tagIncest/TabooMy Step-Daughter

My Step-Daughter


It was a hot summer's night in Melbourne the temp during the day had reached 40Deg C and at midnight it was still in the high twenties.

My 30 year old step-daughter was at work till 1.00am as she works shift work and I was in her half of the house (Two living areas in 4 bedroom house she had the back half with her son) babysitting her son (although he was asleep).

I was lying on top of the bed with nothing on as it was too hot to be beneath the sheets and I was having a lovely dream of making out with my step-daughter. I became aware that I had a steamer of a hard on and that I had heard the front door close. I turned over onto my back as my door was ajar so that I could hear the baby, and pretended to be asleep. I had my eyes slightly open and my hand on steel bar of a cock slowly rubbing up and down and making noises as if enjoying myself.

Now I should explain that my step-daughter is 5' 5" tall very thin and petit with a nice size 12 AA chest, size 12 but, and is very lovely and hot to look at. She often turns me on in the summer time by what she is wearing with her low cut tank tops and tight shorts that hug her ass and show of her curves. And when she bends over I get an instant hard on at the site of those lovely tits.

Any way I digress. Liz came to my door to see what was going on and just stood there for a while looking at me slowly pulling my pudd. I her left hand go down the inside of her shorts as she watched me and she started to finger herself. She then began to unbutton her shirt with her right hand and start to take it of exchanging hands so that her top could fall to the floor. Then with her right hand now doing the job of her left she undid her shorts and dropped both them and her panties to the floor and stepped out of them.

I could see that she was really turned on now and her pussy was starting to glisten in the dim light being given of from her bedroom across from the one I was in. So I deliberately let her name slip from my lips as she started to finger herself a little faster. She almost hit the roof when I did this, and she decided to move into the room and closer to me. By now I was not far of blowing my wad so I stopped and squeezed the base of my cock until the feeling went away. I pretended to state that she was doing a great job sucking on my cock and that she should either quicken up the pace and take it all the way in her mouth or climb up on the bed and impale herself on it.

She must have decided to do the latter as she climbed on the bed and hovered over my dick before lowering herself down and top of it. I could feel the heat from her snatch as she started to lower herself down and I could see that she was dripping with her precum as she removed her hand from her snatch.

She then took hold of my cock and guided herself down ever so slowly and the feel of her cunt as her lips parted was surprisingly tight, hot and well lubed. I gave a moan of pleasure and she dropped onto my hips till I was fully inside of her. Then I pretended to wake up as she did this as if to say that she had woke me up and I grabbed her by the hips and started to thrust. I told her not to stop and she tried to speak but I pulled her face down on to mine and gave her a very passionate kiss to stop her then as I pulled away I told her that I had been wishing for this since she turned 18 and had often masturbated and dreaming of us fucking each other stupid. I said that I could feel that she was about to reach her climax ass was I and she had a choice either to get of me or let it take its course.

It was too late she started to gyrate and move up and down on my cock very hard and fast now and as her muscles tightened around my shaft I felt my balls tighten and my shaft seemed to swell to twice its size and bang. As she came I exploded my full load into her and let both barrels go. I pulled her head down again and we kissed very passionately for what seemed like a life time as our orgasms came down and we reach earth again.

As I shot my final wad into her she laid full prone up and down my body she lay there with my cock still inside her and our mingled cum was starting to ooze out and run down my softening shaft and onto my crotch.

Then she surprised me by starting to kiss her way down my body stopping to suck and nibble each tit and blow on them then stretch them with her teeth gently and let them one at a time plop back into place. She then moved on down to my belly button and began to tongue fuck my belly button hole as if it were a cunt before continuing her journey.

My cock was starting to get hard again as Liz reach my pubic hair, she took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around the bobbies helmet then ran her tongue down the underside of my growing shaft. Liz then took on ball and then the other in her mouth and gave them a good hard suck inwards as if trying to swallow them so much so that it hurt just a little.

Liz very slowly but surely started to make her way up my cock again and then took it into her mouth. She slowly slid it in almost all the way before she started to gag as she tried to take it down her throat. I told her to relax and to take it slow to get used to it and she took my instruction. She was enjoying the two left over juices of our fucking session and making slurping noises as if to say that she was enjoying it as well.

I most certainly was and gave the indication that I was by starting to moan encouragement. I then instructed her to move around so that I could get my head between her legs and have a fair burger and suck and tongue fuck her at the same time. She did this and the smell of our previous episode was so intoxicating that I was in heaven and my cock was once more fully hard and like steel. It had been a long time since I was this hard so soon after sex. But she was going at me like a pro and my tongue started to give her clit a workout that had her squirming on my face as she gave me the greatest blow job since my wedding night with her mother.

Shit her mother! I had forgotten about her she was asleep at the other end of the house and had a habit of getting up to go to the loo two or three times a night. At this thought I was suddenly aroused by the possibility that we could be caught at any time of we made any louder noise. Just as I was about to warn Liz of this fact I blow my wad into her wanting throat and she let loose all over my face.

When we finally had finished and our orgasms had subsided Liz got of me and said that that was not going to be the last time.

And it hasn't been.

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