tagGay MaleMy Summer as a Lifeguard

My Summer as a Lifeguard


For as long as I can remember, I was always wanted to sleep with another man. I always had girls in high school, I was on the baseball, and football teams, and had been sexually active for a long time. Currently I'm twenty-one, 6ft. 2 in. short brown hair, 145 pounds, I am good looking, I have a good looking chest, nice ass, eat right, and have a dick 8 in. long. I also have moderate body hair. I work out every other day at the gym. But the one thing I've wanted to try was fucking another man. Sure women were great. But there was just something about a man.

Well last summer I needed a place to call my own for a while. A place I could take girls or hopefully a guy to. My parent's house there was always someone home. Between my fourteen-year-old sister, and my twin sixteen-year-old brothers there was no time to even jerk off. It was just too cramped for me. So I rented a condo for the summer. I even got a job working for a local public pool as a lifeguard. Well that summer I knew something was changing.

I just turned twenty, I had a car, and all was great. While working at the pool, one of the other lifeguards named Adam approached me. Adam was eighteen, looked like he was about 148-150 pounds, not too well built, but still good looking for his age. We got to talk about women and all. As we talked I couldn't help but look him over. He was good enough for me I thought. Well we got back to doing our jobs, and then it was time to leave for the day. I invited Adam to my place he kindly accepted and went home, got changed and came over to my place.

We went out to eat and had a good time out. We got back to my place and just started to talk about girls. Well Adam was starting to get turned on and was trying to hide it. I could tell he was adjusting himself. I could see the look on his face that he was about to run off to the bathroom to whack off, so I made the first move. I started to talk about how much I need to fuck someone and how I was interested in fucking a man.

Well something triggered him because he then sat next to me on the sofa starting to come closer to me. Then he grabbed me, pushed me down and his lips were planted on mine and began to separate my lips with his tongue. He kissed me passionately for what was like hours. Then I pushed him off and lead him up to the bedroom where we kissed and stripped at once.

Then Adam dropped to his knees and started my dick. He took all eight inches at once. He had a suck like a Hoover. Then he lay down on the bed and told me to get on top of him with my cock in his face, and we 69'd for about ten minutes. He had a beautiful 9-inch cock. And it was nice to suck. With Amazement I managed to take just about the whole thing in my throat. His cock had a nice amount of hair around it. So did his balls, his cock was long, thick and cut. Then we stopped.

He told me to lie on my stomach, where he licked my balls, and even worked his way around to my asshole. Then all of the sudden I felt his fingers starting to enter me. He placed one finger in at a time, till he couldn't put anymore in. He moved them around for what was like an eternity. Then he lubed his cock up, and started to shove it up my ass. It was painful but felt so good. After about ten minutes he started to work up a good fuck then pulled out and told me to get on the bed on all fours. I did as told. Then he got behind me, grabbed my hips tight and started to fuck me doggie style. I couldn't believe it. A man was fucking me. It felt so good.

AS he fucked me I couldn't help but moan and shout how good it felt. It felt so good having his big juicy cock up my ass, the feeling of his balls spanking me, the feeling of a man just fucking me felt so good. All of the sudden He started going faster, I shouted louder then he started ramming my ass to hard I knew he was about to cum. I couldn't wait to have a man's cum up my ass. He started shouting out..."talk dirty to me Matt, talk dirty!" and with that he came. He shot a large load of cum up my ass. Then he fell on top of me, kissed me, and stayed there till I felt his cock soften and pop out of me. Then he got up, showered up and left. After he left I hopped into the shower thinking about what happened and whacked off myself. That next day at work, we didn't talk much. We just thought about what occurred last night.

Well it was closing time, and we were not going to see each other for a few days for the pool was being closed for the Holiday, and also for some minor repairs. So we got ready to leave and we were the last two at the pool. I brought up what happened last night. He said in embarrassment that he was just very horny and that he was sorry. I told him it's ok and that I enjoyed every minute of it. He looked in amazement. He had told me that usually when women see the size of his cock and somewhat are amazed but can't take the whole thing. He thanked me for a good time, and said my ass was good. Well the pool closed, and again we did the same thing as the night before. We went to my place, and instead of talking we just closed the blinds around the house and started stripping till we were buck naked and kissing in the bedroom.

We began to suck each other and then I pulled out. I told him to get on the bed and lubed my cock up good, and fingered him to get it ready for my cock. Then I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with my cock. I stood behind him as he was on all fours on the bed. I grabbed his hips and began to just fuck his ass like crazy. My cock was tearing his hole open while my balls spanked his. It was great, I didn't want it to end. After about ten minutes, I felt my balls tighten and began to fuck him faster and faster till I came. I shot a good load up his ass. It felt like gallons. It didn't want to stop shooting. After about a minute I finally passed out on top of him, and again stayed there till I softened up. Then we got up kissed passionately and we walked into the shower where I game him the blowjob of his life. I swallowed as much as I could.

Then I kissed him to let him taste his own cum. Later on he gave me a blowjob and we fell asleep in each other's arms. That morning, we woke up and just hung out. Later that summer Adam moved in with me. We made it seem like he slept on the pull out sofa bed when he moved in. Truthfully he slept with me every night. We fucked just about every night.

Before we left for work, we would passionately kiss, and leave separately. Just for safety reasons. So no one caught on. Well it's been over one year, and we're still together. We still fuck other women, occasionally have a threesome with 1 other women. We still wind up sleeping together and fooling around when we're alone at the apartment. He's the best.

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