tagIncest/TabooMy Step Sisters Ch. 02

My Step Sisters Ch. 02


Hope you read the first chapter where I had a very hot encounter with my step sister Kelly. After a hot night of sex which was a first for me, I woke up to find the house deserted. I had my shower. My cock ached after the attention it received the night before. Thinking about Kelly and what she did to me, I got hard instantly. Although I wanted to wank off, I was too satisfied for it. I longed to feel Kelly's breasts and lick her pussy again. Knowing there was no one in the house I walked into my room stark naked with a hard on that stood out like a sore thumb. The only difference was that it was way bigger than a sore thumb!

I failed to notice that I had a visitor and I screamed when I heard a soft cough. I tried my best to cover my hard member only to see that it was my other step sister Anna. She studied me with curiosity while I struggled to bring my hardened member to some level of modesty. With no garment in sight, I stood there in front of my smiling step sister grinning like an idiot. She calmly got off the bed and walked towards my closet and opened it. She was wearing a tight pair of shorts and a strap t-shirt. Her t-shirt accentuated her lovely high breasts that seemed to strain against the material. I faintly detected the outlines of her nipples. Her flat tummy sent my pulse racing again.

I could see the outlines of her panties as she bent to get me a pair of shorts. Her shorts hugged her like a second skin leaving nothing to my imagination. After a bit of provocative wriggling of her bottom, she turned back and threw the shorts at me and I thought of nothing except catching the garment in mid-air. Her smirk suddenly reminded me that my cock was exposed yet again. She stood there with an amused smile on her face and I could have sworn she was checking me out.

Then without a word she strode out of the room leaving me perplexed. I took my own time to go downstairs for my breakfast. I found Anna seated at the breakfast table reading a paper. She was leaning over the paper exposing her lovely cleavage. I wondered how lovely a woman looked when she delicately exposed her self rather than being fully nude. She looked up at me and smiled cheekily. I must have looked like a lobster that had been dipped in hot water. She watched me sit down, with a half smile on her face.

"What are you looking at?"

"I am looking at the hottest stripper in this house!"

"Well, you could have knocked before coming into my room!"

"I didn't know that you were jerking off in the shower," she laughed.

"For your information, I wasn't jerking off in the shower!"

"Oh really? Do you always walk of the shower with a hard on?"


"So what happened today? Were you thinking of me?"


"I am disappointed. Who were you thinking of? Kelly?"

My face went red again and I looked down.

"You don't have to lie to me, little brother. I know that you like her body," she said, her mouth curving downwards in a lovely pout.

"That's not true. You both have your umm good points," I countered getting up and going across to her.

I bent over her and hugged her, suddenly noticing her deep cleavage which didn't do my cock any good. In my haste I forgot the fact that I was wearing a pair of boxers under my shorts. I could not ignore her lovely cleavage which rubbed against my chest. She got up and hugged me back crushing her body against me. I caressed her back hugging her to me, trying to pull back my hips so that she would not notice my hardness. Her body was deliciously warm and emanated a heat that made my blood boil.

Every time I pulled back, she pushed against my hard crotch. I could feel it rubbing against her soft tummy.

"Mmmm little brother, your erection seems like a permanent fixture."

"Sorry Anna, I can't help it," I moaned into her neck wanting to kiss it hard. But I didn't want to take the initiative. Her skin smelled lovely and I realized that she had had a shower in the morning.

She reached between us and her hand slid easily into my shorts seeking my hard-on. Her hand found my hard cock and she gripped it fiercely.

"Mmm...what have we here?" she murmured as her hand smothered my stick.

"What are you doing?"

"Well, I am checking out your hard cock!"

"You are my sister!"

"Correction! Step sister and we are not related."

"Is this for me?"


"Are you sure?" she asked mischievously as she rubbed it slowly.

I groaned as I felt her small hand squeeze the life out of my hard cock.

"Why don't you find out?"

My heart was beating hard. She pulled back and then in a flash she pushed my shorts down exposing my dick. In the limelight, it started going down as I started to become shy about being exposed.

"Look at me Tim. Let's see if the hard on is for me," she whispered.

She started to push the t-shirt straps off her shoulders. My cock responded immediately. Her mouth was half open as she watched my cock get hard as she peeled off her t-shirt. The veins on my cock seemed like the branches of the river Nile.

Her pink bra seemed tight around her breasts pushing them up. My eyes went to her breasts. They seemed to like being crushed against each other. They literally seemed to pop out of it. She put her hands under them and lifted them towards me. My cock stood up more. I was mesmerized by the sight of my step sister's boobs. She came closer and closer. She pulled a stool close and sat on it. Its height was enough for her breasts to reach my cock. She looked at me and pushed her breasts against my cock. I was breathing hard now, unable to take my eyes off her hot cleavage. She reached up and started to caress my cock. I was tongue tied.

"Looks like this hard on belongs to me," she murmured.

I stared at her dumbly. She took off her bra and the breasts swung free. Her nipples were hard and pink. Although her breasts were smaller than Kelly's, they were still proportionately bigger than Anna's body structure. She then did the strangest thing which was sexy as hell. She got up and took a glob of saliva onto her hand. I was anticipating her to start jerking me off, but she slipped the saliva between her breasts. She then bent towards me and then pushed my cock down making it even longer and slipped it between her breasts. They were slick with saliva and I moaned as I felt it slide between her mounds. She kissed my lower tummy as the tip of my cock pushed into her cleavage.

I groaned, pushing my cock into her lovely mounds.

"Seems like you like it, my step brother," she crooned.

"Didn't you have anything better than saliva to lubricate my cock?" I asked her.

She looked at me and pushed me off her breasts. I followed her sexy walk as she walked over to the refrigerator. She bent over again and then returned with a bottle of chocolate sauce. I was stunned. She started to pour the sauce between her breasts and then looked up at me.

"What do you think about that?"

I nodded dumbly as she took my cock once again and shoved it between her mounds. The chocolate was cold and slimy. I moaned as my cock slid easily between her breasts.

Then she sat back down on the stool and started to lick my balls. I was disappointed to find that my cock no longer was between her breasts. The sauce was all over my cock and dripped to my balls and unto to the floor.

She then started to suck my balls. She was even sexier than Kelly. She took her time to suck each ball and moved lower tasting the chocolate sauce. I gasped as I felt her fingers reach back massaging below the balls and she made me spread my legs a little giving her more access to my ass. Her fingers seemed sure of themselves as it massaged my rim. She started to lick the length of my cock moving to the tip cleaning up the sauce. She sucked it in slowly, pushing the skin back. Her mouth was brimming with saliva and chocolate.

I wanted to do something for her and I bent over her and reached down with my hands going into her shorts. She lifted her bottom to help me push her shorts down exposing the fact that she wasn't wearing anything underneath. She moaned as I reached behind her and reached down to her pussy. She was very wet and my fingers slipped in easily. The attention she was receiving made her suck my cock harder. I wanted to take her to my room and my eyes were drawn to something on the table which gave me a kinky idea. I pulled out of her mouth and suggested that we go up to my room. She was too horny to say no. So I half dressed to cover my modesty and we moved to our room. I managed to hide the item I had in my possession in my pocket.

Her shorts were half on and her t-shirt draped over her torso as we rushed up. We had left a lovely puddle of chocolate sauce in the kitchen. I was in too much of a hurry to clean it up. As soon as we entered the room, she turned to me and jumped on me as usual making me carry her. She gripped my hips with her thighs, the t-shirt was forgotten and her shorts still intact. She snaked her arms around my neck and started to kiss me passionately. Her tongue was long and it pierced my lips with ease. We wrestled with our tongues and I could feel my cock under the shorts rubbing against her bottom.

I pulled away for a second.

"Sis, can you do me a small favor?"

"Yes baby, what do you need?"

"Can you wear that sexy blue short skirt of yours with pink panties for me?"

"Mmmm..sure little brother," she said, jumping off me and rushing away to her room. She came back in record time wearing the skirt I love, which barely covered her butt and she lifted it to reveal her lovely pink panties.

She assumed the same position again and we started to kiss. With her panties exposed, I managed to rub my cock head which was under my shorts against her panties. My shorts were soon drenched as I realized she was very wet.

"Sis, I have a surprise for you."

"That sounds awesome!"

"I want you to lie down on the bed and close your eyes."

"Wow, it gets better."

She lay down on the bed. I climbed on the bed, ensuring that her eyes were tightly shut. To make it fun, I picked up a blindfold that she used for sleeping during day time.

I then started to caress her body, moving slowly rubbing every inch of skin. Her t-shirt covered her breasts again and her hard nipples stood out. Every time my hands passed over her nipples, she shuddered moaning in frustration at the fleeting contact as I moved my hands quickly away.

I moved my hands lower to her legs moving up to her thighs slowly stopping short of her panties. I could smell her musky scent emanating from the drenched panties. She pushed her body against my hand but I avoided all contact with her pussy.

Finally I took the item I smuggled from the kitchen. It was a half ripe banana which was lovely and rigid. I peeled it and started rubbing it against her lips.

"Oh my, what is that?"

"Lick it Anna," I ordered firmly.

"I like your tone, brother."

She started licking the tip of the banana like a cock and sucked it into her mouth. I pulled it out and rubbed it against her chocolate covered chest and moved it back into her mouth. She made slurping sounds with her mouth as she took more of it in. Her hips rocked and arched up wanting more attention. The blind fold was making her sensitive to touch and tastes.

I took it out of her mouth and moved lower. She shuddered as I caressed her thigh with it, moving up towards her wet mound. I reached her crotch and I rubbed the banana against the wet panties. She had shaved completely and her camel toe was clearly visible. She moaned and humped against it. I pushed the panties aside and rubbed the lips with the tip of the banana.

"Oh god, you are so kinky, Tim!"

I pushed in the banana into her pussy. She groaned as she felt the tip go in. It was so wet that it slipped in easily. It was so hot to see her writhe as the banana moved in and out of her pussy.

I moved it back to her mouth and made her taste her own pussy. She sucked it hungrily. I then moved lower and took her panties off and asked her to turn onto her tummy and made her spread her legs exposing her pussy.

I rubbed the banana against her lips and started to kiss her butt cheeks. I sucked the soft flesh, biting it lightly. She moaned as she felt my tongue move towards her crack. She must have realized what I was trying to do and reached back to spread her cheeks making it easier for me. I moved the wet tip of the banana against her anus, making her shudder.

"Oh god, you are so naughty!"

I licked the butt hole again and pushed the tip in slow. It refused to budge as the opening tightened. I didn't force it in and moved lower to her accommodating pussy. She groaned as she felt the tip go in. I didn't let her enjoy it for long. I pulled it out and then pulled her half off the bed, making her spread her legs and making them rest on the floor.

I took off my shorts and leaned over her and started rubbing my cock against her pussy. The cock slid over her slit easily and I kissed her back as I teased her with my cock. She crushed her pussy against the mattress moaning for me to fuck her.

I was not ready to do that just yet. I pushed off her body and sat on the floor and started to lick the back of her knees, moving slowly up towards her thighs.

Before I could reach her pussy, two hands grabbed me - One over my mouth and the other over my shoulder pushing me back. It was my older step sister Kelly. I looked up at her, my eyes wide. She had a crazed look on her face. She put the other finger to her lips motioning me not to make a noise.

"Oh baby brother, why did you stop? Lick my pussy!"

I looked up and Kelly and she asked me to step back. My heart was beating like a jack hammer as Kelly knelt before her sister.

Kelly was wearing a flared skirt and t-shirt. She knelt before Anna and started to lick the backs of her thighs. I stood stupefied at the sight of these two women.

"Oh Tim, lick my pussy baby!"

I moaned a little adding to the realism. Kelly's butt seemed inviting as she started to rub herself while she licked her sister's thigh. She moved up towards the wet pussy licking the camel toe. Anna whimpered as she felt Kelly's long tongue.

She motioned for me to come round Anna. She pushed back for a little while as I climbed onto the bed so that Anna didn't realize that there were two people in the room.

"Oh gosh, Tim, please lick my pussy again," she whispered.

I climbed onto Anna's back pinning her down and facing Kelly and bent over her and started to lick her ass. At the same time, Kelly joined me licking her pussy.

"Oh god! Who is that?"

There was no reply from either of us. Anna struggled under me trying to get up. I held her down with my weight. With our incessant licking, Anna quietened down.

"Oh Tim, who is in the room with us?"

We didn't reply and very soon, Kelly's fingers were buried deep in her sister's pussy.

"Is that you mommy?"

I was shocked. Kelly stopped her licking and looked up at me. She put her finger to her lips again asking me to be quiet. Her eyes were shining with mischief.

Kelly buried her face in Anna's pussy and then moaned as if saying yes to Anna's question.

"Oh mommy, please lick me like you did the other day," moaned Anna.

I almost came as soon as I heard it. Kelly seemed shocked as she looked again at me. She started to lick her sister's pussy making her moan.

I was shocked at what I heard. My mom and Anna? It was unbelievable. I started to lick Anna's butt again. After a while, Kelly stood up motioning me to fuck her sister.

I stood behind Anna as her sister sucked my cock preparing me. She placed my cock at the wet entrance and I moved in slowly. Anna was tighter than Kelly and I was slow in moving in.

Anna moaned as she felt my cock push past her entrance and move in. Her pussy was warm and wet. Kelly sat on her sister's back and kissed me as I moved. She rubbed her wet panty-covered pussy against Anna's back. I squeezed her huge breasts while I moved slowly.

"Oh mommy, I wanna suck your pussy," moaned Anna. I slipped out of Anna, making her turn. Kelly slipped out of her panties and lowered her wet pussy onto her sisters' mouth.

"Oh mommy, your little girl wants to lick your pussy so bad."

Kelly moaned in agreement.

I watched in fascination as Kelly was being licked by her sister thinking it was her mom. It was so hot to see her tongue disappear into the wet slit. I pushed my cock in again into the moist folds of her pussy. I was in heaven.

I moved back and forth watching my two sisters. Kelly took off her t-shirt and bra exposing her breasts. I leaned forward and sucked the nipples as I moved my cock in and out of Anna. After a few strokes, Kelly leaned forward and started licking Anna's clit as I fucked her.

Kelly shuddered with her first orgasm and continued to rub against her sisters' mouth. My cock and Kelly's tongue brought Anna to a quick orgasm. Unlike her older sister, Anna didn't seem to want another orgasm. She pushed me back gently making my cock slip out. I pulled Kelly off Anna and then pushed her back onto the bed. I started to suck her breasts hard mashing them together as I tried to suck on both nipples at the same time. Anna lay there for a while and she pulled off her blindfold.

She screamed as she saw Kelly.

"Oh god! You little sneaks!"

She was blushing like a beetroot.

I stopped my sucking for a little while and looked at Anna. Before she could say anything, I pulled her onto Kelly and made her suck one breast while I sucked the other.

She stopped again for a moment and looked at us.

"You guys did it yesterday, huh?"

I looked at her and smiled mysteriously and went back to Kelly's breast. Anna joined me. I moved lower to Kelly's pussy and started to lick her there. I stuck two of my fingers into her pussy and one into her asshole imitating my moves the previous day.

Anna gasped as she saw what I was doing. She bent to her sisters' pussy and licked the clit joining me. Kelly was moaning in ecstasy struggling to push her pussy towards us for more contact.

Anna moaned and then I realized that Kelly has started to finger Anna again. Her licking increased in intensity and just then Kelly's body was rocked by another orgasm. This time it was stronger and I pulled Anna back to her licking when she tried to stop. She looked quizzically at me but obeyed my silent command. She started to lick while I fingered Kelly. Her moans were quite loud and then I pulled out my fingers and pushed my cock into her pussy.

She moved faster against me as my cock plundered her pussy. She moaned urging me to fuck her harder. The bed shook as I obeyed her request. I was reaching my climax when Kelly's body shook with a wonderful orgasm almost throwing Anna off her body. Realizing that Kelly had had her last orgasm, I quickly shoved my cock into Anna's mouth taking her by surprise. She sucked it hard as she realized that I was close. Kelly, slid back and joined her sister. It was lovely to see the two sisters fighting for my cock.

I let them both suck it by making them open their mouth in unison and fucking them taking turns. As I got closer and closer I grabbed Kelly by her hair and buried my cock deep in her mouth. Anna didn't want to be left out and she knelt behind me and started to lick my ass. Her probing tongue found my anus and at the same moment I came hard in Kelly's mouth. My cock shuddered as it pumped my juice into her mouth she gurgled as she tried to keep up with my liquid. Anna kept licking my ass hole and Kelly reached behind me and pulled Anna to her. Her mouth pulled off my cock and she kissed her sister passionately, making her taste my cum. She also pulled me down and we all kissed each other.

After all the passion subsided, Anna went on to share that she and mom had played around when they were alone. It was so hot that I got hard again prompting Anna to suck me again. She got some attention from Kelly and she had another orgasm shortly after. I was too sensitive to come again but I had a short orgasm with a bit of watery cum.

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