tagBDSMMy Submissive Assistant Ch. 01

My Submissive Assistant Ch. 01


This is a two part story about my new assistant. In Chapter 1, we find out that she has a deep desire to be submissive and gets put to the test to see how obedient she will be. In Chapter two, she finds out what a true submissive slut must endure to please her Master and his friends.

* * * * * * *

Isabella, that's my new executive secretary's name. Actually, she's more like my assistant. I had interviewed quite a few girls for that position during the past few weeks. Business was growing fast and I needed someone responsible that could run the office when I was away. There are ten other employees working for me, but I just didn't feel comfortable that any of them could handle what I needed done.

After the first week I knew Isabella, she prefers Bella, was the right choice. Of course I didn't mind her appearance either. She has this gorgeous long dark hair and a great looking body. Any time I was near her, my attention always focused on her nice big breasts. And then, when she would be walking away from me, I had to stare at her incredible ass.

I loved the way she dressed too. Most of the time she would wear a short sexy skirt with dark stockings. Sometimes I would sit at my desk knowing she was right outside my office and imagine what she looked like naked. Any conversations we had throughout the day, she always had a smile. In fact, sometimes the look almost seemed like she was flirting. That made me wonder if she was attracted to me.

One day during her second week, it was late in the afternoon and I was coming out of the men's room. As I exited Bella was just coming from the ladies rest room. We nearly bumped into each other and both responded with an "excuse me." As I looked at her, I noticed how flushed she looked. She had this washed-out exhausted appearance on her face. "Are you okay," I asked. She responded, "yes.. yes I'm okay." But her tone was quick and hurried like I had startled her.

As she walked back toward her desk I glanced down at her purse hanging from her arm. One of the zipper compartments was partially open. It looked like the end of a vibrator protruding out of it. I was sure of it. Immediately I thought, "she went to ladies room to get herself off?" I wondered what had excited her that she felt the need to masturbate.

I approached my office door and Bella was ready to sit at her desk. "Bella, before you get settled, why don't come in a minute." Bella followed me in and I closed the door. This was going to be a bit awkward, but I had to ask. After working for only a week, Bella really excited me. She was extremely good at her job, but now I was getting a different impression about her. I was wondering what deep desires might be hidden in this professional young lady. I get as horny as the next guy does and Bella was doing a great of arousing me everyday, only she didn't know it. And now all I could think about was her using that vibrator. If she needed to cum, I'd much rather give her my cock. So I was going to ask her right out.

"Bella,.... ah... I saw what was in your purse.

"Oh my God"... she blurted out. I could see instantly how embarrassed she was. I replied, "it's okay." "Relax." Obviously my suspicions were correct.

I paused for a minute then asked, "so whom were you fantasizing about?"

She just stood there silent. I waited again. I could feel the tension building between us.

"Go get your purse and show it to me." Bella looked up in disbelief that I was embarrassing her like this. "Go on, get it."

She walked out to her desk returning with her bag.

"Sit down," I told her pointing to the lounge chair on the other side of the office. I leaned back on the edge of my desk.

"So let's see it." I could see Bella was mortified that I was making her do this. Bella unzipped her purse pulling out this six or maybe seven-inch vibrator. I walked over to Bella taking it from her. I can only imagine how humiliated she felt, yet I was getting excited. I felt at that moment that she was under my power and was almost willing to do anything. Why was she submitting herself to this? She could have just walked out when I questioned her. But instead she obeyed my request to see the vibrator and sat there allowing herself to be humiliated in front of me. Or deep down did she want this?

She was still silent and staring right at me. The tension was still growing. I'm sure she was wondering what I was going to do. I took the vibrator and stroked it up her bare leg. Then did it again pushing her skirt up higher. I could see her lips begin to quiver and a sudden quick sound, like a moan, escape from her throat. I sensed she was sexually excited and very much so at that. I know I was.

Then it was an instantaneous response from both of us. The next thing I knew I moved toward her and our lips were pressed together with our tongues searching each other's mouths. I don't want to prolong explaining those first few moments, but it couldn't have been ten minutes later that I locked the office door and we were on the floor. I had her blouse off and her bra pulled down. I was mauling her big tits and playing with her nipples. And she loved it too. Bella seemed to like the way I was being a little rough with her. In fact it seemed like she just couldn't get enough. She was getting so turned on and hot as I used her body that I realized that Bella became more excited and more aroused the rougher I got. She liked the way I was fondling her breasts. She enjoyed the pain and discomfort as I squeezed them and played with her nipples.

Bella then knelt between my legs and started sucking my cock. As my shaft hardened from sliding through those sweet lips I began playing with her full breasts again. I just couldn't get enough of them. She moaned out, "oh I love how you squeeze my tits." She obviously wanted me to be rough, so that's what I gave her.

"Bella, see how quick you can make me cum." "Suck my cock and make me cum." Then I grabbed both of her nipples in my thumb and finger and squeezed softly.

"I'm gonna pinch them till you make me cum." I told her. "Would you like that?"

"Oh yes..." "I love having my nipples pinched.

She looked up at me excited and increased her suction on my cock. She took me deeper in her mouth. I squeezed harder, sort of rolling her nipples between my fingers and slightly twisting them. That got a moaning response while she kept sucking. I applied more pressure to her delicate nipples squeezing them harder and harder. I know it was causing her pain at this point. She was moaning on my cock as she sucked me to the back of her throat. Each time she took me deep it made me crazy and I wanted to inflict even more pain on her.

If she hadn't been enjoying this so much I doubt I would have done it, but I squeezed with all my strength. I had her tender nipples mashed between my fingers. She moaned into my cock and actually let it slip into her throat. Oh, did that ever feel good. I kept squeezing hard and pulled on her nipples making her tits extend from her body. I twisted them savagely knowing I was causing tremendous pain and discomfort to her, but she was determined to take my punishment until I filled her mouth.

"C'mon Bella, make me cum." "Make me cum in your mouth."

I was squeezing so hard even I was beginning to shake from the strength I was expending. She was sucking me like a wild woman, deepthroating me, when finally I couldn't hold back any longer and blasted a tremendous load in her mouth. I let go of her nipples, grabbed my cock and jerked the rest of my cum into her open mouth and all over her lips. She leaned back licking the sperm and massaging her abused nipples.

"You got me so hot you have to make me cum," she cried out. So I had her sit in a chair and for the next half-hour I licked and sucked her sweet hot cunt till she had the most violent orgasm I've ever seen.

Once she recovered we both got dressed. "That's was incredible," she commented. "My tits are still tingling." "They hurt but it feels so good." Then she went back out to her desk. The rest of the afternoon, needless to say, I didn't get any work done.

The next day we were exchanging sexy glances all day long. The first thing in the morning I had asked Bella, "can you stay for a bit after work?" Her response with a smile was, "but of course." "Whatever you need, sir."

I spent most of the day thinking about what I would do to Bella next. She had really gotten off on the pain when I squeezed her nipples yesterday. Now I was wondering how much more I could do to her. What type of kinky things would she get off on.

After work and everyone had left, it wasn't long before we were both naked and back on my office floor. After allot of kissing and feeling up her full tits one more time, we ended up in sixty-nine position with Bella on top. She was doing her usual great blow job. I sucked her cunt for awhile getting her really aroused again too. Then I pushed a finger into her ass. She squirmed a little. Then I squeezed a second one in and then a third. I pushed hard so they entered her all the way to my knuckles. Bella moaned out around my cock as I stretched her anal hole, but she didn't lose a beat sucking me. She was incredible. It excited me so much that she was letting me use her body like this. I was stretching her asshole with my fingers and she just kept moaning and sucking me.

I pulled my fingers from her ass and sat up. We were both extremely turned on. Bella looked at me. "I love being treated rough." "I want you to use me." I want to be your slave." She got up to a get a bag from her desk.

"Here, use these however you want on me." I looked in the bag seeing a huge cock dildo and a whipping crop.

I looked at Bella. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I need this." "I've dreamed of doing this for so long." "I need a Master to use me." "Please!" "I want to give my body to you." "Use me for your pleasure."

I knew Bella loved having it rough, but I never thought she would like this. Now she wanted me to be her Master. I wondered just how far this would go. How much could she take or be willing to take.

I told Bella I wanted to watch her orgasm. I gave her the giant twelve-inch dildo and told her I wanted to see her use it. I wanted to see her fucking her own cunt till she orgasmed. "Oh yes, Master," she replied with a smile. She was all too eager to comply. I told her to kneel with her ass facing me and "show me how much of it you can stuff up your cunt."

After a minute of fingering herself she grabbed the dildo and pushed it inside her hole. Looking back over her shoulder she slowly inserted about six inches and was getting herself turned on. "You ARE going to push the whole thing in aren't you," I asked making sure she intended to follow my instructions.

"Yes Master, I am."

After a short time I felt anxious to see her stuff it all in. So I grabbed the crop and lightly tapped her ass with it.

"C'mon Bella. deeper."

She looked back again seeing the crop saying, "are you gonna make me?"

That was a cue if there ever was one. She was deliberately waiting for me to make her obey. I smacked her a couple times on the asscheeks with the crop, not really hard, but not just a tap either. "I want to see that whole thing up your cunt, you hear?" This was a game. She was making me inflict punishment on her.

She continued playing with the dildo inserting it about half way. I reached back and swung the crop toward her ass once again. It whistled through the air and impacted with a loud smack right across both cheeks of her ass. "I said deeper." "Get that thing up your cunt."

She whimpered from the pain and quickly pushed a couple more inches up inside her body and began fucking herself faster with it. Again I walloped her ass leaving a resounding smacking noise echoing through the office. A nice red welt appeared on her butt. "Don't stop," I yelled out.

She began jamming the dildo with intensity into herself trying to get it further up inside her body. She was excited. She was aroused. She loved the pain. I began repeatedly beating her with the crop across her ass while I encouraged her to do better fucking herself. "Deeper, Bella." "Make yourself cum." "I'm not stopping till you cum."

She could hear the crop swish through the air over and over and over as it hit her ass. I moved around hitting one cheek, then the other, then across both. After a few minutes her ass was covered in bright red marks. She whimpered and groaned with each stroke, but still maintained fucking herself deeper and deeper until I could hardly see any of the twelve-inch dildo. She was breathing heavy from the pain but also from being on the verge of cumming.

I gave one last whack and demanded, "all of it." "Shove it all up your cunt, you little bitch."

"Oh yes", she blurted out. "Call me names." "Make me your bitch,.. your slut,.. your filthy whore."

I had her totally submitting to my every word. She gave a hard push between her legs jamming the huge dildo way up inside herself. She immediately started cumming.

All of this had me so hard I could barely stand it. While she orgasmed I grabbed the dildo and yanked it out. Then I moved between legs. "I'm not done with you yet, whore." And I placed my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy and just shoved it all the way in. "OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK!!!!!"...., she blurted out. Even though she was totally drained from her orgasm and my whipping her ass, another orgasm began. I fucked her cunt hard and deep. She had very little strength left but still she moaned. In a few moments my cock was throbbing and her cunt had a full load of my hot sperm.

I pulled out and she just lay there.

Bella was just totally unbelievable that she allowed and wanted me to treat her like this. Afterwards, we talked about it and what else she wanted, or maybe it was what she needed. She loved what I was doing to her but she wanted more. She wanted to be my total and complete slave and was willing to submit to anything.


In Chapter 2, Bella becomes an obedient sex slave.

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