tagIncest/TabooMy Stepdaughter and I

My Stepdaughter and I


All characters are 18 or older. Be gentle as this is my first submission.


Hmmm, my step daughter and I, huh? Well, here goes. My step daughter and I were always close. She was much closer to me than to her mother. In fact, her teenage years were primarily a war between her and her mother. When my wife and I decided to separate and divorce, both kids obviously stayed with her since they were her kids. She had never allowed me to adopt them. However, I rented a two bedroom apartment as I anticipated the kids spending a considerable amount of time with me. When I left, I took very little furniture. My wife also cleaned out our joint bank account of almost $5000 and left me broke.

But I got the apartment and between friends and family, put together enough furniture to make it habitable. The only bed, though, was a waterbed given to me by friends. My 18 year old daughter called me a few days after my departure and we spoke for hours on the phone about the current situation, my plans for the future, her plans, etc. We professed our undying love for one another and she swore I would forever be her "Daddy".

A couple days later, her mother came home and announced she was having her new boyfriend over for dinner in a couple of days. The boyfriend pre-dated our separation. She then told her daughter that she would be responsible for cooking dinner. ( My ex-wife was an awful cook and all meals were prepared by either my daughter or I.) My daughter refused to cook the meal saying the only man she would cook for was me. The ex then exploded and told her that as long as she stayed in her house, she would obey her rules. My daughter pointed out that her never having worked, the house was mine and not hers. The wife then very abruptly demanded that she leave.

By the time I arrived back at my apartment after work, I found my daughter sitting outside the building waiting for me. We went in and she explained what had happened. I asked her what she wanted to do at that point. She indicated that she wanted to move in with me. Of course, I agreed. She refused to go back to the house and said she was mine as of right then. Little did I know!

Sleeping arrangements were the next topic of discussion since I only had one bed. I had chairs in the living room but no couch. The apartment had wall to wall carpeting so I suggested she sleep on the floor in her room. She agreed to this. Once we had gone to our respective beds and the lights were out, she came into my room and asked if she could sleep on the floor beside my bed. That was not a problem. After listening to her toss and turn, and moan in discomfort, I asked her what the problem was. She said the floor was too hard and hurting her back. "Daddy, can I sleep in your bed with you?"

Of course, I told her that wouldn't be a problem. It was a queen sized bed and she got in, leaving a considerable amount of space between us. Very quickly I drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I knew, was that I had a hard on and was being fondled. Sometime in the night, I had rolled over on my back and my daughter had cuddled up to my chest. Of course, it was her hand fondling me. The next sensation I felt was her naked breasts rubbing against the hair on my chest. At first I was startled but then I just gave in. Many may not realize it but it is quite difficult for a man to move when a naked woman is fondling the family jewels.

Putting my arm around her, she cuddled into me even closer. I started to rub her back and down to her ass while she continued to grope me. Her soft hand felt wonderful especially as this was the first intimate contact I had had with a woman in some months. It was not too long before her head tipped back and she moved close enough for me to kiss.

I cannot tell you how erotic it was to have my daughter's tongue invade my mouth. We kissed and kissed as if we were both teenagers. We rolled to face one another, still kissing, while I ran my hands all over her body. Her breasts were so smooth, so perky, so inviting. The nipples were digging into my chest. My little girl had a great ass, she was always something to see in a pair of jeans. I almost came with her hand on my cock and my hand pulling on her ass cheeks and sliding around to her pussy. She was so incredibly wet.

Breaking the kiss, she looked up to me and said, " Daddy, I want you to fuck me now." There was absolutely no way that i was going to argue. But, I wasn't going to rush the experience either. I ran my lips and fingers over every inch of her body. I don't think there was a single square inch of skin that I missed. And, of course, when I came to the juncture of her thighs on my way back up, I spent considerable time with my mouth on her pussy. She was so wet, it was if I was slurping up an endless supply of soup. I stayed with my mouth glued to her until she came at least twice. I wasn't sure if it was more but I definitely knew about two times.

I moved and lay on my back for a couple minutes catching my breath. She then took the initiative and sat astride me. Taking my cock in hand again, she slowly lowered herself until she was firmly mounted on my pulsing dick. I almost lost it immediately. I don't know how I held on but I did until I could feel the walls surrounding me beginning to tighten and her breath coming shorter. We both reached orgasm at the same time.

She spent the rest of the night with me and the next number of nights until we were able to bring her bed and things from the house. She lived with me for nine months until things got too crazy for all of us and I left. There are more stories to tell of this nature but this was the first.

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Please continue

Awesome build up! I hope you continue!

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