tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMy Special Surprise

My Special Surprise


I met her in a bar before last call. My wife was sleeping and I had been browsing the porn on the net. I was horny and decided to go get a beer before last call. I wasn't looking to cheat but when I sat down she came and sat next to me. Her name was Stephanie; she wasn't great looking but still quite attractive. I had trouble taking my eyes off her wonderful breasts. I would say 36c but she was wearing a push up bra and a low cut shirt. Needless to say I was so hard it hurt.

She offered to buy the beer for me and it felt good to have someone pay attention to me so I let her. We chit chat for a while and then she said it. She asked if I wanted to go back to her place for a spectacular night I would never forget. I had never cheated on my wife before but she was persistent and as she rubbed the bulge in my pants I agreed.

As luck would have it she lived across the street from the bar so we walked. I couldn't help but watch her breasts as we walked, I almost walked in front of a car, but she grabbed me and pulled me into a tight embrace and kissed me hard. Her tongue was wonderful and I couldn't wait to feel it on my nipples and cock.

As soon as we got in her apartment she kissed me again and pulled off my shirt. She cooed when she saw one of my nipples was pierced. As she sucked my other nipple she tugged and twisted the nipple ring. The sensation was out of this world.

I pulled off her shirt and the two most beautifully tanned breasts came into view. I couldn't wait so I buried my face between her tits and licked, kissed, and sucked them like they were the last breasts on earth. She quickly pulled my up and started to unbutton my 501's. Luckily I was without underwear that night. I am not well endowed but she worshiped it like it was the most wonderful piece of meat in the world. Her tongue was as wonderful as I had thought. I couldn't hold back and filed her mouth with my cum. I thought she had swallowed but when she kissed me she filled my mouth with my own cum. I had never tasted cum before but it was very erotic and I swallowed it all. She said it was good that I liked the taste of cum. I thought that was weird but just shrugged it off. She then said we should go to the bedroom.

In the bedroom I noticed her four-poster bed was rigged with cuffs and pullies. She removed all my clothes and told me to lie down on the bed. It looked like fun so I said what the hell. First she cuffed my hands and then my feet. Then she pulled the ropes through the pullies and pulled both my hands and feet above my head. She then put a blindfold over my eyes. By now I was getting a little scared, but she made me forget my fear by stroking my dick as she sucked my balls. She slowly moved down to my asshole, her tongue was wonderful. I had never been reamed before but this felt extraordinary. I knew it wouldn't be long till I would cum again, I asked her to stop, as I wanted to taste her pussy. She didn't say anything but she did pull my legs further above my head.

The nest thing I knew I felt something wet and warm on my asshole. It was lube and at least she kept it warm. I felt a finger push against my asshole, with all the lube it slipped right in. Once again this was another first for me, and first I didn't like it then it began to fell better. She pulled out her finger and inserted something else. I thought it was a dildo until I felt her skin against my thighs. I figured she had but on a strap on dildo. She fucked my virgin ass slowly. It was electrifying; with each slow stroke I got closer and closer to orgasm. She started fondling my balls and that was it I started to cum and moan. My cum shot strait into my own mouth. It tasted wonderful and was so erotic I couldn't stop cumming. She started stroking faster and was soon pounding me with all her weight. Then as soon as it started she pulled out I felt her climb up the bed, she took off my blindfold and there it was, my beautiful lady had a cock. It was covered in a condom; she pulled it off and stuck her cock in my mouth. I had never had a cock in my mouth but I wanted to suck her like no body else ever had. I felt her dick grow and suddenly she was cumming in my mouth. Her cum tasted different than mine and it was the best thing I had ever tasted, I sucked her till she was limp.

She released my leg restraints and saw I was rock solid again. She said we would have to do something about that, using her mouth she put a condom on me and then coated my covered dick in lube. Then she startled me, as I entered her ass I felt a warmth and tightness I had never felt before. She rode me till I was about to come. She then climbed off me ripped off the condom and we sixty-nined until we both came in each other's mouths.

I only saw her once more and then she moved to California. I try to eat my own cum at least once a day. Sometimes just by cumming in my mouth and sometime sucking it out of my wife's pussy after we are done. I do miss my wonderful woman with a dick...

Maybe I will find another like her some day...

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