tagMatureMy Summer of Joy

My Summer of Joy


Summers can be brutally hot, no kidding!

While air conditioners were gaining prominence, we didn't have one. Home from college for summer break left me alone most days since my parents worked full time. I never liked the beach, sand isn't pleasant, anywhere, especially in delicate places. Not to mention blistering sun beating down on fair skin. No, summer has never been my favorite time of year.

Fans did nothing much but blow the hot air around. Cold showers only helped if you were standing under the water or laying in the tub turning into a prune. This day was supposed to be a scorcher. I had to think of something to do to cool off. Even though we had an in the ground pool the sun turned the water into a sauna.

I remembered that the movie theater a few miles away was showing a movie I wanted to see. The wonderful part was the theater was air conditioned and a matinee was I think maybe two dollars.

I decided to treat myself to an afternoon of cool. I showered and got dressed, carefully choosing something light, I wanted to get the most benefit out of the air conditioning. When I walked into the theater it was almost empty. I think there may have been four or five people standing randomly in the lobby waiting for the first show of the day to begin. Since it was a twelve o'clock airing I thought if it was a good movie I could sit through two or three showings and really enjoy the cold air that was seductively blowing and instantly cooling me off. It couldn't get better than this.

The theater held about one hundred and fifty people at capacity so the few ticket holders including myself didn't make a dent and allowed for people to sit where ever they felt most advantageous to the screen. Most people were at work or maybe the beach, or had air conditioning.

It was a Tuesday if I remember.

Not so long ago they ran coming attractions of the movies that would be "coming soon" along with the silly walking candy bars and giant soda's hoping to entice the patrons to spend more on snacks than the admission price of a ticket. We all did, and still do. Nowadays, the tickets are about five dollars (I know, we're talking matinee here) and the popcorn twenty. Inflation, what a killjoy! Still, how can you watch a movie without having something to munch on? Popcorn in hand I headed for the seats. The middle section close to the screen was my goal. I found my seat, settled in and watched the trailers and comical ads. I was completely comfortable and more importantly, cool.

The movie started and I was thoroughly engrossed in the music. It was nice and cool and I sat back and got totally into the story. My shoulders were bare and getting cold. I probably should have brought a light sweater but forgot. I was wearing a barely there summer sundress, with spaghetti straps which wouldn't have looked very pretty with the regular straps on the bra's I normally wore. I'm very well endowed, my breasts are ample. In those younger days, a tube bra was a nice departure from the usual bra's a young girl had in her lingerie drawer. It was basically a cylinder of very lightweight knit. Barely any support but enough to be decent and somewhat concealing for a girl with large breasts and protruding nipples. Now that I was sitting in the air conditioning I regretted not wearing something a little warmer, that at least had sleeves.

The cold air affected me in a way that had nothing to do with cooling me off. It not only cooled me down, it gave me a chill which resulted in my nipples prominently puffed out and obvious. I had the skirt of this little dress pulled up my thighs high enough to truly get the most of the air conditioning. Too bad it wasn't a longer skirt, I would have pulled it up over my shoulders. Yes, it would have bared my thighs, even showed my panties but I wouldn't be freezing and puckering. The theater was dark and as I said pretty much an empty room. Normally I would fold my arms across my breasts when this nipple thing happened. More often than I care to remember when this chill to my body happened I would get embarrassed. I seemed to attract stares and glares. Since there was no one close and I was in a relatively poorly lit space I just let it go and didn't feel the need to cover up.

About fifteen or so minutes into the movie I heard a noise behind me. I couldn't make out what it was. I ignored it. Within a few minutes the noise became an insistent whisper somewhat louder but still the words were garbled. It was evidently people commenting about the movie. Someone else heard the noise and a loud "Shhhhh" silenced them.

Another movie goer came in and sat one row behind me, two seats to my right. I thought hey, you missed a good part of the movie? When it's this hot I guess, the air-conditioning superseded the movie value. It seemed strange that out of all the seats available this person had to sit right behind me. I hoped whoever it was they were quiet. Since the theater was empty noise was magnified and distracting. Then I thought it made sense. This section was right in the middle and there was no one to look over or get in the way of a clear unobstructed view. I couldn't have told you whether it was a man or woman, if this person was young or old. I barely saw the figure in the darkness. I heard the seat being lowered as being the only real reason I knew someone was sitting behind me.

The movie was a take on a Broadway musical and I was really enjoying it. The noise began once more only this time I heard a voice, kind of raspy saying something. I listened closely and it was coming from the person behind me. I kind of turned my head and saw an elderly man. He smiled at me and was mouthing something. I thought perhaps he was singing along with the music. It was still annoying and I stood up and moved a few seats to my left. It became quiet, so problem solved.

After a few moments, I realized he wasn't singing he was talking. He distinctly said something and all I could hear clearly was "show" and the rest of his noise was unintelligible words. I ignored him. It didn't stop, he just kept talking. Not to be disregarded he moved and was now sitting closer to me. speaking a little louder. This time I heard him clearly.

"Show me your tits."

Did I hear him, right? I couldn't have. I turned and quietly said "Excuse me?"

He smiled and stuck the tip of his tongue out and wiggled it at me. I immediately turned away and focused on the screen.

"I wanna suck on your big tits and lick your pussy."

God, did he just say what I think he said?

I didn't know what to do or say. I sat there and hoped he'd stop if I just ignored him. If I heard him I wondered if anyone else could? I heard the seat going up. Thank God, he's moving and I breathed a sigh of relief, he was leaving. Only he didn't leave. The filthy dirty old slob sat down right behind me.

"You got nice big titties."

He was still whispering but I heard him clearly. I looked to my left and then to the right. The closest person was way on the other side of the theater several rows back and thankfully couldn't hear him. I didn't know what to do?

"You got big nipples?"

It was a question? Was he crazy? I didn't answer.

"I'll suck em really good." He made this slurping sound.

By this time, I was ready to just get up and leave, move to another seat. What if he followed me? Screw him! I'll just watch the movie and he'll get discouraged and stop. I was sure if I didn't acknowledge him he would get tired and leave.

"Is your pussy wet?"

Ohhh myyyy Goddd! I sat still and looked straight ahead.

"I wanna lick your pussy and suck on your clit."

What balls! He was disgusting!

"I know you're listening."

Ignore him. He's getting his jollies just talking. If you react he'll just keep it up.

"You love having those big nipples sucked."

What a degenerate!

I could hear him breathing hard. This horny old bastard was getting excited!

"I'm gonna chew on those hard nipples and do it for a long time."

Alright you pig, you think I'm listening to you?

I turned around and glared at him. "Shut the hell up and move you disgusting creep!"

"I'm not going any where! I can see those sweet tits, nipples all plumped up and hard, sticking straight out, come back here and sit with me? I'll rub that wet pussy real good, make you cream!"

I just turned around. I wanted to know how long he would keep talking?

"I love sucking big juicy nipples, I make em real stiff? I can't suck them in here, someone might see but I sure as hell can rub that clit for you, rub it up good."

I turned around and looked at him in disbelief.

He just smiled and licked his filthy lips. He had to be in his seventies or older, ancient. The man was all wrinkled and bald. He looked like one huge wrinkle with arms and legs attached. He smiled at me and put his finger in his mouth and made believe he was sucking on it.

"You can already feel me fingering you, can't you? Put your hands down between your legs and show me your pussy?"

Even in the dark I could tell his hands were huge with fat fingers. I turned around and tried to ignore him. The crazy fool had moved closer. I could hear every single word he was saying. I felt his hot breath on my shoulder.

"You want me to suck em, I know you do. You don't fool me girlie. You're all wet and wondering how long and good I'm gonna do it?"

The disgusting thing was he was making me crazy!

"When I'm done sucking them real hard, I'm gonna wanna rub your wet pussy a little. You're getting all wet down there already, I can smell it."

I was embarrassed sitting there and letting him talk to me that way. I could also scream at myself because I was beginning to listen intently, he was getting to me.

"I'm gonna finger you really good, rub your clit up real nice."

If I didn't get up right now he'd think I wanted him to do it, that I was thinking about it? This old pig was so close his beard was rubbing against my face. He just kept talking and I sat there and kept listening.

"When I get your clit nice and big and swelled up I'm gonna suck on it for a really long time."

I had to shift in my seat because I could feel myself getting wet. I'm leaving right now!

"While I'm licking, and sucking on that sweet pussy I'm gonna pinch those hard tittie tips."

What the hell? This was plain ridiculous, get up and leave right now!

"My other hand is gonna be fingering you real slow. I'm getting you all hot just talking about what I'm gonna do. You like having that pussy fingered nice and deep, I can tell, you love it."

I'd had enough. I turned around and warned him,stared at him.

"You're a disgusting dirty pig? If you don't shut up I'm going to get the manager and have you thrown out you degenerate!"

He just smiled.

"No, you won't. You want me to do it, you're all lathered up and thinking about it."

He was right and it was sickening. I knew all about filthy old men like him. They get all hot and bothered especially when you interact with them. The only thing to do is completely ignore him. He'll get the message and get up and leave. I'll be damned if I was leaving because he was a pig.

"Oh yeah, I bet you love having that sweet snatch sucked don't ya? Almost as much as you like having those tits chewed. I bet I can make you cum really good just sucking on those hard stiff nipples? I can see them plain as day, all big and swelled up."

Now he was resting those wrinkled old arms on the top of my seat, I could see his hands, he was leaning on the back of my seat almost humping it. His voice was deep and gruff, insisting that he knew what I needed.

"Yeah, you like it, hell, you love it! You wish I was doing it right now. I'm gonna reach over and get me a good feel of those tits."

I froze. And damn if he didn't reach around and grab me. I slapped his hand away but not before he pinched my nipple. I was so embarrassed because I heard myself groan. What if someone saw that? What if someone heard me?

"Ohhhh yeah little girl, you want it, hell yes you want it!"

I turned around and gave him the last warning.

"You better get up and leave right now! You have five seconds to get out of here or I'll have you arrested!" He just smiled at me and sucked on his lip.

"No, you won't. Go ahead and tell the manager I'm bothering you, I am! Your pussy is leaking and those big tits are aching. You're wondering what I can do to you? Is he all talk and no action? You want me to come right down there and sit next you so you can spread those legs open and let me finger you real good. Show me your pussy? I'll make you feel really good."

The truth, the thing was that he was right. I couldn't stop thinking about what he was saying. What the hell is wrong with me? Nothing, you get turned on by dirty old men, admit it!

"You come back to my house with me, and I'll take really good care of you. I'll make you cum and cum over and over till you scream! I see those nubs all perky and hot. Let's go?"

I had to be out of my mind. What if he was a serial rapist or worst? He was a filthy pig. He was a dirty slob and he was driving me wild. So, what if I wanted him to do all the things he said he would do? I turned around and looked straight at him.

"Ok fine, let's go. I'll follow you out."

"Now you're talking! Just get up and walk outta here. I'll be right behind you."

There was only one way to get rid of him. He'll think I'm agreeing to this and I'll just leave.

I stood up and walked to the end of the row. I'm just going to keep walking, fast, right to my car and get away from this old fool. He got up when I did, he was right in step with me. I looked around and no one was watching us leave.

"You made a wise decision little girl. I'm gonna drive you wild!"

"Shut up! Be quiet!"

I looked around again and no one was looking our way. I was sure no one heard him. He was so close to me I could smell him, Old Spice and sweat. His clothes were wrinkled almost as bad as he was.

When we got to the end of the row I stepped out first and was in front of him. The crazy fool reached out and grabbed my ass. For the love of God, what if someone saw that?

"Stop you disgusting animal!" My voice was barely audible but I knew he heard me.

He smiled and grabbed my arm pulling me close to him. "Disgusting is exactly what gets you humming. Let's cut the crap! You can't wait to wrap that pussy around my disgusting tongue, rub all hard on it and feel that clit getting sucked good and hard. Now just walk outta here nice and quiet, or I'll shove my hand under your pretty little dress and finger you off so everybody knows it."

Panting, I was panting because I was so freaking excited. I moved fast and was almost out of the theater, he was right behind me. We got out in the lobby and he grabbed my hand.

"You know you want it. Just get in your car and follow me. We'll be at my place in five minutes."

He let my hand go and walked ahead of me. He never looked back once. I watched him walk outside. I waited a few seconds and hoped he was getting in his car. When I got outside I didn't see him. Thank God, he left. I walked across the parking lot towards my car and didn't see him anywhere.

I got to my car and fumbled for the keys. I was looking around and didn't see that old fool anywhere. I opened the door and got inside as fast I could. My hand was shaking but I finally got the key in the ignition. Getting it started, I locked the doors. When I looked up he was pulling next to me. He rolled down his window and started talking. I rolled down my window to tell him to go screw himself.

"You follow me and I'll be on those tits before you know it. I'll drive slow so you can keep up. Just in case someone pulls between us I live at 19 Crescent Place, right here in Gardiner. It's a blue house with white shutters. Drive right into the garage and I'll close it behind you."

Rolling up his window he sat there and just smiled. Then he did something so filthy I almost came right there in my car. The slob brought his hands to his face and motioned like he was pushing something apart. That gross tongue came out between his fingers and started wiggling up and down.

Rolling his window down again. "That's how I'm gonna spread that pussy, wide open, get my tongue in there real tight, lick your clit hard and fast. Now think about that and let's get going!"

He started driving away and I pulled out behind his car. I must have lost my mind. I followed the pervert.

The truth was he got to me. I was following him to his house? We both knew I would. Sure enough we were there in five minutes. When we got to his place he opened the garage from his car. My car was behind his and I waited for him to pull in. I looked around and there was no one in sight.

Maybe I should just pull in? I honestly didn't think he was dangerous just a horny old bastard that needed to be shut down. If I got in the house I could make sure he wasn't holding some poor girl hostage or worst. I had to laugh at myself. Of all the reasons, as to why I followed him making sure he wasn't holding hostages was the most ridiculous. I looked up and he was waving me into the garage.

Who was I kidding? If he was half as good as he promised? I knew I was out of mind. I was out of mind thinking about what he'd said he would do. If he wanted to hurt me he certainly wouldn't have told me his address. What the hell was I doing here? Turn around and go home!

Nope, you're not going anywhere. I looked at the clock, it was just after one-thirty. What would an hour hurt? If this was a big stupid mistake I could just leave. If this was an opportunity to have a little fun? Why not?

There he was standing inside. I pulled in and sure enough the garage door was closing. The old pervert came to my door and opened it. Well, now you're stuck!

"Yeah, those sweet titties need a really good suckin and I'm just the man to do it."

He reached down and would you believe he grabbed me? I just sat there and let him feel me up.

"Sweet tits, nice and firm and big. I love big tits, big juicy titties and wet pussy."

His hands were squeezing and feeling every inch of me.

"I gotta see em right now." He bent down into my car and his hands were like octopus's tendrils, all over me trying like hell to get them inside my dress.

Somehow, he managed to jam his hand down the front of my dress, ripping the thin strap away and he pushed it down. My tube bra was still covering me but not for long. He pulled it off and had my breast out in a flash. My nipple was already hard and swollen.

"Ohhh yeah, look at that, just waiting for me to get to work!" The pinching and pulling sent shivers through me.

He certainly knew what he wanted. His hands were grabbing and juggling my breast. "I knew these titties were big and had nipples that would fill my mouth up." I watched his tongue swipe across his mouth like he was anticipating the best thing he ever ate. That tongue stole across my nipple and he groaned. I moaned.

"Com'on, get out. I need a taste right now!"

"Ok, give me a second and how about letting me go so I can move you pervert!"

"That's right! I'm a dirty old pervert and you're creaming between your legs because you can't wait for me to get my mouth in gear."

He moved back and actually offered his hand to help me out. What a sight! My breast, nipple stiff hanging out of my dress. This old man licking his lips, breathing like he was running a marathon.

"The faster you get out of this car the faster I can get on those big juicy tits."

I slide out of my car, finally getting to my feet and he pushed me up against it. That filthy old dog had his lips latched on and sucking so fast I didn't have time to react or pull away. I admitted to myself I didn't want to. He was sucking hard and stopped, looked at what he had accomplished.

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