tagMind ControlMy Summer at Bill's

My Summer at Bill's


In the Summer after my Junior year in high school, my parents won an Around-the-World cruise that would take place from June until August. Since it was only a trip for two, that left me at home for the summer. Not wanting me to be bored to the gills at home (and perhaps not burn down the house or anything), they made arrangements with my best friend Bill's mom to let me stay at their house for the summer.

Janet (Bill's mom) was in her mid-forties, but still had a very nice shape to her body and a cute smile. She never really paid much attention to me or pretty much any other friends of Bill's who would come over and play video games or hang out. I have been over at their house so many times that she had quipped that me staying for the summer would not really be a big deal. Her oldest son Todd had just left the house a few months earlier to join the Navy and was on a 6 month tour in the South Pacific, so that conveniently left a room available for me to stay at.

So, a bit about me. My name is John and I just turned 18. I am what my parents would call plump (not fat), and average height. I was not a jock or anything special and never had a girlfriend, though I had plenty of friends that were girls. My only asset was my brain, which allowed me to get good grades and kept my parents off my back most of the time. This also allowed me to spend time with girls as I was pretty helpful with their homework.

A week after graduation, my parents dropped me off at Bill's house. Bill was working a summer job, so Janet let me in and after talking with parents for a few minutes, she guided me to my room to stay for the summer. The floor plan upstairs was L shaped with Bill's room down the hall to the left, Janet's room right as you got up the stairs, and Todd's former room down the right hall.

As we started towards my room, I could hear a peculiar sound, "You are smart, you are funny, you are incredible, don't forget this. Stay positive and things in your life will be positive. And remember dress savvy to be savvy!"

Janet, rolled her eyes and said, "Oh my, that is one of the motivational discs I listen to at night when I sleep. I was at a seminar a few months ago and the presenter gave us these discs saying that listening to them while I sleep can motivate my subconscious."

"Do they work?" I asked.

She shrugged, "Well, I feel more positive and feel better about myself, but don't know if it's due to the discs. I just listen to them now more because the voice helps me fall asleep."

She stepped quickly in her room and shut it off and then took me once again to Todd's room. I had a couple of large duffel bags with clothes and of course all my games and software and other equipment I used. Janet watched me put my stuff on Todd's bed and had a nostalgic look in her eyes as she obviously was thinking about her son. I took notice of the soft look on her face, which I found very attractive compared to the giddy happy persona she usually had.

I gulped and she looked startled for a moment before regaining her composure. "I will let you get settled then," she said before smiling again at me. "Dinner will be around 6pm! Bill should be home around 5 or so too."

Janet closed the door to the room and as I listened to her walk away, I could not help think of that soft look in her face, and I immediately thought of the rest of her body, slim about 5' 5", with what appeared to be C cup sized breasts under her shirt. I was not sure why I was thinking all this, but whatever reason, it aroused me and I was rather amazed that my best friend's Mom could do that to me.

I sat down and was taking my clothes out and placing them in an empty dresser that Todd had left behind and was about to take all my equipment and games out when I started thinking about the self-help discs Janet was using at night. I smirked at that the thought that someone could think those things would really work.

As I thought more about it, the geek in me took over and I thought "What if I could test the discs to see if they really work." A plan began to formulate in my mind, but my focus was more on getting organized that I did not think much more of it that day.

Later that day, Bill came home and he was stoked about having me at his house, we immediately went down to the family room in the basement and started playing games and talking about the school year and our upcoming Senior year.

As we were laughing, we heard Janet yell downstairs "Dinner you two!"

We raced each other upstairs, with Bill beating me to the table with a satisfied grin on his face, while his mother rolled her eyes.

"Good to see you both have an appetite," she said and continued setting out the dinner, steak and potatoes.

"Wow, mom hope you keep making these great meals while John is here," nudging me "usually we eat macaroni and cheese with hot dogs."

Janet blushed and said "Behave Bill!"

"So, why are you dressed up too, mom?," Bill asked.

That is when I first noticed that Janet had on a two piece skirt combo with a generous line between her breasts. I accidentally bumped the table causing the glasses to jingle.

"Be careful John, hope you are not as clumsy as Bill here," Janet giggled.

I laughed and blushed a little, but a thought had crept into my mind "...dress savvy and be savvy...that is what the disc said and Bill mentioned she never dressed like that. Coincidence? That got my mind going again.

We enjoyed the delicious meal and I know there were a couple of times I glanced at Janet's top, being able to sneak a peek of the outline of her breasts in her bra when she was passing out the steak and again when passing Bill the butter for his potatoes. I felt myself getting aroused again and though feeling ashamed, I was curious about those discs.

The next day, I was awakened to Bill running down the stairs to go to work. "Mom, I think I missed the bus, can you drop me off?"

Janet said, "Dammit, fine, I can do that on the way to my office."

I heard them both leave the house joking and laughing. As I heard the car leave, the thought of those discs came to mind again and I ventured out of the room and into Janet's bedroom.

The room smelled of roses, apparently from a perfume that she must be using. It smelled real good and got my mind going, thinking of being with a girl that smelled like that. I shook myself and focused on my task at hand. I opened the disc case and pulled out the copy Janet was listening too. It appeared that she must have gotten a copy from a friend, because it was a Memorex disc, similar to some that I had in my room.

That got me thinking so I took it to my room. I listened to the speaker talk about being positive, smiling, etc. The disc must have been a couple of hours long and just repeated the same message over and over again. I pulled out a disc recorder I had from when I was younger (yes, I am a pack rat) and placed her disc on one side and an empty on the other side. I let hers play for an hour, taking a shower and brushing my teeth as the speaker droned on about being positive, dressing for success, and other stuff.

I stopped the recording and turned off her disc. I then took a microphone in hand and started to recite some stuff I thought about over-night "You are young and vibrant, and feel sexy all over again. What it would feel to be with a man again. If you hear the word 'beanie' it will arouse you. Every time you hear it, you will think of being touched and will build a need to be touched. Your legs will close together, you will bite your lips, your hand may fall between your lap..." I repeated the message over and over again for what felt like forever. When done, I put her disc in again and let it record until the new disc was full. I then snuck back in her room and slid the new disc in her player.

The rest of the day was uneventful, I played games, Bill came home and shortly after, Janet arrived and decided that we needed to go out and get something to eat as she was to tired to cook. We stopped by a local restaurant and enjoyed a nice meal and Bill spent the majority of his time talking about the events at his job and both Janet and I laughed and rolled our eyes as he elaborated quite a bit in his storytelling.

We finally went home and being that it was pretty late, we all went to bed.

The next day, I got up and went downstairs to get some breakfast. Bill had left already, but Janet was still there sitting at the table, putting some documents in her bag for work.

I decided it was now or never and said "Thank you for letting me stay this summer with you and Bill."

Janet smiled, "No problem John, we are happy to have you."

I said, "I was meaning to ask you this yesterday, but where did you get that collection of beanies from."

Janet looked at the collection she had on the shelves behind her and seemed to be in thought before saying "Umm, I have collected those over many years, way before Bill was even born."

"Wow," I said "there are sure many beanies there. I did not even know they made that many types of beanies."

Janet look at her collection proudly, and then seemed to be at thought again, but this time, I clearly saw her breathe a bit faster, and her legs came together, her hands rubbing along her knees and instinctively rubbing between them.

My jaw almost dropped, but just then, I heard the table squeak loudly and Janet jumped up "Oh my, look at the time! I need to run!" She got up and ran out the door, leaving all the paperwork she seemed to need unshuffled on the table.

I immediately ran upstairs and checked her disc player. Sure enough she had listened to the whole recording...and she seemed aroused when I spoke of her beanie collection! I was excited and so damn horny at the same time. Could it be possible? Can I manipulate Bill's Mom.

By now I had gone down the rabbit hole enough, I just had to see if I could push it a bit further. I took the disc back in my room and thought of what to say.

My horny thoughts won out and I recorded "John has a nice looking cock under those pants. You just want to touch it...and when you do you want to taste it. He is such a sweet virgin, that young cock is probably yummy." I laughed and repeated this over and over again for about 45 minutes and returned it again to her player.

"There is no way that will work." I thought and shrugged as I went to play games again.

That evening Janet came home and stuck her head downstairs "John, Bill got invited to a concert by Jill, his 'friend' and they went after he got off of work. Sorry, you did not get much notice, I guess her girlfriend bailed on her and she asked Bill."

"No worries," I said.

"Good then, I made some spaghetti if you want some."

"Sounds great!" I said and ran up to eat with her.

While eating, I looked over at her beanie collection and pointed to one, "That beanie looks familiar, where did it come from?"

Janet smiled, "Oh that one, it is a 'Godzilla' beanie in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Japanese movies. I am surprised you have such an interesting in them," she said as she smiled at me, slightly biting her lips.

I said, "Oh, I am interested in tons of things, and that seems like such a great collection."

She beamed "That is refreshing to hear. Bill only talks about movies and games and never has taken an interest in those beanies." She then asked me, "do me a favor and get the beanie on the top shelf near the back."

I got up to reach for it, having to stand on my tip toes. As I reached and grabbed the small beanie, I heard her gasp, and thinking I might have bumped something, I came down carefully, looking to see if I had done some damage. I looked at Janet and she seemed to be recomposing herself and was licking her lips.

I handed her the beanie and she seemed to refocus her attention "Oh yes, thank you! She told me about that beanie and I listened, while wondering if she even heard the disc I put in her player.

The evening went on and Janet got a call from Bill saying that he was still at the concert and wanted to know if he could stay at Jill's house. Janet seemed to think about it and looked as if she would tell him no, worried that he might get himself in trouble, but instead stammered "Oh, okay..but son, be good okay."

"Yes Mom" I could hear him say over the phone.

It was late and I said "Well time for me to hit the sack." "

"Oh, all right...good night I guess" she almost said wantonly.

Not sure what to think of it, I went to my room and fell fast asleep. A short while later, I felt the bed move and was awakened to Janet, sliding under the covers beside me

"Shhhh," she giggled, smelling a bit of alcohol.

"What are you..." I tried to say as a finger went up to my lips

"Shhhhh," she went again, this time a little more authoritatively. She seemed to stop for a minute as if thinking of something.

Then I felt her other hand move over my stomach and slide down to my cock, slowly caressing the tip. "Mmmm, there it is" she murmured.

I started, but again her finger pressed on my lips and in the dark I could see her eyes look in mine hard for a moment, but then softening. "Just...relax John" As she said that I could feel her hand grip my cock between the sheets as if getting a feel of how big I was. She nodded her head and murmured her approval before her hand reached down and slid under my underwear to grip my cock once again.

She began to stroke me and whispered in my ear "has a girl ever touched you like this before?"

"N...no" I stammered as she continued to stroke I faster and faster.

I could not believe this was happening and as I was trying to wrap my head around her hand stroking me she purred "And you probably never had this done before," lowering her head to kiss my cock, before letting it slide between her warm lips.

I gasped as she slowly lowered her head over my member, her tongue flicking it as she moved up and down. I lay back a big smile on my face as I continued to feel her head bob up and down, her hand now massaging my balls as she took me further and further in.

I could hear her begin to gag as she had the entire length in her mouth and it was pressing down the curve of her throat. "Sooo good!" I heard her coo once when she came up for air before diving back down to take me all in again. I lay there unsure what to do as she sucked me hard and long. I let my hand drift down her back, feeling her spine underneath her light gown she had on, reaching lower until I cupped her small ass. I looked to see if she would respond, but as she kept sucking me greedily, I squeezed her ass and that just turned me on more.

She seemed to notice it then as my hips were now moving up in her face and I was pulling on her gown to lift it up to feel that fine ass of hers. She moaned then, shifting her ass towards me and my hand slipped right past the gown and caught her whole ass in it and a finger slide between her legs and brushed what had to be her pussy, which was so wet to the touch. She gasped and her mouth squeezed tightly on me, starting a cascade event: I screamed, hand releasing her ass and now gripping the sheets as I felt myself explode. She held my cock in her throat, her hand massaging my balls if she were willing me to send all of my seed down her throat.

I continued to spasm there on the bed as she held me tight, he throat constricting on me and my cock spurting even more cum as she did so. Finally, as the wave ebbed and my orgasm faded, she slowly pulled away from my cock and licked me up and down my shrinking shaft, humming as she worked.

A couple moments passed as I lay there breathing hard and her head on my belly before she said "I am sorry, I have n...no idea what came over me. I was drinking and just remembered when you went up to get the beanie from the shelf and saw the profile of your cock...and just had this thought that I wanted to taste you. Forgive me, I am so embarrassed."

She started to rise, but I stopped her, "I should apologize too. I could not stop looking at you even if you are Bill's mother...you are so beautiful!"

She smiled at that and took my face in her hands and kissed me. I could taste my salty cum on her tongue as she kissed me long and hard. She finally pulled away and got up. "Please don't tell Bill." She said desperately to me.

"I won't say anything...this can be our secret."

"Yes, secret. I like that."

I stammered, "Can we do this again?"

She smiled at me, "If it is okay, yes, we can...and I can teach you more too, if you want."

I smiled and said "I would love that." She left the room then and I could hear her door close softly in the night.

The next morning, I went downstairs and Janet had a nice breakfast set out with all the fixings, eggs, toast, bacon and sausages. Bill had come back earlier and was already downing food when I got to the table.

"Good morning John, did you sleep okay?" Janet said with a big grin on her face.

"Wonderfully." I said as we smiled at each other. Bill, was munching down food, he failed to notice anything.

"So how was the concert," I asked.

"It was awesome!" he said and he detailed all that happened the previous evening.

That night, I laid down to sleep, and knowing that Bill was in is room, did not expect a visit from Janet.

However, about 30 minutes later, I heard my door open and Janet walked up to my bed. The moon was out and I could see her body silhouetted under her gown.

"I can't help think about your cock," she said, and I remembered I never removed that disc. She came up to my bed and this time removed her gown, showing her soft body in the glow of the night. She pulled my covers back and reached down to pull my shorts down as I raised my hips.

She caressed my cock once again and looked lovingly at it before lowering her mouth on it. I could feel the warmth take me in once again, feeling her bob up and down, sucking as she did so. Her hand moved up my thigh and again stroked my balls as she kept on sucking. Her body was so close to me, I was now able to feel her ass and I slid my hand up and down it mesmerized by its fill as I moaned to her mouth moving up and down my cock.

She pulled up and seemed to think of something. "Move over," she commanded and I slid to the middle of the bed. I thought she was going to climb next to me, but to my surprise, she straddled me and held my cock in her hand as she looked down at me.

She asked, "You never had sex before, have you?" I shook my head 'no' and she giggled "I guess you can take that off your bucket list then."

She then took my cock, and guided it up to her very most lips, and I could feel her warm pussy slowly surround my cock, engulfing it as she lowered on me. She cooed playfully as she took my full length in and now lifting her hands to my chest, began moving up and down my cock. I lay there looking in her smiling eyes as she moved up on me and then she leaned down, her breasts pressed on my chest as she kissed me deeply. I reached up and grabbed her ass as she continued to lift up and down on me, fucking me slowly in the night light.

My hands move up her back and back down to her ass again, before she pulled up and took both my hands and moved them up to her breasts. This was the first time I felt her breasts and just held on to them in awe as she giggled and continued to move up and down, her pace increasing as the pleasure was beginning to build in herself. I could feel her now lifting up higher and coming down harder and the bed began to squeak. I think both of us must have thought of Bill down the room at the same time, because we looked at the door at the same time.

We giggled together and then she leaned down to kiss me as she rode me even harder. I could hear her breath more heavily and her movements were more erratic. He pussy was actually contracting on me and the feeling was overwhelming. She finally let out a soft scream just as I grabbed on to her ass and we both came at the same time, my cum shooting deep inside her as she slammed on me hard.

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