tagTransgender & CrossdressersMy Summer as a Girl Pt. 02

My Summer as a Girl Pt. 02


I woke up with the sun already climbing into sky. I was in my Aunt Janey's bed, but she wasn't here. Last night we had the craziest internet date for money. The crazy part was that I was dressed like a girl, even though I'm not.

I looked down at myself. I was still wearing those trick panties that hid away my package so I'd look more like a girl, but the bustier wasn't here anymore. I didn't remember taking it off, but I had been pretty drunk. I didn't see it, so I figured I should find my aunt. I climbed out of bed and wandered towards the kitchen.

Sure enough, there was Aunt Janey, but it was clear that our relationship had changed. She was on her laptop, naked, looking at pictures of naked couples. She smiled up at me and said, "Good morning sunshine." I'd like to tell you how I smiled back and we hugged, but I had been drunk for probably 28 hours and I had a nasty hangover. I grabbed the carton of OJ, and opened the cabinet where she kept the aspirin.

Aunt Janey just watched me for a couple of minutes, still smiling. I lifted my head long enough to meet her eyes. She has the biggest blue eyes, and I could see they were filled with love. And something else.

"What?" I wasn't being nice; I couldn't yet.

"We need to take some pictures little girl." Look, I really enjoyed last night. I really enjoyed her dressing me up like a girl, because I loved the attention she was giving me. I loved what she looked like, and I love what we were able to do together. But I still wasn't all that sure about this girl thing. I mean, it was fun, but I wasn't sure I wanted to keep dressing up like a girl. But I wasn't sure I wanted to stop either.

She turned the computer to me and started to tell me what she'd been doing all morning. She had woken up and couldn't stop thinking about how much money we'd make from doing these dates. She had been making ends meet, but with me on screen with her, she was convinced we could make some real money. She had been charging guys $3-5 a minute, but she was pretty good at it, and they would get off pretty quick.

She was looking at different sites, and couples always made more money - girl couples made a ton! Her charging James $9 last night (triple) was a little low. At $9 per minute, she was convinced we could make real money - certainly enough to live on. But two girls were going to make more than a guy and a girl.

It's not like she waited for me either. She had been reaching out to a couple of different sites to see what could be found, and they all wanted pictures. A couple of them wanted video as well. I guess I really am naive, because I hadn't realized that Aunt Janey had recorded last night's session. I finished the juice, and she sent me off to the showers. "You can't look cute in the pictures if you look that hung over."

I'll cut out all my whining. The truth was that both Aunt Janey and I both knew that I was going to do whatever she talked me into, just like I had my whole life. She even sort of left me alone that morning, and let me get some more sleep while she ran to the store.

When she got back, she started getting me cleaned up again. At this point, I knew I wanted that feeling of her flattering me and making me feel special. She got me into the bath and was working on getting my face as shaved as possible. Then she got me into my red wig and started working on my make-up.

By sunset, she was trying to get the lighting right in her bed room as she took video of us in suggestive positions. Despite how matter of fact she was about how things looked, I was totally embarrassed about how hard I got while she was maneuvering us around on the bed. She was going to edit the footage, so she would just tell me to stop what I was doing and move into a different position while I tried to hide the fact that my cock just wouldn't calm down inside its flesh colored, thong sleeve. I'm sure she knew, because I caught a couple of those wicked smiles of hers.

She sat me down in the living room with a couple of beers and a porn movie on the TV. I hadn't realized it, but my Aunt Janey had a big collection of porn. Now that she wasn't hiding things from me, I had access to it too. This probably sounds pathetic, but I fell asleep on the couch.

As the sun was coming up, I heard Aunt Janey on the phone with someone. As I shook out the cobwebs, I realized it was my mom. "No, you just missed him. Yep, he's been working his little heart out. Oh, he's been pretty tired when he walks in, and I think he crashed early. No, no, I'm making sure he gets enough to eat and enough sleep. I'll have him call you tonight when he gets home. Love ya too sis." We hadn't thought through what we were going to tell my folks, but I guess the decision had been made.

Aunt Janey was all smiles and big blue eyes. "Feeling better sunshine?" I nodded. "Great, because I need to get you dressed, we have guests coming."

Never idle, Aunt Janey had made a deal with a new internet show provider. He was coming over to set things up after seeing some of the footage from yesterday. She barely got me back into my wig, an oversized T-shirt, and my thong sleeve in time to meet the new boss.

So Aunt Janey let them in. Clearly Peter was the boss and Amos was the worker. Peter was older, probably mid-50s. He was salt and pepper haired, and kind of had that furry sense about him that older guys get when the hair on their heads thins, but their body hair makes up for it. Amos was huge, easily 6'8" and big. He dressed like a biker, and I wouldn't have been the least bit surprised to find that he was part of a gang, or a professional wrestler.

Aunt Janey did all the talking. Honestly, I didn't understand everything they were talking about, and it probably showed. Apparently, Peter was producing all his own content. He would have the live shows, and then allow access to the edited videos after. Peter was making some comments about me. I think he was implying we could make money with me as a crossdresser, not just implying I was a girl, but he seemed OK with me as a girl.

After about 40 minutes, they got up to leave, promising to be back the next day with the cameras and the electronics. Peter had talked about how low quality Aunt Janey's equipment was and how all of his content was done better. I didn't know anything about the hardware of all of this, but Aunt Janey seemed to know exactly what they were talking about.

After they left, Aunt Janey got serious with me. "You get what we're doing here, right?" I nodded. "You need to be ready to be a part of this. Do I have your commitment?"

"Yes Aunt Janey, I promise to be a part of this."

"Because we are going to need to pay Peter back for this equipment, and I doubt I can do that on my own, even at the rates that he's offering us." I hadn't caught that part. I thought he was just sort of lending the stuff to us, but clearly that wasn't the case.

I was sober, so I thought about it as I would a classroom problem. Eventually I said, "Yes, I agree to be responsible for earning the money necessary to pay Peter back." And I meant it.

"OK, but you got what he was implying about you, right."

"He seemed to think we should bill me as a crossdresser instead of a girl."

She smiled, but this wasn't one of those sexy, wicked smiles. She was laughing at me, somewhat politely. "No dearie. He was saying that he was expecting us to put out, and implying that he was attracted to you."

"But I'm not gay," I heard myself saying.

"Sweetie, this isn't about being gay. This isn't about making love. This is about performing. Typically, we're performing for the camera, but sometimes, it is going to be the real thing."

I had told her that I was in, so I had to be in. Clearly, she had done this before, and I was now going to have to pay my dues. I was nervous, hell, I was scared, but my brain went back to that call with my mom. Was I going to go home and tell my folks how I had failed at something as simple as an internship? Maybe gay sex seems a long way to go to avoid embarrassment, but I really felt like I was doing this for Aunt Janey. She needed this. With me, she could make some real money. Without me, she was in jeopardy. I was in.

Leave it to Aunt Janey to prepare for everything. By afternoon, she was starting to teach me some things that she thought I was going to need to know. From what Peter was saying she expected that I might find myself sucking him off. So we had one of her dildos out, and she was showing me the ropes. I was nervous, so she started by showing me how we would do it if we needed to do it together. Basically making out with my aunt with a dildo in the way did not make me feel like I was gay. Step by step she worked me up until I was bobbing up and down on her dildo. When I had it down, she sweetened the pot by dipping the dildo into her pussy and then letting me taste her on the fake penis.

Again, I fell asleep watching porn and drinking beer. But I was ready in the morning, when Aunt Janey got me into my costume and makeup. She had me in a little white half-tee and a short skirt, in the style of those school girls. Peter and Amos showed up, and Aunt Janey showed Amos up to her bedroom. He was going to set up the cameras, because Peter never filmed with just one camera. He wanted more angles.

Peter, Aunt Janey and I were sitting around the living room chatting. Peter wanted to talk about different scenes and different set-ups that we could work. He quickly figured out that I wasn't going to be a great actress, so he was going to hold off on any of the "mom" catching the "daughter" being too sexy scenes. Clearly, Aunt Janey had the acting chops, and I was going to be her co-star every time. Fine with me.

Aunt Janey was flirting with him the whole time, and he was loving the attention, just like I always did. After about an hour of talking about scenes, Aunt Janey was sitting in his lap with her hand diving deeper. Peter seemed quite happy to have me on the other side of the room, especially as Aunt Janey got down on her knees and pulled his cock out of his pants. Watching her start to give him a blow job had me both turned on and jealous, but I was able to stay somewhat professional. I mean, I didn't throw a tantrum or anything.

I was pretty engrossed in what was going on, so I was totally shocked when two men came in through the front door. I had never seen these guys before, but they seemed pissed. The first one started shouting at Aunt Janey, and she looked scared. The second guy had a baseball bat and made a move like he was coming for me, so I shrank back into the chair I was sitting in. The first guy grabbed Aunt Janey by the arm and dragged her off Peter.

I can't explain how scared and confused I was. Then things got even crazier. Out of nowhere Big Amos flew into the room and punched the guy with the bat. He spooked everyone in the room, which gave him a chance to grab the first guy away from Aunt Janey. He literally picked him up and using him like both a shield and a battering ram, Amos pushed the guy right out the door and into the second guy. With his buddy in the way, the bat wasn't doing him any good.

I watched as Big Amos launched the guy into the front yard. You could tell he was hurt from the way he had landed. With Amos threatening them with his size, and Peter yelling about how he was calling the cops, the two guys turned tail and ran. I found out later that those had been Aunt Janey's old "producers" and they were pissed that she was signing with Peter. Who would have thought we had rival porn guys in Omaha?

Amos came back into the room and looked at the three of us, then looked over at Peter and nodded. Peter looked at me and said, "Don't you think you owe this man your thanks?"

I looked up at him and said, "Thank you."

Peter shook his head. "No, it's going to take more than that." I looked over at Aunt Janey, and she nodded at me, telling me that I needed to do this. As I walked over to Amos, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I looked over at Aunt Janey and Peter one more time to see that she had already resumed her position as Peter's cock had never gotten put away.

I got down on my knees in front of Amos and began kissing his cock. I looked pretty big, about the same size as Aunt Janey's 8" dildo that I had practiced on. As I was sucking on it, slowly and honestly tentatively, I had my eyes closed. I opened them after only about a minute to realize that 8" was Amos soft. As he was getting excited, it was getting a lot bigger. I was more afraid of stopping then of going on, so I just doubled down and started to bob up and down on his cock.

This could not have been his sexiest blowjob, but I was trying. I put my hand on his balls and tried to stroke them, but I think that was more of a distraction than a pleasure. As I was doing that, he leaned down and using both hands, he pinched my nipples. It hurt, but I realized something right then. Aunt Janey was right. This wasn't about being gay; this was about sex. I was going to give Amos a blowjob, because that's what I needed to do. But I liked him doing what he wanted. He wanted to tweak my nipples, so I wanted him to tweak my nipples. I guess that's submissive, but who cares? I was getting off on getting him off.

Well, it's probably a good thing I came to that philosophical point right then, because after really pinching my nipples, he grabbed me by my waist and picked me up. But when he picked me up, he did it so I was upside down. I freaked out, because my skirt was going upside down and he was going to see that I was a guy. My hands were desperately trying to fix my skirt, but then he spoke. I think it was the first time I'd heard him speak.

"Don't worry. I've been to prison." Sounds dumb, but I understood exactly what he meant and apparently he had known I was a boy the whole time and really didn't care.

Here I was upside down with my face being buried into Amos' crotch. I was going to do this, so I just grabbed his cock and stuffed it back in my mouth. There was no romance here, I just started bobbing my face up and down on his pecker as deeply as I could go.

As I was trying to please him with this weird upside down BJ, Amos used his teeth to pull my thong out of the way. As my little cock popped out of the thong sheathe, Amos took it into his mouth and we were in a standing 69. No question, Amos was more familiar with this than I was, but with the blood rushing to my head (the other one) he was getting a lot closer than I was. I kept it up as best I could, determined to give him the blow job he deserved for having saved my aunt and I from getting raped, because I'm pretty sure that was what was going to happen.

Right about the time I started to really see Amos as my savior, his cock started to pulsate in my mouth. It took me off guard. I don't know what I was expecting to happen, as this was clearly the inevitable ending. I started to swallow as much as could, but this was a pretty awkward way to suck a cock. Just as the cum I hadn't swallowed started to run up my face, I came too.

Was it his cum? Was it messing up my make-up that got me off? I'm pretty sure it was the accomplishment. I had agreed to do what was necessary, and while I never expected violence to be part of the situation, I had done it. I had sucked Amos off to a big explosion of cum. I didn't really know what tomorrow held, but today, I was a success.

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by vickitvohio08/20/18

chapt 2

certainly a lot less enticing than chapter 1, but you still have my attention. hard to believe his aunt has him forced into gay sex.

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