tagIncest/TabooMy Submissive Little Sister Ch. 01

My Submissive Little Sister Ch. 01


My little sister was born when I was nine years old. She is my only sibling, and since I was so much older than her, Mom and Dad never had to look very far to find a playmate or a babysitter for Alison. As she grew up, Alison and I were very close. Being her big brother, I was her playground protector and the one she came to with her problems. But, when I turned eighteen, I joined the Navy and stayed in the service for eight years, which took me away from home and unfortunately, away from my little sister. By the time I was discharged from the Navy, Alison had turned into a seventeen year old girl with a smart mouth and a seriously rotten attitude. She fought incessantly with our parents and was probably the most disrespectful person I'd ever seen.

So, at Mom and Dad's request, I moved back home to see if I could be a friend to Alison and help her find her way back to the being the sweet child she was before I joined the Navy.

The first year I was back was difficult for Alison and me. Alison began to hang out with the "Goth" crowd at her high school, which led to multiple instances of her sneaking out of the house, wild parties and eventually, some minor trouble with the police. Each time she got in trouble, I came to her assistance and to her defense. For a while, she seemed to change her ways – or at least it seemed like it. We did a lot of things together and I began trusting her enough to let her drive my car.

During the last half of her senior year in High School, she met a boy named Brent, who I could tell was going to be a bad influence on her. But, she was eighteen years old now and wouldn't listen to me. This Brent kid was the epitome of a smart-ass, and despite my warnings, Alison and Brent grew to be friends. I tried talking to her about him, but, she told me not to worry – she definitely didn't have any romantic interests in him. "We're just friends." She said. "That's all."

Somewhere along the way, apparently Alison and Brent got closer than any of us realized.

I was sitting at my computer on a Saturday afternoon when I received an email from Alison. It struck me funny that she'd send me an email – after all, she was at home with me, in fact, in the bedroom right next to me. If she wanted to talk, she could just take the few steps down the hall. However, once I opened the email and read it, I immediately realized her email was intended for her friend, Brent, and not for me.

You see, my name is Brett and when she started typing on the addressee line of the email, I bet the computer must have autoselected my email address instead of Brent's email address and she simply didn't notice. This is the text of the email she was trying to send to Brent, but, which came to me:

"Hey. I probably can't be there until around 7:00 tonight, but we should still have enough time. My parents aren't leaving until 6:30, and it will take me a few minutes to talk my goody-goody brother out of his car keys. Then, I have to change clothes and find a way to sneak out to his car without him seeing me. But, don't worry, I'll be there as soon as I can.

Brent, I really appreciate you doing this for me. I've dreamt about this hundreds of times, and I can't believe it's finally coming true. You have no idea how long I've wanted something like this to happen and I want it to be exactly they way we talked about.

I promise I will do everything you say. I promise I will not chicken out. I promise I will not argue and from the time I come through your door, I will be totally under your command. I've already shaved myself down there and I will come dressed exactly as you have asked. When you open the door to let me in, the person you see standing there will be your totally submissive slut.

I will undress when you command me to. I will lower my panties slowly and let you look at me. You can take as long as you want to look, too. Actually, the longer you take to look at me – the better. I'll stand right in front of you and spread my feet wide. I'll reach down and open my pussy lips so you can see what I look like down there. I'll turn around and bend over and hold the cheeks of my butt apart and let you look there, too. You can touch me in any way you want to and I will perform any sex act you desire.

In return, you will treat me as your submissive slut, and even if it's just for a few hours, I want you to help me experience total submission. I've lived with this bottled up inside me for so long and I know this is who I am.... I'm sure of it. So, tonight, we'll set our friendship aside for a few hours and I will be yours. I will be your slut to do with as you please. My body is yours. My mouth is yours, my pussy is yours and my ass is yours. You can use me anyway you want to. Just command me and tell me what you want.

I know a submissive slut shouldn't have the right to make requests, but if you don't mind, there is one request I would like to make. Obviously, being a virgin I don't know what to expect when you time comes for you to take my virginity. Could you please be gentle with me for the first few minutes? I mean, just until it's in me and I have a chance to get used to it? I don't know what it will feel like and how much it will hurt, but, I don't want the rest of the night to be ruined just because you were too rough when you first fuck me.

Okay, that's it. I'll keep my end of the deal if you keep yours. I'll text your phone when I'm on the way. See you soon."

"Fuck!" I exclaimed to myself after reading Alison's email.

I was in complete and total shock. I had to read the note several times, dissecting every word and phrase, and after I'd read it five or six times, I leaned back in my chair and thought about what my little sister was about to do.

There was at least one good thing I got from her email - it didn't seem like there was any real romance going on between that ass-wipe and my little sister. From what I could tell, this was just about sex. No, actually that wasn't it at all. This was some kind of deal – some arrangement, or some bargain they had made. Perhaps even a favor he was doing for her. But, one thing was clear, she was planning on losing her virginity to him during all of this, and when I put it in those terms, that's when I started getting angry.

My sister, Alison, is a beautiful girl, especially when she's not dressed in all those black clothes and covered with all that dark make-up. She's cute, and she could have her pick of any guy she wanted. So why would she want to give her virginity to an ass-hole like that Brent guy?

Quickly sitting up in my desk chair, I went out to the internet and did some searches to see what I could find about sexually submissive people. This topic wasn't entirely new to me because I'd had a girlfriend who claimed to be submissive and we often role played situations so she could live out her fantasies. But, Alison was my little sister and I wanted to learn more about what she was about to get herself into.

After a few minutes, I found a website that explained in easy to understand terms exactly what being submissive really meant. The website was filled with links and references, and after a couple of hours of research, I'd found several pieces of important information, such as:

1) If my little sister was a true sexual submissive, her unfulfilled desire to experience full submission would grow and grow until her desires were finally satisfied.

2) The converse is true, also. If Alison's desires are not met, she could begin a pattern of riskier and riskier behavior looking for that same satisfaction.

3) I learned that submissives teeter on a delicate balance between intense desire and intense shame. Female submissives may see their submissiveness as the only way they can achieve true and complete sexual fulfillment.

4) Some submissives say that turning over control to someone else acts as foreplay for them, bringing their arousal level to a fever pitch long before any physical sexual contact actually occurs.

But the one piece of information that made the biggest impression on me was this: most submissives live in the closet for years due to fear of being condemned by family and friends. They will only reveal themselves to someone they trust..... someone they feel will accept them and perhaps enable them. But, if that person rejects them, they can become depressed and horribly withdrawn - sometimes for years.

On the flip side, though, if they are accepted and are able to live out their submissive desires with someone – even for a brief period of time, it can act like a shot of adrenalin to their self-confidence and self-assurance. The article went on to say that the absolute best case would be if they were allowed to be submissive with someone that fully understood their needs and treated them with love and respect. In that case, the euphoric feeling would be dramatically prolonged.

So, it was with all that knowledge that I made a decision. If my little sister needed to be submissive, and I mean if she REALLY needed to be submissive, and if she was willing to go as far as asking her high school ass-wipe friend, Brent, to help her, then it was time for me to step in. Maybe this was my chance to finally get through to her, and maybe this was just the opportunity my little sister needed. I could give her what she needed without the risk of involving others and as always, I could ensure she didn't get hurt.

I hadn't realized until now that my cock had grown incredibly hard and begun to throb inside my pants. Sure, I was interested in helping my sister, but the thought of being sexual with her was appealing to me, too. I was intrigued with the fact that she was still a virgin and willing to lose her cherry as part of her submissive experience.

I wondered how it all might play out – my own little sister being submissive to me, I mean. I closed my eyes and imagined her standing in front of me, undressing herself – removing her clothes one piece at a time. I'd sit there calmly and watch her. I'd have to study her and inspect her body. I'd have to place her in embarrassing and humiliating positions so I could see her body parts clearly. She'd have to lewdly expose herself to me, holding her pussy lips apart so I could verify her virginal condition. I'd have to examine her in the most intimate ways, of course, using my fingers and my tongue....... and eventually my cock.

To do it right, though, it would take some time to teach her. I'd have to take her one step at a time and teach her something new each day. She'd obviously have to learn to suck me properly and how to jack my cock just the way I like it. She'd have to learn how to satisfy all my desires, because after all, that's what a submissive does.

For the next several minutes, I let my mind conjure up all kinds of nasty things she'd have to do for me. I visualized her having to stand in front of me and lowering her panties just so I could watch her expose herself. Then, in a twisted instant, I thought about exposing her in unexpected ways and places – like in a store or a restaurant – having her show her breasts, panties or maybe even her bare crotch.... just enough to get her arousal sky high.

There was a fine line between what I was thinking about doing FOR her, and what I was thinking about doing TO her. The more I thought about it, the solution was clear and simple. Even with the fact that she was my own sister, my little sister, the benefits for both of us were obvious, and she'd be much better off exploring her submissive side with me than with anyone else. True, it would mean I'd be having sex with my little sister, and quite honestly, I liked the idea of it. What better reward for a submissive than to receive her sexual training at home from her big brother and receive her brother's cock as her first cock!

Looking at my watch, I could see I had about an hour before our parents were supposed to leave. Thinking quickly, I made a mental list of a few items that would be helpful when the time came, and I jotted down a quick shopping list and grabbed my car keys. Fortunately, there's a supercenter close to where we live, and in the matter of forty minutes, I was back at the house with a bag full of goodies, such as three kinds of personal lubricant, including one that claimed to increase female arousal. Additionally, I'd gone through the "Tween" clothing department and picked out an incredibly short, layered cotton skirt which I could shorten quite easily with just a pair of scissors

Then, I went to the party supplies department and found a blindfold, and then wandered over to the hardware department to find some long strips of Velcro.

And if all that wasn't enough, I found the most exquisite pair of panties as I walked by the lingerie department. My cock was hard the instant I saw it hanging on the rack – it was made of sheer pink mesh material with rows of ruffles across the back of the panties and it was virtually see through in the front.

My cock was bulging in my pants as I walked toward the self checkout line. I arrived there just in front of a woman who had her young teenage daughter with her, and they both became quiet as I started to run the items I was buying over the scanner. I'm sure the mother recognized the special female personal lubricant, and once she saw the blindfold, the sexy panties and the long strips of Velcro, she put it all together and before I knew it, she was tugging at her daughter's arm and pulling her out of line behind me. I chuckled to myself wondering what the woman's daughter was thinking.

I wasn't back at the house a total of ten minutes before Mom knocked on my bedroom door and announced they were leaving for Dad's award banquet. "We'll be late tonight." She said. "We probably won't be home until after 1:00AM. And, there's dinner in the 'fridge for you and your sister. Just heat it up in the microwave and you're all set."

I quickly dumped the stuff from the store in the large drawer of my computer desk and opened my door just as she was done speaking. "Try to do something fun with your sister, would you?" Mom whispered.

"Oh, I plan on it, Mom." I said softly, chuckling to myself. "I think I can keep her entertained for a while."

Just then, I heard Dad yell for Mom from the front door and she looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. "I swear!" She chuckled. "You'd think he was getting a Nobel Prize, or something. Anyway," she added, "we'll probably be late."

I stood in the hallway and watched as she and Dad left. Not more than thirty seconds after the front door closed, Alison's bedroom door opened and she came out into the hallway with me.

"Are they gone?" Alison asked.

"Yep." I answered. "She said there was dinner in the refrigerator for us."

"Hey, Brett," Alison said, following me into my room and leaning against the door frame, "Do you think I can use your car tonight? I need to go over to Beth's house to work on our chemistry project, so, I'll just eat over there and you don't have to worry about feeding me. Is that okay?"

This was it. I knew Alison was lying to me about where she was going and what she was going to do, but, I acted dumb.

"Why don't you ask Beth if she wants to come over here?" I replied. "I bet I can help you guys get done pretty quickly and then we can go rent a movie."

Alison stuck to her story, insisting all the project stuff was at Beth's house. So, I reached into my pocket and took out my car keys and dangled them in front of her.

"How about this," I began, "let's talk for a few minutes and when we're done, if you still want to go, you can borrow my car."

"Oh, come on, Brett!" Alison exclaimed. "Did mom put you up to lecturing me about something?"

"I have no intention of lecturing you, Alison." I replied, as I laid my keys down on the computer desk and sat down in my chair. "I just want to talk. You can spare ten minutes, can't you?"

Alison rolled her eyes and sat down on the bed. "Yeah, okay." She said, crossing her arms in front of her chest and taking a defiant posture.

I reached over to my printer and casually pulled out a printed copy of the note she mistakenly sent me. Holding it out to her, I softly said, "I assume you intended to send this to Brent."

Reaching out to take the sheet of paper from me, Alison's eyes instantly popped open as she started to read the email. A second later, her head snapped up and she looked at me with the look of absolute fear in her eyes.

"I told you I wasn't going to lecture you." I said calmly, holding my hands up. "And, I'm not. But, I want you to hear me out, and then if you want to go do this, I'll give you my car and you're free to go. You don't even have to sneak out."

Alison sat there in silence and looked at me with no expression at all on her face. I could see her eyes were starting to gloss over, and I could tell she was on the verge of crying. Of course, this was the worst possible thing for her – someone from her own family now knew about her secret desire to be a sexual submissive. I knew I had to choose my words very carefully.

"You're not a kid anymore, little sister." I said, looking right at her. "What you do is your business and how you choose to live your life is up to you. Whatever happens tonight, I give you my word I won't say anything to Mom and Dad. So if you're worried about me tattling on you, I promise I won't say anything."

Alison's face was turning red and a tear finally fell from her eyes. I paused for a moment, and then I continued, saying, "You know I don't like this guy. And judging from your email, you had some plan to meet up with him to explore this fantasy you have of being sexually submissive."

Tears started to flow from Alison's eyes now, and she'd bowed her head and was looking down at the floor as I spoke. I reached over to the side of my desk and picked up a box of tissues and handed it to her. After a second, she looked up at me, took the box, sat in on the bed next to her and pulled out a tissue and held it to her eyes.

"Alison, I'm only going to make this offer once – it's a one time deal, so listen carefully and choose wisely." I said.

"I know a few things about submissiveness and submissive women." I continued. "You may not believe that, but it's true. And, if you'll forget about this thing with Brent, I'll offer to help you explore your curiosities in the safety of your own home, with someone that loves you - me. It would stay just between us, Alison. It will be our secret forever. We can take our time and you'll be free to experience all there is about being submissive and you won't have to worry about anyone finding out. You won't have to worry about someone saying something behind your back and we can talk openly and honestly about your desires, your likes, and dislikes with complete confidentiality. I won't belittle you and I'll never hold it over your head in any way."

Alison lifted her head and was looking at me through her red, tear stained eyes. I had her attention, that's for sure and she was listening very intently to what I was saying.

"If you do this," I added, "I'll give you my word to help you live out and explore all of your desires at your own pace. But in return, you have to accept the fact that there will be some changes around here. You'll be submissive to me in all things, Alison. It means I'll be the one to take your virginity and it means you'll be pleasing me sexually every day. It also means I'll be making some changes in your life, and you will have to accept those changes without any arguments."

Her tears had stopped and she sat there on the bed, clutching the tissue as she listened.

"Basically, what I'm saying is this," I said, pausing for a moment so she would listen closely to what I was about to say, "I will teach you to be submissive. You will have the opportunity to try it out with no risk what-so-ever. You can call it off anytime you've had enough and I'll make it easy for you if you want to continue."

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