My Summer Break

byDG Hear©

"She must be the one that applied for the position you mentioned since you're from the Zanesville area. I'm sorry I can't give out any more information to you. You'll have to go to the Zanesville campus for that."

I thanked the woman and headed back to Zanesville. The Zanesville campus was only ten minutes from my apartment. I couldn't sleep at all that night. I tossed and turned till it was time to go over to the high school for football practice.

As soon as it ended I headed over to the University. It was quite crowded. Classes must have just ended. I approached the receptionist and asked to speak to Susan Reagan. I even gave out the same lie I told the woman in Athens.

"I'm sorry sir, I can't give out any personal information about our students. If you like you can leave a message with me and I'll see she receives it."

As I was writing out a note, Beth, one of Sue's friends saw me. "Jerry! What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for Sue but I have to leave a note for her."

"Wait right here! Don't leave, I'll go get her; man is she going to be shocked."

I sat down and about ten minutes later Beth came in with Sue. When she saw me I didn't know if she was happy, shocked or mad. "Hi Jerry, I've heard you were looking for me. What can I do for you?"

It wasn't the greeting I was expecting. "Sue, I need to talk to you. I want to tell you the truth. I've missed you so much. I looked everywhere for you. I was in Athens yesterday and they told me you were here.

"Can we have dinner together and talk?" She seemed a bit calmer.

Her friend Beth said she had to go but hoped to see me again.

"You lied to me Jerry; right from the beginning. How do I know to believe you now? By the way, what are you doing in Ohio? I thought you went to school in Michigan, or was that a lie too."

"Sue, I know you hate me but I'm here now to tell you the truth. I didn't expect to fall for you like I did. I was afraid to tell you the truth after that. I didn't plan on seeing you again but I can't get you out of my mind or my heart."

She softened some and agreed to have dinner with me. She was done with school for the day. I took her books and we headed out to my car. I saw her look at my license plates; they were Ohio plates and I got another look from her.


We went to a quaint restaurant in Zanesville and got a booth where we wouldn't be disturbed. We each ordered a sandwich and salad along with a beverage and then we began to talk.

"So Jerry, why all the lies? Before you say anything I want to tell you that I gave myself to you because I honestly thought we had something special. That's why I gave you my phone number hoping you would call."

"We both lied Sue. I did it because of my crazy friends suggested it and said everyone did it. It seems they were right." I pulled out the paper that Sue gave me.

She looked at it and said, "Oh my God! I didn't realize I didn't put the Zanesville branch of the university."

"The phone number is wrong also. I called every area code I could think of including 740 which is Zanesville."

"I'm sorry Jerry, I really am. I didn't lie to you, that is my number. I bought the phone when I was at the mall in New Philadelphia. The area code there is 330. I'm sorry, but that doesn't forgive you for all the lies you made.

"I waited for you to call and you never did. Now I realize why. I did try calling your number and whoever answered the phone said they never heard of a Jerry or JJ Kankansas. I was so hurt because as I have said, I thought we had something special.

"I had a friend in administration at Ohio University call Central Michigan and she was told that there was no one at the university by the last name of Kankansas. They also checked the graduates of the last two years. What is your name Jerry or is it even Jerry?"

"Ok, my turn to talk. As I mentioned the guys told me not to use my real last name or phone number. Also that I shouldn't tell the name of my hometown. I went along with them, and sorry I did when it came to you. I tried to call you and wanted to tell you the truth but that didn't work out until now.

"My name is Jerome Joshua Jones. Kankansas was my mother's maiden name. I gave you Bill's phone number, not mine. When you called, he called me and ask about the name Kankansas. I asked him for the caller ID and you had it blocked."

"That's because I only give my number to people I want to have it. You were one of those people, Jerry," she replied.

I explained to her that I did go to the university and everything I told her about myself was true. I then told her I was born and raised in Ohio but went to college in Michigan. I lived in the Akron/Canton area. I decided to come back to Ohio and took the job offer in Zanesville.

"Are you telling me you live in Zanesville now? Are you a teacher here?" asked Sue.

"Yes, I teach mathematics at the high school and I'm an assistant football coach. School starts next week but football practice is already underway. By the way, I live ten minutes from the Ohio University. Well, that's about it. I found you and I want us to be together.

"I'm sorry about the lies and promise to always be honest with you. So I guess it's in your court now whether we become a couple or go our separate ways."

She stared at me but she seemed to have tears in her eyes. I always heard that the one who speaks first loses and I didn't want to lose her. The problem was she wasn't talking and I was getting nervous.

She stood up and I thought she was going to leave, but instead she came to my side of the booth and kissed me. I have to say I was never so happy as I was at that moment.

We left and I drove by my apartment to show her where I lived and I asked her if she wanted to see the inside of it.

"Jerry, you know what will happen if we go inside together."

I smiled at her as I opened her door and we went into the apartment.


We began dating regularly after that. I went to Columbus one weekend to meet her parents and she went to Akron to meet mine. She stops over around three times and week and does her homework at my apartment while I grade papers.

Afterwards we make love. Yes, we don't just have sex, well we do that too. Life couldn't be better. People still stare when they see the little lady with the tall guy but we don't care. We know we have something special.


Thank you for reading my story

Comments are welcome and appreciated

DG Hear

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