My Submissive Assistant Ch. 02


"She's got a great ass."

"Yeah, and look at this shithole." "Look how wide we can stretch it open." "She must have had a lot of cocks in there."

"Yeah, I'll bet." "Gets me hot seeing her like this." "Wonder if I could shove my fist in there."

"You want to fist fuck the slut?" "Think she could take it?"

"I don't know." "But who cares anyway, she's only a whore." "C'mon, let's fuck this bitch."

Then as they were commenting on her wide open asshole, the vibrating egg fell out onto the floor.

After that they stood up. John unsnapped the ball gag letting it fall from her mouth. She sucked in a deep breath trying to hold back breaking down completely. Her body felt so used, but she knew they weren't done yet.

"Ready to get assfucked bitch?" Her ass was red and sore from the paddling. And now they were going shove their cocks in her asshole. But then I saw what they were about to do before fucking her. I quickly went over to Bella. I stood in front of her and loosened the ropes on her wrists. I bent her down to me and cradled her face in my hands.

"Do you want to get fucked Bella?" "Do you want them in your ass," I asked?

She looked at me shaking and whimpering.

"Yes"... "Yes".... "Don't stop"... "Use me"... "Fuck me"... "Make me cum, PLEASE!!!"

I put my lips to hers and kissed her. I could feel the pins attached to her breasts poking against my chest. I reached down between her legs and felt the bottle in her cunt. As Bella stood there spread-eagled half bent over with her ankles still tied, I kept my lips against hers. I knew what was about to happen. John had taken the belt from his pants. In the corner of my eye I saw it flying through the air "wwwssssshhhhhhhhhhhh"...SNNAAAAPPPP!!!!" He had this quick whip like motion stinging the belt on Bella's already sore ass.

"HHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMM", Bella whimpered into my mouth pressing and kissing hard against my lips. John let it fly again, "wwwsssshhhhhhh"..."SNAAAPPPPPP!!!!"... That one echoed throughout the room as he whipped her ass hard stinging her cheeks. "HHhhhhhhhMMMMMMMmmmmm", again Bella whimpered in pain, while they both told her how hard they were going to fuck her up the ass. "We're going to fuck your whipped ass so hard, you bitch." He used that belt on her until she was sobbing into my mouth.

"You want it don't you," John yelled out.... "SMACCCKKKK!!!!"

"Don't you slut?"... "SMAACCCKKKKK!!!"

"I think this bitch wants it rough up the ass too," Pete yelled.

"Do you bitch?" "Want it hard up that dirty little asshole?" "SMAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!!"

I just kept kissing Bella as she whimpered. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Then she broke the kiss begging them...

"OH GOD FUCK ME." "Fuck my asshole, PLEASE!!!!." "Shove your hard cocks up my dirty asshole." "PLEASEEEEE!!!!"...... "PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!"......

For the next half-hour John and Pete took turns ramming their cocks in Bella's ass. They remarked the whole time how tight she was because of the bottle stuffed in her cunt. Then finally they both shot their loads in her rectum. Bella was so aroused and turned on that her body felt like it was on fire. There was a complete animal lust built up inside her body. Now they were done with her and cruelly walking away leaving Bella unsatisfied. Her whole body instantly got this empty feeling. All they wanted was to use her.

I untied Bella bringing her over to the sofa and laying her face down so I could slowly extract the bottle. Her ass was bright red with welt marks all over it.

John and Pete got dressed and were ready to go. They thanked me for a great time.

When they left I returned to Bella. I sat on the floor next to her caressing her back. She looked at me. "I was so turned on," she softly whispered. "I felt so helpless." "They just used me." "My God they used me." "Ohhh" "Ohhhh" "Make me cum." "Finger my cunt and make me cum." "I have to cum, please!"

I put my hand between her legs. Her cunt was soaked. I looked down and saw Pete and John's cum seeping from her ass. I grabbed Bella's panties from the floor and wiped her crack. Then I shoved a couple fingers in her wet cunt and at the same time smeared her dirty panties all over Bella's face. Immediately she moaned, "Ohhh Fuck!!" "Fuck!!" "I'm gonna cum." "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" She laid there having a violent orgasm, her body shaking out of control as she felt my fingers pushing deeper in her hole and the filthy cream getting wiped on her face.

A while later I delicately removed my fingers. I softly massaged her back and stroked her hair. She fell asleep. Then I leaned down kissing her on the cheek and whispering, "you're an incredible little slut, Bella." "You've pleased me very much."



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