tagIncest/TabooMy Stepdaughter Cindy Ch. 1

My Stepdaughter Cindy Ch. 1


For two years my wife and I have fought an ongoing war to stay together. At the center of the fight, indeed the instigator of it all, is Cindy, my wife's daughter. For the last two years, since she was in her late teens, Cindy has given me hell. She is self-centered, selfish, disrespectful and totally inconsiderate. Now, at the age of 18, she has really gotten to be a handful even for my wife. Up until now, it has only been the fact that once she had had enough, my wife's temper took on dangerous consequences. I had once seen my wife give my daughter a good thrashing. It had gotten so severe that I had to step in and stop it. But even the threat of receiving a beating from her mom didn't stop Cindy from making my life miserable.

Cindy had grown to be a big girl. She stood about 6' and weighed about 195. But with all her athletic activities, there was little baby fat left on her frame. Her tits were about a 48 and she had a set of hips and thighs that would make a grown man turn his head to watch. She was very light skinned and had long brown hair. Cindy had taken to watching TV in the den. She did everything in the den. It had become her dining room, telephone room and all around "it belongs to me" room. I had noticed that whenever I had to walk from my bedroom to the kitchen late at night, Cindy would always be in the midst of changing channels. Since I often watch the X-rated channel late at night after my wife goes to sleep, I guessed that she was watching the same channel and would change it when she heard me coming. But one night, she was not so lucky.

I was determined to catch Cindy watching the X-rated channel. Not that her mom would think that was a major crime, but it would give her something to rag Cindy about. Late one night, I opened the bedroom door making no noise. Then I tiptoed across the thick rug to the den door. But all I could see was Cindy's leg jerking like she was having a seizure or something. Then I heard a soft moan. I eased into the room and sure enough, the scene on the TV was from the X-rated channel. But it was the scene that was taking place in the recliner that held my eyes. Cindy had been watching TV while wearing a pair of baby doll pajamas.

Cindy was sitting with her left leg straight out. Her right leg was bent at the knee. What had caught my eye was the fact that Cindy's legs were open wide and she didn't have on the panty to the set. The light from the TV allowed me to get a good look at Cindy's hairy cunt. Cindy had her head thrown back and her mouth was open. I watched her big tits move up and down as she breathed hard. But it was her hand that captured my attention. She was slowly moving it back and forth between her thighs. Suddenly she lifted her hips up off the seat. That was when I noticed the thing in her hand. Gripped in her hand was one of my old dildos. I say old cause my wife wouldn't let me use it on her.

Cindy was in the throes of a climax. That was why her leg was jerking the way it was. And from the thick white cream that smeared her cunt and coated the dildo, this was not her first one. I watched as about 6" disappeared into her cunt again and again. I couldn't tear my eyes away from her open pussy. From the smooth way she worked the shaft in and out of her cunt, I knew that she had done this many times before. She must have felt me watching her. Her head snapped over to look at me. And her eyes grew wide. She opened her mouth to say something but I just placed my finger over my own lips to tell her to be quiet. I took one last look at her juicy cunt and turned away.

Walking back into my bedroom, I looked at Jasmine, my wife, lying in our bed. Like she always did the minute I got up, Jas had turned over on her back with her arms outstretched. Since we had made love before going to sleep, she was still naked. But my mind was full of the scene I had just witnessed. I felt my hard dick throb and knew that I would not be able to go to sleep with my dick as hard as it was. I lay between Jas' thighs and began to lick her still wet pussy. It didn't take long for her to wake up. And as soon as she was awake, I had her up on her hands and knees. It wasn't Jas that I was shoving my dick into, it was Cindy. And I gave her a good fucking. So good, that Jas had to grab the pillow to stifle her screams.

Jas had an early start the next morning. She woke me with a cup of coffee. "What got into you last night? My pussy is gonna be sore all day!" I laughed as I took the cup from her hands. "Careful girl! I might make it even sorer and make you late for work." We laughed and talked as she got dressed. I had the day off so I didn't have to get up. I finished my coffee and turned over to go back to sleep. It was about 2 hours later when I felt someone in the room with me. I opened my eyes and standing at the edge of the bed was Cindy. She was staring down at me still dressed in her baby doll pajamas. My eyes looked her up and down and there was no mistaking her hard nipples. Then I noticed that the covers were thrown back and I was lying in bed naked.

I was not only naked; I had a nice hardon sticking straight up from my crotch. That was what Cindy was staring at. When she lifted her eyes to mine, I swear I saw her eyes gleam. "What do you want, Cindy?" I saw her eyes go back to the bulge in the sheet. "Uh, you gonna tell her on me?" I could feel myself grow angry. Cindy always referred to her mom as her or she and the disrespect made me mad. "Her? Her who? If you mean your mom, well why shouldn't I tell her? You haven't been the nicest person to me you know! Besides, I think she would be mad enough to give you just what you deserve." Cindy bit her lower lip. I could imagine her thoughts about what her mom would say and do.

"Ah come on Jake. I mean I am old enough and playing with myself is not a crime." I let my eyes travel up and down her body. Damn, but she looked good standing there. Her panties were thin enough for me to see the hairy bush of dark brown hair that hid her fat pussy. I couldn't help it when my dick twitched and her eyes zeroed in on the tent in the sheets. "You're leaking!" I looked down and sure enough, pre-cum had started to spread around the top of the tent. "Well Cindy! Mom may not think that it's a crime to play with yourself. But I'm sure that when she finds out that you rummaged thru my drawers and stole my dildo to do it with, she may think differently. I happen to know that it was buried in my underwear drawer. You would have had to have been searching real hard to find it."

The look on her face changed at that thought. Cindy was the one who always bitched and moaned whenever we had to go in her room for anything. She said that her privacy was real important to her. "Go get my dildo and give it to me." Cindy turned and I got a good look at her sweet ass as she walked away. I slid my hand beneath the covers and stroked my hard throbbing dick. It was a few more seconds when she walked back in to my bedroom. She caught me. My eyes were half closed and my hand was moving up and down my shaft. "I didn't have time to clean It.," she said with a slight smile. When she handed it to me, it was covered with what looked like more cream from her cunt. My eyes looked at the crotch of her panty.

There was no mistaking the spreading wet stain between her legs. I looked at her face and her smirk made her look like a little girl. "I should make you clean It." When I reached up to grab it, the covers slipped down. There was a growing sheen of pre-cum covering the tip of my dick. "I think you should go back to your room now, Cindy!" I took the wet dildo and placed it on my night table. Cindy was staring down at my hard dick and I could see her nipples grow harder as she stared. I pulled the covers back over me. "I'll let your mom handle this from here on." That shook her out of her thoughts. She sat down on the bed. The look on her face changed from smart-ass teenager to worried little girl.

Cindy knew that her mom would tear her hide when she found out. Maybe not for fucking herself or watching the X-rated channels, but definitely for sneaking into our bedroom and going thru my drawers. "Look Jake! We don't have to tell mom about this. I'm sure that we can make some kind of deal?" I knew what she was getting at. Cindy was ready to let me have some pussy, in exchange for my silence. But that would have left me open to her blackmail and I wasn't about to get in that fix. As I was thinking, her hand slid along the sheet. "Your cock is much bigger than the ones I've seen before." When her hand slid close to my dick, I reached down and grabbed her hand.

"Ok, Cindy! You want a deal? I'll give you a deal." The smile on her face grew as I let her hand go. Instead of placing it by her side, she placed it directly on top of my dick. I laughed as her hand closed over the tip. "Oh no, Cindy! I'm not gonna fuck you. You want me to keep quiet about what I saw? Then I get to spank you for being such a shit!" Cindy jerked her hand back. "Spank me! You want me to let you spank me? I hate it whenever mom has to hit me. I'm not gonna let you spank me." I shrugged my shoulders. "Have it your own way, Cindy. I can't wait to see what your mom does to you." I flipped back the covers, and with my hard dick bouncing up and down as I walked, I walked into the bathroom.

I had taken the dildo as I got up. I turned the faucet on but instead of washing it off, I looked at it. I lifted it to my nose and took a deep sniff. I could smell her young sex all over it. I closed my eyes as my tongue slipped from between my lips and I tasted her for the first time. My dick jerked as what I was doing hit me. I slipped the dildo between my lips and sucked it clean. Then I dropped it into the sink. I couldn't help stroking my hard dick as I stood there at the sink. "You gonna hit me with a belt?" I snapped around as my eyes flew open. Cindy stood there watching me jerk my hard cock. I looked at her but didn't let go of my dick.

Well, she had seen me and there was no sense in trying to hide any more. I looked at her as I stroked my dick. "No Cindy! I'm gonna use my hand." Her eyes were watching my hand. "But I'm not gonna make it some namby-pamby spanking. If I spank you, it will hurt. I'm not gonna lie. I'm gonna spank that ass and teach you a lesson." I could see Cindy thinking about my offer. Now was the time to set the rest of it up. "And Cindy! The spanking will be bare ass. I don't believe in spanking clothes." Cindy's eyes grew wide. "You want me to get naked and let you spank me?" This time I smiled. "Well Cindy, it's not like I haven't see what you look like already. So what's it gonna be?"

Cindy stood thinking about it. And I took the time to give her body a good look up and down. I could just imagine what she would look like completely naked. It must have dawned on her that a spanking from me was better than what her mom would do to her. "How many times are you gonna hit me?" I had to think about that one. "Ok! 10 for getting caught watching the X-rated channels and 15 for looking thru my drawers. And an extra 5 for not calling your mom by her name." Cindy's mouth dropped open. "That's 30! I'm not gonna let you spank me 30 times!" I didn't answer her, just walked out of the bathroom. I went into the kitchen and poured another cup of coffee. I stood there drinking when Cindy came in.

"Ok Jake! When do you want to do it?" My back was to her so she couldn't see the big smile on my face. I turned around and looked at her. The thought of that naked young flesh draped over my lap with her big ass in the air made me sigh with pleasure. "Oh! One more thing! You have to answer the questions I ask you." Cindy's face fell. "What questions?" I laughed out loud this time. "Cindy! Cindy! Cindy! A spanking is more than just smacking someone's behind. It also consists of embarrassment and humiliation. And I would never pass up this opportunity to embarrass and humiliate you. Now! Yes or no! Make up your mind."

I had her and she knew it. It was submit to me or face the wrath of her mom. Cindy's head bent down and she whispered her answer. "Ok, Jake! You win." This time it was my turn to smirk. "Follow me." I led the way to my bedroom. I sat on the bench at the foot of my bed. "Take off your pajamas and lay across my lap." I watched as she pulled her top off. Her tits were even bigger uncovered. She still had that adolescent big circle around her nipples. Then she slipped off her panties. Once again, I gazed at the big bush of curly brown hair that hid her pussy. But it wouldn't hide it for long if I knew her. Cindy was about to lie down when I stopped her.

"Wait a minute." I got up and went into the bathroom. I came back with the dildo and placed it next to me as I sat back down. Then I motioned her to lie across my lap. Cindy's ass was full and soft. Oh, I was gonna enjoy spanking her. I could even see the brown fuzz of her cunt hair between her closed thighs. I would have those thighs open soon enough. When Cindy was comfortable over my lap, I raised my hand. I felt her whole body tense up. "It won't hurt as much if you relax. Now! The first question is are you a virgin?" Before Cindy could answer, my hand came down. SMACK! "Ow! Shit that hurts!"

"I'm gonna have to add another 5 for your dirty mouth. Now answer me."

While I waited for her answer, I let my hand lay on her cheek. I could feel the beginning heat from my slap. "No! I'm not a virgin." SMACK! "And, how many times have you snuck into my room and used my dildo?" Both cheeks were beginning to turn pink. "A lot of times. I'm sorry!" SMACK! "Not as sorry as you will be when I'm finish." Cindy squirmed her ass down against me. SMACK! "From now on, no more sneaking in my room!" SMACK! I stopped and let my fingers run up and down the crack of her ass. Cindy was trying hard to hold back the tears my spanks caused. But when my fingers dipped down and brushed against her slit, she was wet. Not only was she wet, she was soaked.

"So you like to watch the channel and play with this pussy, huh?" As I said it, I brushed my fingers up and down her slit. This time her answer was a moaning, "yes". SMACK! SMACK! "Shit, Jake! That fuckin hurts!" This time I pushed my fingers into her cunt before I answered. "That's another five." I brushed against her clit and Cindy rose up from my lap. "Ahh!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Cindy's ass cheeks were now a nice beet-red. And I could feel my dick pushing against her stomach as she lay across my lap. "You only have 30 more spanks to go. Now tell me, do you suck dick when you let your boyfriends fuck you?" This time I slid my finger up into her soft young pussy.

Cindy turned and looked at me. "Why! You want me to suck your dick too?" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "That will be another 10 spanks. I'm gonna teach you to show some respect, if I have to beat your ass till you can't sit for a week. Now answer me!" The blows I delivered were harder than the first ones. Cindy was crying openly now. And as she cried, I picked up the dildo. SMACK! SMACK! "Open your legs! You were real eager to open them last night. And you even tried to tempt me with them earlier. I roughly pushed her thighs open. Then I took the dildo and rubbed the head up and down her slit. My breathing was growing harsher. "I watched you last night. How much of this fake dick can you take up your juicy cunt?"

Cindy was moaning as I rubbed the head against her clit. "All! All of it! Oh, push it in. please!" I smiled as I slowly fucked her with just the head. "And what did you do after I left you?" Cindy lifted he ass up and I slid in about four inches. Then I pulled it back and slowly worked the head in and out. "I, I got up and closed the door. I was afraid that you would tell her what I was doing. I opened the door and heard the tow of you. I knew that you were fucking her. I grabbed a towel and went back iin the room. I started to work the dildo in my pussy. But I was thinking about you. It was you fuckin me. Oh Jake! I came so hard. I wanted you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me Jake! Your dick is bigger than any of the buys that fuck me."

I lifted my hand. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Cindy's ass bounced with each slap. She whimpered, even as she humped her ass up and down. "Did you cum while you fucked yourself?"

"Jake! I'm gonna cum!" I pulled the dildo from her pussy. It dripped with her juice. I sucked it clean. My hand rubbed her soft crème-colored ass. Cindy is light-skinned enough to still show the results of my spanking. "Oh no, Cindy! You don't cum until I let you. Now answer me." Cindy was gasping air in her lungs. "Yes! I came so hard I almost screamed. But it was your dick that was making me scream for more."

I knew I should have stopped. Things could only get worst if I didn't send her to her room right now. But I couldn't. I eased her from my lap to her knees. My dick stood straight up. I guided Cindy's mouth to it. Her soft tongue licked the head. Then she opened those lips that only pouted at me before and took me in. I groaned as she worked her mouth on the head. "Oh you sweet young slut! You have sucked a lot of dick I see! Suck it Cindy!" she looked up at me and smiled. Then her mouth slowly slid further down on my hard shaft. Cindy slowly fucked me with her mouth. And she was even better at it than her mom is.

I stopped her before she could make me cum. Her lips were covered with saliva and my pre-cum. I pulled her up and kissed her. When the kiss broke, she was breathing heavy. "Please fuck me Jake! I won't tell anyone ever!" I wanted to fuck her. Oh, how I wanted to fuck her! But that was suicidal. I looked at her. "Cindy! I can't fuck you! Not now! But I will keep making you feel as good as I just did! But it has to be our secret. And I didn't forget about the rest of the spanking, either." Cindy's hands went down to her pussy. She rubbed it openly. I need to cum Jake! I need to cum now! Please?"

I smiled, as I laid her on the bed on her back. Cindy opened her legs eagerly. I gazed at her open wet pussy. Cindy reached out and pulled the lips open even more. I bent down and smelled her sweet young aroma. It was intoxicating and I wanted to taste her. I licked up and down her slit. Cindy jerked her hips up to my mouth as she cried out. "Lick my pussy Jake! Oh fuck! Make me cum! Please Jake! Make my pussy cum for you." I licked Cindy's pussy until she whimpered and begged for more. And each time she grew close to cumming, I stopped. It was driving her crazy. But if I was going to keep control, I had to show her that I could control her.

"Jake you bastard! Let me cum!" Cindy pushed her hands down to her pussy. I slapped her hard across her big tits and she snatched her hands back. "Lay just like that." I jumped up and grabbed my Polaroid camera. Then I tossed the dildo to Cindy. "Now Cindy! If you do everything like I tell you, I'll fuck you the next time. But if you don't, I will never fuck you. And I'll tell your mom about your going thru my stuff. Play with that pussy. But don't cum until I tell you to." Cindy grabbed the dildo. Her eyes watched me as she slowly fucked herself. And I snapped picture after picture. All with her face in them.

When I knew that she had reached her peak, I dropped the camera to the bed. This time, I attacked her pussy with the dildo as I ate her. And Cindy filled my mouth again and again with her hot creamy juice. I pumped her pussy hard and made Cindy cry out over and over. When I pulled it out, Cindy lay there still humping her pussy in the air. I looked down at this beautiful young woman. Only a day ago, she was my biggest pain in the ass. But soon, I would be hearing her scream as I rammed my hard dick up her pussy. And her ass would still be there for my spankings and more. I intended to teach this young tender thing how to take me in every hole she had. Cindy and I showered together. And she smiled as I pushed her to her knees. She sucked me hard, then swallowed my hot cum. But there would be many more times I would enjoy my now sweet stepdaughter.

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