tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Stripper Debut!

My Stripper Debut!


I have been asked a little bit more about some of my experiences of the past and a couple of you have asked for more of my naughtier exploits in my late teens. I cannot add my earlier experiences here due to the rules of Literotica.

Mike, my husband also likes me to share these with you as well as it gets him hard thinking what a slut I was at times, and also how I have had some lovely replies and comments from you guys, and girls, on here.

I have already shared many and intend to share some of my experiences relating to:

1. My mums vibrator and how I found one of their (mum and dads) porno videos, watched it and used mums vibro on myself.

2. How I got a bit of a reputation for sucking guys off at school and how I had my first multi cock experience.

3. How I met Eric, my first older lover, and how he introduced me to bigger sex toys and also to some fun times with him and some of his friends.

4. How I behaved very slutty on my summer holidays abroad, fucking and sucking with over 30 guys on two separate holidays, experiencing my first three way fuck with two guys on one occasion and having my first double penetration fun with them, this was repeated a couple more times on subsequent holidays as well.

5. How I acted as a waitress for a poker night for five older guys and how they had fun, fucking and sucking with me.

I have also added some of my teasing fun, since my marriage to Mike, with our elderly neighbour Frank, and now his friends too. And how he and they have now gotten to the stage of me fucking, sucking and wanking them off, fingering and licking me out etc, all with my husbands permission.

A couple of you wanted to know more about the older guys who I had let fuck me for the poker night.

I had intimated I had met a few of them again for fun, as groups and singles and one of the sexiest nights I had with them was on one of their birthdays when I was still just 19.

I had a phone call from one of the guys at the poker night, Peter, who informed me it was soon to be Fred's birthday, and that he was planning a surprise party for him.

I asked what was the plan and he said he had booked an upstairs room in one of our local pubs, and that he had invited some 15-20 or so of Fred's old work colleagues and friends along.

The plan was to have a bit of a drink and general birthday bash, the bar had put on some food and the room was to be used privately by the group and no one else.

I could sense this was heading somewhere and immediately said...

"15-20!,don't get any ideas!"

Peter laughed and said for me not to be so daft and that he hadn't intended to ask me to fuck them all!

I replied I was keen to help, but that for so many if I was to do anything" then I would have to feel safe and that there was no way I would be taking on that many!

He said to me he had merely been phoning to see if I wanted to come along, but that if I was agreeable then maybe I could do a little striptease or something for Fred?

Now okay, by this point I had a fair bit of experience when it came to sex.

I had enjoyed oral, threesomes, group sex, anal and of course a lot of toy play. But the thought of so many people seeing me was, I confess a bit nerve wracking and also a bit exciting at the same time.

I told Peter I would think it over and let him know in a day or so,the party was scheduled for the following weekend and whatever I decided I would be going along to say happy birthday to Fred anyway.

I had butterflies for the next 48 hours!

I couldn't make my mind up. At first it got me really horny thinking of it, and then I would feel absolute dread and worry that this was too far of a leap. It was one thing to do some of the things I had done in private and behind closed doors, but it was totally another to contemplate doing some of them in 'public' so to speak.

After much deliberation I contacted Peter and said I would turn up, bringing an outfit with me and would see how I felt on the night.

He understood, and was happy enough for me to be giving it consideration, reiterating that he and the other guys would 'take care' of me and that nothing would happen without my consent and agreement.

The Saturday night arrived and I went to the bar for a couple of drinks before hand to meet up with the guys and we waited for Fred too arrive.

I had dressed casually, in jeans, boots and a plain blouse. Nothing too overtly sexual as I didn't want to give the wrong impression to anyone who hadn't met me before!

The room was up two flights of stairs, at the back of the pub and the landlord had previously set up the room for us and so we wouldn't be disturbed again.

Any drinks we wanted was taken care of by Fred's friends, they had put a kitty behind the bar and the drinks were pre paid for, the room had its own little bar area, which the landlord had staffed with one of his sons.

I was the only female there and stood out like a bit of a sore thumb, the guys who knew me were obviously being very attentive and I was being furnished with drinks and generally spoilt.

In total 14 had turned up excluding me, and of course the barman's son made up the numbers in the room.

I was introduced to a couple of the the guys from Fred's previous work, another couple from a club he was a member of and some more from various previous times in Fred's life. They were all very pleasant, very attentive and most of all very charming.

After a half an hour or so Fred arrived and was brought up to the room by another of his friends.

We all greeted him and he was genuinely surprised and seemed very happy with the wee get together.

By this time the drinks were flowing and everyone was getting in the spirit of things.

Fred, on seeing me, gave me a hug and a wee peck and said how nice it was of me to come along etc. We chatted and it was all very merry and convivial.

One of the guys I was sitting at a table with asked me, "What is in the bag you have?"

I blushed a little and told him Peter had asked if I would do a little turn for Fred, a little striptease or something and that I had brought an outfit and undies to change into if all went well and I agreed to do it.

His eyes lit up at the mention of undies, and he asked me if I was a dancer or stripper, and had I done it before.

I told him no I hadn't but that as Fred was a close friend and as it was his birthday I was asked if I would mind doing it.

He then asked, "Well are you going too?"

This was the crux time, decision time. I had been having a great time and all the guys seemed very nice and all very gentle and kind. the idea of stripping in front of so many remained a bit worrying, but the feeling of sexual excitement had far outweighed any nerves I may have had.

I thought for a moment or two and then simply I said, "I was yes!"

He smiled at me warmly and said "I bet old Fred will love it."

I answered by saying, "Yes I hope he will." And that I hoped they "Would all enjoy it, although I am very nervous."

Peter motioned over to me and as I approached him he asked if I had made up my mind. I told him I just had and that I was game for it as long as it was just a strip and maybe some teasing. Also I added that the barman's son would need to be away as well, as I didn't want anyone outside our party seeing it as well.

He said he would take care of it, and that there was a small cupboard in the hall that I could get changed in, he had already put a mirror and chair etc in there for me in the hope I would agree!

I went out of the room quietly and into the small cupboard. I was still very nervous and despite the few Gin and tonics I had consumed I had a few butterflies in my tummy still!

I slowly changed into the costume I had brought, a naughty nurse outfit...

A short blue dress with a matching nurse hat, black seamed nylon stockings, black see through panties, a black push up bra and a pair of ludicrously red high heels that Eric had previously bought me.

I put on a lot of lipstick to show off my lips and straightened myself off. Getting ready had begun to turn me on. The feeling of the nylons on my legs, the shortness of the uniform and the allround excitement of going ahead with it. My cunt was already getting wetter and wetter.. I was shaking like a leaf!! I had a gulp of my G&T and waited for Peter to give me a knock.

After a few moments he knocked on the door and said the coast was clear.

He had asked the barman to leave as they could manage the bar themselves for a while, and he had readily agreed to leave. He must have been bored out of his skull with just a load of middle aged men to serve in the room.

I stepped out of the cupboard and Peters eyes lit up as he looked at me.

"Sexy as ever Anna sweetheart," he kindly said to me.

I was still shaking a bit as he said, "Don't worry you will be fine. we are all friends here and I will look after you."

I kissed him on the cheek and said if I wanted to stop at any point I would just say his name out loud and that was his key to get me out of there if needed!

He reminded me not to be silly and that nothing would happen at all without my consent and say so.

Peter went in first and turned on a CD player with the stripper song playing. I took a deep breath and slpwly approached the room, peeking around the door to see Fred sat in the middle of the room on a chair and all the other guys standing or sitting in a circle to the side and front of him.

I hooked a leg around the door to a great cheer and waggled it a bit, flashing my suspender tops as I did so.

Then I slowly fully entered the room. Just me and over a dozen guys. As I entered I got a large chorus of wolf whistles and a lot of cheers and general noises of approval.

I walked into the middle of the room and swayed a bit, trying to dance a little in time to the stripper song and also a little from feeling giddy with nerves and excitement. My fanny was beginning to get that ever so familiar tingle and wet patch starting to flow.

I walked over to Fred and stood in front of him as he sat on the chair. He was beaming a huge smile and mouthed 'thank you' to me as I approached him.

I gave him a wink and lent forward to expose my cleavage to him, as I did so I parted my legs, stiffened them and waggled my arse in the air for the guys standing around and behind me. They must have got a very good view of my stockinged legs and my arse in my see through panties as I did so.

I paraded around in front of Fred and went around the back of his chair, leaning over him to rub my titties in the back of his balding head.

I then stood in front of him and pushed my cleavage together for the viewing pleasure of the other guys and at this point I had my back to Fred. I repeated my bending over bit, this time Fred getting a good faceful of my knickered arse a few inches from his face.

The cheers were still continuing, and the music was still going as I hooked one leg up onto the side of Fred's chair and ran my hands down my black stockinged leg. I repeated it on the other side, again giving a good view of my legs and arse to all the men behind and to the side of me.

I twanged my suspender belt and made a play of fixing the clasps on them to try and add a bit of sensuality to the performance!

Fred was smiling from ear to ear and any inhibitions I had were soon evaporating. The atmosphere was charged with a tension, but at the same time a good tension, everyone was smiling and laughing and they all seemed so happy and jolly.

The music stopped with me standing in front of Fred, as I bent down to touch my shoes on either foot, my slutty nurses uniform was riding right up at this point showing my full length of legs and my arse in my panties.

As the music stopped the guys began booing and cries of, "More, more," went around.

I looked at Peter, smiled and nodded and he put the music on again, this time a lot quieter, and he must have pressed a repeat button because it didn't stop for quite some time!

At first I did a similar routine, plenty of bending over, plenty of pushing my titties up etc, but then I teasingly got Fred to unbutton my uniform from the poppers at the front.

He was egged on as each button unpopped, and I could see his hands trembling as he undid the last one. I could also hear some of the comments of the other guys around the room as I did so...

"Look at her fucking arse."

"Fucking hell what a set of legs."

"Fuck me I hope she gets her tits out."

All manner of comments were being exchanged between the guys as I stood in front of Fred as he carefully opened up my nurses uniform.

I let it fall from my shoulders and onto the floor. Again a loud cheer was let loose from the other guys watching and I was now stood in front of them all in just my heels, stockings, bra, see through panties and nurses hat!

At this point I was becoming increasingly aware of my own wet patch that was now fully formed over my pussy area, and of how see through my see through panties really were!

I was now also aware of the obvious bulges sticking out of the trousers of the guys I could see standing around me.

The music continued on its loop and I continued my little strip tease dance.

I was waggling my arse for all to see and also shaking my titties as best as I could.

I then lent forward to Fred and said to him loud enough for evryone to hear, "Undo my bra bithday boy."

I pushed my titties towards him and he got his hands around my back and felt for the clasp. A cheer went around as he unhooked me and I let the bra fall down my arms.

I wiggled my titties in his face a bit and he stuck his tongue out at them. I moved forward slightly and let him lick the nipples on each breast a couple of times, making loud noises of 'Oooh's and 'Aaah's' as he did so!

I seductivley ran my tongue over my lips, licking them as Fred teased my nipples with his tongue end.

The other guys were all standing watching intently now as Fred began to properly suck at my tits, one after the other, really getting his mouth around them and giving me a good tit sucking. He sucked, licked and chewed on my tits and nipples in full view of the other guys for a while, this was getting my cunny very wet indeed!

I told him to stand up and started to unbutton his shirt. In no time at all I had it off and I got onto the floor and crawled around the chair on all fours, waggling my arse as I paraded around.

Settling in front of him and giving his nipples a playful tweak and also a little suck and lick of their own, whilst still on all fours I arched my back and bucked backwards, imitating a fucking motion, gesturing to the other guys, as though I was being fucked doggy style.

I mouthed the words 'Oh fuck me, yes fuck me harder' as I continued my fake doggy style bucking.

I again could hear some of the comments passed between them...

"Fucking hell look at that arse! Id love to see that getting a good cocking."

"Oh fuck look at her she's fucking incredible."

"Jesus poor old Fred must have a stiffy like a tent pole."

This only served to keep me going and by now my damp patch was not a damp patch, my knickers were fucking soaking wet at the front.

I told Fred to stand up and slowly unbuckled his belt. He mouthed to me, "Are you sure? I'm a bit stiff."

I laughingly replied, "I know I can see that!"

I lowered his trousers again to round of applause and cheers and Fred sat down to allow me to take them fully off.

He was now sat in just his underpants, his socks and his shoes!!

I stood up and swayed my hips in front of him and pressed my pantied cunt forward into about 2-3 inches from his face area.

I could sense my strong fanny juice odour and also was aware that a couple of the guys to the side of me were now rubbing their crotch areas through their trousers.

"Get em off!" was the cry I could hear from the guys and as I looked around I smiled and did a little turn.

I pulled my panties right up tight over my fanny, as I was so wet the front part of my gusset easily slipped up inside my crack. I stood and pulled them into my wet fanny as I faced the 'audience.'

Fred put his hands on my arse and helped push the rear of them up my arse crack. by now my panties were merely a thin strip of soggy, wet, black lace as I tugged gently and rhythmically on them, tensing the material over my ever stiffening clit.

Fred then grasped either side of them and simply tugged hard! I thought he was going to slip them down my legs but instead he literally ripped them off me!

They tore at the seams and I span around stunned.

"I will buy you a dozen new pairs don't worry!" he smiled at me.

I laughed and wagged my finger at him,"Naughty boy!" I said.

The other guys cheered again and now I was fully exposed. Only my stockings, suspender belt, high heels and nurses cap remained on!

I stood up poker straight, parted my legs and then bent right over to touch my shoes, I repeated it on both sides of Fred and as I did so my ever moistening cunt was on full view for all the guys to see. Loud appreciative noises could be hard and again more dirty comments...

"Fucking hell look at her twat."

"Christ she's fucking wide open, she must be sopping wet."

"Oh fuck that's one nice young gash."

"Her cunts so wide already, what a dirty bitch."

These comments only spurred me on again and by now I was determined to really give them a good fucking show.

I sat on Fred's lap, facing outwards towards the guys and positioned my wet fanny over his bulge in his underpants. I mock fucked up and down a couple of times, the tip of his cock touching my fanny through his underpants. His cock end, encased in his briefs, nudging against my wet and wide open cunt lips.

As I did so I teased a finger in and out of my mouth and made eye contact with a few of the guys.

I mouthed, "I'm so fucking horny," to them in turn. As I slowly teased Fred by slipping my wet cunt onto his covered cock. Each dip took my cunt closer to being impaled in his underpant covered hard on.

I then slowly slid down him and onto the floor. I was on all fours again and I began to ease his underpants down, side by side slowly.

As I did so I could feel everyone looking at my arse. I parted my legs and hooked a hand around and slipped a finger up my absolutely soaking cunny. I then fingered myself for a few strokes, easily slipping a second and third finger up me.

The cheers went up and I was urged to finger fuck myself by my admiring audience.

"Go on get your fucking fist up," was one cry I heard coming from my horny onlookers.

By now Fred's underpants were fully off, and his rock hard cock was standing up stiff, straight and bright red. I licked my lips and made an exaggerated O shape with my mouth and slowly eased my mouth on to his cock. The cheers went up again.

I wantonly took him into my mouth and eagerly slurped on his rock solid cock for a few minutes, really getting to work on it.

Licking him up and down his full length, licking his balls and taking him fully into my mouth. His cock was solid now. I sluttily spat onto his hard cock, letting my spittle dribble down the length of his shaft before slurping at it and cleaning his rock solid prick up. I repeated this a few times. He had my spit over all over his cock and balls and the other guys had moved ever closer in to get a better view.

I sucked and sucked, again making the gurgling noises I know men like, and also pouching his cock in my cheeks at the side and staring at some of the guys as my mouth was stuffed with Fred's cock. Their eyes meeting mine as I had my mouth full of freds hard cock.

I stopped licking him and asked one of the guys to pass me an empty champagne bottle that was standing on the bar top.

I placed it on the floor in front of Fred, asked him to stand up for a moment and as he did so I positioned myself over the top of the champagne bottle.

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