tagIncest/TabooMy Story Ch. 01-03

My Story Ch. 01-03



Last night something terrible happened, dad came home drunk while Brad and I were kissing on the couch. Just kissing, I don't feel ready to be doing more than that with my boyfriends yet, I'm 18, but waiting for marriage!

Well anyway, dad came in and caught us, he got real mad and kicked Brad out. I have never seen dad that angry before. He started screaming and swearing at me, saying I was never to see that boy again and that I wasn't to leave the house for a month, not even for uni unless he was with me.

Naturally I started to cover myself up, dad was staring at my lacy at my lacy white panties. I reached down and covered myself up, dad's concentration was broken and he looked at me and smiled.

Dad motioned for me to come and sit next to him, I was so scared, I shook my head and he got mad again, he kicked me and screamed "You dirty little slut get your ass here now or I'll make you!"

Once again he motioned for me to get onto the couch, this time I obeyed. I went and sat next to him on the couch and he immediately put his hand on my upper thigh, his hand crept right up my skirt and he started rubbing against my clit.

"So you like kissing boy's aye, I bet you'll enjoy fucking them too you little whore. You're going to fuck me! You hear me Tammy? Your going to fuck me, your going to fuck me tonight, and every other time I want you too aswell. You're going to be your daddy's little bitch, and if you disobey me you'll get punished!"

Tears started streaming down my face again, "Daddy, please! Please daddy, don't touch me anymore, I've told you before daddy..."

Dad started laughing at my pleas. He pushed me onto the floor and climbed on top of me, pinning me to the ground and sitting in-between my legs. "Take your shirt off Tammy" He said.

"No daddy, I don't want you to see me without clothes," I cried.

"Fuck you, you little whore, you'll do as I say you hear?" he said whacking me several times before ripping my skimpy little singlet off.

"Your tits are still small, oh well, just means your pussy will be tighter for me. You're going to be my little slut, whatever I say goes you hear me? If you don't do as I say you'll get a hiding and next time will be a hell of a lot worse than a slap across the face! Do you understand me Tammy?"

"Dad why are you doing this?" I queried.

"Fuck up slut and take off your panties" he screamed at his near naked daughter.

"No daddy, please don't! Daddy!" I begged.

"I said take off your panties Tammy!" and with that he slapped my ass so hard it definately would have left a welt mark, it was so red it stung for days.

He then ripped my panties off me and spread my thighs. I reached down to cover myself up and struggled to get free from his grip but he was too strong for me and he held me there on the lounge room floor with one hand.

With the other hand, he rubbed at my hairy pussy vigorously; I had only just started growing pubic hair at the time.

"You little whore, why the fuck aren't you wet? Oh well that's going to be your problem not mine, it will hurt you not me" he said as he laughed at my face, twisted in a mixture of pain and terror.

My body shook as he thrust two fingers deep inside my dry cunt, I screamed in pain as he broke through my hymen, I got thumped for it.

I wriggled to get free and he fell onto his back, he's a lot stronger than I am so I suppose he was pretty drunk for me to be able to make him fall like that.

I ran for the stairs and through the first door at the top, dad's room. I quickly locked the door then turned to run for the window, the latch on the window wouldn't open and I was trembling, my shaking hands couldn't open the latch.

I heard dad climbing the stairs; he started screaming at me "Tammy! Tammy if you don't come to me things will be worse for you!" I tried to be as quiet as possible to prolong him finding me.

When I finally got the latch open it made a loud thud and he almost immediately started pounding on the bedroom door, I forgot all about the window.

I pushed my back hard against the wall, I think I was hoping it would swallow me, anything to escape the nightmare that I knew was about to unravel.

"Fucken little bitch! Tammy get your ass out here now!" I heard him scream at me, as he rammed through the door, pushing it off its hinges.

I fell to the floor and put my hands up to protect myself, but he didn't find the situation funny anymore, he beat me for a good 10 minutes before throwing me down the basement stairs.

When I woke up again, I was on a bed under the house. My hands and feet were handcuffed to each bedpost at each corner of the bed and I was naked. There were lights on, but they were dull, there were no windows.


Slowly my eyes adjusted to the dull lights of our basement and I took note of my surroundings. It had been such a long time since I had been down there.

Dad had rearranged everything to accommodate his prisoner, his young, harmless daughter... Me.

My mind went through the pain I was in, from my bruised thighs, to my swollen breasts, to my burning dry cunt where my fathers rough fingers had been just hours earlier.

I squirmed and tried to break out of the handcuffs, which only resulted in me being in more pain than I was already suffering.

It was so quiet down there that the room seemed as though the silence was screaming at me. When dad opened the door at the top of the stairs the light poured through the dark basement allowing me to see that he had renovated down here quite a bit without my knowledge.

He had carpeted and put couches along the walls. There was a huge TV and there was the bed I was in now, if it hadn't of been my prison I think I would have quite liked it down there.

But, no matter how nice, I knew that what was going to happen to me down in that basement wasn't going to result in me ever wanting to return to it.

"Why the fuck do you insist in being such a stubborn little bitch for Tammy? If you had given me what I wanted in the first place you wouldn't be down here! It's your own fault, you were the one being the little slut with that Wilkins bastard; I'm not having my daughter getting a reputation for being an easy lay, you hear?

"I won't have it, you'll fuck me, and me only and if I EVER hear of you even touching another man you better watch out girly. You're mine and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!" And with that, dad punched me right in the gut.

He then got the broom from the corner and shoved it in-between my legs, I tried to wiggle my way out of its reach but dad just rammed it into my tight little cunt. Not caring how much it hurt me, He continued playing with the broom for a while, working it in and out of me; he seemed to enjoy touching my pussy all the time too.

Dad never wore clothes and he often came home from shopping and just fucked me until i fell into sleep. I had grown so accustomed to it happening that I didn't even struggle anymore, the more I struggled, the more he enjoyed it and the worse I got beaten.

I don't even remember losing my virginity to him; his cock is so big that I am pretty sure I probably passed out from it anyway. He'd beaten me black and blue and shoved so many things up my cunt I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference anyway.


I don't really know how many months I was down there in that basement for before I noticed I had started to get a little bit of a tummy on me and I'll tell you one thing for sure, dad didn't like that one bit!

"You fat dog, you're so ugly not even a Niger would want you! You better lose that gut hoe otherwise there's going to be trouble...fucking fat slut!" This abuse never ended.

After about 5 months of torture my worst nightmare had proven true; I was carrying. I couldn't think of anything that could have been worse than me bringing another child into the same environment I was under but I didn't have a choice.

Dad never used protection and he took advantage of me whenever he felt the need, it was only normal that I would eventually fall pregnant.

I was so frightened to tell dad about the baby but I knew if I didn't he would probably kill my baby with all the abuse he was giving me for putting on so much weight.


"What the fuck do you want you fat cunt?"


"Well for fuck sake spit it out Tammy!"

"Dad I'm pregnant!" My father did the most shocking thing then, he smiled at me then un-cuffed me.

He then took me by the hand and led me upstairs. I had almost forgotten what my house looked like; it was so beautiful with the morning sunlight pouring through the front windows, flooding the house with its radiant glory.

"Tammy, come upstairs with me, you have to shower before we see the doctor."

I was so dumbfounded by the polite manner in which he was speaking to me that I almost forgot to move, but I got a grip and followed him upstairs into the bathroom.

I got in the shower, dad straight behind me; he washed me with heaps of soap, washed my hair, and shaved my legs and my pussy.

He then dried me off from head to toe and took me into his bedroom where he got clothes out of my mother's old dresser.

It seemed he had gone shopping, I was given a lacy white bra with no centers to expose my nipples and a white see-through summer dress to wear.

The dress came just under my ass, so if I bent over ever so slightly my naked, panty-less pussy would be shown to whoever was nearby at the time.

I brushed my hair and put on the fishnet stockings along with the garter belt I was told to wear then slipped on a pair of my mother's high heel shoes dad had chosen out.

I studied myself in the mirror and I looked smashing! No one would ever guess how young I was, I worried I look a bit like a prostitute but I think that was dads aim.

Dad looked me over then came out with "Fuck me baby you look gorgeous! Now listen Tammy, things can be all right here at home for you if you listen to me, and things don't need to be so horrible.

"Don't say ANYTHING to anyone while we're out, I'll do all the talking and you just don't say a thing. And for the record if anyone asks, you're my wife."

And with that he took me into the car with a little slap on the ass before driving me to the doctors.

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