tagIncest/TabooMy Stepdaughter Enslaves Me

My Stepdaughter Enslaves Me


I am sitting on the couch, watching TV. Suddenly, my 18-year-old stepdaughter wanders into the room, wearing a long, thin Hello Kitty T-shirt and the sheerest, skimpiest black thong I have ever seen. She plops down on the couch next to me to my right, and props her feet up on the coffee table.

"Hi, Daddy, whatcha watchin'?" she asks, with a pouty little smirk on her face. She knows damn well I have totally forgotten the TV, as my eyes greedily drink in every inch of her sexy body.

"Uhhh...nothing, Princess..." I stammer. My eyes focus hungrily on her pink toenails and the arches of her feet, and travel involuntarily up her perfect legs. I can see tantalizing glimpses of her sheer black thong. My eyes start to dart to the erect nipples poking against the thin material of her T-shirt, to her piercing blue eyes and her soft blond hair, then back down to her feet--trying desperately to meet her gaze without letting my eyes wander too obviously up and down her incredible body.

I can see the look of amusement and triumphant power on her face, as she giggles. She lifts her arms over her head and stretches languorously, her breasts stretching against the fabric of her shirt, as her dainty toes curl and flex.

I am transfixed. I feel the heat rising in my face as I blush furiously, and my cock rapidly begins to rise.

Princess looks over at my face, and bats her eyelashes innocently. "Is there something wrong, Daddy? You seem...a little nervous." Again she giggles, and leans her half-naked body against me.

"N-no, honey, I'm fine. I..I.."--my stammering is suddenly interrupted as she puts her left arm around my shoulders, and begins to play with my left ear, while bringing her lips up close to my right ear.

"Oh, I think there is, Daddy." she whispers, "I think you're just dying to get into your little girl's panties."

By now, my cock is straining tightly against my shorts, creating an obvious tent of desire. Still, I weakly try to protest. "No, Princess, that wouldn't be right."

"Oh, really?" she teases, as she runs her hand down to my crotch and grasps my aching cock firmly. "Then what is THIS?" I have no answer, and in fact my ass arches off of the couch involuntarily, as my cock seeks to be more firmly in her grasp. A moan of despairing lust escapes my lips. I am completely intoxicated by her touch, her voice and her smell--and she knows she has won.

"Yeah, that's what I thought, Daddy." As she continues to speak, my Princess develops a hard edge to her voice. "You think I don't see how you look at me? Hell, you've been undressing me with your eyes ever since I was 14." Her hand is now aggressively stroking and squeezing my cock and balls, and I wince from the pain--even though it feels good, too.

"I'll tell you something else, Daddy"--and I can hear a new sarcasm and contempt in her use of the word daddy--"I know all about your little internet fantasies about being dominated by your daughter." A cold fear enters my heart.

"What? Honey, I don't--" A hard slap to my face interrupts me.

"Shut UP, Daddy! Get those shorts off--NOW!" She rises to her feet, and stares down at me with her hands on her hips. I sit there, stunned. Again, she slaps me HARD. "Do it NOW, Daddy, or you'll never get to eat my pussy!"

Embarrassed, humiliated, but so very excited, I jump to my feet and drop my shorts. My cock stands straight out from my body. God, I have never felt so excited in my entire life!

I see the lips of my Princess curl in cruel amusement. She reaches out and roughly grips my cock and balls in a crushing vise.

"Make no mistake, Daddy," she purrs with deceptive softness, "every inch of you now belongs to me--but especially these pathetic little things between your legs. GOT IT?" She emphasizes her point with a vicious, squeezing twist.

"OWWWW!" I squirm, "Yes, Princess, anything you say! Please, you're hurting me!"

Without relenting on the pressure to my cock and balls, she says, "Rule number one: I am not your Princess. From now on, you will address me as Goddess--DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" My stepdaughter increases the pressure as she says this. . "Y-yes, G-goddess, anything you say! Oh, please, it hurts!"

"Rule number two: you are my property, and as such I will do anything to you anytime I feel like it, and you will obey EVERY command I give you...IS THAT CLEAR, daddy-slut?"

"AHHHH OHHHHHH, yes Goddess, yes, yes!"

Releasing me, my stepdaughter smiles coldly. "Very good, now here is the third rule: you will learn how to pleasure me in every way, but you will NOT be allowed to cum unless I give you permission. And believe me, my permission is only going to be given in the most painful and humiliating ways possible--and it will be a rare thing indeed, when I do. Get used to it, daddyslave, this is your new life from now on."

As my stepdaughter/Goddess stares me coldly in my eyes, I realize I have just entered a living Hell, but that it is something I have dreamed about all of my life. "Yes, Goddess," I whisper, with my eyes downcast.

Laughing, my new Goddess says, "I'm SO glad we agree. Now, I am going to go to my bedroom, and I expect you to be crawling on all fours behind me." Without looking back, she spins around and begins walking down the hallway, and I hasten to crawl behind her as instructed.

As she walks I heard my Goddess say, "You are about to get your first lesson in giving me pleasure, while living without any pleasure for yourself."

As I crawl behind her, I can see the perfect globes of her ass swaying hypnotically before me, bisected by that thin wisp of her black lace thong. My cock is still ragingly hard, and I begin to realize that I have just become the luckiest man on the face of this earth.

Crawling into my stepdaughter's bedroom, I am confronted by the sight of her holding a wicked-looking leather whip in her hand. Her eyes are gleaming, and her pink-glossed lips are wet with anticipation. I can even see a tiny trickle of her love juice running down her thighs, which has soaked through the gauzy material of her black lace thong. She is not longer wearing her T-shirt, and the sight of her full breasts with their erect nipples fills me with a pang of almost unbearable desire.

With a negligent flip of her wrist, my Goddess waves towards her bed. "I want you on your knees, with your body lying over the bed."

Afraid, but also incredibly aroused, I rush to obey her. Once I am in position, I hear her speak in a deceptively mild voice.

"OK, daddy, your first lesson is going to be in learning that I have absolute power over you. I am going to whip your worthless ass, and you had better stay in that position unless I tell you to move. If you don't, I will tie you down and give you a whipping that'll take WEEKS to recover from. Do you understand me, daddy-slut?"

"Yes, Goddess," I whisper. I am literally quivering in fear, because I know I WILL submit to anything she does to me, no matter how painful or humiliating, and I suspect she will prove to be much more cruel than I have ever dreamed or hoped.

I twitch involuntarily as I suddenly feel the lashes of the whip trailing lightly over my skin. I hear my Goddess giggle girlishly, but the sound turns my blood to ice, nonetheless.

Suddenly, the whip comes down in a way I do not expect. Instead of horizontally across my buttocks, it comes down VERTICALLY in between my ass checks, setting fire to my asshole and lapping viciously around my cock and balls. Without thinking, I shriek and leap to my feet, my hands covering the inflamed areas as I hop around.

"Get your worthless ass back in position NOW, slut!" My Goddess shouts. As I hurriedly comply, she adds, "Do that one more time, and I WILL make you regret it!"

"I'm sorry, Goddess, I couldn't help it...!"

Once again, the lash comes cruelly down between my ass cheeks, even harder than before. This time, I curl over onto my right side on the floor, clutching my genitals in agony.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh!" I gasp.

Deadly silence. I look up to see my young Goddess standing over me with not the slightest pity in her eyes. After a moment, she speaks icily:

"You really are stupid, AREN'T you, 'daddy'? If I tell you not to move, I MEAN DON'T MOVE. Now I'm going to have to tie your pathetic ass up, and make you regret you were ever born!"

"Please, please, Goddess, I'll try harder, I'll do better...I'm so sorry Goddess...!" I babble.

"Daddy. SHUT UP." She says this so calmly that I completely freeze.

"Now, get up the bed. Lie on your back, and don't say another fucking word. Do not speak unless spoken to. Got it?"

"Yes, Goddess."

Soon, my wrists are tied to the headboard, there is a big pillow under my lower back, and both of my legs are widely spread apart, attached to eye hooks in the ceiling that I never even knew were there. To make matters worse, my cock and balls have been tightly bound, and stretched tightly to other ceiling hooks. There are cruel clamps on both of my nipples, and my mouth has been stuffed with the wet, sweetly fragrant thong of my Goddess. For good measure, a ball gag has been tightly stuffed in my mouth and cruelly tied around my head, trapping those wonderfully moist panties deep in my mouth.

"Now, where were we?" my Goddess muses. "Oh, yes--whipping you!" With that, she brings the whip HARD across my ass (horizontal this time), and I lurch and scream into my gag. Lurching proves to be a bad idea, because my cock and balls are so tightly tied to the ceiling that the slightest movement sends lances of pain through them.

"Awww, what's the matter, Daddy? Did that hurt?"

Once again, the whip comes down, this time even harder. Then again, and again, and again...until my ass is a solid welt, and my throat is raw from screaming into the gag.

"Oops!", my Goddess giggles, "I seem to have forgotten your puny little cock and balls!". And with that, she lashes out with the whip against my most tender areas, again and again. She knows just how much force to use, to avoid real injury--but, oh, how it hurts! Tears are literally streaming down my face. And all the while, she has the sweetest, sexiest most angelic smile! And she giggles, she laughs!

Finally, my stepdaughter removes my gag, "Okay, daddy, do you think we both know who the boss is, here?" my Goddess asks prettily.

"OH, yes, my Goddess, it is YOU, forever," I whimper.

My Goddess beams. "That''s good, daddy, because my pussy is really wet, and I want you to eat me really good!"

"Goddess, I want that more than anything else in the whole world. PLEASE let me eat you!"

Giggles. "Well, of COURSE you do, daddy. Here, let me turn around so I can sit on your face while I untie your cock and play with it. Get your tongue deep in my ass first, I LOVE that!"

My cock has been limp for quite a while, now, but as I deeply tongue her perfect ass, and she frees my cock and balls, I feel myself quickly responding to her touch.

"Mmmm, that's it, daddy, get your tongue in there as deep as you can. If you do a good job, you'll be licking my pussy in no time!"

She grinds her tight little ass into my face, and I am in Heaven. Meanwhile, she is teasing my cock. It is sore, but she hadn't really done any damage to it, so it quickly springs back to life. I can feel a steady stream of her pussy juices running down my chin, and she gasps and moans in pure pleasure.

My Goddess shifts herself to where her sweet pussy is in my mouth. "Make me cum, daddy! Eat me good! Just remember, YOU don't get to cum unless I say you can!"

Oh, my god. I am in heaven on earth, kissing and licking and sucking her sweet pussy for all I am worth. Meanwhile, Goddess is teasing my cock with little kisses, licks, and strokes. Every time she senses I am getting close to orgasm, she stops, spanks my cock hard, or squeezes my balls.

Soon, she is coming hard all over my face, grinding her hot and wet pussy onto my mouth with full force. I feel her stiffen all over, and a great gush of the sweetest pussy juice floods my mouth and face. While this is happening, she is roughly spanking my cock and wildly scratching and pulling on my scrotum.

After she comes, my Goddess flips around and looks deep into my eyes. "Mmm, daddy, I want your cock inside me--but you better not cum, do you hear me?"

"Ohhhh, yes, my Goddess, anything you want!"

With that, she places an extremely tight cock ring around my penis, and then moves down so she can straddle me while I lay on my back. I feel the hot, wet, tight opening of her pussy engulf the head of my cock. She smiles knowingly down at me, then says again: "You are not allowed to cum unless I give you permission. Do you hear me? You are only here for MY pleasure!"

"Oh, yes, my Goddess, I am your slave!" I cry passionately.

"That's right, daddy, and that's all you'll ever be".

My sweet Princess Goddess fucks me with her wet, tight pussy, until she comes again. Every time I get close to exploding, she either stops, or squeeze my balls. Mostly, though, it is the look of mocking power in her eyes that makes me strain to keep from coming. I want so desperately to please her!

Once we are finished, she completes her dominance swiftly and easily: before I can figure out what she is doing, she attaches a male chastity device to me, locks it, and then mockingly waves the key in front of my horrified eyes. "Like I said, daddy, you will NEVER cum unless I give you permission. And guess what? I almost NEVER give permission! You have to earn it."

I gaze into her eyes with complete longing and love, searching for the slightest hint of compassion, and finding none. Finally, I lower my eyes and whisper, "I will do ANYTHING to earn it, my Goddess, anything at all!"

"Oh yes, you will, daddy-slut," she laughs. "You are going to spend the rest of your life feeling unbelievably frustrated!"

"As you wish, Goddess."

She smiles. "Yeah, I know. Now get down there and start massaging and kissing my feet. You have a long night ahead of you."

I feel like the happiest daddyslave in the world, as I move to obey her.

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Very lucky

Some men are so lucky I wish that was me

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