tagIncest/TabooMy Story Ch. 02

My Story Ch. 02


I undressed from all my sisters' clothes and ran naked to the shower. Granddaddy's cum was leaking out of my boy-pussy and running down my leg.

I showered and headed to granddaddy's room. On his bed laid a pair of pink panties, a matching pink bra and a pink teddy. I gathered all of them and carried them to my sister's room. I did my makeup again and dressed just as granddaddy had told me too.

My stomach was shaking as I walked down the hall towards the stairs. I could smell the cigars that were being smoked and hear the men telling jokes as they played cards.

I slowly descended down the stairs. The room was getting quiet as the men finally noticed me.

"Come here Raylene." My granddaddy said as he got up from the table.

"Gentlemen now that I have all of your attention. I'd like to introduce you all to the sweetest fuck you will ever have, Raylene."

All the men started to applaud. I was blushing all over.

I looked around to see if I knew any of the men here. I recognized two of the men. One was a teacher at my school and another was the daddy of a friend of mine.

"Now Raylene I want you to dance for us and don't worry I'll make sure no one hurts you. Ok?"

I shook my head yes and proceeded to dance to the music that someone started playing. Granddaddy took me by the hand and helped me to get up on top of the poker table. I danced as seductively as I could. Granddaddy must have caught me dancing like a stripper before because he was playing my favorite dance song.

I shook my ass and bounced up and down for the five Gentlemen at the table. Some were stuffing money into my g-string while trying to cope a feel. I was really hot. Someone started rubbing my ass. I kept pushing back on his hand. He was running his finger up and down my crack. I stood up and removed my teddy and sent sailing across the room. My bra went next. The men were whistling at me.

Granddaddy came over and offered me a hand and helped me off the table. He led me to his room. He had set up three video cameras around the room. I got on his bed the first man came in. He was naked. My god he was stunning. His cock was as hard as could be. I got on all fours and opened my mouth as he slid easily in my mouth. I closed my eyes and proceeded to suck my new lover.

I couldn't take all of his cock at first but slowly my throat opened and I had all 10 inches of Mr. Stewarts cock in my throat. Two more gentlemen came in offered their cock for me. I pulled off Mr. Stewarts cock and started alternating between all three cocks in front of me. If I wasn't licking or sucking, I jacking their cocks.

Someone started rubbing my ass. His hands were massaging my ass cheeks. He pulled my panties down and helped me take them off. My ass was hungry for a hard cock to fuck it. My new lover started licking my rose bud his tongue was probing my boy pussy. I was bouncing my ass up and down as his face fucked me.

Mr. Stewart's cock started shooting his seed all over my face. That was all it took as the other men started cumming also. Some were shooting off on my body and some were aiming for my mouth. The man at my ass rolled me onto my back. He hooked my legs around his arms and lifted them to his shoulders exposing my rose bud to him. He slid his cock into me inch by inch I took more and more until he was all the way in. I was completely full I could have died right then. He started pulling out of me and just as fast he pushed all of himself back in me. He slowly teased me. Fucking me to heaven. I lost what was going on around me. I concentrated on getting nothing but pleasure from the man fucking my hot young ass.

"Harder loveeeer, hardeeer." I pleaded.

"You like my cock in your pussy? Don't you, you little slut?"

"Yes yes, yes yeeessss yesssss, fuck me FUCK ME! Slam that cock into me. That's it oh yea give it all to me baby. Fuck meeee".

"Oooooohhhhh God I'mmmm Cummmmmmingg"

"That's it shove that cum deep in my boy pussy."

The man collapsed on top of me.

"Get out the man and let someone else get a crack at that girly-girl."

I opened my eyes in shock as my new lovers head entered my ass. I moaned as he slid it home. The man was huge. He stretched my opening to new limits. The pain was nearly more then pleasure. But soon I heard myself again begging him to fuck me harder.

I don' remember how many times I was fucked or how many times my mouth was used. But I can tell you I enjoyed everything that was done to me. When I woke the next day it was daylight. I pulled the covers off of me. I was naked and covered in cum. I looked in the mirror. I was a mess. My hair and makeup was a mess also.

I opened my bedroom door and started down the hall. As I opened the bathroom door my Daddy step out.

"What the hell." was all he said.

I just smiled and ran my hand over his hairy chest as I walked by and shut the door.

To be continued, maybe.

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