tagIncest/TabooMy Step-Mom Ch. 01

My Step-Mom Ch. 01


I was 16 when my dad remarried, Leslie seemed to be a real nice lady, but I found out later just how nice she was. Her first husband had been killed in a bar room brawl, he has been very abusive to her. So the difference between him and my dad was like black and white. Dad is really passive and Leslie soon learned how to manipulate him to get her ways. She kept me in line also. I started to wonder what had happened to the sweet lady I thought she was.

She was really built, and when I was 18 or so, she was the fantasy girl of many of my masturbation episodes. We had been water skiing one summer day, and I was in the back of the boat as she was facing the rear and saw her pussy hairs forcing their way out of her suit bottom. My dick instantly got hard, poking up in my swimsuit, I squirmed around trying not to let her see it. But sure enough her eyes went to my hard dick, Damn, I was so Embarrassed, one for having a hard on in front of her and two because it was only about 5 inches long and not a fat one. She just stared at me and looked away, saving me from dieing from my embarrassment on the spot.

A few of years later I was in bed thinking about her hairy bush and started jacking off to the memory. When she came in to make sure I was in bed and not watching TV or something. ARRGGGHHHHH, there I was my hard dick in my hand beating off and she catches me. What could be worse than that to an 18 year old boy? Leslie just cleared her throat and asked if I was comfortable. All I could do was answer her with a deeply embarrassed “Yes Maam!” Wishing I was dead, but not losing my hard on as she left, I finished what I had started, thinking of the look she had when she saw my dick in my hand.

The next morning at breakfast I couldn’t look at her, dad never noticed as he read his morning paper then rushed off to work. I helped clean up the table and Leslie made small talk as I mumbled a response now and then. She knew how I felt about being caught with my pants down so to speak, and did nothing to make the situation more bearable for me. I went into the living room to watch a movie and a few minutes later she joined me with her cup of coffee, sitting next to me on the couch. Damn, I was thinking it wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t so pretty and her light gown so thin you could defiantly make out what she had beneath it. Two medium sized fine, firm tits with dark pointed nipples. I could feel my dick stirring as I looked at her.

“I know your embarrassed about what I saw last night, and you should be! I haven’t decided when I will tell your father about you exposing your penis to me. I ever would have thought that you were THAT nasty, but I guess I was mistaken.”

Wait a minute I thought, I didn’t expose myself to her, Leslie, had walked in on me. But knowing my dad would listen to her and not me I kept my mouth shut.

She continued, “ I haven’t decided what your punishment shall be, so you stick around the house today, your grounded!”

She got up and went to her room to clean up and I sat there thinking about what she had said. A little bit later she called me into her room telling me to come see what Tinker Bell our cat was doing, that it was so cute. I went in and didn’t knock since I had been called, and she was bent over with no shirt on, her tits hanging aimed at the floor. My mouth fell open and my eyes bugged out as I mumbled an

“Excuse me!!!!!”

Turning to leave, she screamed at me

“You little fucking pervert, How Dare you enter my room when I’m dressing.”

I explained to her she had called me in there, but she wouldn’t listen, the bitch had set me up and we both knew it but I was at fault regardless.

I tried to leave again and she stopped me, her tits still out in the open and her hands on her hips looking pissed. Her chest was heaving only increasing her breasts moving and my eyes staring at her nipples.

“So, you like to peep at nude women do you? You sick little shit! Look at your dick, it’s hard isn’t it, I can see it.”

Great I thought I hadn’t thought about my dick, only her tits and sure enough my dick was sticking up in my shorts! Her verbal assault continued as she berated me further,

“I bet you want to jack off again don’t you, You want to jack off looking at my tits don’t you?” By this time I was near tears knowing I was in more trouble than any other time in my short and soon to be expired lifetime.

Nothing I could say would make her let up so I shook my head


D’oh Wrong answer!!!

“So” she screamed at me “You don’t think I’m worth jacking off to even when you are staring at me?”

Then she slapped my upside the face! Stars spun around my head as I began to cry.

“You fucking little pussy! Take your punishment like a fucking man! You act like a little girl bawling like that. Shut the fuck up!”

I think she had gone crazy or something.

“Take your pants off little girl!” She told me.

I could only do as she told me or get more abuse so I removed my pants and underwear, my little dick standing out throbbing as my blood rushed though it.

“Now jack it off for me, I want to watch you jack it off you little pervert!”

With fire in her blue eyes as she glared at me, I put my hand on it and started jacking off, sobbing as I did. She began to pinch her nipples, her eyes on my hand as it moved on my dick. My eyes were looking at the ground, ashamed to look at her.

“Look at me when you jack off you sick fuck!” she told me, “Look at these tits that I know you want!”

As I watched her hands on her tits, I started to cum.

“Don’t you cum yet you shit, I didn’t tell you to cum yet!”

She jerked my hand away from my dick as it was spasming and clenched her hand tight on my balls to stop my orgasm. “

For that you need a spanking, lay down on the bed face down.”

I laid down keeping my dick far enough away from the edge of the bed so it wouldn’t poke it. She got her wide hairbrush and began to whip me. I had never been spanked by her before this. And this bitch could hit! I screamed out in pain as she whipped my ass

“Shut the fuck up you little pervert!”

She whipped me about 20 swats, then, as I turned and looked at her, my ass burning for the abuse. She brushed the hair from her eyes. Fuck, that was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, her sweat beading up on her forehead, her tits swaying on her chest, even if I was still hurting.

She turned around and took off her pants and panties. “Get on your hands and knees facing me!”

As she sat on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs wide open. I couldn’t believe just how hairy her pussy was. I knew it stuck out from the edges of her swimsuit bottom but this was fucking unreal. Her bush was so thick that you couldn’t see the slick gash that it hid. She was on the bed and put her knees up, spread her legs open. I noticed that her hair was wet in the middle and when she spread her legs I could now see the gash slit. It had wetness, like dewdrops on it, and the lips of it were dark and thick. I saw her clit poking its head out.

“Now you little bastard, Kiss my pussy.”

Then she grabbed me by the hair and forced my face in her crotch!

“Lick it use your tongue like your father! Eat my cunt!”

I kissed it like I would kiss my Aunt, not knowing anything about oral sex. She hit me on the top of my head.

“Use your fucking tongue you fucking idiot! Stick your tongue inside my cunt you stupid ass wipe!”

I did as I was instructed and she began to moan and she got wetter. She held my face deep in her cunt as she called it, forcing me to where she wanted me to lick it.

“Now, lick my fucking clit, Lick it good!”

I would have if I had known what it was. “SMACK” upside the head again, she pointed it out to me.

“There, my god, don’t you know anything? Am I going to have to teach you every fucking thing?”

I licked her clit then on my own I put my lips around it and sucked it. Her hips shook and she gasped deeply.

“Oh Fuck, Yes do that, suck it! Oh Yes!”

She cried out as she began to Cum. She had my head in a death grip, as my face was deep in her crotch. Her pubic hairs were tickling my nose and lips. She shoved me away after her orgasm subsided, so I stayed at her feet looking down at the floor. Ashamed, because I had not been able to do anything but what she had told me to do. My cock was still hard as it had ever been, and pulsed with its need for release.

“So, did you enjoy my cunt? Did you like sucking my pussy juice?”

I shook my head Yes, since I had the wrong answer last time. And in reality, I had liked they was it tasted.

“Now for something else I need done!”

And she got on her hands and knees looking back over her shoulder and told me.

“Now, Lick my asshole, I want you to tongue fuck my asshole like the asswipe you are you sick bastard!”

I was afraid not too, not wanting her to hit me anymore. So I stuck my face to her ass cheeks and tried to lick it for her.

“Spread my cheeks out you stupid shit, use your fucking hands and spread them open!”

I did and saw her hairy puckered asshole looking at me. I closed my eyes and dug in (so to speak) I licked around the rim a few minutes as she got real excited and shoved her ass towards me. I stuck my tongue in her hole tasting the coppery taste of her asshole as I stuck it in as far as I could and wiggled it around.

I made a move on my own and stuck my finger in her dripping pussy. It sucked my finger in like a vacuum. Her hips were bucking against my face, getting the whole of my tongue in her asshole. She cried out to me,

“I’m Cumming you sick fuck, eat my shithole you ass licker, make me fucking Cuuuummmmmmm!!!!!!!”

She was shaking all over as she had a massive orgasm on my shit licking tongue. When it was over, she fell on her face and chest, gasping for air, her sweat all over her back and ass.

As she regained her composure she turned over, me afraid to move, and told me,

“That was good, perhaps I can train you to be of good service to me after all!”

Looking at my dick she saw the pre-cum on its end and wiped it off with her fingertip. Then licked it off.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned “I like that!”

It really looked sexy as her full lips surrounded her fingertip and sucked it in deeply.

“So, do you feel you should be able to Cum? Do you think I should let you Cum for being a good little ass wiper?”

“Yes Maam, Please may I do that?” I begged.

“No, I don’t think you have learned enough to warrant you getting to Cum yet, you have more to learn before you may please yourself!” She said sternly!

“Now, get between my legs!”

I stood up to obey her.

“On your fucking knees you little fuck, who do you think you are?” She screamed at me harshly. “Crawl over here like the shit eating dog you are!”

I crawled over to her on my knees and she grabbed my dick roughly pulling it to her open legs.

“Now, fuck me, and you had better make me cum you worthless shit or you will most defiantly be sorry!”

I was afraid because I didn’t know what to do that would take for her to Cum, and stuck my dick in her sloppy wet pussy. I almost started cumming as I felt her heat and she was so fucking tight! She grabbed my balls again, squeezing them until I almost screamed from the pain.

“Don’t you fucking cum yet you sorry fuck!” she screamed at me.

Well, after the pain in my nuts left, I began to fuck her, and we got a rhythm going. Her moans of pleasure were driving me to the brink of orgasm, but I forced myself not too cum. Her finger went to her thick clit rubbing it wildly as her hips bucked on my pubic area. My dick came out and she slapped me on the face screaming at me.

“Put it back in and fuck me!”

My tears welled up in my eyes and I got mad, I began to fuck her hard as I could, pounding her pussy with all my being. She started raking my back with her sharp fingernails, drawing blood as her legs wrapped around my waist fucking me back. She came hard and fast, screaming,

“Fuck me baby, Fuck momma’s cunt, make her cum like a good boy!”

That was all I could take and I let her know I was cumming and couldn’t stop it.

She shoved me off her, throwing me to the floor as she kept fingering her clit sticking her other hand on her pussy rubbing it.

“Now. Jack off for me NOW!”

As she was cumming. I jacked off soon cumming as she told me to catch it in my hand and not to get any on her floor. I cupped my hand under my dick head, as I came a huge thick load of my spunk, my palm was covered with my sperm as I shot glob after glob of it in my hand. I fell back on sitting on my heels as I came like never before or so much! I never knew it could be that extreme of a feeling.

“There, do you feel better now you nasty little bastard?”

I shook my head Yes. She then smirked and told me,

“Now, Eat it, Eat your hot thick cum like a good little bitch!”

I could only stare at her then at it, I didn’t want to do that at all. She slapped me again harder than she had before.

“I Said, Fucking EAT IT, NOW!” I put my hand to my mouth and began licking it up, almost gagging as I did, until my hand was clean. She had a wicked smile on her usually pretty face, but now it was almost evil looking as she told me that from now on, I would service her whenever she felt the need. And if my dad ever found out that she would cut off my dick.

I fucking believed her!

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for, You the Reader, and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! ;-) Thanks, mustanger7up

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