My Step-Sisters are Nudists?!


After we had been reading for a while, Baoqing turned to me and asked, "It is rather warm. Would you like to go for a swim?"

I was in the middle of the chapter. "Not right now. Can you wait a few minutes?" I asked.

"Of course," she replied. "I shall find another way to keep cool." I kept reading, watching Baoqing out of the corner of my eye as she reached into the cooler that held our lunches and took out a single ice cube. She began to draw it across her body, gasping at its touch, tilting her head back in pleasure. She ran it down her neck, around to her chest. The ice cube started to melt against her, tiny rivulets flowing down her breasts and stomach, flowing down all her little curves and nooks. She rubbed the ice around her nipples as I watched, transfixed. Her nipples slowly hardened and jutted out proudly, grabbing my full attention. She traced a line down her stomach, towards her awaiting pussy, when the ice ran out, melted entirely. She reached towards the cooler again.

"Alright, let's go swimming!" I said flustered. I put down my book and stood up. Baoqing delicately removed her black choker and set it inside her book, using it as a bookmark. Her exposed neck looked so vulnerable without it. I licked my lips at the thought of nibbling her neck later, kissing it, sucking it, licking it...

I followed her into the water. It was icy cold at first, and I gasped in shock when a large wave hit my crotch with that same freezing coldness, but after wading in and acclimating, it was refreshingly cool. It felt incredible to swim without a suit. I wish I had tried it long ago. Baoqing and I swam about, splashed each other, and horsed around in the water. She even giggled a bit. We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming until we got tired, then reading until we got hot before returning to the water. It was a fantastic way to spend the day.

By dinnertime, we were ready to head in. We went to go find Eva so we could head home. We found her with two other girls and introduced ourselves.

The first one was named Irina. She had long, straight, platinum-blonde hair and light skin. Red glasses covered a pair of icy blue eyes. She was slightly taller than I was, skinny, and lithe. She had the body of a ballerina. Her thighs were strong, her butt flat and firm, her breasts small and pert, almost immature. They were milky white, slightly pointed at the tips, and had pinkish-brown nipples. Her pussy was decorated with a small tuft of blonde hair.

The second girl called herself Tooly, short for Batoul. She was wearing a crimson and black hijab that covered her hair and shoulders, but the rest of her was completely nude. She was a bit plumper, with full, round, rosy breasts and wide, rounded hips. Her round face had pink cheeks, and her dimples showed whenever she smiled. She was slightly tanned, with rose colored lips, light brown eyes that held a touch of green, and a cute little button-nose. Whereas Irina shook my hand, Tooly gave me a long, tight hug. The pressure of her chest against my own felt wonderful; all softness and smoothness and just the right bit of pressure. I couldn't to restrain my thoughts and I got hard against her. I felt myself growing against her inner thigh, throbbing against her soft flesh, my cock working its way across her flesh like a python. Oh god, what would she think?

We pulled back, but she was smiling broadly. She looked over my shoulder at Baoqing and said, "You're a lucky girl, Baoqing. Your boyfriend has a nice package. And responsive, too." She put her hands firmly on my shoulders and apologized jokingly, "I'm flattered, Matt, but I couldn't take you away from Baoqing." She glanced down at my dick and bit her lip thoughtfully. "Make that very flattered..."

Baoqing spoke up. "He is not my boyfriend, Batoul. You can enjoy hugging him as much as you like."

Batoul smiled. "Maybe I will."

"If you don't mind answering, Tooly," I asked, "why do you wear a hijab when you're not hiding anything else?"

She reached up and felt the fabric. "Well, I feel like it connects me with my heritage. For centuries, Muslim women have worn it in an unbroken line down to me. I may not agree with everything about my heritage, but it's a part of me, and I'm a part of it." I smiled. She seemed like a smart girl. She looked at my olive skin, well-groomed beard and moustache, and circumcised cock. "Are you Muslim, too?" she asked.

"No," I told her. "Atheist."

She pouted as she looked me up and down lovingly. "That's a shame..."

The five of us went to the dining hall for a quick dinner and we chatted until dark. Tooly suggested a game of Truth or Dare on the beach, and with Eva's and Irina's encouragement, Baoqing and I agreed as well. We found a small rock pit, gathered some driftwood and twigs, and lit a fire with Baoqing's lighter.

The game started off slowly. Who was your first crush? Do an impression of someone in the group. When was your first kiss? Sing "We Are the Champions."

But with each round, it got steamier and steamier. Do you prefer circumcised guys? (For the record, Baoqing did, answering Tooly's question while looking directly at me.) When did you lose your virginity? Do you spit or swallow? Do you take charge in the bedroom? Can you suck your own dick? Eva was dared to kiss Irina for a full minute. Irina was dared to spank Baoqing.

I dared Tooly to take off her hijab, revealing a beautiful head of curly auburn hair. It reached down to her chest, calling even more attention to her round, heavy breasts. Even though she had been nude ever since I met her, her newly exposed hair was by far the most attractive part of her. Just being hidden had made it forbidden, desirable, sexy. With her flowing hair, full breasts, and luscious curves, she looked like a goddess.

Tooly was dared to kiss me. She did so with gusto, grinding her bare pussy against my rapidly stiffening cock, pressing her ample bosom tightly against my chest, her hardening nipples drilling against my bare skin, while she kissed me hard and messily and sucked on my lower lip, only to end it all too soon. She pulled back and giggled at seeing me get hard again so easily. I think she felt flattered that she could get me up so quickly. Every time my cock threatened to go limp, she would lean in and press her full, heavy breasts against my arm, or stroke my thigh, or nibble my earlobe. She kept me erect all night long with her constant teasing. The other girls whispered and giggled and teased me about it more, which only made it worse.

Tooly dared Baoqing to kiss me. She looked briefly startled, but quickly recovered. She stubbed out her cigarette in the sand and leaned in towards me, slowly, her eyes closed. I closed my eyes too, and surrendered.

Her touch was electric. I could feel her erect nipples grazing eagerly against my chest. She tasted slightly of smoke, but I didn't care. The kiss lasted and lasted. My arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer to me. I felt her heart beating against my chest. But far too soon, she ended it, pulling away with embarrassment. I was left panting. Her own cheeks were slightly flushed, but she betrayed no other emotion. My own heart was staccato, though, beating a hundred miles per hour.

Irina dared Eva to jerk me off for three minutes. Baoqing glared at Eva, but the look went unnoticed by everyone but me. Eva smiled and gently pushed me onto the sand. She rested her huge breasts on my thighs, their weight a constant temptation, her face inches from my dick. She spit into her palm and starting to stroke my cock up and down. She licked the very tip, teasingly, while looking into my eyes. My cock spasmed in her grip, threatening to cum then and there. She twisted her hand around my swollen head. She spit into her second hand, and used both of them on me, stroking my shaft up, from base to tip, alternating her hands. The feeling was incredible. The other girls all watched with rapt interest. Irina's hand had found its way between her thighs. Tooly just smiled, watching my face as it contorted in pleasure, watching my cock as Eva hungrily stroked it.

But my attention was focused on Baoqing. She was watching, but with a look of envy. Her cheeks were red and her forehead glistened with dewdrops of sweat. She was flexing her own hand, imagining herself in Eva's place. I bit my lip. I felt bad about enjoying myself in Eva's grip. I liked Baoqing. She was a nice girl, but how did she feel about me? Was she just horny? Did she like me back?

I felt my orgasm coming. A drop of precum left my cock and trailed down my thick, long, hard shaft. My toes curled. My whole body was filled with can't-take-it-anymore tension. I could only imagine how my face looked to the girls. The pleasure grew and grew... "Time's up," Irina announced. Eva looked at her and took her hands off me. I could only watch in impotent rage as she walked back to her spot, my balls aching from this torture. My cock was begging for release. I felt like the slightest touch would make me cum... I gritted my teeth in frustration. Eva was such a cock tease... I was a bit ashamed, a bit embarrassed, that I had nearly cum in front of an audience, but the thought was sexy nevertheless. I liked being the center of all those girls' attentions, I liked their eyes on me, on my cock, waiting for me to cum for them.

I looked around sheepishly at the girls. Eva was smirking proudly at me, clearly jubilant that she had managed to get me so aroused. Irina's face and chest were flushed, the lips of her pussy were slightly swollen, and her fingertips were shiny, slick, and moist. I wondered whether she had managed to orgasm, or whether we had both been cheated of a good climax. Batoul was smiling eagerly. Her gaze rested hungrily on my cock. I was certain she wanted me then and there. Baoqing was pouting a bit, but her cheeks were deep red. Was she wishing that she had been the one to stroke my cock? Did she want to finish me off?

I was left wondering. The game ended soon after. It was nearly 2 am. Irina and Batoul walked back to their houses at the other end of the resort. Baoqing, Eva, and I walked back to our house together. It was late and we were all tired. I staggered into my room and collapsed onto the bed. I slipped under the covers and closed my eyes when I heard a slight buzzing noise. Was someone using an electric toothbrush? Then I heard a soft moan. Then another. They were coming from behind my bed. Baoqing? And she

She knew how thin the walls were. Was she doing this on purpose? Did she want me to hear? Or did she just not care? Was she so horny that she just needed it, no matter the consequences? I lay completely still, desperate to hear every moan and sigh that escaped her lips. I pictured her lying in bed, a vibrator buried between her thighs, buzzing happily away, her hand squeezing and rubbing her small, firm breasts, her nipples pebble-hard, her cheeks flushed... What was she fantasizing about?

"Matthew..." came the quiet yet passionate reply, almost inaudible through the wall. My eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped. I was speechless. She continued to moan softly, clearly trying to stifle herself, but unable. My hand slipped down underneath the sheets. I gripped myself firmly and began to stroke myself to the beat of her moans. I listened to her as she grew louder, and louder. Her moans came more frequently. My hand moved faster and faster. The pleasure grew. She screamed, wordlessly. I grunted and felt a sticky warmth cover my hand. I sat there in the silence, panting. After a few minutes, Baoqing was still silent. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and went to bed.

I was showering. Baoqing walked in, wearing her black choker. Thick steam obscured the sight of her, revealing her only by parts: an arm here, a leg there. Her breasts appeared and disappeared and her face was barely visible through the mist. She walked into the stall with me, letting the hot water flow down her body. She grabbed my shoulders roughly and pushed me hard against the wall, pressing her body against mine, kissing me passionately, her tongue darting between my lips. My cock rose, pressing itself against her wet pussy excitedly, urgently, eagerly. She reached down to grab it, looking into my eyes. She began to stroke it eagerly. With her other hand she teased my chest, caressing my nipples, swirling her fingertip in circles, just barely grazing my skin with her nails.

She reached down, grabbed my cock dominantly, and thrust it into her. She took her lips off of mine and bit my shoulder. She reached her hands behind me and clawed my back, moaning in ecstasy as she pleasured herself on my cock. I grabbed her ass and propped her against the wall, my hands squeezing her tightly. I thrust myself in an out of her. Her head tilted back as she screamed my name. I needed to cum. I fucked her harder, faster, until...

I woke up, the sun shining in my eyes. A wet spot was already spreading across the sheets. The clock flashed 11:13 am. Well at least Eva wasn't here today... Some start to a birthday, huh? I could hear the quiet hiss of the shower. I would have to wait to wash up. I wiped myself off with the sheets and headed downstairs.

Baoqing and Yunwen were eating pancakes. "Where's Dad?" I asked.

"He had to go to the store for something," Yunwen answered. "Have some pancakes, Matt."

"Thanks," I said, grabbed some strawberry pancakes, and sat down to eat breakfast. After a short while, Eva came down, wearing a light pink towel wrapped underneath her chest and dripping wet. Water droplets clung to her face and chest. Her breasts were bare and pushed up slightly by the towel. Despite my recent orgasm, I could feel myself reacting to the sight. I pushed my empty plate away from me and said, "I'm going to go take a shower."

"Do you need any help?" asked Eva innocently. Yunwen gave her a stern look, but Eva only smiled.

"No. I think I can take care of it myself," I said.

"Are you certain?" asked Baoqing. "I heard you showering yesterday. It sounded like you were having trouble with something. You were quite loud." Her mother and sister giggled while I blushed scarlet.

"In that case, maybe you should help me," I told her.

She stood up and strolled confidently up to me, laying a hand over my heart. "Gladly," she whispered huskily.

"You're teasing me again, aren't you?"

"A little."

I sighed. "I'm going to go shower now. I'll be back down soon."

While showering I wondered what it was about the girls here that turned all of them into such damn little cockteases... I don't think I had ever been as sorely tempted as this weekend. And despite it all, my orgasms had been by own hand. I slammed the shower wall with my fist and hissed through gritted teeth. I was ready to just throw one of the girls down and ravish her on the kitchen floor. That probably wouldn't go over too well with Yunwen, though... I sighed. Oh well, nothing to do but wait it out. How much worse could they get? I finished my shower and headed downstairs.

"Happy Birthday, Mattie," said Eva. She did a twirl. "Do you like it?" she asked. "I did it just for you." I stood stunned. She had gotten someone to tie her up in bright red ribbon trimmed with black. It looked stunning against her black and red hair and her lightly tanned skin. The ribbon went around her hips and down her ass like a thong, before coming back up, just barely covering her pussy with a stripe of scarlet. From there, two thin ribbons came up, met behind her neck, and then were tied together in the front: a large, bright red bow sitting comfortably in front of her neck. The ribbons just barely held in her breasts. When she had twirled, they had threatened to pop loose. The narrow streaks of fabric covered her delicate nipples, but two soft bumps showed through, two scarlet peaks of pleasure. Her breasts swelled against the delicate, fragile ribbon, threatening to burst out at any moment. "Do you want to unwrap your birthday present?" she asked with a tone of faux-innocence.

I nodded and reached out a trembling hand towards the bow at her neck to undo it. She put her hands behind her head, lifting up her magnificent breasts even further. Inch by inch my hand approached its prize.

Baoqing grabbed my wrist. "Matthew, will you go for a walk with me?" she asked. She looked down at my rock hard cock, throbbing helplessly, cheated yet again of its prize. "It seems you should have taken a colder shower." Her gaze returned to my face. "I need someone to go with me. It should be fun."

"Bao! I was going to give Mattie a present," Eva whined. "Don't steal him away."

My heart and cock both twinged. Abandon Eva or abandon Baoqing? My eyes flitted from girl to girl. Eva was the bigger cocktease. Baoqing was less frustrating. Eva was flirtier, Baoqing smarter. "Sure, I'd love to go with you," I told Baoqing.

"Put on some shoes," she told me. "We are going to walk through the woods."

"We, uh, won't run into any people from outside the resort, right?" I asked. I had gotten comfortable here, but I still didn't relish the thought of explaining my nudity to an outsider.

"I doubt it, but we shall see," she replied. Her eyes lowered. "Do you wish to...take care of that before we leave? Or will you be alright?"

I blushed slightly. "I'll be fine," I lied. "Don't worry about it."

"I think he wants your help," Eva chimed in.

"Probably," responded Baoqing. She stepped in close, pressing her body against me, her small, pert breasts against my chest, her soft pussy against my hardness. "Would you like my help, Matthew?"

"You enjoy teasing me, don't you, Baoqing?"

"A little. Now get your shoes on so we can depart."

Once we left the coastal area, we were almost alone. Only once did we encounter other people: two girls heading back from the woods. The walk was pleasant, though. The trees blocked the worst of the sun and the heat. There was a healthy, salty breeze blowing off the ocean. And the view from a few feet behind Baoqing wasn't bad either. Her hips swayed back and forth like a metronome as she walked, her cheeks gently swishing against each other. More than once I tripped and nearly stumbled because I was paying more attention to the back of Baoqing than what was in front of me.

After walking for a while, we came across a clearing, centered on a steaming pool. "Is this a hot spring?" I asked.

"Apparently," she responded. "Do you think that it is safe?"

I walked up to it and held my palm just above its surface. It felt safe. I rapidly tested the water with my finger. It was a bit hotter than a bath, probably a little above one hundred degrees. I turned back to Baoqing and told her that I felt fine. "Do you want to take a dip?"

"Yes," she replied, taking off her shoes. I followed suit, and we waded into the water. She sighed deeply as she lowered her body in. "This feels orgasmic," she commented.

Did she have to use that word? Still, I had to agree. The hot water felt heavenly. The hilly hike had been tiring me out, but this made it all worth it. "Why do you think this place is deserted? It's too nice to leave alone, ya?"

"I do not know. I had not heard of it before. Perhaps we discovered it, or maybe it is usually too hot to use," she ventured. "No matter the reason, I enjoy having it to ourselves."

Ourselves? Interesting... Did she think of us as an "us?" I subtly sidled closer to her, draping one of my hands lightly across her thigh. She didn't move it away, but she didn't encourage any further advancement, either. I wished I could read her thoughts. The water came up to her neck, unfortunately hiding her delicious chest. Her hair floated on the surface of water. The heat had turned her face a slight pink and heads of sweat glistened on her forehead like the morning dew. She looked beautiful.

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