tagBDSMMy Submission to a Real Man

My Submission to a Real Man


This is total fantasy and would never do many of the things I discuss. If not into really kinky play, humiliation, verbal abuse, and forced fem and strong discipline, please pass on this story. For all you other submissive boy and dominant men hope you like my fantasies.



It was our first actual meeting. We had emailed back and forth about what we were both looking for and found we had similar interests. He wanted to take a straight acting guy, take his masculinity away and turn him into his submissive sissy bitch. That is what I had been thinking and fantasizing about continually but could I actually do it? From our email exchanges I realized that this man expected to be in charge and for me to be his faggot to use as he desired. These ideas and desires bought us to this actual meeting. I was so nervous and jumped when I heard him knocking on my door. I went over and opened the door.

'Hello faggot,'

I had forgot how much bigger he was then I was and stepped back as he passed by me. He pretty much ignored me as he went around checking out my place. I know he had to see the restraints I had laid out in the bedroom.

'Would you like a drink Master?'

'Yes I would faggot. Beer will do and break out a joint bitch.'

I get the smoke and get us both a beer and bring them back in handing him his beer. He is sitting down on end of couch. He looks at the other beer I'm holding.

'What's that bitch?'

'I got it for me Master.'

'Bitch, put that back, if I want you to have something to drink, I will tell you. God, tell me you aren't another stupid bimbo. Some of you fag boys are hopeless.'

'I'm sorry Mas...'

'I don't want to hear you're sorry. Try to get cock off your mind enough to pay attention faggot.'

I don't say anything, figure it will just make it worse. I take the beer back and come back and go to sit down beside him on the couch.

'Really bitch? You know where you belong, there now.'

I move over in front of him and kneel down in front of him. Knees spread wide and hands behind my back. I look down at the floor.

'Do you think I should have to tell you how you should behave fag boy?'

'No Master.'

'You will be punished later to help you remember your place faggot. Now bring that joint and ashtray back from behind your back and light it up.'

I do as told and light it up, take a big hit and hand it to him. I'm so glad to take a quiet moment as we smoke to think about what I'm doing. It seems doing something like this is much easier when I'm high. I feel so much more submissive. We share the joint as he just looks at me, not saying anything till we finish the joint. Then he tells me to look up at him and I do as told.

'When I am here, I am your Master. You are whatever I want you to be.

Now stand up in front of me and undress faggot.'

I knew this would happen but was surprised that it was more uncomfortable then I thought it would be. He was fully dressed and just watched me. I reacted like I knew I would. I did as told and took off my sandals, my polo shirt and unfasten my shorts and let them fall to the floor and set the clothes aside. i know we have talked about it a lot, but still, to be standing there in ruffled pink panties as you just sit there looking at me is really embarrassing. My cock was tucked back between my legs and I had to hold my legs together to keep it there as it wanted to harden. He gets up and starts walking around me checking me out. He stops in front of me and tells me to look at him.

'You are such a fag, one of the faggiest guy I have ever talked to. I can't believe some of the things you talked about, fantasized about. You really are nothing but a fag. Being a queer isn't enough for a bitch like you, want to be a sissy. Fags like you are unbelievable. Walk for me bitch, show me that sweet fag ass.'

It feels different than I imagined. It was harder, more embarrassing, than I thought it would be but I know what he expected of me. I start walking across the room swishing my ass like a sissy fucking whore. I look back over my shoulder at you then reach into the front of my panties and press my cock back tighter between my legs. Want you thinking about what I just did. I hope it makes you hard. Then I swish back to you, one hand on hip, the other held up, limp wrist and so faggy. Come up to you and run my hand lightly over your cheek.'

'Was that ok Master?' I ask hoping he liked what I did.

'Not even fucking close. You are still thinking like you are a man. Well sissy boy, you aren't even close to being a man. I have met little wimps like you before, act so straight, but when a real man looks at you, he knows what a fucking sissy bitch you really are. And you know too, fag boy, you think about that man looking at you and you wished he knew what you really are, that you want to be his sissy. You think about his cock, you hope it's big, you wonder if he likes it rough.'

'Knees bitch,' and I sink down to my knees in front of you, head down, listening to my Master. I know he really thinks I'm a total fag even though I really haven't done much. He can tell by my fantasies what I want, what I need. I need a real man to take me there.

'Tell me sissy boy, how does it feel knowing that are finally going to be the slut you want to be? Some of your fantasies i realize are just fantasies of yours, but how will you feel when one of those fantasies happens and there's nothing you can do to stop it from happening?'

'Will you let it happen because I wanted to do it, or do you think you will be laying there wanting it to happen or will you be laying there begging me to do it, to use you. To make you a bitch. Whether it's my cock or one of my dildos, will you want it, love it, beg for it? Look at me. Are you a man?'

'No Master, I'm not a man, I'm a sissy.'

'It's so easy to see that. I bet you even have a fem name, i have known nasty little boys like you before. What's your sissy faggot name?'

'It's katt Master.'

'Nice name for a pussy boy like you. You a cock sucking sissy faggot katt?'

'Yes Master, I'm a cock sucking sissy faggot.'

'And you are here because you want to be my sissy bitch?'

'Yes Master, i want to be your sissy bitch.'

'Show me, go get me another drink, show me what a sissy you are katt.'

I lick my lips looking at him, opening my mouth just enough to make a little hole and then let my tongue slide out of it slowly. I smile at him and turn and walk across the room, small steps right in front of each other, my ass swishing like the sissy boys you see on the strip. Across the room at the bar, I bend over to pick up something, keeping my legs straight as I stick my ass out for him. I bring his drink back swishing myself across the floor then get down on my knees and offer you the drink. I look down when I see you look at me, the look of superiority on your face.

'Very good katt. You really aren't much of a man, are you? I mean what kind of man acts like you just did? That was so faggy katt. I know you are a sissy but you really are such a fag. But I'm sure by the time we have you in a dress and heels, you will become a much better sissy. Not a girl, a sissy, so much different.'

'Katt, put your face in my crotch.'

I do as he says and his hand moves to the back of my head and presses my face into his crotch, moving it around, making me feel his hard cock through his pants.

'You sissy faggots make the best cocksuckers. You're going to suck my cock katt. You are going to suck it like it deserves.'

'Yes Master, i want to be the best cocksucker for you, I want you to show me what you like, tell me what you like, make me do what you like. I want to suck your cock so badly Master.'

'Undress me.'

i take his shirt off then reach down and unzip him and slide his shorts off till he is standing there in just his jockey shorts. I kneel down in front of him and look at his white jockeys. There is a big yellow stain in his crotch and there is no doubt what it is.

'I made sure to leave a little piss for my fag sissy the last couple days. And I just couldn't stop myself for cumming in them a couple times. They did get a little gross but I know you wouldn't mind, do you katt?

They look gross but I know what I must do. 'No Master, I don't mind,' but the thought of it kind of grosses me out.

'Make sure to get them nice and clean for me katt.'

I press my face into his crotch. The aroma is strong and not pleasurable. I can feel his stare and I do it, I lick his nasty shorts and the taste is about what you would expect. It was humiliating. '

Suck them into your mouth sissy boy, suck my cum from them you nasty sissy bitch. You know how disgusting what you are doing is? You really are pathetic. Clean them faggot.'

I force myself to do it. It's so nasty but I take some material into my mouth and suck then do it again and again. I hear him laugh at me as he takes another drink. He finally pushes me away and tells me to take his shorts off and I do as told. He stands there in front of me his cock in my face.

'Lick my balls bitch. Show me how much you love a real man's balls.

I lean in moving my head under his cock and lean up and lick his balls. I have thought about being made to do this so many times and I try to show Master that I really do want to please him. I get them nice and wet and then get one ball in my mouth and roll it around in my mouth. Then I capture the other one and enjoy it also. He finally pushes me back.

'Tell me what you want katt.'

I look up at Master. 'I want to suck your cock Master. Teach me to be a good cocksucker.'

'Beg bitch.'

'Please Master, please let me suck your manly cock. Please.'

His cock is right there in my face. I feel his hand on the back of my head and he pulls me forward and shoves his cock right into my mouth. It makes me choke and cough and then he pulls me off his cock.

'So you want to be a cock sucking sissy do you katt?'

Trying to catch my breath after the way he forced his cock into my mouth. 'Yes Master.'

'I don't want my cock sucked like the girl next door does it. I expect to be sucked like sissy faggot cocksuckers suck cock, do you understand katt?'

I don't say anything, I just look at his cock, put my hands behind my back and open my mouth wide. His hands pull me onto his cock slowly, them pulls it back slowly, then his hands begin moving my head back and forth on his cock slowly, trying to slowly make me take it deeper into my mouth.

'C'mon katt, you have been thinking about this so long, wondering if you could do it, you have thought of sucking cock for so long, is that the best you can do, show your Master what a cocksucking sissy bitch you are.'

His voice in my head and I realize how badly I want to please him and I try to take it deeper but I choke, he holds me there as I try to stop choking.

'You can take it katt, open the sissy throat for your Master. Suck me bitch.'

He grabs my head with both hand and presses it into his crotch. He press my head down, sliding his cock deeper into his mouth and then into my throat. I fought it but he held me on his cock until I realized I could breathe and relaxed a little.

'That's it bitch, that's how you serve your Masters cock.'

Then he fucks my mouth, sometime deep, sometimes just resting in my mouth as I tongue and suck it being the best cocksucker I can be. He tells me how he could tell what a faggot I was as soon as we met. He tells me how hard it was for him not to take me directly to the men's room and have me suck him off right after meeting me. He told me how for most real men it would be easy for them to see what a faggot I was. His talking was so demeaning. Do most men see me like that?

'With some training you will make a fine cocksucker katt. Probably won't be long till all you can think about is who is the next man going to be who's going to cum in your mouth. You are going to be a good cumslut for your Master.' Then I hear him moan and pull my head back. The cum squirts on my cheeks, my nose and then on my lips and chin. He shoves his cock back into my mouth and I suck the rest of his cum out of his cock.

After I have it all and have licked his cock clean he grabs me by the back of my neck and steers me over to a mirror. He makes me look into the mirror. When i do I see his cum on my face. My lips are all wet with cum.

If you had any doubts about what you are, look in the mirror. What do

you see katt? Do you see anything that could possibly be a man?'

I try to lower my head but he makes me look at myself. 'No Master, I'm not a man, I'm a sissy and I'm a faggot.'

'Look at that cum all over your face. You are such a nasty little cunt. Do you want me to clean that off sissy boy?'

'If it would please you Master?'

'Yes, i think it would,' Then he takes my arm and leads you into the bathroom. He points to the walk in shower. 'On your knees in there katt.'

Oh god, i know what he is going to do. I have thought about it a lot but didn't know if I could do it. He walks into the shower and stands in front of me, his cock near my cum covered face. I look down submissively.

'katt, you know you have to ask don't you? You can't just kneel there, if you want something you have to ask. I think you wanted that cum off your face if I remember correctly, so ask bitch. Look at me and ask!!'

Looking up at him, feeling totally humiliated, the look on his face tells me how badly he wants to do this to me. I have thought about this so long, I realize I need to do this. 'Master will you wash the cum off my face? Will you piss on my face Master?'

'Close your eyes bitch,' and when i do his piss sprays all over my face. He stops pissing, 'Open your eyes katt, look at the man who marked you by pissing on your sissy face. Now katt, I want you to open your mouth.'

Thoughts running through my head, this is out there, i really shouldn't do it but i can't help myself. I want you to do it. I open my mouth, 'Piss in my mouth Master,' and he does. I don't drink it and it runs from my mouth, down my chest, onto my cock. When he stops, he looks down at me.

'You just let another man piss in your mouth sissy boy. You are a nasty little whore and I'm going to treat you like one. Taste my piss sissy boy. Only real fags do what you just did katt, you really are nothing but a total fag slut. Now go take a shower. Did you get the Nair like I told you?'

'Yes Master.'

'Between the Nair and the razors I told you to pick up, I will be very disappointed if I find any hair below your neck when you finish with your shower. Brush your teeth and then put your panties back on and come back to the living room. You have 30 minutes.'

I knew his desire for me to be totally smooth for him so I wasn't surprised but to actually do it was still very scary. When I finished my shower and got out and dried off, I was surprised how different it made me look and feel. I knew it would grow back but the thought that people might notice my arms being smooth would make things tough. I made my way back to the living room. It definitely made me feel less masculine. He was sitting in his soft chair, nothing on but a pair of white jockey shorts. His cock was clearly outlined in the shorts. He didn't say anything for several minutes and the silence was deafening.

'You have been a good sissy katt. You have earned some pleasure time. Come with me to the bedroom.'

I follow him into the bedroom and he makes me stand in front of the mirror looking at myself as he comes up beside me. His hand reaches down and starts sliding lightly over the ruffles in the back of my panties.

'I still find it hard to believe what a sissy faggot you are katt. You are such a wimp letting another man treat you like I have been treating you. No man would allow that. How could you ever consider yourself a man after this? Men will be able to see it in you katt. They will see your desire for their cocks and how much you want to suck them. You are such a slut. I bet you would make a great fag whore.'

I keep my head down as he chastises me. I feel his hand move around to my crotch. His hand feels so good as I feel his fingers trace up from my legs over the panties. Then his hand presses against my crotch.

'Nice and flat like the cunt you are katt. No cock on this little cocksucker. Just a pussy waiting for its first good fucking,' he says as he slaps rather hard right into my crotch making me bend over and moan.

'Moan like the sissy bitch you are katt. You are not a man, stop pretending, YOU ARE A SISSY BITCH, A FAGGOT.'

I feel his hand pressing my cock back between my legs even further smashing them against my balls. I moan like a little sissy hoping he will not press harder. I have to rise up on my knees hoping to ease the pain but his hand stays tightly against my cock and balls.

He tells me to get up, grabbing the back of my neck and directing me to the bedroom and over to the dresser with the restraints on it. He makes me take my panties off and then he takes the black Velcro straps and hooks a silver metal ring to each wrist and ankle. Then he makes me lie down on the bed, face up, and he pulls ropes out from each corner of the bed and then proceeds to tie each ring to one of the ropes stretching me to each corner. I found that I could barely move.

'You deserve some pleasure for being such a good sissy cocksucker katt,' he says as he bends over me and kisses me. 'You are going to make a good sissy for me katt.'

I see him walk over to the dresser again and he comes back with a blindfold and secures it tightly. It makes me a little nervous but we have talked about it and I have told him it's ok. I feel him touching my ears and I realize he's putting ear plugs in and in a few seconds I can't see or hear anything. I don't know where he is and I start to get more nervous.

Then I feel a wet hand wrapping around my cock and start stroking it. The lube he uses feels so good and my cock is instantly hard again. It's hard lying still with what he is doing to me, it feels so good. I feel his hand slide up to the end of my cock and he doesn't move it. I want that feeling and I press my crotch up hoping to feel my cock slide in his hand. I want him to stroke me so badly.

Then he starts again, long, slow strokes, his other hand on my balls lightly caresses them. I know I'm moaning but can't tell how loudly. God, it feels so good. I know I'm going to cum in a few seconds. But he stops suddenly right when I'm on the edge. He squeezes my balls in his hand and the pleasure I was feeling turned to pain. I tried to pull away but he just holds my balls, pulling and squeezing them as I beg him to stop.

Then he releases my balls but they still ache and I wish I could rub them to help the pain. Then I feet his hand caressing them lightly and that seemed to help. His hand started stroking me again and I forgot about the pain and just concentrated on how great it felt. He leaned over and kissed me again as he slowly stroked me. His kiss was hot and passionate and I kissed him back. Oh god, I'm going to cum.

His hands suddenly stopped and I couldn't feel him or know where he was. I begged him to stroke me, to let me cum. I wanted to cum so badly. But nothing, no sound, no sight, helpless. Then I felt him remove the ear plugs.

'Good sissies do not cum without permission katt. If they do, they get punished. Good sissies wait for permission. It's best if we work on increasing your endurance.' he says as his hand grabs my cock and starts to stroke me.

It was 30 minutes later and I was covered in sweat, my cock hard as can be, his hand holding my balls as I told him over and over what a sissy I was and how I want to be made to act like a sissy. He took me to the edge so many times, then pulled me back with pain till he had me losing it. Finally he allowed it to happen. He let me cum and held his hand down there catching my cum in the palm of his hand. I felt him kneel on the bed near my head.

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