tagBDSMMy Submissive Baby Pt. 04

My Submissive Baby Pt. 04


This part of the story takes place as we travel back from the vacation. Our time ending at the villa with you returning to your role as my submissive baby.

Although these stories stand on their own, it may be more enjoyable to read the series in order.

Again, I would like to thank Emma for all her help and encouragement.


Pt. 1 Summary

We are a couple who have been enjoying D/s porn for quite some time and have been toying with the idea of exploring this. One day I wake up thinking this will be our day to experiment with BDSM. You become my submissive baby as we visit a park exploring your exhibitionist, submissive tendencies. Next, we go to a restaurant where we taunt the staff, finally ending in a hot fuck session in the restroom.

Pt. 2 Summary

We continue our exploration of a BDSM scene together. You are driving home from a long trip being texted as you try to concentrate, knowing I have something planned for you. Upon arriving, you are instructed to strip to your underwear before entering our apartment. You are told to clean, and then tie yourself to our bed and wait. Obediently you do, waiting for me to get home. Again, the session ends in a mind numbing orgasm, with all your holes getting filled, our journey into BDSM growing.

Pt. 3 Summary

The story continues as we vacation at a secluded villa. After several days, you ask if we can finish the vacation with you as my submissive baby. We enjoy the rest of our time, with you obeying like a good girl. The story ends with you suggesting the desire for me to be your submissive baby.


Driving back to our home after our amazing week at the villa, you are sleeping in the passenger seat looking so sexy. Your short skirt rising up, showing me your bare pussy. I think about the past few weeks. How you have been such a good girl. All the things I did to you, for you. I put my hand on your lap, caressing your thigh, wanting so bad to be inside you. A soft moan slips past your lips, as your legs slowly spread for me.

I smile moving my hand between your legs, rubbing you softly, whispering, "So warm."

You moan as I slip a finger into your pussy. My cock is hardening in my shorts while I slide my finger deeper, your lips tight around me. You moan more as your hand slides down over mine.

"Mmm, fuck," you purr as your hand pushes me deeper.

You whisper, "Baby, fuck. Don't stop."

I slide another finger into your pussy. Your hand circling your swelling clit.

The scene is so erotic as you feel me fingering your pussy while we drive along the quiet highway. I spread my fingers stretching you, watching you begin to ride me. "Good girl," I tell you. "Feel my fingers inside you. Rub your pussy feel so good."

I can feel your excitement building. Your fingers are rubbing harder. You are squirming in the seat.

"I can feel you, feel us," you whisper. Your body is on fire. "Can I cum? Please, let me cum for you." you beg, still in submissive mode.

"Yes, cum for me," I command, my fingers pounding into you.

Your pussy tightens around my driving fingers, as you start tapping your clit.

"Ohhh fuck, so good," your words so soft but so horny.

Your orgasm rips into your pussy, your fingers rubbing harder and faster. Your legs close while your orgasm continues. I pull mine out, taking them to my mouth, tasting your sweet cum, "So sweet, like my baby," I whisper.

You smile, closing your legs tighter and slowly fall back to sleep as we drive down the dark highway.

My cock is so hard. I pull it out and stroke it while the miles pass by and recall what you said to me about wanting me to be your sub. Would I like it? Would you actually do it? My cock starts to drip as I imagine you dominating me. Slowly I circle my wet head with my thumb, thinking about you owning my ass.

Several hours later we arrive home very early in the morning. I quietly park the car, walk around and pick you up. You stir, "Mmm, thank you sweetie."

I smile kissing your soft lips, "sleep baby, you had a long, hard last couple of days."

"Mmm, Long, Hard," you purr, laying your head in my shoulder. I smile, my girl never misses a sexual innuendo.

We get into our home, I lay you gently on the bed, whispering, "I love you baby."

"I love you too," you respond curling up in the bed falling back to sleep. I bring the rest of the luggage in, hopping into the shower thinking about our incredible week. My cock starts to harden thinking about how you were such a good sub. Slowly, I stroke again as the warm water washes over me.

My hand squeezing like you do, the water spraying on my sensitive cock head. Again, I start to think about you dominating me as I stroke my thick cock faster. I moan as the first load of cum shoots out of my cock, wondering how it would feel to have a dildo in my ass as I cum.

Several minutes later I turn off the water and step out, drying myself off. I slip into the bed, following our number one rule, no clothes ever in bed. Moving close to you, I press myself against your warm body. My mind again wandering about you saying you wanted me to be your submissive. Slowly, I start to fall into the night. My arms wrap around you, as I hold you eventually falling to sleep.


I wake up several hours later reaching over to kiss you, realizing that I can hardly move my hands. My eyes open seeing my hands tied to the head board. I try to move my legs and cant because they are also tied. I am spread eagled on my stomach, not able to move my legs, barely able to move my hands. "What the fuck," I say, pulling on my restrained hands. "Baby? Fuck what's going on?"

"Morning sweetie," you whisper, sitting on the chair in the corner of the room.

"What did you do? Untie me now," I command.

"Sssh," you whisper, "don't make me punish you," smirking as you walk over to me. Reaching out, rubbing your hand across my naked ass.

"Did you have a good sleep, my love?" you ask, your hand squeezing my left ass cheek. "I hope you are rested, because I am going to exhaust you, so good." Moving closer you slap my ass.

I yelp, my ass stinging, "Fuck, that hurt," struggling to get free. "Untie me now, this isn't funny anymore."

You move your hand between my legs, sliding it under me, grabbing my growing cock, "Mmm, I love when you are hard for me."

"Mmm, fuck," I moan, as you squeeze my morning wood starting to get a little turned on.

Leaning in, you whisper, "Are you going to be a good boy?" Your hand moving to my balls, gently squeezing.

"Ow mm, fuck," my initial worry quickly fading.

"Baby, I told you I wanted you to be my sub," you whisper, squeezing my sac a little harder. "Don't you want to make me happy?"

I moan again, the pain feeling good. "Yes, I do. Untie me and I will make you very happy."

You slap my ass again, rubbing it softly, "letting me fuck this, will make me very happy."

My cock is so hard now, torn between my desire to dominate you and to be dominated by you. I can feel precum seeping onto the sheets as you massage each ass cheek.

"That feels good," my body starting to relax, your hand now stroking me again.

You stand up, slapping my ass, then walk around the bed showing me what you are wearing. Your black corset and heels, make you look so hot, so sexy. Your long hair tied back into a bun, and your pussy is glistening with no panties covering it. The long black stockings over your amazing legs always a sign you are ready for fun. My eyes look up and down your perfect body, your pussy lips now inches from my mouth. You see me looking and then lean in, whispering, "No pussy for you this morning, until I get your ass, my ass."

My eyes widen, looking at you. My cock is throbbing under me. "Please, let me touch you, lick you." You move closer sliding your finger along your wet pussy, pushing it in slowly. A sensual moan slips past your lips, as you slide it in and out.

"Mmm, my pussy is so wet," you whisper, continuing to finger yourself.

I can hear your breathing picking up, wet noises getting louder as you fuck your pussy with your finger. You slide it out, it's so wet. You move them towards my mouth, but rub your wet fingers on my nose not letting me taste you. I can tell you are enjoying this as much as I am. You walk to your dresser, open the drawer and pull something out.

"Fuck, what's that?" I ask, looking at a large strap-on.

You walk back to me, with your finger back inside your pussy. Leaning in closer you whisper, "I have had this for a few weeks, just waiting for the perfect time to show you."

Moving it to my mouth, you order, "Open now, or I will punish you."

I can't believe how horny I am, this new you is exciting me immensely. My mouth obediently opens.

"Good boy," you purr, "Suck like a good boy." I slide my tongue over it, trying to get it wet. You push it deeper into my mouth, leaning in telling me, "Better get it all, I may not put any lube on your ass."

I lick it harder, gagging as I take it deeper, trying to get it as wet as possible. You push it in and out several times.

You lift your leg, showing me your dripping pussy. You moan as you press the other end between your wet lips.

"Oh fuck, I wish it was your cock inside me," you whisper, sliding the dildo in and out of your pussy. My eyes are glued to you as you slide it deeper and deeper.

My cock is rock hard under me needing to cum so bad now, I can feel it throbbing as you walk to the foot of the bed, kneeling between my legs. You slap each cheek hard, pulling my ass into the air, stretching my arms more, the strap-on now rubbing against my tight asshole.

"Baby, tell me you want this," you whisper as you lean down sliding your tongue along my virgin ass.

"Fuck, fuck, I want this," I moan, "I want you."

Your tongue circles my asshole and presses softly into it. I groan, feeling your wet tongue invade my tight asshole. You pull my cheeks wider apart, pushing your tongue deeper. I can feel your warm breath on my ass as your hand slides between my legs grabbing my hard, wet cock.

Slowly stroking my hardness, circling my wet tip with your finger, you can feel me thickening. "Do not cum," you command, "Or I will punish you." You grab my sac, squeezing it hard again, pulling it.

"Ow, fuck," I yelp as your grip tightens.

"Sshhh, don't make me punish you," you scold.

You grab the strap on rubbing it along my wet asshole whispering, "Tell me you want me to fuck your ass."

"Mmm, yes. Fuck my ass," I pant as I feel the cold head press against my tight asshole.

You slap my ass hard, "Whose ass is it?"

"Yours, fuck only yours. Fuck it, own it." I can't believe how horny I am. I try to buck my ass to make you fuck me.

I feel a hard slap on my ass, "I will decide when I fuck you." You reach down grabbing my sac, squeezing again it making me groan.

"Fuck, you cunt." I curse, another squeeze grips me.

"One more outburst like that, and I will not let you cum," you push the dildo into my ass.

"Mmmm," I keep my mouth shut, not knowing what hurts more, your grip or the dildo driving into my ass. Your hand releases its tight grip as you push deeper into me. I can feel my ass stretching around the cock sinking deeper and deeper. The pain is slowly turning to pleasure as it gets accustomed to your invasion.

"Oh," I moan as you slowly slide the cock out and in, out and in.

"Do you like your ass fucked, baby? Tell me you like it." Your pace increasing, the other end of the dildo sliding deeper into your dripping cunt.

"Yes, fuck. Yes!" I answer, feeling so good now in my ass. "Fuck me, fuck me harder."

My desperate words making your pussy even more wet. You start fucking me harder, and deeper, your breasts bouncing, your nipples hard against the leather corset, your hand rubbing your throbbing clit.

You reach down grabbing my cock, stroking and fucking me, knowing I am so close to cumming. "Do not cum," you command relentlessly fucking my ass, squeezing and stroking my hard cock.

"Please let me cum, fuck please," I beg, my cock about to explode.

Your hand continues stroking me, I am begging you to let me cum. My cock thickening in your hand. Again you reach down squeezing my sac making me groan.

"Baby, are you ready to cum for me like a good boy?"

"Yes, fuck yes," my breath laboured my body sweating.

You stroke me again, harder this time. Fucking my ass harder.

"I want you to cum for me, now," you command. Your hand furiously stroking as my cock starts to twitch.

"Fuck, cumming," I moan, my cock spewing warm creamy cum, shooting it far as the strap on rubs against my prostate. Load after load pumping onto the sheets.

You pull out, removing the strap on, whispering, "Make me cum now, my cunt licker."

You untie me, telling me to lay on my back. I quickly obey. You smile seeing my cock is still hard, dripping with cum. Slowly you move up my body, your wet pussy dripping on my chest. Moving higher straddling my face, whispering, "Make your baby cum."

You lower yourself to my mouth, my tongue already waiting. I start licking your pussy, fuck it's so wet.

Grinding, hard onto my face as your hand slides to your clit. You start rubbing it, circling it, fucking my face reaching back grabbing my hard wet cock.

"That's it baby, slide your tongue deeper into my pussy, such a good boy."

I slide my tongue deeper as ordered, licking each wet pussy lip as I tongue your wetness. You are riding my face, grinding your pussy against my eager mouth.

All I can do is moan into your wet cunt. Your hand stroking and pulling my cock now. "Fuck, fuck," you pant. Your hand furiously rubbing your swollen clit.

"Mmm, don't you fucking stop," you command as your orgasm builds. "Lick my pussy harder, faster my slut."

Your words are driving me crazy as you fuck my face harder, riding my mouth as your fingers rub your throbbing clit.

Suddenly you tighten as the orgasm rips into you. "Yes baby, yesss," Your pussy tightening around my stabbing tongue, as you cum over my face, my cock starts cumming again your hand stroking harder.

I lick your pussy, as you cum into my mouth, my cock spurting load after load.

"Yes, like that you pussy slut," your words shaky.

I moan into you as your next wave tears into you, the second orgasm harder than the first. Both hands now on your clit rubbing harder, jamming two fingers in with my tongue as the third wave washes over you, drenching the bed.

Exhausted you slide off my wet face, leaning in kissing me, tasting your pussy on my lips, whispering, "Such a good boy."

I smile, kissing you back, "I love you," pulling you closer. "I love being your good boy."

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