tagBDSMMy Subservient Cum Pig Ch. 02

My Subservient Cum Pig Ch. 02


I'm a firm believer that life needs to be a journey. It starts somewhere, develops, grows and ends at a defined point. The same rings true for subservient relationships.

I met Jane a year prior, and in that year slowly converted a quiet but willing librarian into a raunchy cum slut. A shy, petite, pretty, early thirties brunette with a curvy figure, large breasts and well-rounded ass, Jane did not initially attract undue attention. However, her looks disguised a hungry sexual appetite. The difference between Jane and my other projects was that Jane had yet to say no to my increasingly perverted demands.

That said, I was now certain we were approaching the climax of the relationship. In the weeks following a cum-fuelled poker party gangbang in which Jane sucked, fucked and swallowed the seed of six of my friends, it was clear to me we were close to the endgame. A change had come over Jane. She seemed much less dependant and much more distracted.

So, how do I get her back on track? The idea came while watching a porn flick. I resolved to advertise her talents through a local agency and hopefully land her a role in a gonzo or semi-professional porn production. Before I did that I needed to give her an edge, something different which would set her apart from the young cum bunnies and fully-stacked MILFs in most films. I hit on the idea of a 'tramp stamp' tattoo. Her smooth white alabaster skin was especially suited to some dark contrasting ink. I wanted a tattoo that was not obvious but hinted at the hidden sexual talents of my 'cum slut' and decided on the phrase 'CUPIDAS ABSORBEO', a Latin phrase meaning 'Eager to Swallow'. Written in script across the small of her back just above her ass cheeks, it seemed the perfect next step for my subservient girlfriend. After a less than enthusiastic initial response, Jane gradually warmed to the idea.

Over the next few weeks the plan came together. I found a local gonzo porn producer who previewed my poker party tape and agreed to hire Jane for a swallow-oriented gangbang involving 12 male extras at a local studio/BDSM Club. The $1000 dollar starlet payment was a bonus that I'd put towards a keepsake for Jane to mark the occasion.

For the tattoo, I arranged an appointment through some biker friends at a downtown salon. I had met the proprietor, a 250lb pound ex-biker named Jimmy previously through work and with a wink and a nudge I arranged to get the work done at a cut-down price, provided Jane supplied a post-tattoo 'tip' of course.

I arranged to meet Jane at the tattoo parlour. When told of the requirement for the high heels and raincoat, she clued in immediately and with an edge of nervousness in her phone voice whispered, 'Same as the poker party?' To which I responded, 'No baby, it's just a tattoo this time but you'll need to thank the artist.' After a pause and a whispered 'OK', I new we were on.

The next day she tumbled out of the taxi at the allotted time in her now trademark wobbly high heels and raincoat. The sight of her click-clacking up to the salon entrance gave me a hard-on thinking of the 'assets' concealed beneath the raincoat.

After pulling her into the salon, I introduced shy petite Jane to the fat, greasy biker.

Jimmy was a friend of a friend who looked the stereotype biker tattoo artist. Weighing a solid 250lbs with long hair, beard and massive tattooed forearms, he dwarfed diminutive Jane, who looked like a scared rabbit in his presence.

'Let's get to it, we're wasting time.' Jimmy barked, ignoring her proffered hand and jerking his thumb over his shoulder towards the leather work bench.

My first kick of the day was the expression on Jimmy's face when Jane peeled off her raincoat to reveal her naked body. She stood nervously before him staring downward while biting her lower lip. Her heels accentuated the curve in her lower back and made her ass stand out like a big upside-down heart. Her white alabaster skin positively glowed under the bright fluorescent lights and her pink nipples stood out like large pencil erasers on her plump ripe melons. Between her legs, her neatly trimmed bush couldn't hide the fat swollen labia which poked out of her pubes.

Anticipating some kind of reaction to her nakedness, Jane was cruelly disappointed and lost any control of the situation when Jimmy replied, 'that'll do' and threw her raincoat aside. She shot me a quick panicked look before slowly easing herself stomach down on the cold leather. Swinging himself between her legs on the wheeled stool, Jimmy was now in total control. With her ass crack in full view, Jimmy placed his huge bear paws on her ass cheeks and lewdly spread her ass revealing her puckered brown star.

'Nice ass.' He grunted before slapping both cheeks and picking up his stencil and marker.

Jane's face burned red but she meekly allowed this greasy stranger full access to her privates. At this point I had a reflections, amazed at how Jane had transformed into such a well trained sex servant. Initially a quiet refined soft-spoken librarian, Jane had turned into an obedient subservient, willing to offer herself completely to a stranger she'd met 5 minutes previously. Turning back to the action, I observed how Jimmy carefully stencilled the design on the small of her back above her ass cheeks, before picking up and switching on the buzzing needle. The pitch of the needle slowed as it bit into her creamy skin. Jane let out a tiny squeal, pressing her face into the worn leather bench. For the next two hours Jimmy worked the design with needle and sponge, interrupted only once by a transiting colleague, who stopped beside the bench, ostensibly checking out the design but in reality getting an eyeful of the ass and pussy on display. Once the tattoo was finished, Jane sat up straddling the bench and twisted around to check it out in the mirror.

'Do you like it?' She asked me.

'Yea baby, do you?' I replied. She grinned, bit her lower lip and giggled, 'I do!'

'Well, no turning back now.' I said and added, 'It's now time to pay the man.'

It was now obvious, even to an innocent girl like Jane, that that some close quarter work was required. Straddling a leather bench naked in front of a fat tattooed horny ex-biker, with no purse or money and a tattoo on her ass labelling her 'eager to swallow', it didn't take a brain surgeon to realise what was expected. Jimmy, all business, jumped up and put the closed sign on the door. After pulling the drapes across the window he ominously unbuckled his belt. His jeans hit the floor and he kicked his boots off, before peeling down his yellow-stained briefs. Jane slid off the bench and kneeled on the dirty floor, visibly nervous and skittish. Her eyes widened when she caught sight of Jimmy's huge fat cock and massive nuts hanging in an over-sized hairy ball sack. She seemed to gasp and moan at the same time when confronted by the size of his organ; which was seriously huge! Shuffling on all fours over to the stool, Jane positioned herself in front of the stool supporting Jimmy's naked hairy ass and fat stomach. The parlour became noticeably hot and humid and I experienced a wave of nausea when the smell of Jimmy's unwashed crotch hit me. It was a kind of sweaty rancid buttery smell. It momentarily slowed Jane down as well and her nostrils flared as she positioned herself between his legs. Her white skin contrasted sharply with the tanned biker and her pendulous all-natural breasts looked like two big ripe melons as she shimmied closer and assumed a kneeling position between his legs.

She quickly glanced at me over her shoulder with a hint of desperation but I smiled and nodded. Nibbling on her lower lip, she turned back to Jimmy. In a shallow voice she croaked, 'thank you for the ink work Jimmy, can I swallow your cum as payment?'

Jimmy grinned exposing a row of nicotine stained teeth. There were no pretensions in this stuffy tattoo parlour, Jane had received a service and was now expected to compensate the artist. She seemed to steel herself before assuming the role of 'cum slut', readying herself to service cock and balls. Jimmy turned to me and winked before lewdly leaning back and spreading his thick hairy legs. Jane, accepting the non-verbal cue, leaned in, overcame the pungent odour and fastened her lips onto his ball sack. She sucked in one of his large hanging nuts before releasing it with a 'pop' noise and going for the other. Nudging the second testicle, the sweet cheesy taste must have hit her as I noticed she wrinkled her nose and momentarily gagged; however she steadied herself and proceeded to lather his cock and balls with wet squelchy noises. Her wash-cloth like tongue seemed to bury itself in and under his scrotum and then popup and wrap snake-like around his cock. She kneaded his balls with both hands while puckering her lips into a rosebud and running it up and down the huge vein on the underside of his cock. Jimmy's low hum turned into an audible groan when Jane popped his swollen purple helmet into her mouth. After an unsuccessful attempt at deep-throating, failing due to the huge girth of his member, Jane dived back down to his hairy ball sack. However she again hesitated, when Jimmy leaned back, adjusted his ass on the chair & opened up his ass crack for her attentions. At this point, I noticed the dirty pair of jocks complete with a brown skid mark on the floor and felt a momentary pang of guilt for putting her in this position. Evidently, Jimmy was not a fan of regular showers and hygiene. Any guilt was quickly extinguished however when Jane leaned in and began rimming the biker's asshole with long wet strokes of her saliva-soaked tongue. A change seemed to come over Jane as she gradually got more and more into the sheer depravity of the situation. Jane now seemed to revel in the funk as she arched her back, clawed his butt cheeks apart and mashed her face in his dirty unwashed crevice.

'Man, your girlfriend is good!' Jimmy commented. Close to cumming, Jimmy grabbed a fist full of her hair and told her to put out her tongue.

Having tongue-washed his crotch, Jane now prepared to receive a mouthful of sticky sperm. She looked up with a mascara-smeared face covered in saliva and obediently rolled out her tongue in the familiar spoon-shape.

'You ready for a sticky load bitch?' he exclaimed.

Jane, with watery eyes and runny nose nodded, 'Unh huh', just as Jimmy grunted and dumped his load.

'FUCK' he exclaimed as his huge hairy balls constricted in his sack and one thick squirt of lumpy greyish-white yoghurt plopped onto her flat outstretched tongue followed quickly by two more. Easily half a cup of ball butter pooled on her tongue in a lumpy pile with a large drip overflowing and running over her lower lip and chin. It was a seriously impressive load by any account. After he finished milking the leftover cum out of his cock, Jimmy used his saliva-covered cock to paint the overflow on her chin back into her mouth. Meanwhile, Jane, demonstrating her composite oral cum skills, threw her head back and gurgled the mouthful before pushing it out slowly over her lips ready for the camera. I didn't miss the opportunity to capture the photographic evidence of another disgusting debauch. By the third snap, Jane gulped the curdled load down and sucked the slop off her chin before licking her lips clean. She wiped her face with the back of both hands before looking up at us with a wide-eyed innocent look.

'Wow that was a big load... Good cum.' She sputtered.

Jimmy grunted, 'OK, out', before jumping up and pulling back the drapes, not waiting for Jane to cover herself up.

'Can I use your toilet to clean up?' she asked quietly.

'Nope', he replied like a true fucking gentleman. Instead he gave us marching orders stating, 'The tattoo will scab up for a week and then you should be ready for your porno. Now get out of my shop, I need to do some paid work.' Having been summarily dismissed, I threw the raincoat on my now very messy cum bunny and guided her out the door to look for a cab.

'You're not coming?' She pouted as she wobbled into the afternoon sun on her high heels.

'No baby, I've got the video shoot to set up. You go home and clean yourself up.' I replied, before chucking her a $20 spot for the cab.

She tried to kiss me as a taxi pulled up, which I avoided (You would, wouldn't you?). As she opened the taxi door in her wrinkled raincoat, wobbly high heels and smeared make-up, I thought of her belly full of biker's sperm and felt another pang of guilt and affection. She's been a trooper, I thought, always willing to play the role. I indicated I'd phone her with a pinkie and thumb gesture and watched the cab drive into the distance.

Next week I called her to set up the shoot. Now sporting a Latin 'eager to swallow' tattoo, I could imagine the looks she would receive at the beach from the more learned male crowd (or any schmuck for that matter with access to Google). I also recalled the mouthful of dirty spunk she was forced to swallow from that fat, rude, unwashed biker. Not one to dwell on spilt milk so-to-speak; I reminded her that she was shortly expected to come down for the porn shoot. I could tell that getting Jane's cooperation on this one was right on the line. Half of her no doubt wanted to end this sexually subservient relationship; the other half was still vulnerable to that lump-in-the-throat, butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling of sexual anticipation. No doubt giving herself completely over to me somehow hit a deep nerve of sexual fulfilment in Jane and I could only hope that this was still the case. After a long intimate conversation she agreed to one last debauch. 'What do you need me to do?' she asked.

I passed on the rendezvous time and address. I also confirmed the raincoat, high heels and baby oil were required accessories before slipping in my 'coup de gras'. As I said before, the trick for developing subservient relationships is to never maintain the status quo. One must constantly progress. I'm pretty sure Jane realised this as she went very quiet when I said, 'And there is one more thing. I'll need you to have an enema before coming down.'

'Why?' she squeaked, with growing alarm.

'Because we need your ass and an enema is a director's requirement (pause) for sanitation.' I added for clarification.

I was met with complete silence... I was sure I had pushed her too far this time. I quickly recalled our progress to date and was sure gang bang anal was the proverbial bridge too far.

The long silence on the other end of the phone was exquisite. Anticipation built up until I could handle it no more. 'Well?' I asked.

After a long silence, she whispered, 'I'm not used to anal... you know that.'

After all the build up and anticipation I realised anal was the last holdout, the last frontier which she had kept safe. Its true Jane had given up her ass cherry at the poker party, but giving up her ass ring to 12 guys on camera was a different story. Treading lightly, I insisted she'd be fine and told her to throw on some fishnets for good measure.

The appointed time arrived and I waited outside of the underground warehouse used by Dynamic Promotions, the porn production company. The warehouse must have doubled as some kind of BDSM club, as leather straps, racks and paraphernalia in abundance lined the walls and covered the well used furniture. Everything had a dark 'dungeon' look despite the extra lighting pre-deployed for the shoot. Right on time, the cab pulled up and Jane tumbled out of the back seat, sporting sexy fishnet stockings, high heels and the raincoat as instructed.

'Are you ready?' I asked as Jane wobbled up and pecked me on the cheek.

Jane paused, dropped her hands and replied nervously, looking at her feet, 'Yes, I'm ready... I think.'

'OK,' I replied, 'Let's go.'

Knowing that once she stepped through the door there was no turning back, Jane paused for a moment before taking a deep breath and striding through the entrance in her high heels. Once inside, Roland the director welcomed her, kissed her hand and ushered her into the main studio.

After completing the obligatory disclaimer paperwork and exchanging health checks, Roland pulled out a dog collar and told her to put it on. He then pointed her towards the toilet and told her to be ready to go in 5 minutes.

The warehouse was arranged with multiple cameras on tripods, lighting and props including a shag rug and couch in the middle of the floor. Back along the wall in the darkness stood a group of male extras of varying builds and ages. They seemed to run the gamut of young athletes to middle-aged fat perverts. There seemed to be a few spectators also, mostly distinguished looking suits who stood in the back in shadows taking no part. All murmured among themselves and stared intently at Jane when she walked in. They looked lean, mean and hungry to get started.

After a ten minute delay, Jane emerged from the toilet. She had prepared herself well, and looked magnificent; naked, oiled, high heeled and dog collared. The fishnets were held up by an elastic top which squeezed the flesh on her upper legs and accentuated her plump, oil-covered ass cheeks. The spectacle was instantly arousing for everyone in the room with cocks visibly rising, no doubt in anticipation of tapping that oily ass. She strutted to the middle of the room, tits bouncing and dropped to her knees before telling the assembled crowd in a nervous voice, 'I'm ready.'

Roland, obviously impressed by her instant subservience, winked at me, motioned to his extras and said, 'OK boys, ACTION!'

The next hour was filled by the wet slaps and sucking noises as Jane was systematically fucked, sodomized and broken down by the twelve studs. Throughout the session, it was obvious Jane was no porn star professional, as the guys needed to push and prod her repeatedly into the required viewing positions as they worked their cocks into her mouth, pussy and ass; however this was refreshing to see as she had none of the cold harshness of a pro.

Starting out, Jane seemed to pay particular attention to one large black actor named Junior, who responded to her advance by clipping a dog chain onto her collar and leading her around the couch on all fours, much to the amusement of the spectators. He then pulled Jane up onto her knees and engaged her in a passionate French kiss with intertwining tongues. Unusual as it is for professional porn stars to allow kissing, Jane betrayed her amateur status and caused me a certain twang of jealousy as she seemed to really bond with Junior in the long passionate kiss (I made a mental note to make sure they didn't exchange phone numbers after the shoot). Luckily, this scene was soon broken up by the other male actors as they slapped her chunky ass and waggled fat cocks in her face demanding attention.

Soon, Jane was bent and twisted into several positions allowing multiple entries and good camera views. Her initial clean sexy appearance soon degenerated into a messy mucous-covered slut look. Her body became saturated with a covering of sweat, cum, saliva and oil. Her mascara began to run, giving her a ridiculous 'Alice Cooper' look accentuated by the dog collar and chain. Her hair was soon plastered to her face and forehead, with her locks used repeatedly as a handle to fuck her face. Finally the fishnet stockings, which looked classy and sexy at the start of the session, became oil-soaked and sagged around her ankles like ridiculously limp socks. The whole scene had a certain raw charm as she was transformed into a simple sex tool for the camera, a cross between a librarian gone very wrong and cheap trailer park trash.

Cracking her ass took some time as it was obviously painful for Jane on the first few entries. Once they had gained entry however, Jane's calamari ring seemed to relax and was soon gaping wide open between cock assaults. Her now distended ass ring revealed a red glistening colon cavity which one male stud repeatedly used as a target for spitballs. Her ass cheeks glistened with lubricant as cock after cock tapped her ass. Cycling through all twelve male extras, Jane's initial energy and enthusiasm gradually waned as cock after cock alternately slid into her anal cavity, mouth and pussy. The boys developed a procession, pulling their glistening cocks out of her ass before pushing them into her mouth, brushing away her feeble attempts at hand wiping. It was a strange, quiet and brittle atmosphere in the first hour with the silence broken only by the wet fuck noises, Jane's grunts and groans and Roland's calm monotone guidance on camera angles. The only change came when the director brought out the large glass bowl and put it beside my now exhausted, greasy cum slut.

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