My Story, Making a Maid


Part Two

The door was slightly open, something inside me warned me to knock. I rapped softly three times and waited for permission.

"Yes Kary come in'" she stated," you only need to knock when I am not expecting you dear. When you have been instructed to come into a room, you may do so unannounced."

Sandra was seated at her dressing table. She had change into a black leather vest and pants, smiling she continued, "First of all, I think that you can remove that dress for our next lesson. We will be going into the bathroom to begin with, you will need to know proper hygiene and how to maintain yourself for freshness."

She stood to help me. I couldn't help but notice a very large lump in the crotch of her leather pants. It looked about eight inches long or more. Sandra spun me around to undo the zipper. I could feel the bulge as she gyrated her hips against my ass. My face felt flushed and I felt my erection grow.

"Do you like what you feel Kary?" she breathed into my ear and rubbed the front of my panties," I think you do don't you dear? You make me hard."

"Yes ma'am," I stammered, my voice was hoarse with excitement as I wondered what was going to happen to me next.

"Don't worry my little slut, I'll be gentle when take your cherry tonight." She laughed and slapped with butt, hard enough to sting and make me jump.

Once inside the bathroom, Sandra got down to business," Take off your panties dear. This is something that I insist you do for yourself daily. So pay close attention, starting tomorrow morning, before your shower and anytime you have a bowel movement you must clean yourself out."

Going to the cupboard, she removed a container that was attached to a hose and a tube of lubricant. That's when Sandra noticed that I had filled the condom. She reached out and I gasped as pinched my small penis.

"My, my," she smiled," look what you have done you bad girl, have you been playing with yourself, when did this happen?"

"No ma'am," I stammered, fearful of the punishment I might receive," I'm not sure when it happened."

"Well I guess we will just have to teach you some control. Take it off and sit down and pee while you have a chance."

She took the condom from as I sat on the toilet. From under here vest she removed a bulb that was attached to hose that went into her pants. Disconnecting the bulb, she used it to suck up all of my cum. Then reconnected the hose, she left it hanging in plain sight. I wasn't sure if I wanted to know what it was for, so I didn't ask.

"When your finished, I want you clean your condom with your tongue before putting it back on the way I showed you to and pay close attention to what I'm doing because you'll be doing it yourself tomorrow dear."

She handed me back the condom and began to fill the container with warm water, adding a few drops of a thick liquid from a small bottle. When it was full, she hung the container from the shower rod and instructed me to lay on the floor.

Sandra rubbed some lube on the end of the hose and knelt down between my legs," Now Kary, in case you don't know, you're about to receive an enema. After you have inserted this end in to your anus at least two inches, release this little valve and you should feel the water begin to flow." Sandra told me suiting action to words. "Then dear, slowly push the tube deeper and deeper until the valve makes contact with your cute little butt."

I watched as my abdomen slowly began to swell. Sandra watched me as I began to feel the discomfort of being overly filled. Just when I thought I'd explode, Sandra stopped the flow and pulled me into a sitting position..

" That's not so bad is it dear?" she said in a smug manner," when it starts to feel like you can't hold it in anymore, Make sure you turn the valve off and then expel the fluid. To be perfectly cleaned out dear you must repeat this process three times, every time. I will know Kary if you do not follow my instructions to the letter and you will be dually punished for such transgressions. Do you understand dear?"

"Yes ma'am," I replied as I hung my head in shame at the embarrassment I felt at the noises my body was making.

After repeating the process two more times, Sandra gave me a cloth and some soap and told me to clean myself up, put my panties back on and met her in her room again as quickly as possible.

Sandra was once again seated at her chair, playing with a weird shaped object. She looked up and used the object to point at a spot directly in front of her.

"On your knees," she commanded," Do you know what this is dear?"

"No ma'am." I replied meekly.

"It's a butt plug. This one has a little surprise in it." She said as she handed the object to me.

As I took it from her hand I notified it was attached to wire, I almost dropped it when she turned it on and it started to vibrate.

Laughing, Sandra took it out of my hands and said," Turn around dear and put your face on the floor so your pretty pantied ass is high and open."

I did as she told me, I felt her hands on my back as she moved to my panties and slide them off of my butt so that I was exposed enough for her purpose. I felt the end slowly push into my opening, the deeper it went in the larger it got. I know it was only about four inches from the point to its widest spot and about three inches around, but it felt much bigger as Sandra slowly twisted and pushed it into place. Just when I thought I'd be ripped apart, I felt my ass muscles relax and close around the thinner base.

Sandra pulled my panties over the base of the butt plug and told me turn around, but to stay on my knees. When I was facing her she turned on at max. Instantly, my body quivered and I thought that I would cum again. Then, just as quickly she turned it off and I couldn't suppress the moan that escaped me.

Laughing at my discomfort Sandra said," My, wasn't that fun, eh dear? By the look on your face, I'd say that you enjoyed it. I think that this should be a daily chore for you also Kary, after your enema I want you to insert this devise into yourself. But, I will be the one to control the pleasure you receive from it. Is that clear dear?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Did you like it?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"Seeing that you have been so honest and obedient so far Kary, I believe you deserve a reward."

Sandra stood and began to undo her pants. As she peeled the leather from her body the imitation penis that she had attached to herself with a harness appeared before my eyes. I then noticed that the bulb she used to clean up my cum was attached to the fake cock. It looked even bigger than it had felt. I wasn't sure if I was excited or scared of what she would do next. I was breathing hard, I felt hot and flushed, My erection was aching and I wanted to touch it.

"Do you like my cock Kary?" She taunted as she waved it under my nose, " beg me, Beg your mistress to let you kiss it."

I looked up," Please ma'am?"

"Please ma'am what?"

"Please ma'am, may I kiss it?"

"Kiss what?"

"Please may I kiss your cock Ma'am?"

"Of course you can dear,"

She moved closer and let the head brush my lips and gave a little squeeze on the bulb. I felt the wetness as the fake cock moved across my lips.

"You will be doing a lot with more than just kissing my cock tonight dear." She told me with a wicked sounding chuckle," Lick up that precum you have on your lips and lick off the rest that you made drip from the end of my cock you nasty little slut."

As I started to lick up my own cum that was draining from the end of Sandra's fake cock, I started to get really excited. I always wondered what it would be like to suck cock. Even though it wasn't a real one, it was close enough for my first. I was getting incredibly turned on by what Sandra was making me do.

"Open your mouth girl, I want to fuck your pretty face slut." Sandra demanded.

As I felt the head pass my lips I started to snort and my body shock as I came into the rubber I wore once again. Sandra grabbed a handful of hair and started to move her cock in and out of my mouth.

After about a minute, she grab the bulb and said," Get ready to take my load bitch,"

She squeezed the bulb and I felt hit the roof of my mouth. She pulled the end away from my lips and shot a blast onto my face. I couldn't help myself, I grabbed her cock in both hands and tried to swallow it as she kept squeezing the bulb until there was nothing left. I kept on sucking on it as she sat back into the chair.

Sandra sighed," Oh baby, I knew you'd be a good cocksucker, Ken is going to love your enthusiasm. Just wait until you have a real cock between your lips, you'll never want suck on my piece of rubber again."

Sandra was rubbing my head forcing more of her cock into my mouth so that I couldn't tell her that her cock would always be special to me because it was my first. I would suck her cock with as much enthusiasm as I would her pussy.

" Yes Kary, you keep practicing while I tell you of what comes next."

Suddenly the butt plug began to vibrate. My body spasmed and Sandra began to laugh," My aren't we touchy, would you like me to tell you what I have planned for you next dear or should I just do it?"

I didn't know what to do, Sandra was holding my head so that I couldn't get her fake cock out of my mouth to answer her. All I could do was nod.

"Well, Seeing as you just nodded, I'll assume that you just want me to fuck your virgin ass."

She let go of my head and with her foot, pushed me off her cock. I did keep one hand wrapped around it, I just didn't want to lose contact. Mean while the butt plug started to increase in its vibrating until I thought I was cumming again. Then, Sandra stopped it completely.

With a sly look, she asked," What do you want, Kary?"

"I don't know ma'am, I've never done anything like this before, I'm not sure." I stammered.

As soon as I looked down, Sandra hit the max button again. I lurched forward as my body convulsed and as I groaned, Sandra made sure her cock found my lips. With another handful of hair started fucking my face. Every time she pulled out, The vibes in my ass would decrease and as she tried to force her cock down my throat, the vibes jumped to max.

I didn't even try to count the number of times Sandra forced my head down, but when I felt myself ejaculate again I felt my nose touch the flesh just below her leather vest I knew I would not deny her anything. Her skin felt as hot as mine. I couldn't stop shivering. I wanted to beg her to fuck my ass.

" That was wild babe," Sandra cooed at me," Are you ready to tell me what you want Kary?"

I nodded and moaned onto her cock. Sandra let my head go so I could answer her, "Yes ma'am."



After I caught my breath and calmed down, which wasn't easy with Sandra playing with the controls of the butt plug she had forced into my ass.

"Well," Sandra asked, " what do you want my pretty little sissy slut?"

"I want you to do me with your cock Ma'am." I replied without looking up.

"I think that you can do better than that," She turned the plug to max again and I started to shake." And you will have too if you want it dear."

"But first, I think I would like some wine. Bring me the white wine and a glass. Hurry back dear."

As I stood on shaky legs Sandra turned down the butt plug and placed the control inside the front of my panties." No touching now. We need a longer wire so that I can control you anywhere in the house, any time."

I heard Sandra's sly giggle turn into a vicious laugh as I stumbled down the stairs in my over frustrated state of mind. I moved as fast as I could so I wouldn't keep her waiting. I also had a feeling that Sandra was going to tease me for some time before she would take my cherry.

When I once again, stood before her, she removed the control from my panties and motioned for me to kneel at her feet again. She used the butt plug control when I didn't get down quick enough for her.

"Place the tray on the floor beside you and pour for me like a well trained maid should dear."

Every time I tried to tip the bottle to pour, Sandra would max the butt plug. This caused me to spill some on the tray. By the time I filled the glass I'm sure that at least one quarter of the bottle laid on the spilled on the tray.

"Dear, dear Kary, What should we do with such a sloppy Maid?" she smirked. "I guess you'll just have to lick it up."

Somewhere inside of me a small little part of my old self screamed at the degradation Sandra was inflicting on me. But the new me was getting more turned on as I excepted every order without hesitation. Sandra slowly increased the vibration in my ass the closer I got to the tray and as my tongue made contact with the wine it was on max again. Every time my tongue reached out to the tray, she would hit the max button, then shut it off completely when I lifted my face from the tray to swallow.

After about fifteen minutes my body felt like I was having convulsions, I was sure that I had cum in my panties at least once, But I was so excited I couldn't be sure. Just as I had gotten the tray as clean as I could, Sandra reached for the bottle and poured some more onto the tray and laughed while filling her glass.

"I know you were enjoying your wine as much as I enjoyed watching you lick it up dear. Besides, the wine will help loosen you up for the nights highlight."

As I bent to resume my licking Sandra slapped my ass and demanded," Were are your manners slut." Followed be several more slaps.

"Thank you Ma'am," I blurted out in pain and surprise," I'm sorry ma'am, I won't forget my manners again, I promise."

With one final slap, Sandra pointed to the tray and laughed evilly at my subservience.

It seemed to take even longer this time to clean the tray. Sandra still kept me on the edge of sanity with the controls of the vibrating butt plug. When the tray was cleaned to her satisfaction she used a toe to straighten me up.

Once again Sandra fixed me with an evil glare and said," Tell your mistress what you want slut. Beg for it."

Without a thought I replied with a nervous pleading voice," Please ma'am, will you fuck me with your beautiful cock? I want your cock inside of me, I need to feel your wonderful cock inside of me ma'am."

"Well now my sissy slut, since you have put it that way, I think I could oblige you. But first there's something I'm sure you need to attend to."

She pulled me towards her rubber cock again," Better get it nice and wet for that virgin hole of yours first. I wouldn't want to hurt you too much your first time."

She used her toes to slide my panties to my knees, then pushed my mouth away from her cock. She removed the bulb and pointed to the condom. I had cum so many times that it looked like I had a water balloon tied to my crotch,

Slowly she slid it off saving all but a little, with a sly grin she filled and replaced the bulb. She handed me back the condom and watched, as I licked it clean without hesitation.

Moaning, Sandra breathed throatily," You don't know how hot that looks slut, if this cock was real, it would be shooting all over your face right now."

With that said she rubbed the end across my lips and squeezed a small amount of cum out. Without thinking, I licked the end of her cock and she rewarded me with another squirt. I was really beginning to enjoy being a cocksucker and forced as much cock down my throat as I could before Sandra pushed me away.

"Don't worry lover," she cooed," I'll want to cum over your face after I take your cherry and give you a fucking like you never dreamed."

Sandra walked to the bed and pointed." Kneel here on the edge of the bed and don't loose your panties. I want to see them around your ankles so you have something to reach for."

With nervous anticipation, I crawled onto the bed. Sandra forced my face down until my shoulders were flat on the mattress. Slowly she rubbed the end of her fake cock up and down the cleft of my cheeks. My body shuddered every time she pushed on the butt plug.

Suddenly, without warning, Sandra twisted and pulled out the plug and drove her rubber penis into my ass before the muscles could contract. I muffled a scream into the mattress and my knuckles turned white as I grasped the blankets in my fists. My ass throbbed around her cock and I feel myself clenching and releasing it as I waited for Sandra's next move.

" Did that hurt sissy?" she said in a mocking voice," poor little slut, didn't you know there is always a little bit of pain when a cherry is involved."

She laughed and rubbed my back and ass cheeks for a moment. When she noticed that I had begun to relax, she slowly began to move. First I felt the pressure in my ass ease as Sandra withdraw, then she pushed against me until I flinched.

"It's going in rather quicker than I thought Kary, I didn't think you'd take half of my cock by the second push."

I remember feeling proud as she spoke, I knew how big her fake cock was and I wanted it all.

Even though I felt like my ass was on fire, I was so turned on I knew I could bear the pain. Sandra withdrew slightly, and when she start to push into again I met her thrust. I groaned as my discomfort grew, but I couldn't help but push back harder

"My Kary you really want your ass fucked, don't you slut?" she laughed.

"Yes ma'am, please."

Sandra laughed again and started to move in and out, driving the rubber cock deeper and deeper with every thrust. I felt a combination of pain, then a sensation I can't describe even now, as she pulled out slightly.

When I finally felt Sandra's hot flesh contact my back, I felt her hips shakes

"Oh God Baby I'm cumming," Sandra yelled, " Ugh, I'm really going to fuck your ass hard now."

Sandra started to slam into me, she would pull her cock out until it was just touching my anus, then drive it back into the hilt. Every time I felt her stomach slap against my ass, my body convulsed. I don't know how long it lasted, but the last thing I remember was my body going numb and falling flat on the bed shivering from head to toe every time Sandra moved. I couldn't even talk. I just panted along with Sandra who fell with me. Driving deep into me. She wrapped a leg under me and helped me so that we rolled onto our sides with my first cock still buried deep inside.

" Oh ma'am, you fuck so good." I sighed.

Gasping for breath, Sandra whispered into my ear," You're a good fuck slut, but just wait until Ken gives you a piece of real cock."

I quivered at her words, I got excited at the prospect of a real penis inside of me. Wondering if there would be a different kind of sensation. I remember seeing the bulge in Ken's tight swimsuit last summer at the beach when Sandra was teasing him. I couldn't remember how long it was for sure, but I was sure that it was thicker than the one in me now. My body shivered again at the thought.

Sandra slapped my ass cheek saying," You're such a wanton, little slut Kary, are you still cumming?"

I just groan as she pushed me off and away from what I knew I could never live without again.

Sandra sat up on the edge of the bed, "Get up you lazy thing," she demanded," You're not finished yet."

She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off the bed until was once again on my knees in front of her, facing the center of all my desires.

" You still haven't got your reward," she said with a grin," Come and suck it out, Kary, show my cock how much you liked getting fucked by it dear."

Without a thought I engulfed as much as of the rubber penis as I could. I don't even remember the taste or smell, or if there was any. I didn't care. I just wanted to please the penis that had given me such pleasure. I wanted to give my all for Sandra. I wanted it to last for as long as it could. I sucked and buried that cock deep into my throat for about ten minutes before Sandra spoke again.

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