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I couldn't believe it had happened. Never in my life did I even remotely think that I would be interested in taking part in the activities of last night. I mean, I always thought of myself as being 100% straight. In high school, I had more than my fair share of girlfriends and admirers. Not that I am completely conceited, but I am a great looking guy. My name is Joshua Tate Waltham and I am 26 years old. Since high school, I have continued to work out to keep my body in shape. I am 6 feet tall and 175 lbs. I have brown hair with blond highlights (natural) and brown eyes. Thanks to my parent's genes and my own tenacity, I am certifiably a hunk. So, let me tell you my story.

My friends and I go out every Friday and Saturday night to our favorite pub. We have been doing this for as long as I can remember. Anyway, last night, which was a Friday, I got bored and decided to take a walk. I don't know how long I was walking as I really didn't pay attention, but suddenly I realized I didn't know where I was. This part of town was completely unfamiliar to me. I saw a pub sign and decided to go in and ask directions on how to get back to someplace I know.

The pub was really dark inside, the brightest light hung over the bar in the center of the room. The music was blaring out some ABBA tune. I myself was a secret ABBA fan, although none of my friends knew this, as they were all into very heavy metal. I approached the bar and caught the eye of the bartender who smiled at me. He reminded me of myself in build and the way he looked. He had blond hair with darker highlights and blue eyes. He was about 6 feet tall and I guess near 180 lbs.

"Hey there" he said. "What kind I get you?"

I felt like a complete idiot, but I knew I wouldn't find my way home without help, besides, I caught sight of clock on the wall and it was already 1:30 in the morning. I must have been in a real funk to be walking for over 2 hours. "I'm sort of embarrassed, but I am lost. I need to get over to Briar Street. Can you help?"

He laughed and stuck out his hand. "I'm Taylor, I get off work in half an hour, if you can wait that long, I will be more than happy to drive you where you need to go."

"Thanks. I'm Josh, I said." I returned his smile.

He poured clear liquor into a shot glass and sat it in front of me. "On the house. Drink up."

I did the shot and he refilled my glass. We talked about where I was from and why I was out walking alone at this time of night. A question I never really knew the answer too. I don't know how many drinks I had, but by the time his half an hour was up, I found getting off the stool be difficult. Taylor came round to where I sat and put an arm around me to help me stand. I noticed how solid his muscles felt beneath me and was surprised at myself for noticing. We left through a rear entrance and he bundled me into his car. I remember hearing him ask, "Where to," before I was out like a light.

I woke up to feel someone tugging off my pants and sat up trying to place my surroundings. I was lying on bed in a room I didn't recognize, with only my shorts on. I looked toward my assailant, expecting to find Sharon or Liz or one of the girls who always manage to find their way into my bed. I was taken back to see Taylor at the foot of the bed, naked as the day he was born.

"Hey, where I am and what are you doing?"

"You fell asleep in my car, since I didn't know where you lived, I brought you back to my place. I thought you might be more comfortable out of those jeans."

"Why are you naked?"

"I always sleep naked, I don't even own pajamas."

My mind was still foggy, as I looked over his form. His shoulders were broad and his skin was bronzed as if he had just spent a week on the beach. I noticed his cock was semi erect and getting harder. It was then that I realized his hand was stroking my thigh.

"I, I'm fine now. If you would drive me home I would appreciate it." My words felt thick coming out of my mouth. I felt my own cock twitch in my shorts and moved to get off the bed.

He moved quicker and knocked me flat on my back straddling me. "It's late, and I don't feel like going back out. Why don't you relax?" He was pinching my nipples, twisting them until I couldn't hold back my moans any longer. My nipples have always been sensitive. I could feel my shorts tenting and found myself losing the battle to control my arousal.

He bent down and began to lick my nipples. I twisted, hoping to break free, but enjoying his attention at the same time. His kissed his way across my chest and down my belly. When he started pulling off my shorts and raised my hips to help, I knew that I would let him do whatever he wanted. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. He placed tiny kisses along my inner thigh, slowly working his way towards my cock. I felt his hand encircle me and opened my eyes just to see him engulf me in his mouth. My back arched with sheer pleasure. My breathing became heavy and erratic. His mouth was hot and felt like velvet massaging my cock. His tongue probed at me as he licked me front port to stern. His touch was exquisite, and he brought me to the brink in minutes.

I grabbed a handful of his hair and yelled, "I'm cumming! Oh God Taylor. I'm cumming!" He didn't let up and just continued his ministrations until I shot jet after jet wave of cum down his throat. I have never came so much in my life. My heart pounded so loud in my chest, I thought I would have a heart attack. He continued to hold me in his mouth until my cock went soft.

He moved to lie next to me and ran his fingers through my hair. He leaned over and kissed my on the mouth. I could taste my cum on his lips. I was paralyzed with uncertainty. Then he spoke, "Its Ok, you get some sleep now." He turned off the light and lay with his arm across me, lightly touching my face.

There were some many thoughts crowding my head as I lay there listening to him breath. I wanted to touch him, to do for him what he had done for me. I slowly lifted one hand and placed it on his chest. I could feel his heart beat beneath my fingertips, his breath even. Working my way into a sitting position, I leaned over and placed my tongue on his nipple. His taste was different than the women I've known, masculine and tangy. I inhaled his scent some more and felt my cock move. I ran my tongue around his nipple, lapping at it until it became hard, and then moved to the other until it was identical. I noticed that his breathing had changed and was less controlled.

I raised my head and stared into his blue eyes. Leaning down, I kissed him on the lips and applied pressure until he accepted my tongue into his warm mouth. Our tongues intertwined and we stayed like that for what seemed like eternity. I didn't want to stop kissing, but I wanted to taste other parts of him as well. As he did we me, I kissed my way down his chest and across his belly. He moaned loudly as I placed tiny bites on his inner thigh. I inhaled the scent of his cock and stuck out my tongue to take the precum off the tip. It was salty and not bad tasting at all. I continued to lick the precum off his cock until I heard him moaning, "Please, suck me."

I took one more swipe of precum before taking him into my mouth. His cock was so hard and hot. I loved the way all 7 inches of it felt. I licked it all over, sucking the head the way he had done me. His moaning grew louder and he began thrashing on the bed. He hips moved faster, nearly causing me to gag. I took his balls into my mouth and nibbled the underside of his cock. It was when I reached down and placed my tongue on his asshole, that his whole body shook and I was immediately covered in thick spurts of cum. Wave after wave erupted from his body landing on my chest and face. I put his throbbing cock back in my moth and sucked out the last of his juices, feeling him quiver until he pulled me up to lie next to him. We kissed passionately, his tongue reaching into the far corners of mouth so that he could taste himself.

I was excited and exhausted. My cock was once again rock hard. Reaching down between his legs, I could feel his cock growing as well. I was prepared to go all the way and he was prepared to show me.

If you would like me to continue with this story, please e-mail me. This is my first attempt at writing for literotica.com and would welcome your feedback.

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