inviting so Tony positioned his prick at the centre of that ring and pushed right in. John immediately let out a squeal of agony and clenched his sphincter but Tony found the sound of his son's cry accompanied by the clamp around his prick exciting so he ignored the noise and plunged in to the hilt.

Tony only half felt his mother clutching at him as he screamed in agony. His rectum was on fire as the invading flesh started a rhythmic thrusting. "Push back with your muscles," he heard his mum whisper in his ear. "It helps, push back like you were going to the toilet." Through the red haze of pain he followed her advice and pushed back. Sure enough the burning and stretching eased away and he started to enjoy the pounding lunges into his anus and began timing his own movements inside his mother to his father's thrusts, pushing back into one and forward into the other. With stimulation like this it wasn't long before John shot his load into the depths of his mother's cunt as she felt her own shivering peaks build up. John was spent but his father was still going hell for leather up his arse. Wendy had felt her son shoot inside her but Tony's continued pumping kept John still fucking her until she suddenly hit her own peak with cry of "Yeah, yeah, yeah YESSSSSS" and Tony grunted as he pumped his load into the tight passage he was fucking.

When they all reluctantly pulled apart, spent, they cleaned themselves up with a towel and John was sent back to his own bed while Wendy snuggled her back into her husband and enjoyed his hand reaching for her breast, just holding and gently squeezing as they fell asleep satiated.


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