tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Student Pat Ch. 01

My Student Pat Ch. 01


I am a Math professor in a community college. One of my students was Pat. With 20 years, she already was a divorced single mom. She was one of those pretty girls that could have been a model, but her hormones won the game and she got pregnant at 16. After four years, she decided to redo her life and enrolled in college, and there she was in my class.

She was an attractive woman. Slightly tanned, with straight long black hair reaching her waist and a pair of the most piercing green eyes that I had seen in my life. I saw her potential to continue studies on a four year college, so I started to motivate her. Within two months, she began to sit at the first row of the class, participating, and later she began to stay a few more minutes after class to ask about the day's material or simply talk about her son. The reality was that I didn't bother – she had beautiful rounded C-cups breasts, a thin waist culminating in a pair of hard as stone ass cheeks and two well toned legs – as said before, a model. I often wondered if she was lesbian because although always using tight clothes that show her big assets, in four months that I knew her she had never accepted an invitation from any of the guys in class – and she received a few every day.

One day she came to class with a skirt above her knees. She always sat down with her legs a little bit opened, and it did not distract me at all, since she normally wore pants. But that day she sat down as usual, allowing me to have an open look of her tiny panties. Her black skirt made a sharp contrast with the beige thong she was wearing. The thong was so thin that her labia was basically exposed – and the material was almost translucent, so I could see her whole pussy from the front of the classroom. Having a young attractive woman showing her pussy for 45 minutes have an effect even in the most professional man. During most of the lecture, I had to sit at my desk to hide the massive erection Pat provoked in me. As usual, she stayed a few minutes after class and asked me if I felt alright. I told her that I was OK, and I tried to concentrate on answering her questions while trying to avoid showing my still engorged penis.

A few weeks passed and I forgot what happened with Pat – until she came again to class in a short skirt during the final exam. Again she sat with her legs open, allowing me to see her fat, shaven pussy. My penis reacted as expected, growing to full length. Because it was the final exam, I decided to stay seated through the whole period. I kept looking at Pat's pussy allowing my dick to grow maximum length – about 8 inches long and 6.5 inches thick. I could feel the tip getting moist, just thinking of fucking that young pussy.

During the test, Pat rose to ask me a question about the test. I decided to let her know the effect of her actions on me – after all I would not see her again after the following day. I had nothing to loose, and being divorced about two years before this happened, my sex life was very limited to occasional one night stands and my hand. A young 20 years pussy would make a good difference.

When Pat was close, I separated from the desk and turned to face her. She could notice the length and girth of my dick through my jeans. I knew she saw it because she blushed and stuttered when asking. I answered her question and kept looking at her opened legs through the rest of the examination.

One by one the students finished their exams. Pat always was the last one to finish her exams and that day was no exception. During the exam I stood up to close and lock the door – it had a small curtain to avoid distractions, so I told Pat that I was closing the curtain so she did not get distracted. That was a routine during my exams, so she did not suspect anything – but I noticed she was glancing at my erection. My erection was still wanting to escape from my pants – giving the teasing bitch a taste of her own medicine. I allowed her to have a good look at the outline of my dick, as they stretched the material of my jeans. I even adjusted the monster so it rested over my right thigh. When I sat back on my seat, I went to look back at her fat pussy – and noticed that the material on her thong was wet. The bitch was horny from seeing the outline of my erection!

One hour after the last student had finished his exam, Pat finally stood from her seat and delivered her exam. I also stood and before she reached the door, I grabbed her from her shoulders, turned her to face me, and kissed her on her lips. She was surprised, but the second time she kissed me back. I grabbed her left hand and placed it on my package.

"This is your fault Pat. You, showing that pussy during the whole class got me like this. What are you going to do about it?" I said this in a playful tone, but an octave lower than my regular voice. She squeezed lightly, but did not answer. "Well, I have an idea..." I said and immediately turned her around so her ass faced me. I bent her on top of my desk and raised her tight skirt, allowing me to see her nice ass. After caressing them and giving that hard ass a few slaps, I put her thong down and passed my finger across her vagina. Pat was dripping wet and I tasted a little bit of her juices. Without hesitation, I pulled out my dick which was already dripping pre-cum and began rubbing it on her pussy while telling her "Oh Pat I'm going to fuck you hard, as hard as you had ever been fucked."

I impaled her in two strokes. Pat let out a short scream that excited me even more. I began a rhythmic in-and-out, grabbing her waist , grabbing her breasts through the fabric of her blouse, pinching her erected nipples that already were pressing the fabric. I was fucking her hard, without regard that she was half my age and my student. The only thing in my head was the pleasure her young and surprisingly tight pussy was giving me. I increased my pace, burying my whole length in her moist pussy while slapping her hard ass. What an ass!

But I was not the only one enjoying this. Pat started to moan loudly, surprising me when between moans she began to say "Yes Professor, thank you Professor" every time my balls hit her ass. I exited her and turned her around. I wanted to see her face while she climaxed. She opened her eyes wide when she saw my erect dick glistening with our juices. "Oh God, please keep fucking me, PLEASE". I ain't God, but who was I to say no to that request? I opened her legs and entered again, this time fucking her even harder, without restraints, rocking the solid wood desk where I was fucking my dear Pat every time I pushed the whole 8 inches inside that young pussy and almost retrieving it before pushing it back with all my might.

After a few minutes, Pat was howling "I'M CUMMMMMMIIIIIIINGGGG..... GGGGOOOOOD! She climaxed violently, almost throwing me away from her. It was too much for me and I let her know. She told me to cum inside her – she had surgery to avoid kids after having her baby. I did, cumming buckets of man juice inside her.

Recovering after the fuck of the century, I removed my slowly shrinking dick from Pat. She knelled in front of me and without words, she started to clean it with her mouth. The she stood up and said "Thank you Professor. Thank you, thank you" she repeated, while she hugged and kissed me.

"You are welcomed. We can repeat it whenever you want."

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