tagMind ControlMy Special Gift Ch. 01

My Special Gift Ch. 01


People are all different; we all have our own mixture of skills and abilities. Some of us are fantastic athletes, others play the violin beautifully, others are whizzes at Scrabble or crossword puzzles. My friend Mitch at work is a terrific whistler: he can do anything from the Blue Danube Waltz to Eric Clapton's "Layla", while I can hardly even make a whistling sound, no matter how much I try.

What I can do—and you're going to ask me to explain it, but I can't, at least not completely—is get people to do what I want. Almost all the time, and without much effort. And when it comes to women, that's a gift that comes in extremely handy.

About two hours ago, Mitch and were I wandering over from our offices to the mail-room, and we saw Amy Shinagawa posting notices on the bulletin board. Amy is one of this year's interns at our firm—we're a medium-sized ad agency, with offices in New York and here in LA. Like all our interns she's a college undergraduate, working here to gain experience in the hope of making a career in advertising.

Mitch and I both watched appreciatively as Amy stretched to reach a pushpin at the top of the bulletin board. She's only about 5'2", with a trim and very sexy body—tight butt, delicious firm little breasts, all her assets obvious in her tight skirt and sweater—and Mitch glanced over at me with a smile on his face.

"How'd you like to have that bouncing on your cock?" he said quietly. "I'm a married man and all, but still..."

I smiled back and nodded at him. "Never too old to dream, eh Mitch?" We laughed together, and he grabbed his mail from his box and headed downstairs to his office.

What Mitch didn't know, and what I had no intention of sharing with him, was that 74 minutes later Amy WAS bouncing on my cock—stark naked, up against the wall of my office, squealing and groaning as she orgasmed, her arms around my neck and her tongue half-way down my throat.

It could have been faster than 74 minutes, if I'd wanted—but I wasn't in any hurry. As I picked up my mail I casually said hi to Amy, and added, "if you have a minute when you're done with the bulletin board, could you come on down to my office for a sec?"

She said of course, as interns tend to do to partners in the firm, and about ten minutes later knocked on my door. I have one of the less prestigious offices—no corner office with a double view or anything—but it's quite private, with a pair of doors that keep sound out (or in) when they're both closed.

I asked her to sit down for a minute. Then, looking directly into her eyes I said, "Amy, I'd like you to cross your eyes for me please, for a few seconds." (Why on earth did I say that? I'll explain later.)

I watched carefully. As I began to speak her face muscles relaxed into a neutral, almost sleepy expression. And as soon as I'd finished my request, she crossed her eyes, focusing on the tip of her nose as most people do.

"Thanks," I said cheerfully. Again looking right into her eyes, I continued, "Amy, I'd like you to listen carefully. You're going to start to feel extremely attracted to me in the next few minutes. You'll return to your work, but within a half hour you'll find some pretext to come back to my office, locking the door behind you. Once you're here, you'll seduce me and get me to make love with you.

"After we're done, you'll get dressed again and go clean yourself up, making sure no one finds out about what we've been doing. And you won't remember why you did this—only that you had a sudden, very strong attraction to me and you acted on it by getting me to screw you. It will be a sweet, exciting but slightly embarrassing memory. You'll be ready and eager to do it again if the opportunity arises, but if it doesn't that will be fine too."

Then I sat back, and let my gaze move away from her. After a moment Amy's face came back to life and she stood up, still looking a tiny bit dazed. "I, uh, I guess I should get back to work, Mr. Maitland."

"Sure, Amy—but call me Dave please, okay?"

She smiled broadly and said, "okay—Dave!" Then she giggled and went out.

I grinned to myself and went back to work—I figured I had about twenty minutes or so to get something done. She was back in 23 minutes (I checked my watch), and her skirt looked even shorter by an inch or two. Had she rolled it up at the waist?

She locked the door and sat down in the chair opposite my desk, looking flushed and little nervous. "Mr. Maitland, I—"

"Dave, remember?" I said with a smile.

"Dave, I, uh ... I came back because—well I wondered, I wondered if I ..."

She stumbled over her words, then went on. "if I could ask you for, for a letter of recommendation?"

"Of course, Amy! I'd be delighted. But you're not leaving us just yet, are you?"

"No, I—no, not for eight more months. But I figured that now might be a good time to talk to you about it."

I smiled to myself. Not a bad pretext, as such things go.

"That's fine—why don't you tell me a little about yourself, so that I can write a more convincing letter when the time comes."

She stood up, twining some of her long straight black hair around a finger nervously. "Could we, uh, would it be all right if we sat on the couch? I think I'd feel more relaxed."

We moved over to the long plush couch that sat against the far wall of the office. I sat comfortably at one end, and Amy followed and sat quite close to me—almost enough to touch. I could see through her sweater that her nipples were erect.

Amy started to tell me about her background, her upbringing and her interests, all the while looking more and more flushed. She swung one tightly crossed leg over the other, and a couple of times even unconsciously stroked one of her breasts with her hand. When I made some humorous remark she laughed energetically, and used her laughter as an excuse to fall towards me, pressing her breasts against my arm.

I responded by turning more towards her, so that our knees touched—and the contact seemed to arouse her further. She blushed and said, "can I tell you something else about me, something I've, uh, never told anyone before?"

"Sure," I said, and she gazed and me and said, "sometimes I'm incredibly attracted to older men. I don't mean like really old, but y'know, maybe 10-15 years older than me—like you."

God, I loved it when they did all the work! I said, "and do you ever do anything about that attraction, Amy?"

She put her hand on my leg, rubbing it up and down my thigh, and said quietly, "sometimes I want to." Then she leaned forward and I let her kiss me.

It was delicious. The first kiss from a ripe, beautiful young woman of about 20—and knowing there was more to come.

After the first kiss she backed off for a moment, looking at me, then kissed me again. Her arms went around me and in moments we were lying back on the couch, her on top of me, necking frantically.

I wasn't in any hurry, but she was. She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off me, then sat up enough to yank her sweater over her head. Her bra and skirt and shoes followed, and then she was back on top of me, rubbing her gorgeous breasts against my bare chest and moaning like a cat.

I just had to touch that beautiful body, so I sat up and pulled her onto my lap. With her arms around me, stroking my hair, Amy kept kissing my mouth and face while I caressed her breasts. There are just no breasts like those of a 20-year old! Even those of my wife Diana, about as sexy a woman as there is on the planet, couldn't compete with Amy's.

Keeping one hand on her breasts I slid the other inside her black panties. Her pubic hair was trimmed short, and her pussy was soaking wet. She groaned when my fingers reached her clit and slipped between her wet lips, and I kept the groaning going by caressing her pussy and clit. In just a matter of moments, it seemed, she was coming, crying out in ecstasy and tightening her arms around me. I stroked her slowly as she relaxed, sagging against me.

Then she gave me another fantastic deep kiss and stood up. Smiling, she pulled my shoes off and got me out of my pants and boxers. "I want to suck you," she said, gazing at my hard cock bouncing in front of her face as she knelt down.

"Slowly," I said, and she was on me in another moment. It was fabulous, just unbelievable. She went very slowly, sliding down my dick a bit at a time, using lots of lips and lots of saliva, then easing her way back up to the tip. She alternated between the slow sliding in-and-out and just holding my tip in her mouth, circling it with her tongue. I simply couldn't believe that a 20-year old could give head this good.

I was in heaven, leaning back on the couch and letting her pleasure me as she watched my face. I figured we had time enough that afternoon for two rounds so I let her finish me, which she did after about fifteen minutes of extraordinary sucking. When I got close my hips started to jerk up at her, and she grabbed them to pull me in deep, so that the tip of my cock touched the back of her throat as I shot off into her. God, what a blow-job that was!

I lay back, drained, and she smilingly climbed back up next to me and snuggled in tight against me.

"Amy, that was fantastic," I said. "You are the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

"But I still haven't had you inside me—could we...."

"Absolutely—just give me a few minutes."

We lay quietly, with my hands making lazy circles around her back. And after a few minutes her hand found my cock and started to stroke it, while I pulled her higher up on me so I could suck her nipples, switching back and forth every little while.

Her breathing quickened—she said, "oh, Dave, I really want you. Now, please?"

When I nodded she was back down between my legs with her mouth around my cock. It was still pretty soft, but within a few minutes that marvelous technique had me ready to go again.

"Ride me," I said, and she climbed up on top of me. I watched as she aimed me with her hand, then slowly lowered herself onto my cock. She was very tight, and she sighed over and over as she raised and lowered herself a bit at a time until I was buried in her up to the root.

She bounced on me for a while as I played with breasts, and after she came once I moved us around so I could fuck her doggie-style for a few minutes. I had plenty of control, having come once already in her mouth, and we just went on and on, with her gasps and squeals giving me plenty of incentive.

Finally I was about ready to come again, so I pulled out of her and turned her around to face me.

"Come over here," I said, leading her to the desk. I lifted her up onto it, her pussy right at the edge and her legs spread wide, and slid smoothly back into her, as she went "oooh". Then I said, "grab me with your legs," and I lifted her up with my hands under her ass, pulling her tight against me, and moved over to the wall so that her back was against it.

With her shoulders against the wall I could pick her up by her ass and drop her back down on my dick, so it plunged as deep into her as I could get. It felt incredible, and Amy went crazy, bucking and screaming each time I dropped her onto me. Within a couple of minutes we were banging each other at top speed, and she cried out one final time as I bucked and jerked into her, my orgasm so strong it made me dizzy.

I had to be careful not to drop her as we slid to the floor, still locked together, and we lay there without moving for a couple of minutes as our breathing slowed.

Certainly the best fuck I've had in a while, I thought to myself. I might have to try this one again sometime.

"Ohh, Dave," she finally said, arching her back and stretching, "that was amazing! I don't know that I've ever ... had it like that."

She looked at me, and blushed. "I don't know what happened to me—I'm so embarrassed for coming on to you like I did!"

I smiled and gave her a gentle kiss. "It's all right, Amy—I loved it! You are beautiful, and very sexy."

"But—" she frowned, "but you're married, and..."

"Shh. It's okay. Just a little secret between the two of us. Here, let me help you get dressed."

She was still a bit shaky; I sat her on the couch and helped her with her clothes, enjoying one last time the feel of her smooth skin and tight body. She was really a gorgeous girl.

When she was all put together again I walked her to the door and gave her a gentle hug and a kiss. "Thanks, Amy—that was fantastic!"

She still looked a little unsure. "Please don't worry," I said. "It was a wonderful little moment together that we shared—certainly nothing to feel bad about."

She brightened, said, "okay, Dave—thanks!" and gave me one more long kiss before turning to leave.

I got myself a drink from the bar in the corner of my office and lay back down on the couch with my feet up for a few minutes to enjoy it. This is the life, I thought—and that's the way to take a nice little break in the middle of the day!


Okay, you're saying—what the hell is this all about? How does a guy get a beautiful woman to tear her clothes off and fuck him blind just by looking into her eyes?

The answer is, I don't know. Believe me, I've thought about it. But all I know is that I've got some kind of power, some kind of gift. And it works—not all the time, but far more often than not.

I discovered it by accident when I was 14. There wasn't any magic incident, any bump on the head or being struck by lightning, not even any aliens. One day I was sitting in the living room watching TV with my big sister Bonnie, who was 17 at the time, and I asked her to get some ice cream.

I didn't have any expectation that she'd do it. We squabbled and fought at least as much as most siblings do, and she considered me a little squirt who was mostly beneath her attention (though I knew she loved me, as I loved her). And I really just did it to annoy her, expecting her to answer, "get it yourself, pipsqueak!"

But when I looked right into her eyes and said, "Bonnie, I'd like you to get me a bowl of ice cream," she stood up and headed right for the kitchen, saying over her shoulder, "what flavor do you want, Dave?"

I just about fell off the couch. What had just happened here? I said, "chocolate, please," and then waited to see if she was just playing a joke on me. But sure enough, back came Bonnie with a bowl of chocolate ice cream and a spoon.

"There you go," she said, handing them to me, and she went back to watching the TV as though nothing whatsoever had happened.

Needless to say, I was pretty freaked! I replayed the whole thing in my mind over and over, but couldn't figure it out. I tried again: without looking at Bonnie I said, "and would you get me some cookies, too?"

"Dream on, baby brother," she replied sarcastically, without even turning her head away from the show.

All right, I thought, I guess I have to be looking right at her—maybe? After a few minutes I tried again.

I waited until a commercial, then said, "Bonnie?" When she turned to face me I looked right into her eyes and said, "would you call Domino's and order me a large pepperoni pizza?"

This time I was watching carefully. Her face seemed to relax, like she was sleeping or unconscious or something. Then after I finished speaking it returned to normal, and she immediately got up and headed for the phone.

Wow! This was unbelievable. Quickly I said, "hey Bonnie, wait—never mind, mom'll have dinner ready in a little while."

She stopped and said, "are you sure, Dave? I don't mind."

"No," I said, "it's fine. Thanks anyway."

I went up to my room and closed my door. I needed to think. What on earth was going on? Was today just a freak of nature, or was this a real power I had? And was it just with my sister, or would this work on other people too? And if people would get me ice cream or order me pizza, would they ... do other things too? Say, things that a 14-year old boy would really like girls to do?

It was obvious that I had some serious experimenting to do. Some careful, discreet experimenting. Because if this meant what I think it meant....

It was the beginning of a remarkable time in my life—one that I guess I'm still enjoying, to tell the truth.


That afternoon, after Amy left, I pretty much figured that would be that. Fucking a new woman can be very exciting, but often the second and third times are a lot less interesting. And since I can have first times with a new woman as often as I want, there's no need ever to go back to the well unless I feel like it.

But as it happened, I snacked on Amy again early the following week. It was a dreary morning, I was stuck working on financial reports that bored the hell out of me, and Diana had been out of town for ten days on a movie shoot—so I was horny too.

I called Amy in the intern's office and asked how she was doing. Her voice immediately dropped into a darker, sultry range, so I could tell she was both alone and interested.

"Do you think you could spend a little time, uh, helping me with something here in my office?" I asked.

"Sure, Dave," she breathed. "Should I come down now?"

"That would be great," I said, smiling to myself. "And Amy?"


I lowered my voice. "When you get here, come in and lock the door, but don't say anything. And ... don't be wearing any underwear."

She gasped, and then whispered, "okay!"


I met her at the door, and when she'd locked it I took her in my arms and began kissing her. She responded immediately, trading tongues with me and rubbing herself against me, no hesitancy whatsoever. She was wearing a light short-sleeved summer dress and I could feel that there was no bra underneath. I looked forward to checking for panties!

I led her over to the edge of my desk and gently bent her over it, saying, "remember now, don't say anything." She nodded her head, and I reached down and began sliding my hands up and down her legs, starting at the knee and gradually working my way up under her short dress.

She moaned as I continued, sliding my hands up and down, going a bit further each time until I reached her ass, which was bare, and the delicious crease where her inner thighs met her pussy. She helped me by spreading her legs a couple of feet apart, and I pulled the hem of her dress gently up and over her back, over her shoulders and off her body.

She was naked in front of me as I looked down on her gorgeous ass and back. I continued my stroking of her thighs and her ass, occasionally slipping across her pussy lips and away again, each time getting a little gasp or moan from her. She was already very excited.

I'd been planning on just bending her over the desk and riding her, but I changed my mind. Her body was so sexy, and her aroused smell was such a pleasure, that I decided to take my time. With one hand I got my own clothes off, while rubbing all around her ass with my other, and when I was naked I kneeled down behind her, my head right at the height of her cleft.

Still sliding my hands all over her thighs and hips and ass, I leaned in and breathed air onto her pussy, making her moan a little in her throat. Then I began to lick her—not her pussy at first, just around her thighs and the crack of her ass, before circling in on my main target.

Amy could hardly stand still, though I knew she was trying. But my tongue and lips were making her crazy, and her hips started to dance around under my hands. I slid a finger into her cunt and stirred her up some more, still licking at her pussy lips with my tongue. She started groaning, "ooh, ooh," in rhythm with my plunging finger, until I slid two other fingers up around her clit and her "oohs" shot up an octave.

She tasted delicious—sweeter and a little less musky than Diana—and I enjoyed getting her more and more worked up. I got into a rhythm with my lips on her pussy and my fingers around her clit, until her hips were moving with me and she was groaning louder, ready to come. I waited until she was really close, then slowed down, eliciting a disappointed moan from Amy's mouth.

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