My Submissive Little Sister Ch. 03


“Alison, I have to warn you – I’ve had a constant erection for a few hours now.” I said. “If I let this go on, I’m liable to want to cum in your mouth, and if I do, I’m not going to let you pull off or spit my cum out. I want you to consciously understand what that means and what I’ll expect if I let you continue.”

“That’s exactly what I want.” She answered, pulling me out of her mouth and licking around the head of my cock. “I want you to force me to make you cum in my mouth.” Alison moaned. “More than anything in the world right now, I want you to make me do that.”

Far be it from me to say ‘No’ to a beautiful, half naked girl who wants to make me cum in her mouth, and I briefly considered if I should let her make me cum knowing full well I wanted to be able to take her virginity tonight, and after considering everything, I reached to the back of her head and pushed her mouth down on top of my cock.

“Just relax your mouth and jaw.” I whispered, holding her lightly with a couple of inches of my cock inside her warm mouth. “Don’t suck or blow. Just hold me in there for a minute and get used to it being in your mouth. Don’t use your teeth,” I said, cautiously, “just use your lips and your tongue and your cheeks,

“Now, try to open your throat up.” I said next. “Relax your throat muscles and let it find its own way, Alison. Take as much as you think you can and then hold it until you feel the urge to cough or gag. Then, pull up and take a breath and we’ll start again.”

My little sister was a motivated cocksucker and a wonderful student. I pushed her down until she stopped and held my cock in the back of her mouth. After several seconds, I felt her throat contracting and I held her down on me an additional few seconds and then let her up. She pulled off immediately, coughing and gagging with spit dripping out of her opened mouth. She took a deep breath and I pushed her down again to about the same depth and held her there. I felt her head move slightly to accommodate more of my cock and then I pushed a little more.

Again, the same thing happened – her throat started to close up, but when I let go of her, instead of pulling off, she pushed herself down on me and I felt a serious tightening around the head of my cock. A quick look told me she’d swallowed almost all of my package because her nose was brushing against my pubic hair.

All of a sudden, she pulled off me and started to gag, gasping for air and with a copious amount of saliva pouring out of her mouth. Once again, I let her catch her breath and then pushed her head down and she willingly took me into her mouth, except this time, I kept my hands on her head and pushed until she fought back, and even then, I pushed more, causing her to whimper and try to pull back against the pressure of my hands.

Holding her head in place, I thrust my hips, causing my cock to go in deeper and when I did, she immediately panicked, moving her hands from my cock to my legs so she could get some leverage to push herself off my pole. When I let the pressure off her head, she lifted off me and gasped to get air, coughing and slobbering all over my crotch. I let her rest for a second – long enough to get some air and then pressed her down again, this time only holding her half way down.

“You’re getting me very close.” I warned. “You’re mouth is feeling way too good, little sister…… like a nice, hot pussy. If you keep this up, you’re going to make me cum in your mouth very soon.”

When I was finished speaking, Alison’s throat opened and she thrust herself down on me yet again. I felt I’d been fair with her – first telling her if she got me close, I’d make her take my cum in her mouth, and then, warning her I would cum if she didn’t stop.

None of that seemed to deter her, and if anything, it made her more determined than ever to continue. And when she swallowed me again, this time she thrust herself down on me and then pulled up half way and started to jack me off with her right hand while she ran her tongue around the knob of my cock.

The combined actions of her hand, her hot mouth and the way she was sucking me started to bring me to the edge of what I could stand, and when it was simply too much, I finally groaned out loud, saying, “You’re going to make me cum, Alison.” Then, before I could stop myself, I said, “Don’t swallow it when I cum. Hold it in your mouth.”

My little sister’s fist and mouth worked on me like she was on a mission, bringing me quickly past the point where I knew I could stop her, or stop my cock from erupting in her mouth. A few more strokes and swirls with her tongue was all it took, and another second later, I let go of her head and leaned back on my elbows and exploded into her mouth, sending glob after glob of hot, gooey sperm into my little sister’s mouth.

Alison, didn’t stop jacking me, but, she stopped sucking as I pumped her mouth full of my seed, and I did nothing to stop her until my spurting started to die down and the head of my cock started to get sensitive.

“Stop!” I gasped, nearly out of breath, once I realized she didn’t know enough about the male physiology to stop sucking me on her own.

Alison’s blindfolded face pulled off my cock and looked up toward me. Even though her mouth was closed, I could see she was holding my cum behind her closed lips, and, a small dribble of sperm was rolling down her chin. My first thought was that she must have a mouthful – and that made good sense because I hadn’t jacked off for a couple of days and I’m sure I had a good supply of sperm to pump into her.

I can’t say for sure what got into me, and why I did it, but, without thinking, I reached under her arm pits and pulled her up with me as I stood. Then, as if it was all one fluid motion, I bent my head down and I kissed her squarely on the lips.

My little sister stood there with her lips tightly closed as I kissed her. She wasn’t kissing me back at all, she was just standing there holding my cum in her mouth and letting me kiss her soft lips with mine. After a second, though, I opened my mouth and forced my tongue between her pursed lips and then, just like a light bulb went on in her head, she opened her mouth and sealed her lips against mine, returning my kiss.

Embarrassingly enough, I have to admit this is one of my most secret and most favorite kinks – that is, sharing my cum with a girl who’s just blown me, or, licking a girl’s pussy after I’ve just fucked her. I know other guys wouldn’t ever do this, but, just to put it in perspective, I’ve never dated a girl who hesitated to lick her own fingers or taste her own pussy juice in the heat of passion, so why shouldn’t I enjoy the same thing?

And so, my head throbbed, my heart raced and I gave in to my desire to deeply kiss my little sister, and as we kissed, we took turns swapping my cum back and forth between our mouths. Our tongues jousted with each other, covered with my sticky, slimy cum, and I’m sure she must have swallowed as much as I did.

By the time our kiss was over, both our mouths were covered with a combination of cum and slobber and Alison’s arms were wrapped tightly around my neck, pulling my face into hers, and both of us were gasping for air and moaning with pleasure and desire.

As our lips pulled apart, it became obvious that my little sister had absolutely no intention of backing out of our deal. She wasn’t going to run back to her room and lock the door. She was going to follow through and become my willing sexual submissive, and a motivated one, at that. And, if there was any doubt in my mind that I’d be making love to my own little sister’s virgin pussy before the night was over, that doubt was put to sleep for good.

“Thank you.” Alison said, reaching up to wipe the spit and sperm from around her mouth. “I really loved doing that, and I loved what you did, too. I mean……. forcing me down like that and cumming in my mouth. That’s exactly what I wanted you to do.”

Then, laying her palms on my chest and running her hands up around my neck, she added, “You know, big brother, I read in a magazine that a guy who kisses you after giving him oral sex probably loves you.”

“Well, of course I love you.” I replied. “And I loved what you were doing to me, Alison. It was amazing.”

“But,” I added, “even though I love you, that doesn’t change the fact that you’re going to be my submissive little schoolgirl slut.”

My little sister giggled and laid her blindfolded face against my chest. “You don’t know how happy that makes me, Brett. I promise I’ll be good for you.”

We hugged and held each other for a couple of minutes and during that time, neither of us said anything. And, unfortunately, another hour had passed and it was now after 9:30 PM. Our parents would be home in less than four hours and I still hadn’t gotten her panties off her. I still hadn’t inspected her pussy…… we still hadn’t watched her nasty schoolgirl DVD and I hadn’t made love to her.

I had to get her panties off her right away and I knew it. I didn’t want to rush my first view of her virgin, shaved pussy, and I wanted to have enough time to look between her pussy lips and explore her untouched femininity, but, I wasn’t sure anymore if we’d have time for all of that.

In the grand scheme of things, though, it really didn’t matter. If I didn’t take her maidenhead tonight, I’d do it tomorrow. Right now, holding her next to me was enough.

To be continued.

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