tagLoving WivesMy Stunning Julia Ch. 02

My Stunning Julia Ch. 02


The opportunity @ the wedding reception

There was too much noise, too much joy, too many people around me. I felt tired after a sleepless night and an exhausting morning. I needed a moment alone, without having to force myself to smile and look happy. One of the corners of the hall was dimly lit, empty of people, the perfect place for me to hide in the open. A small table and a few chairs had been piled there in case they would be needed. I helped myself to a chair and sat there with a drink in my hand.

I looked for Julia, my wife. I couldn't leave her out of my sight. This was the first consequence of last evening's folly. I had to know where she was and with whom, as if she could be taken at any moment. Julia was talking with other women, laughing, and celebrating. No one could guess, just by looking at her, what had happened the night before. How could she be so relaxed and happy? Julia looked as innocent as she was beautiful, the perfect wife. For the first time, after the damage was done, I felt in proper condition to think rationally about recent events. I had thrown my wife into the arms of another man. Guilt was eating me alive for letting it happen and somehow even enjoying it. Julia and I needed to talk, but that hadn't happened this morning. There had been too much to be done before the wedding. Still, she insisted on telling me about a past occurrence, the reason behind her sudden escape last evening. It was a silly incident, harmless and surely embarrassing for her. It was nothing compared with all the outrageous scenarios my mind had been producing until then. We ended our short conversation with promises of love and assurance that all was well between us. But... was it?

I needed this moment alone. What I didn't need was Mark's company. I should have spoken frankly with him, made a stand and prevent him from getting the wrong idea about his relation with Julia from then on. But in order to do that, one way or another, I would have to acknowledge before him the reason for my recent passivity. That was more than I could handle... Instead I avoided him the entire day and, so far, I had been successful, but now he was coming my way.

"Having some time off?" Mark said, with an annoyingly casual tone.

I was expecting something different... In fact, I didn't know what to expect. That was one of the reasons I needed to avoid him in the first place.

"Yes," I replied, trying to match his tone with a short, dry answer, hoping he would go away but that didn't happen.

Mark took a chair and sat by my side.

"Look... I want to tell you something... something that happened years ago between Julia and me."

As I said before, my wife had already told me that story this morning. Still, I wanted to hear his version. It's not that I don't trust her but I was curious. Also, after all that had happened, the least I deserved was an apology.

Mark began:

"It happened when we were roommates. One Friday evening, I was on a date with this girl... I can't remember who she was anymore. Anyway, it was still early but I knew I was going to be lucky..."

He had to show off, always the same arrogance, the same unending confidence. He couldn't help it, even in a situation like this.

"Then we bumped into her... boyfriend. He was accompanied by a couple of his friends. I ended up with a bloody nose and more than a few bruises. Do you remember? I'm sure I told you this back then...?"

No, I didn't remember. Every word out of his mouth annoyed me deeply. Still I tried to contain a stormy reaction and just shook my head.

"The evening was ruined so I headed home. When I got there, I noticed someone was taking a shower, surely Edgar or you. I needed some stuff from the bathroom to take care of my nose, so I went in. It would only take a few seconds..."

I lowered my defenses slightly. Apparently, there wasn't any wrongdoing on Mark's part either. His version made sense and matched Julia's. Despite my resentment due to the recent events, I nodded in understanding.

He continued, "Then I noticed a strange, smaller shape through the glass... a woman's body, I was certain of it. Suddenly, the water stopped, the booth's door opened and I saw a feminine hand searching for a towel nearby. I knew exactly who she was... I had time to sneak out..."

But he chose not to. There was no hint of regret on his voice. Everything about Mark displayed self-confidence and composure: every gesture, every word, even the pauses or unfinished sentences... His account was taking an odd direction and he seemed to be taking pleasure on reliving this event.

"A few seconds later Julia got out of the shower, naked, trying to wrap that tiny towel around her body. She didn't know I was there. When she noticed my presence, she jumped backwards, startled and surprised, trying to conceal her nakedness. Then her expression changed and I knew I had to get out of there."

I was furious and speechless, couldn't believe his nerve. This wasn't an apology attempt. Mark behaved as if he was bragging about one of his lovers. He thinks that last evening's events granted him the privilege to speak freely about my wife, as if she were just another woman out there.

"I didn't plan it, of course, if that's what you're thinking," he said, trying to read my mind. "The opportunity presented on its own... and I took it."

Mark spoke his last words with a different tone, still casual and self-assured as he had been during the entire conversation, but different, as if they had a second meaning. Then I got it. I was so stupid! Last evening was on his mind. I presented him with an opportunity... and he took it. He only had to fuel the mood and take the spoils: my wife. This conversation was as much about the distant past as it was about the present.

"When I was leaving the bathroom, I couldn't resist taking one last peek at her. Then something beautiful happened!"

Mark stared at the void, amazed, as if he was witnessing it again.

"Her arms relaxed, the towel opened slightly and she showed me her breasts. Beautiful!" he said smiling, and continued, "Her expression still looked angry, but there was a fire on her eyes... She was teasing me and enjoying it! It lasted only a couple of seconds before she shut the door with a bang."

I was stunned. Why was he telling me all these lies? It wasn't true, couldn't be true. Mark doesn't know Julia at all. He saw what he wanted to see and now was telling me this story in order to justify his reprehensible behavior. I didn't want to believe him but after what happened last evening... I just wasn't sure. What if he was telling the truth? Somehow, it made sense. Julia concealed this incident from me but kept it in her mind as a hidden treasure, to be used during her most secret fantasies. It wasn't the alcohol that had driven her to be so daring the day before; it was something else, repressed lust... and an opportunity.

I couldn't keep myself from mentally producing the most outrageous scenarios. I no longer knew where the truth ended and fiction began. Mark finally ended his account.

"Until that day, that moment, really, I hadn't really thought much about Julia... She was invisible to me. Our surprise encounter in the bathroom changed my thoughts about her dramatically. Even then, she was already taken by you and any different kind of opportunity always seemed impossible..."

It seemed impossible until last evening. He never said those words, but I knew he had them on his mind. Images flooded my head again: Mark kissing my wife, touching her skin... Commitments never stopped him from pursuing a woman. I thought I was safe because I was his friend, when in fact I was probably even more vulnerable. He chased Julia... I'm sure of it now. But she never gave him a chance... until the moment I permitted it... And there wasn't anything I could do or say now to change it back to where it had been.

For a few minutes he kept quiet, but didn't leave. My eyes were locked on Julia. The scene he had just had described was being replayed in my head over and over again. A profound jealousy was eating me alive, as if Mark's unique moment with my wife was more valuable than all my experiences with her.

"You really like to watch her?" he asked, breaking the silence.

Yes, it was true. I do like to watch her, from afar, without her knowledge. Everything about her fascinates me: the way she walks, the way she moves, her hair swinging as she turns, her smile... her natural smile destroys me, and I love the expression on her face when she catches me staring at her. It's innocent and shy... I know that she enjoys being watched, even if she likes to pretend otherwise. Maybe Mark was right. Maybe she teased him like he was telling me. Imagining that moment, when she lowered her guard to Mark only for a moment, was fascinating... I couldn't help myself from feeling this way, even knowing it was wrong. Why do I feel so attracted to the abysm?

Tonight, Julia was wearing a blue dress, the perfect choice for an event like this. It made her look sexy and desirable, without offending the most decorous, old-fashioned granny. I guess this defined her as a woman. Only two thin straps held the upper part of the dress in place. Her shoulders were bare but there was no cleavage shown. Then the dress narrowed at her slim waist only to broaden again below, ending a few inches above her beautiful knees. I wished at that moment that I had the courage to go to her, drop to my knees and touch her silky legs... in front of all these people. I wanted to feel her ankles, her thighs... the soft skin on the inner side of her thighs...

Mark interrupted my thoughts one last time:

"I bet she has no panties on," he whispered, daydreaming.

He was admiring my wife, just as I had been doing. I kept pretending to ignore him and, thankfully, he got up and left, leaving me alone. However, it was too late. My thoughts had been tainted by Mark's suggestions. I wondered what it would be like if a sudden breeze lifted her dress, just enough so I could see her bare bottom. How shocking it would be if someone else also noticed it. Still, it was just a fantasy. I had seen her put on a pair of panties when she was dressing that morning.

I had been hidden in my own thoughts for too long, so I got back to the center of the party. Julia came to me.

"Where were you? I want to dance," she said blithely.

Julia had no idea that she had been the topic of two men's conversation. She also had no idea what was on my mind. She had been at a wedding while I had been in my own fantasy world. No matter what Mark had said, I couldn't be mad at her. All I wanted was to see her happy. Julia loves to dance, so we embraced and danced.

The scent of her hair was intoxicating and I felt increasingly aroused. I knew I shouldn't give in to my most basic instincts, but I couldn't stop thinking about her body. I wanted to touch her! My left hand descended slowly along her back aiming for her butt, but Julia stopped me before reaching my goal.

"Stop it... behave!" she whispered, embarrassed.

But I wanted something... I needed to see the fire on her eyes, the same fire that Mark had mentioned before. I wanted something both beautiful and wicked from her.

"Take off your panties," I softly whispered on her ear, trying to show her how horny I was.

"What?" Julia stared at me, incredulous.

"Go somewhere private where you can take your panties off," I insisted.

Julia didn't reply and we kept dancing. Was she considering it? When the song ended, she withdrew from me.

"Grow up!" she said before walking away.

I felt embarrassed, rejected by my own wife. I felt furious for being aroused and for allowing myself to be influenced by Mark's ridiculous suggestions. Julia never went along with this kind of kinky stuff. I knew that! I know my own wife, so why did I ask her anyway? I'm an idiot! Still disappointed, I forced myself to re-enter the party and interact with other people. I had no choice but to take Julia's apparent rejection like a man and move on. At least, her rebuff had disrupted all the nasty ideas I had been thinking earlier.

After a while, I saw Julia heading my way. I smiled to her, apologetically. She smiled back at me and I felt that my previous mischief had been forgiven.

"Is this what you were looking for?" she said out loud as she smuggled something into my jacket's left pocket.

Then she walked away. Julia was defying me and I could see the fire... That was the fire I had been looking for from her. I felt inside my pocket for what Julia had left me but didn't take the object out. It was a tiny, soft piece of cloth, unmistakably her panties. I felt excited; she had done it! I didn't know if this was a good or bad thing, if I should be pleased or scared. What I did know is that I couldn't take my eyes off her butt as she walked away.

Racing heart @ the taxi

Julia and I were silent and tired, waiting in the back seat of a cab for Mark so that we could go home. In my left pocket I still had her sexy panties. Occasionally, I slipped my hand inside so that I could feel the small piece of cloth. Nothing could be more fascinating to me than seeing my wife interacting with a bunch of people, knowing that she was wearing no panties. The highlight had been the moment she caringly embraced the bride. An innocent moment between two women had turned into the most erotic happening inside my mind. I still couldn't believe that Julia had actually taken off her underwear. Apparently, I didn't know my wife as well as I thought I did. That new little piece of knowledge was both scary... and fascinating at the same time.

Finally, Mark appeared from inside the building and approached the cab. He should have sat up front, next to the driver. Instead, he purposely walked around the cab so that he could be seated next to my wife. He couldn't be more obvious than that.

"Sorry for the delay... I had some unfinished business," he told us.

I bet he was trying to seduce a woman who was still inside. That is the unique business Mark really cares about.

Julia was trapped between us. She seemed to be leaning over me, trying to avoid contact with Mark. Soon we would be home alone, just the three of us and I feared that moment. So, when he provided an apparent way to avoid the impending discomfort, I accepted instantly. Julia didn't object either. Mark wanted to take us to a specific nightclub. It was late and he had something up his sleeve but the prospect of being surrounded by other people seemed much more comfortable than the remaining option. I was also convinced that as long as we were in the cab, Mark wouldn't try anything fresh with Julia. I was wrong on that count.

A few minutes into the cab ride, I felt a sudden movement from Julia and then I noticed Mark's hand was on her bare left leg. Mark didn't appear to care if the three of us were in a cab or if there was a stranger present. His hand had moved up on her leg and rested above her knee. This was the price I had to pay: I had let him touch her once, now he thinks he can do it again. I waited for a reaction from Julia. She moved even closer to me, as if she was trying to get away from him, and held my left arm tightly with both her hands but did nothing to remove his insolent hand. Under these circumstances, her dress seemed much shorter than before, too short in fact; it seemed an open invitation for Mark. He continued to rest his hand on my wife's thigh and I was unable to react as I should. I had spent all day regretting last night's mistake, only to see it being repeated again. As hard as this could be, I couldn't take my eyes off his hand on her leg. I couldn't move! I just wanted to watch!

A few minutes later, his hand began sliding slowly upward along my wife's skin until he reached the lower hem of her dress. Julia shivered again and held me even tighter. There was a disturbing silence inside the cab. Mark's hand slid upward some more, dragging the fabric of her dress in the process, slowly exposing more and more of my wife's thighs. This felt like the most erotic phenomenon I had witnessed in my entire life and it was happening between my wife and Mark. Deep inside, I didn't want him to stop!

Thankfully, the driver seemed oblivious to what was happening in the back but his presence made the moment even more insane. Julia was pulling my arm so hard against her that I could feel her heart pounding rapidly and hear her raspy breathing. I wondered what she was thinking at that moment. This was crazy! Sooner than later, if he weren't stopped, Mark would find out that my wife wasn't wearing panties just as he had predicted in our earlier conversation. I watched his hand continue its upward path as he continued to explore the inside of my dear wife's leg until I couldn't be sure any more if he was touching her sweet spot or not. It was painful for me not know for sure whether or not Mark had reached his obviously intended destination.

Then, the cab stopped. We had reached our destination. Julia's dress was a total confusion and her legs were shamefully exposed. My wife looked like a slut but still beautiful. Before the cab driver could notice anything was amiss, she repelled Mark's hand and composed herself; unlike last evening, I wasn't relieved. I knew that this was only a sample of what was about to come. Mark was the first to leave the cab.

Before I could get out too, Julia took the chance, looked me in the eyes and whispered, "Nothing will happen inside! I promise!"

Mark's move @ the nightclub

The place was crowded, but Mark had no problem getting us inside. The nightspot was an old industrial warehouse converted into a club. The interior was modern and sophisticated, but there wasn't anything that set it apart from other, similar places.

"What's this place?" Julia asked.

"It's a place where good people can misbehave," replied Mark, with a purposely-mysterious tone.

Is that why he brought us here, so that we could misbehave?

Mark seemed to know this place very well and guided us straight to a spiral staircase close to the bar. The staircase led to a door. A tape blocked the way and warned that those stairs were restricted to customers. Apparently, the prohibition didn't apply to Mark because the security didn't stop him from proceeding up the stairway. Julia and I hesitated. I wondered where Mark was leading us. Deep inside, I knew that following his lead wasn't a good idea but I knew I could trust Julia's word. Only her promise kept me from despairing.

I soon learned that my wife's hesitation had a different motive.

"I'm not wearing panties, remember?" she whispered to me in obvious distress.

Julia was worried that, if she ascended the stairway, someone might see her from below.

I was certain her dress was long enough but took the opportunity to suggest, "Maybe we should stay down here..."

My words triggered the exact opposite response than that which I had anticipated. Despite her visible worries, she immediately climbed the stairs. I followed her. The security guard looked at me strangely and I felt exposed, as if he knew of my concerns and was scorning me.

"I know the owner of this place. This is his office," Mark informed us. "No one will bother us here."

His last phrase almost sounded like a threat. He made himself comfortable and took off his jacket and tie. I mimicked him.

The most significant feature of the room was a large window that provided a wide view of the establishment. It was impossible not to feel drawn to it. It was a position of power, where we could observe and control everything outside. Julia and I looked at the people down below while Mark helped himself to a drink from the owner's cache. In my present state, all that I could see was sex: women lasciviously swinging their bodies on the dance floor; males looking for a quick rub, a chance to land a hand on the right place; a group of women flirting with surrounding men, pretending to act as a pack when they secretly desired to be taken as individuals; a few couples made out at the tables, against a wall, or wherever they could. There were lots of very short skirts and tight dresses, voluptuous cleavages and long legs. I finally knew why Mark had brought us here. The mood was contagious, giving the sense that it was okay to indulge in our most secret desires.

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