tagBDSMMy Student Pat Ch. 02

My Student Pat Ch. 02


After fucking Pat in the classroom, the reality of the situation sank on me. She was a student -- if she decided to present a complaint, I would loose my job. If anyone heard or saw something, even with the locked door, I still could loose my job. FUCK! I shouldn't had sex with her, but that pussy... and that ass! Hard, round, young,... so good to the touch, so nice to slap again and again! Damn, I was already so hard when I got home that evening that I had to masturbate to be able to concentrate on grading.

I graded all the exams and to no surprise, Pat did well on it. She was a bright student -- and a hot one too. Why was she thanking me so much after I fucked her so hard? I knew she was a single mom, but I did not think that such a hot woman could be celibate -- lesbian or straight. Did she seduced me on purpose as an insurance to receive a good grade? All those questions would be answered the next day -- the last day of the semester.

Next day, I was nervous. The students would come to my office to receive the final grade for the course, and I had to wait the whole day in my office for their arrival. I did not know what to say to Pat, and I was afraid of how she would react when alone with me in the office. I was afraid of a scene -- she claiming that I raped her or something like that. In the first time of my 40 years, I was both excited and scared to death. The students arrived as expected to receive their grades. Throughout the day, I was buried with student conferences but the thoughts about Pat came back every time I was alone waiting for the next group of students.

Most of the other professors already finished with their conferences by noon. They asked me to go out with them, but I still had a dozen students that haven't show up -- including Pat. By 5 of the afternoon, the campus was basically deserted, as usual on a last day of classes. I was almost ready to pack my stuff when a knock on the door stopped me on my tracks. It was Pat. She looked stunning, even using an old t-shirt and her regular tight jeans. She had her hair done in a long braid that made her look even younger than her 20 years.

"Professor" she asked shyly at the open door "can I come in?"

"Sure Pat. Please sit down" I answered, without knowing what to expect.

She came into the office and closed the door as was normal when students were conferencing with their professors. She sat down at the chair next to my desk and waited for me to sit on my chair and get her papers.

"Pat, before I give your grades, we need to talk about yesterday..."

"Professor, don't worry about it." She said that looking at me with those green eyes and blushing deeply. "I wanted it, really, I needed it. You know, when I noticed your erection yesterday, I did not know what to do. I have never saw a penis of that size before, and honestly, I haven't had any sex besides my vibrator for three years. I realized that I caused your erection when I remembered that I was wearing a short skirt -- and that you could see my underwear because I kept my legs open. That thought made me hotter and hotter during the exam -- that's why it took me so long to finish it, I couldn't concentrate..."

While she was talking, she looked at the floor, partly excited and partly ashamed of what she was saying. That mix of emotions, her looks, her admission that she wanted the sex, and the memories of the previous day events started to make my dick hard again. God, I needed to fuck this girl again soon!

"Professor, I have to tell you something... I really liked what you did to me yesterday. You made me feel things that no one made me feel. I believed that men were dead for me after my relationship with my kid's dad, but after yesterday... I couldn't stop thinking about you and your cock..."

Hearing Pat saying "cock" surprised me. She had never used street language in my presence -- I liked that she was not a prude and I wanted to tell her that it was not my intention to scare her or anything, but that, like her, I had been without sex for too long and her little show brought back my instincts.

Before I could start telling her, I noticed that she was knelt before me, looking straight at my face.

"Professor, please let me suck your cock, please let me..."

I had heard about women addicted to cock, but this was new for me. Right in front of me, I had one of the most beautiful women I knew, begging me to allow her to suck me! My dick was full, showing a tent on my trousers. The thought was too much to resist...

"Please Professor... PLEEAAASSEE..." Her face was the face of an addict waiting for the dose. Her eyes were opened, her lower lip was trembling, and her cheeks were blushed. This girl was an apparent submissive -- and I would try to take an advantage of this situation.

"OK, Pat, but with one condition" I said as I turned so my erection faced her "You will do as exactly as I tell you. Every time we are together, you will follow my instructions without questioning or doubting them." Her face lighten up like a kid receiving a long awaited Christmas gift. "By the way, you are not going to take any other class with me. If this is going to work, I can't be worrying about my job."

"Yes, Professor, I accept..." she said almost in trance, looking at me while I freed my erection from my pants.

"You can start whenever you want..." I haven't finished saying the sentence when she started licking my head and my shaft. She rapidly wrapped her lips on my dick's engorged head and started sucking it noisily. I could feel her moans making my dick vibrate inside her mouth. Slowly, she introduced inch after inch of my monster into her mouth, using her tongue under my shaft, under my head, moaning constantly as if eating a candy. She was not using her hands at all. She had them on my tights, bobbing her head, swirling it to accommodate more and more of my cock inside her mouth. She was sucking it as if her life depended on it -- and I loved every second of it. I was getting an expert blow job from my personal sex slave and the power I felt was incredible. I began to feel the familiar sense before cumming and forgetting that pat was my newly acquired sex slave I told her I was ready to cum. To my surprise, she buried more of my dick inside her mouth, looked straight to my eyes, and started to suck harder and move her tongue faster than ever.

I couldn't hold anymore and exploded hard and deep inside her mouth. She swallowed every single drop while looking at me and continued until no more came out of my spent balls.

Pat finally released the vise grip her mouth had my cock and stroke it a few times with a big smile on her face before putting it back into my trousers. She zipped my pants and placing her head on my lap, she started to thank me again for allowing her to suck my cock.

"Pat, what plans do you have for the weekend?" I asked , caressing her black hair and thinking if I was dreaming.

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