My Son's Sex Education Lesson Ch. 1


James sat on the couch, then he turned to me and quietly said "Mom, please, I'm begging you, don't stop now mom, please teach me the rest, I love you mom" I wanted to carry on, I wanted to give James the final part of his 'lesson' but in my mind I knew what I was doing was wrong, I looked at James, he was still a young boy, MY young boy and I loved him so much but now he sat looking sad, if I didn't carry on he might start to hate me.

I had to try to explain to him my reasons, I took hold of his hand, "James, please try to understand, I love you so much, but we shouldn't do anymore, it's wrong, tonight I tried to teach you about the loving side of sex, that there should be more to sex than having to read about it in pornographic XXX magazines, I wanted to be open about sex with you so that you wouldn't need to have secrets, please understand James, please don't be sad" I pulled him to me and cuddled him, then kissed him gently on the lips. "James, I want you to promise me that tonight will be our secret, no one must ever find out what we have done, you must never tell anyone, ok?"

"Does that mean you will show me the rest mom?" he asked.

"Yes James, we will continue but I don't want you to put your dick right into me, you can rub it up over my pussy and I will let you poke the tip into my cunt but that's all, is that ok for you?"

James was now very happy, "Thanks mom" I noticed his dick had softened, "I think I should get you hard again, don't you?" I took hold of his dick and started to wank on it, it didn't take long before it got hard, "there, I think you are ready now" I lay on the floor and opened my legs wide, I told James it would be nice if he licked my pussy first to get it wet, he quickly got between my legs and licked, played and sucked at my pussy, his instincts took over and before I knew it he was fingering my cunt deeply.

I lay back and relaxed, it didn't take long for my little boy to bring me to my second orgasm, "Ok James, I'm ready now, rub your dick up and down my pussy lips" I instructed, he did as I told him to do, he rubbed it up and down, every now and then the tip slid into my cunt a little, it felt good, very good!

"Am I doing it right mom?" he asked.

"Yes James, just perfect" I told him, "Can I put it in a bit more mommy?" he asked, "No, I don't think so James, I think we should stop soon"

"But it feels so nice mom, please mom, just a little more"

Thinking he meant that he wanted to rub it around my pussy for a little longer I said "Ok James, just a little more" with that he lunged forward and buried his dick deep into my cunt.

"No James, I told you just the tip, please James don't do this, we shouldn't!" my motherly instinct was telling me I should stop him, if I wanted to I could have easily pushed him off me but I was enjoying it too much, I didn't want him to stop.

James was now pumping away, ramming his dick deep into my cunt, as he fucked me he squeezed and played with my tits, he sucked my nipples, he kissed me, forcing his tongue deep into my mouth, he was putting all he had learned about tonight into practice, my darling little boy was fucking his mom good, very good!

Remembering what I had told him said he was going to cum, "Should I take it out mom?" he asked.

"No James, don't take it out" I panted, "come inside mommy darling, shoot your spunk inside mommy's cunt, fill me with your cum"

"I'm coming mom" and with a big lunge forward he emptied his spunk inside me, I could feel it shooting out. He lay on top of me, his dick twitching inside me, still hard, then he gently kissed me" Thanks mom, thanks for letting me fuck you"

We lay together on the floor for a few minutes, it was getting late, "C'mon darling" I said taking hold of his hand and pulling him up, "have a shower and straight to bed for you I think, you look very tired, we will talk in the morning" "Ok mom, I'll see you in the morning, goodnight mom" I gave him a kiss, this time a motherly kiss on the cheek, "Goodnight James, I love you" "And I love you too mom"

After he went upstairs I sat for a while and thought about what had happened, how could things return to normal now that I had allowed him to fuck me, I had to try, tomorrow I would tell him that what had happened was a 'one off' we would never repeat it. I picked up my clothes and went upstairs, had a shower and climbed into bed, exhausted but feeling good, very good! James had been a quick learner, he would make a lot of girls very happy in the future I thought, I fell asleep, I heard my door open and woke up.

I saw James enter my room and walk over to my bed, he was naked, his dick standing out hard, I sat up, "What's wrong James, can't you sleep?" I asked

"No mom, I can't" he replied, "I can't stop thinking about what we did tonight, can I get in with you for a while mom?" I should have said no, I should have sent him back to his room but I foolishly didn't, "Ok James, but just for a little while" I said, I pulled back the duvet and he slid in beside me, I turned away from him and he cuddled into me, right away I felt his hard dick press up against my bottom, "Mom, my dick is so hard it is starting to feel sore" he whispered, I turned to face him.

"Do you want mommy to make it feel better?" I asked, "Yes please mom, please make it feel better" "Ok James, just lie back and let mommy take care of you" I slid down the bed, down to his hard dick, as I took hold of it James moaned loudly.

"Please mom, will you suck it for me mom, like you did before?" I took his dick into my mouth and gently sucked it as he asked, I took it deep into my mouth until it was all in then I started to slowly bob up and down on it, his hands went to my head, he held on to it as he jerked his hips upward, I knew he wouldn't be able to last long and I felt his dick start to twitch, "I'm coming mom" he shouted out but this time I was ready for him.

I didn't take my mouth off and continued to suck as his spunk again shot out, I was sucking it out of him and I swallowing it as fast as I could, I continued till he was finished, I made my way back up the bed, "There, mommy's made it better for you, you will be able to sleep now, I think you should go back to your bed now James" I told him.

he said "Thanks mom, please can I stay just a little longer?"

"Ok" I said, "but only 5 minutes" The next thing I knew it was morning, I woke up with James cuddled into me, his arm seemed so natural draped over me. I lay there thinking, I knew then that things would never be the same again, how could I go back to just being his mom, my darling little boy James was now also my lover.

To Be Continued...

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