tagBDSMMy Submissive Baby Pt. 02

My Submissive Baby Pt. 02


There is no need to read Pt. 1 to enjoy this story, although it may provide a better experience. This next story takes place two weeks later. There is light bondage, submission and toys.

Again, I would like to thank Emma for all her help with this story.


Pt. 1 Summary

We are a couple who have been enjoying D/s porn for quite some time and have been toying with the idea of exploring this. One day I wake up thinking this will be our day to experiment with BDSM. You become my submissive baby as we visit a park exploring your exhibitionist, submissive tendencies. Next, we go to a restaurant where we taunt the staff, finally ending in a hot fuck session in the restroom.


On the long trip driving back from your parents, your phone buzzes, you pick it up sliding it open reading my text message, "Missing you. Almost home?"

You pull over to the side of the road and text back, "Yes, almost home. I miss you too." placing the cell between your legs and getting back on the road.

A few minutes later your phone buzzes again, it feels good while it vibrates against your pussy. Picking it up, not able to wait until you pull over, you quickly slide open the phone, reading, "There's a note under the door mat. Please read it before you enter, and sweetheart, no touching. Do not make me punish you."

Memories of our submissive day a few weeks ago begin playing in your head. Your hand slowly travels between your legs, spreading them slightly, rubbing yourself as you recall the feeling of how sexy you felt, with no panties, no bra, and all the new experiences driving you crazy. You feel your pussy getting wet, moaning softly, rubbing harder almost forgetting you're in the car.

Turning into your parking lot, the sun setting in your rear view mirror, you pull up to your spot, feeling the wetness between your legs. Your phone buzzes yet again. You put the car in park, picking up your phone unlocking it, reading, "I love you. I hope you are being good." You walk, almost run to the front door lifting up the mat quickly grabbing the note.

Welcome home my love, so happy you made it back safely. It's time for another lesson in submission. Remove your top and your shorts before you enter.

Slide your fingers into your pussy, MY pussy. Get your fingers wet, and taste them for me. I need to know how you taste today.

Once inside, read the note on our bed. Do it now.

Text me when you're done.

You can't believe how horny you are, looking around seeing if anyone is around. Quickly, you pull off your top feeling exposed but excited, relieved you wore a bra. Next, hooking your shorts and sliding them down, your pussy getting hotter as you bend over to pick them up. Your hands are shaking trying to get the key into the lock. You can feel your nipples hardening. When you hear voices getting off the elevator, your heart skips a beat struggling to get the door open before they come around the corner. Finally, the door opens. You toss your bags and without delay slide two fingers into your wet pussy. "Mmm," moaning, curling them caressing your engorging g-spot. Reluctantly, you slide them out and slip them into your mouth.

You savor your exquisite pussy, bending down slowly to gather your shorts. Pulling out the phone, typing, "Mmmm, I'm home, fuck baby. I taste so good, you would love it. Going to the bedroom now. Where are you?" feeling the wetness of your soaked panties while walking into our bedroom. You smile seeing lit candles and rose petals spread across the floor. A moan slips past your lips while noticing slip knotted ropes on the corners of the bed. There's a black blindfold placed in the center of the bed and another envelope on the bottom simply written, "For My Baby".

You pick it up, your fingers barely working, tossing the envelope to the floor.

You made it. Good girl. Now, I want you to shower and clean yourself, everywhere. Shave my pussy nice and clean, remember do not touch.

When you are done, come back here naked. Sit on the bed and slide the ropes over your ankles. Pull them and let them tighten, not too tight.

When they are secure, slip the blindfold over your pretty head. Slide the left rope over your left wrist and pull to tighten it. Then lay back and slide down the blindfold.

After that, slip the rope over your right wrist and wait thinking about what I am going to do to you.

Your body is vibrating walking to the ensuite. Your sexy eyes glance into the mirror as you reach around unhooking your bra, sliding it down your arms, noticing your nipples are rock hard as they come into view. Grabbing each dark bud, pinching them softly, the sensations making you sigh softly. Your eyes still glued to your body as you slide your hands down to your waist, hooking your soaked panties and pulling them down your tanned legs. The wetness feels good against your thigh. Your slick pussy is glistening as you continue to look at yourself in the mirror, rubbing it softly, your mind returning to the restroom fucking you received two weeks ago. You bend down picking up your panties bringing them to your mouth, breathing in your scent as you rub your pussy.

The shower is warm and wonderful. While you clean you think about our many love sessions under the water, rubbing your pussy again feeling so good. You stop, feeling a little guilty because you know you're not supposed to touch. You pick up the razor softly sliding it along your wet pussy. Slowly pulling your lips taut gliding the razor over each pussy lip, being careful to not nick your swollen clit.

When you are done you step out, pulling a towel to dry yourself off. Several minutes later walking into the bedroom in only a towel, you feel your excitement growing, your eyes fixed towards the ropes on the bed. Your wet pussy is now dripping down your legs. You whisper, "Baby, are you there?" There is nothing but the sound of the traffic outside your window. Looking around, a little nervous, you drop the towel and crawl on the bed. Your magnificent breasts swaying, your nipples still hard as diamonds. Sitting in the middle of the bed, you slide your hand between your legs feeling your pussy, moaning when your finger sinks into your tight, wet hole. Slowly, very slowly bringing it to your mouth, tasting your sweet pussy juice one more time.

Hesitantly you spread your legs and slide the left rope over your ankle, pulling it as it tightens. Next, you take your right leg, spreading it even more to reach the short rope. "Mmm," you moan feeling your wet lips part, the cool night air breezing past your warmth.

You slip the rope over your right ankle, pulling it taut until it slips tight. You can't believe how wide your legs are spread, feeling so dirty, so sexy, getting more excited with each passing moment. Again you start rubbing, sliding your fingers over your wetness, pulling your clit thinking how good it feels. You pull it from the base knowing how much I like when you do that.

Just before cumming you remember again, "no touching," getting a little frustrated needing your release and thinking you are such a bad girl for not following the rules. You pick up the blindfold, sliding it over your beautiful head not covering your eyes just yet. Laying back slowly and then picking up the left rope sliding your wrist into it, pulling to make the slip knot tighten. At this point you realize once you do your right hand, you will not be able to get free.

Fear and excitement wash over your warm body. You hesitate, then remember how good you felt last time, feeling more at ease knowing that I would never let any harm come to you. Taking a deep breath, your nipples so erect, you slide the blindfold over your pretty eyes. Now fishing around in the darkness for the last rope, you find it eventually sliding it over your wrist, pulling it slowly and feeling so exposed but so fucking horny.

Panic overtakes you, momentarily changing your mind, but it's too late. Your right hand knot tightens as you pull the rope and panic runs through your excited, naked body. Moments later, as you sit there exposed and vulnerable, your mind begins to wander as you slowly calm down, beginning to imagine the wonderful things I have planned. Your fear now turning to excitement, excitement turning to desire and desire to lust.

Your eyes covered, your body bound, you whisper, "A..are you there?" Needing to touch yourself so badly, but knowing you can't. Breathing faster, your nipples so hard, so erect, your clit throbbing between your widely spread legs. Whispering again, "I'm yours. Only yours. Come to me."

Several minutes go by, although it feels like hours. You start to worry, struggling to get free, "Baby, where are you?" You hear the door open and relief comes over you. "Fuck, I want you." Your voice now shaking with excitement. There are sounds of steps coming closer and clothes falling to the floor. "I..Is that you?"

You hear nothing, suddenly feeling fingers on your nipples. It feels good, so good. Pulling. Squeezing. Rolling. You start moaning, "Mmm. Yes, fuck."

Still silence, the hands leave your aching nipples. You hear a case open. A cool chain lands between your breasts. Mmm, you know that feeling. Your nipples harden at the thought. Your left nipple is tugged and rolled, it gets clamped, you moan, "Mmm fuck. It's too tight."

A hand squeezes and twists the clamped nipple, making you moan even louder. You remember not to whine as a submissive and say, "Thank you sir." Now your right nipple is grabbed. It's being tugged and squeezed a little harder than the other one. The clamp tightens around it too. "Mmmmm Fuck," you moan. The pain feeling so good, your pussy dripping so much. "Please. Let me go. Let me touch you. I'll make you feel so good," your pleas ignored as the chain is tugged hard, making you scream out in wonderful pain.

Again silence. You feel a finger on your lips, "Shhhh," flinching a little, not sure if it's my voice. As a good sub, you quiet yourself. Something cold touches your clamped nipples. "Oh fuck. That feels so good," softly moaning in ecstasy, the ice sliding around each of your aching nipples. Cool water quickly melting down your breasts. Another cube slides along your writhing body and over your stomach. It plays gently over your belly button leaving a small pool inside it. Your breathing becoming laboured as it slips lower and lower. The seconds feeling like an eternity as it finally rests upon your swollen clit. Trying to close your legs, but you can't. Your clit is throbbing, pulsing, "FUCK. Please. Fuck me. Please."

Your excitement is growing, slowly feeling yourself losing control. Your pussy, MY pussy, starting to tremble, "Fuck, yes." The ice is removed just as an orgasm is about to hit. "FUCK," you curse. The chain is yanked, extending your clamped nipples. "Owwwmmm," you moan.

The bed dips as knees move on either side of your head. You know what is expected and obediently open your mouth sliding out your tongue, waiting for my cock. Moaning softly when you feel a warm cock resting against your extended tongue. Your heart beats faster realizing it's the cock you know so well. Quickly, you wrap your lips around it, sucking and licking the wet tip. So horny you can't believe it. Moaning over it and biting it softly, then feeling your clamps pulled hard. "Owww Fuck," you scream. Again there's silence.

My hand slips between your bound legs as my finger starts rubbing your swollen nub, circling around it pressing harder and harder. I moan when you softly bite, "Mmm," you bite a little harder. I pull the chain, obscenely stretching your tits. One of the clamps rips free, making you moan in pain and pleasure. I rub life back into your nipple. The pain of the blood rushing back to your aching berry is exquisite. Once again I slip the clamp tightly over it. Understanding now, you loosen your grip and start sucking like a good girl.

You hear me moan as I push my thick cock in deeper, making love to your mouth. Sliding in and out faster. Rubbing your pussy harder, you moan feeling my cock thickening. Your pussy trembles with anticipation. You suck me harder, eager for my release. I twitch inside your greedy mouth as the first load of warm creamy cum shoots down your throat.

"Ohhh fuck. Mmm, yess. Suck my cock," I moan as you continue sucking, licking, and swallowing every drop like a good little slut, my slut. My fingers rubbing your pussy harder, faster, as your body starts to shake. I stop rubbing just as you are about to cum. My next load now spraying into your mouth. You are sucking, licking taking all of my seed, doing all you can to not waste any of my gift.

I soften slightly, pulling out of your warm mouth, lowering my sac to your lips, whispering, "Be good and I will reward you."

Your mind races knowing your reward is coming soon. Sucking gently on each sensitive testicle, licking my shaved sac, as I moan, "Mmm, so good."

Not able to control your urge, you bite me. "Owwww fuck!" I pull away, reaching down, smacking your pussy. You gasp as I lower my lips to your ear, whispering, "You know I have to punish you for that."

"No. No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Please don't," you beg in vain, knowing you will get what you deserve.

I get off the bed rifling through our case, moaning when I find what I am looking for. You squirm knowing I found the perfect punishment. Moving between your legs, I press something against your throbbing clit. You are panting, "Baby, fuck. Please," begging to me, "I'm sorry." Ignoring your pleas, I press the button, sending a light shock to your clit. "Owwwww fuck." You struggle and try to get away but can't with the ropes still tight around your ankles and wrists.

I press it against your clit once again. "No baby, fuck. No," not able to decide if you enjoyed the last one or not. Again I press the button. "Ohhhhh God. Fuck," now knowing you like it, moaning as you feel yourself getting more excited. I toss the device on the bed, leaning in pulling back your hood and start licking your wet pussy.

"Ohhh fuck. Yes, right there. Suck my pussy. Mmm, just like that," I continue licking, sucking and pulling your swollen jewel. Just as you approach orgasm, I move away, edging you yet again. "Baby, please." You plead. "Let me cum for you. I will be good, I promise."

Kissing you softly I whisper, "We both know that is a lie." You smile knowing I am right.

I move between your spread legs thinking about what you need next. You look so fucking hot, tied and blindfolded. Reaching into the case, pulling out your favorite plug, I slide it slowly across your mouth. You moan remembering the last time you felt it in your ass. So horny, you beg, "Yes, mmm. Shove it in. Stretch it so good."

Smiling at your heightened lust, I slip it into your mouth. You try to take it all but can't. I pull it out slowly then rub it along your dripping pussy. Moaning, you are so excited, wanting it so bad. Leaning in, I whisper, "Tell me you want this in your ass, my ass."

Biting your lip, you moan, "Yes. Please. Fuck my ass."

I kiss you softly whispering, "Again. Say it again. Tell me you need your ass filled."

"Fuck. Just do it. Please. I need it. I need it in my ass, your ass." Your body shaking, panting as I press the tip against your forbidden hole. Slowly I push, "Ohhhh. mmm." The pain slowly turning to pleasure as it slides into place. "Fuck. Thank you. Thank you Sir," your submissive side coming out stronger.

"You like that don't you? You like your ass filled?" I pull it out as slowly as I pushed it in.

"Fuck, please."

"Please what?" I snap back at you.

"Please sir. Back. Put it back," you plead, your body vibrating, so on edge.

"Mmm, good girl," I push it agonizingly slow spreading your ass as it slides into place.

"Press it. Press the button. Fuck please," your words so needy, so urgent. I smile knowing you are close. Reaching into the case, I find the remote, starting at the second highest button. Small shocks and powerful buzzing now ripping through your whole body.

"Ohhhh God. Yes. Fuck, yes," you are squirming on the bed pulling against your restraints.

I lean over you, whispering, "Such a good sub." Kissing you as I slide off your blindfold. Your beautiful eyes so excited, so lust filled.

"Fuck me," your urgent pleas, so hot, so needy.

I kiss you, "Not yet baby, soon."

"Untie me. Please, let me touch you," you are pulling at your restraints trying to get to me.

I smile, shaking my head, pulling gently on the chain between your perfect breasts. "Shhhhh. Just enjoy this. Remember, I decide what you feel and when you feel it." Your eyes close, rolling back, your ass pulsing to the shocks inside you.

Your words almost imperceptible as you beg, "Fuck, let me cum. I will be good."

Releasing your nipple clamps, I roughly rub your sore buds. The pain is so good, so fucking good.

Leaning closer, I whisper, "You said that last time. I don't believe you anymore." You gasp as I tug your raw nipples.

"Look at me." I command, "I'm going to fuck you now, so hard. When I release your hands. You will rub your pussy. You know how I like you to do it."

Nodding, our eyes locked, "Mmm, yes, from the base. Fuck, yes."

I slide my cock along your dripping slit. I push into you. Your mouth open as you moan softly, feeling your pussy lips parting, wrapping around my sinking cock head.

"Ohhhh fuck. Yes," your eyes rolling. I untie your hands as I press in deeper. Immediately you start rubbing, pulling, twisting, trying to cum as fast as you can. I start fucking you a little harder, deeper. Your hands furiously rubbing now, my cock feeling you tighten. Quickly, I remove your hands, extending them, pinning them on the bed, leaning over you, stopping deep inside you until the wave ebbs.

"Ohhhh fuck. Please. I need to cum. I need to cum for you."

I continue fucking you sliding in and out, faster, harder. Your pussy feeling so stretched getting fucked the way you like it. Your ass twitching harder now as I press the last button on the remote. My mouth on yours, kissing you, muffling your whimpers. Whispering in your ear, "Ok my love." Slamming, jamming, ramming into your tight wet cunt. Your body shaking, panting. I command, "Cum for me now, my sweet slut."

Your body tenses as your pussy tightens over my pounding cock. My fingers now rubbing your swollen clit as the first wave rips into you. "Shit. Fuck. Cumming." Your pussy convulsing, squeezing so tight over my driving cock as I try to stave off my orgasm.

Your moaning getting louder, your pussy squeezing harder as the next wave tears through your spasming cunt. I moan louder, your tightness squeezing my pounding cock, pushing me over the edge with you. My cock releases spewing warm creamy cum into your clutching hole. "Fuck," my voice shaking, my hand a blur against your sensitive clit as the next orgasm rips through you.

Several minutes later, I kiss you softly, our bodies calming down, my spent cock slipping out of you. I kiss you, reaching down releasing your restraints. You whisper, "Fuck, you are so good to me."

I look at you, touching your soft, pretty face, kissing you, "No, baby. You are so good to ME."

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Good but...

It was good but too much like a repeat of the 1st chapter (2nd verse, same as the 1st type of situation). The same edging over and over. Hoping for more but new stuff in the next chapter. Still gavemore...

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