tagLoving WivesMy Stud's Special Secret

My Stud's Special Secret


My name is Nikki and I think I've got a different take on this cuckold thing so many of you guys seem so nuts about these days.

I'm 28, a former stripper who found the hung stud she'd always dreamed of about a year ago in the form of my boyfriend Drake. He was older than me, though I honestly didn't know how much at first, just that he was in his late 30s or early 40s, built like a brick house and hung like a stud stallion, with 10 very thick, uncut inches of hard, muscled man-meat that he knew just how to use. I'm 5-4, with shoulder length natural blond hair and blue eyes, with the same perfectly toned, 34-24-35 figure that made me a lot of money back in my dancing days.

Drake and I did everything together -- and I mean everything -- right from the start. You name it, we tried it -- threesomes, moresomes, bondage, exhibitionism, role-playing. If it felt good we did it over and over. He was the man of my dreams and virtually everything we seemed to do together centered around sex in some form or fashion, except when we got together with his friends Bill and Ellen, a married couple he knew through his work.

Though Drake was older than them -- they were both about my age, late 20s -- he seemed much younger somehow. They were one of those married couples that seemed to hit middle age right after their honeymoon, you know? He was flabby and overweight, prematurely balding. Ellen was lovely, dark haired, petite but really stacked, I knew, because she'd once told me her measurements were 36-24-36, which with her tiny, 5-1 frame I figured made her look pretty voluptuous. I say figured, because she always concealed her tanned, luscious body with the kind of frumpy, baggy dresses that hid everything from sight. Though I knew she was bound to look hot as hell beneath those neck-to-ankle monstrosities, she seemed just as much of a stick-in-the-mud as her meek, quiet husband, more concerned with church activities and charity work, the kind of couple I would have never dreamed would be such close friends with my kinky, hard-swinging boyfriend.

It was one of those charity events Bill and Ellen were always fussing about that brought me to their big, secluded home -- a gift from Bill's fabulously wealthy mom -- one Saturday morning after my usual weekend run at a nearby track. Drake had a weekend business trip and I'd decided to clean up the garage, running across several antiques Bill and Ellen had expressed an interest in for one of their charity sales.

It was a gorgeous spring morning, lots of windows open all over the big house as I reached the front door, knocking several times but getting no response, even though I thought I could hear something somewhere inside. Realizing how early it was I walked around to their sunroom, sliding open the glass door and knowing immediately from the smell they were in the kitchen having breakfast, the door leading into the kitchen wide open to let the sunshine in.

I walked over and was just about to step inside when a familiar voice froze me in place, my heart pounding.

"That was great baby, I was starved," came the voice.

It was Drake! I peeked around the corner of the doorway, my shock and surprise multiplying as I saw my boyfriend relaxing at the breakfast table, smoking and drinking coffee, wrapped in a robe, his hair slightly damp, as if he'd just come from the shower. A plate with a few scraps of eggs and toast sat at his elbow as he leaned casually back in his chair.

Sitting at the end of the table, his bare, flabby gut shivering was Bill, a bowl of cereal on the table in front of him. A sound from the sink caused me to look in that direction just as Ellen was turning to face the two of them. For the first of several times that morning I had to stifle a gasp as I took in the sight of her.

She was wearing a flimsy, almost transparent robe that barely covered her lush, womanly curves, her tanned cleavage openly displayed, high-heeled sandals accenting the tone and curve of her gorgeously shaped legs, hips and ass. Her heavy make up and teased, styled hair were just what her surprisingly slutty look called for, causing me to admit immediately to myself that I was right all along about little housewife Ellen -- she was a secret hottie!

And she was apparently ready to prove it. Though I'd never known her to smoke or curse, she was stubbing out a cigarette on the counter by the sink and sighing happily.

"I fuckin' love our weekends like this," she said softly, her eyes focusing on Drake.

She moved to stand on the other side of the table from him, holding his gaze while she licked her lips slowly, her hands toying with the belt of her robe, shifting her weight from side to side with sharp, sexy shapes of her succulent ass, the outline of her nipples already visible beneath the flimsy material.

"Time for me to get my breakfast ready now," she murmured as she swayed sexily over to my seated boyfriend, both hands caressing his upturned face as she settled into his lap, her legs straddling his legs.

Their kiss was slow, wet, erotic, lips suckling, softly nipping at each other, slightly open mouths wetly caressing, Ellen still stroking Drake's face gently with both hands, his own hands sliding around on her hips. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Bill losing interest in his cereal the second his wife emitted a muffled moan, the soft, sensuous sound seemingly holding him spellbound, his eyes widening as Drake's tongue expertly entered Ellen's eagerly accepting mouth.

The cheating wife sucked starvingly on my boyfriend's deeply probing tongue as she ground her bottom down into his lap, her arms slipping around his neck. Drake's hands became more demanding on her wickedly wiggling hips, grabbing and groping, slipping and sliding over the flimsy fabric separating him from her flesh. Their movements caused Ellen's robe to slip slightly open, affording me a glimpse of her tight, tanned tummy as their kiss gradually grew deeper, wetter, the hot housewife's tiny tongue sensuously circling Drake's much meatier, larger tongue before slowly swallowing it, her lips sliding along its slippery length until her oral cavity was filled with his smooth sweet heat, their open mouths sealing tightly together.

In the background I could see Bill staring intently as the passion of the adulterous fuckkiss grew right before our very eyes, the taboo twosome's muffled moans suddenly seeming to fill the entire house, the watching husband pushing back slightly from the table and moving his hands into his lap slowly, gingerly, as if afraid he would be noticed. Ellen was humping and grinding deeply into Drake's crotch, her hands slipping into his slightly parted robe to stroke his smooth, hairless chest as he masterfully tongue-fucked her anxiously accepting mouth.

By the time their long, passion-fueled fuckkiss ended I could feel my own body heating up, and apparently so could Bill as well. Though his hands remained in his lap, out of my view, I had no doubts he was fondling himself as he watched his wife squirming slowly, sensuously against Drake's crotch, tilting her head to the side with a deep, guttural groan as he started suckkissing wetly up and down the smooth, sensitive skin of her neck, both pairs of hands opening her robe to reveal her firm, tanned tits, her pink nipples already achingly hard. I couldn't resist cupping my pussy through my little running shorts as the two of them opened Drake's robe wider, giving Ellen plenty of room to start rubbing her bare breasts against his smooth chest as he kissed his way to the other side of her neck.

Bill looked mesmerized and I suppose I did too. Drake nuzzled and nipped at Ellen's neck, just below her ear, causing her to whimper and hump harder into his lap. He was looking right into Bill's eyes as he kissed and sucked deeply at her tender, sensitive flesh, murmuring words I couldn't make out against her skin, though whatever he was saying clearly sent Ellen into erotic overdrive.

The hot housewife's curvy, petite body went into a frenzy of frantic motion, her boobs bouncing wildly as she hunched Drake's crotch, at the same time peeling off her robe to reveal a tiny red thong, lifting up in his lap just long enough to let the fabric fall to the floor then settling her smooth, exposed asscheeks down on the huge lump filling his briefs with a loud, lewd groan, his hands grabbing her hips and grinding her roughly down against him, his mouth skimming wetly along her neck and bare shoulder, his eyes again on her watching husband as he murmured something softly, his glistening pink tongue teasing her ear as he spoke.

Ellen's response was immediate, her hands going to Drake's shoulders, using them to lift herself up, her swollen tits rubbing over his face as she pressed her thinly covered cunt into the hard, chiseled abs of his tight tummy. Both his hands slid down to cup her tan, gloriously gorgeous asscheeks, massaging and molding the bare, fleshy globes as he helped her fuck her barely concealed pussy against the stone-hard muscles of his flat stomach. With a wicked, wanton whimper she twisted her head to look at her husband as Drake started slurping noisily at her tits, her eyes wild with a mixture of lust and contempt.

"Yesss, watch us you fat-ass mama's boy," she hissed, arching her back, pressing her tits even tighter to the loudly lewd sucking of Drake's mouth as she stared into Bill's obviously aroused face. "Watch your wife enjoying the real man of this house."

Ellen clutched at the back of Drake's head with both hands, her upper arms on his shoulders, her eyes drooping shut as she shuddered and shook from the sex charged sensations of the oral assault on her breasts, his hungry mouth nursing noisily, hotly on her hard, pink nipples. She leaned her face down, eyes still closed, planting gentle kisses on the top of his head and sighing encouragement as he feasted furiously on her smooth, soft titflesh, wiggling her ass wickedly in his hands.

"Fuck yes, suck my tits, mark 'em with your hickeys while my sissy husband plays with his sissy little dick, get rough with 'em, chew on 'em, eat 'em right up," she babbled breathily, clutching at the back of Drake's head as he continued his sloppy slurping, craning her neck around to again face her husband. "Oh Bill it's so good, so nasty, you can't do this, he's such a fuckin' stud, feels like he's eatin' my tits right off my body, ohfuck yes beat that little dick you goddam sissy, beat off while your wife gives it up for her real man."

Bill could only croak out a hoarse groan in response as Ellen twisted back around to return her full attention to Drake, sinking her weight back down in his lap with a moan. Their mouths met in another steamy fuckkiss, Drake's tongue poking and probing deeply, his wide open robe giving me a clear view of Ellen's firm asscheeks massaging the big bulge in his briefs. Ellen's hands pushed the robe off his shoulders, working to get it off him, as he slowly slipped his tongue from her mouth and started to nuzzle her neck wetly, alternately kissing and sucking as he whispered softly to her.

Ellen climbed off Drake's lap and turned to face her husband with a wicked grin, cupping and massaging her spit-slickened tits as her fingers traced carefully over the line of deep red love bites that criss-crossed each well-tanned tit. Behind her my boyfriend peeled down his briefs, his thick, 10-inch cock sticking straight out from his body, the bare crown wet, glistening and purple, visibly throbbing as he sat back down.

Ellen continued to show off her well-mauled and marked tits, smearing Drake's saliva into them as she cupped and caressed herself sensuously.

"Look at 'em, look at what he does to your wife's body, he leaves my tits so tender, so swollen," she taunted. "My stud's a real man, he just takes what he wants, fucks whatever hole he wants with his big, hard stud-cock, he's who I need, not your worthless mama's boy ass, he's a real man who knows how to treat your nasty wife."

Ellen was bent over slightly at the waist, cupping her damp, heavily hickeyed boobs, teasing her slowly masturbating husband with the lewd sight of her red-streaked, saliva-soaked titflesh as Drake emitted a soft, sexy chuckle. He suddenly drew back a hand and slapped her ass with all the force he could muster from his sitting position, the fleshy smack echoing lewdly through the kitchen, the firm, full cheeks rippling erotically.

"Oww-shit-ohfuck," Ellen gasped, hands tightening on her tits.

THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! Drake spanked her with increasingly heavily blows, the shock causing the horny housewife's body to stiffen and her husband to abruptly cease his dick stroking.

"Ohshit-ohfuck-ohgoddd," Ellen groaned, her eyes squeezing shut for a second, her face contorting in lustful pain, then blinking her eyes back open to stare hatefully into her husband's face. "See what I mean sissy? See how a bull-cock stud treats a slut wife?"

Drake grabbed Ellen's hips and turned her back around until she was facing him again, guiding her down to her knees. As soon as she knelt she had that massive hunk of man-meat in both hands, jacking on the shaft as she stared at the glistening purple head towering well above Drake's belly button for a long moment, licking her lips lewdly.

"There you go baby," Drake said softly. "Show your sissy husband what you're hungry for."

On her knees with both her hands gently jacking the gargantuan cock as her wedding ring glittered a brilliant reminder of her adulterous fuck-lust, Ellen looked over her shoulder at her husband, wiggling her ass wickedly, panting and licking her lips teasingly. "I'm starving for my man's big cock, you know I am, you know I love this big pussy wrecker, get a good look at it mama's boy, watch your wife on her knees for her stud, suckin' his big pussy pleasin' dick like a good little slut."

As his wife teased him, Bill's hands started working faster as he stared at her well-used boobs with a wild gleam in his eyes. Though his lower body remained out of my sight it was obvious he was highly aroused by Ellen's taunting, teasing words. For the first time I realized how damp I was getting, just how turned on I was by the whole crazy scene. By the time the horny wife returned her attention to my super-hung boyfriend, I had my hand crammed into my little running shorts, fondling and fingering frantically as I watched the erotic scene unfold.

As she turned back to face the turgid, towering column of cockmeat Ellen lightly ran her fingertips up and down the muscled, vein-lined shaft, drawing a soft groan from Drake. Bill craned his neck for a better view as his wife used both fists to grasp the big, swollen prick, drawing it to her mouth and kissing lightly up and down the underside of his throbbing shaft before running her tongue over the leaky crown, lapping up his precum with a satisfied moan, rolling the clear, thick fluid around in her mouth for a moment, savoring it like wine before swallowing with an exaggerated gulp, clearly intending to let her husband know she was swallowing Drake's studly essence.

"You even taste like a real man," she murmured sexily, her lips brushing his bare cock-crown, her eyes focused on his as she slid her moaning mouth over his broad, blunt head with agonizing slowness, both of them grunting and groaning.

She concentrated her oral effort on the gooey glands of Drake's big bare dickhead, sucking loudly and wetly, jacking steadily on the missile-like shaft with both hands while bobbing up and down. Both their movements gradually increased, his narrow hips starting to twitch, her lips slipping up and down his uncut cockhead, tongue swiping back and forth, expertly allowing her hands to lose contact with his throbbing stalk just long enough to let the streams of her saliva thoroughly soak it, then massaging the wetness into his massive fuckmuscle, his size dwarfing her little hands as they went immediately back to work.

"Yeah, that's my hot little cocksucker, you know how I like it baby, you know you gotta get nasty for me now, you gotta take it all slut, take it all down, show that sissy, show him how bad you want this big dick in your little married body," Drake hissed.

Gulping and grunting lewdly, Ellen strained her drooling mouth downward, her saliva running heavily down the thick, throbbing shaft as it slowly disappeared, a big bulging knot appearing in her throat as she continued her gradual impalement. Only a couple of inches of his powerful fuck-pole remained exposed when the kneeling wife suddenly started gagging and coughing, pulling back up Drake's iron-hard pleasure pipe until she could breathe easily, her constricted throat free of his meaty length. She held just the head in her mouth for a long moment, until her breathing returned to normal, her passion-filled eyes finding Drake's, holding them in a silent stare that spoke volumes before slowly squeezing them shut and sliding her mouth smoothly down the entire, nearly foot-long length of his fantastic prick, her lips nestling into his trimmed pubic hairs with a soft, nasty sounding gulp and groan.

"Oh yeah, that's a good little wife," Drake groaned, twisting a fist into her hair and holding her fully impaled on that big battering ram of a cock while he stared into Bill's face, his pubic hairs ruffled by the soft breeze from Ellen breathing completely through her nose. "It's good to have a married mouth back on my cock, but I guess a limp dick husband like you won't ever know what that's like, since you need me to come over here and take over your home, your woman."

With a filthy, gurgling grunt Ellen suddenly started struggling violently to free herself of the big prick, Drake's hand slipping off the back of her head as she pulled off with a wet, lewd pop, panting and gasping but promptly grabbing the strong, slick fuckmuscle in both her hands, caressing up and down its hard, lengthy surface lovingly as she looked pleadingly up into his face. "I'm not his woman, I'm yours, I'm your woman baby, all yours," she whimpered sexily, pouting her lips and brushing them teasingly over his bare, glistening crown. "I won't let my sissy husband touch me, just want my big dicked bull, just need my hung stud, I belong to you, not him, just you."

Drake chuckled and looked back to Bill as he casually grasped the hair on the back of Ellen's head, guiding her mouth back to his throbbing, animal-like erection, swollen to the size of a billyclub and soaked in spit and precum. "Yeah, you belong to me, not him," Drake whispered as Ellen hurriedly slid the meaty length of his prick all the way back down her throat with a muffled groan, his hand guiding her until her lips were again nestled in his closely cropped pubic hairs.

"Hear that? She's mine, not yours mama's boy," Drake growled as Ellen started eagerly deep-throating him, one little fist wrapped around the base of his cock as her mouth moved up and down the big shaft, only a few inches at first but speeding up quickly, until in moments she was plunging up and down on the full length, her lips dragging wetly along the muscled, vein-lined shaft, mewing and moaning, as she skillfully skull-fucked herself on my man's massive, meaty cock.

Ellen moved her free hand between her legs, cupping and caressing her thinly covered pussy mound as she whipped her head up and down Drake's monstrously huge prick. My own snatch was soaked, my cream saturating my fingers as she devoured that big dick like an animal in heat, grunting and groaning gutturally as she bobbed up and down the length of his manhood.

Drake started murmuring and muttering softly to Ellen as she slurped and sucked loudly, reaching a hand out and picking up a steak knife from the table. The kneeling, wildly sucking housewife never noticed the movement, she was so engrossed in the task at hand, her ovaled lips sliding up and down the massive meat muscle, leaving streaks of scarlet lipstick along the trembling, towering shaft.

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