tagNovels and NovellasMy Summer Vacation Ch. 03

My Summer Vacation Ch. 03


The next morning I woke with a slight hangover, and remembering what happened last night caused me to get an erection. For some reason, I thought I better not beat off, Andrea might get mad at me if I did. What made me think like that? I have no idea. I got a cup of coffee and my mother made a joke on my hangover. I looked out the living room window and seen Elsie anxiously waiting for me on her bike at the end of her driveway. I went downstairs to get the hideous birdhouse and when I went outside, I heard those training wheels quickly make their way across the street.

"Mr. Ramsey!" Elsie yelled as she pedaled her bike up my driveway. "Are we going to put the birdhouse in the tree?" I laughed and held up the birdhouse. "Yay!"

"C'mon Elsie." I said."I seen a good branch to put it on." Elsie clapped her hands, got off her bike and took my hand as we walked to the tree. After hanging it, Elsie wanted to go fishing so I texted Andrea to let her know. As I was gathering the fishing poles with Elsie talking a mile a minute on how many fish we are going to catch today, Andrea brought over Elsie's car seat.

"Hello Jason." Andrea said as she walked into the garage. Since I was too busy listening to Elsie, her voice caused me to jump. "Did I scare you?" Andrea chuckled.

"Hi Andrea." I said with a feeling of nervousness. "I didn't hear you coming." Andrea was dressed conservative today including socks and shoes much to my dismay.

"Here Elsie." Andrea said as she gave Elsie her car seat. "You know how to buckle it in." Andrea turned back to me as Elsie took her car seat to the car. Andrea lowered her voice to speak to me. "I heard you coming...last night." I nervously chuckled. "What are you doing for tonight or tomorrow?" Tomorrow was the fourth of July.

"I don't know yet." I said. "Probably just staying home."

"Pity." Andrea said as she put her sunglasses on. "Bye Jason. Later." Andrea left the garage, gave Elsie a kiss and told her to be good, then walked back home without ever turning to look back at me.

While fishing with Elsie my mind was elsewhere, namely on Andrea, while my bubbly little buddy caught her fish and kept right on talking about anything and everything. I consistently got my line tangled or caught on rocks and spent most of the time fixing my line.

"You're not catching any Mr. Ramsey." Elsie giggled as she presented her tenth fish for me to take off her hook.

"That's okay Elsie." I smiled at her. "It's fun for me just watching you." On our way home, we stopped for ice cream and Elsie gave me her thoughts on how I can be a better fisherman and catch fish.

Later that evening I was sitting downstairs watching television and drinking a beer when I got what I perceived was a frantic text from Andrea.

'Jason I need you. Bowling alley.'

Now the bowling alley was not actually a bowling alley per se. It used to be when Andrea and I were kids but has since been renovated into a bar with a dance hall. Wondering what was going on, I got into my car and drove downtown. I parked across the street from it and as I was crossing I noticed Andrea against the wall in between the buildings. My spidey senses started tingling. I made a little swoop around so it would look like I was walking down the street and as I came upon the gap in between the buildings I made my presence known.

"Hey Andrea." I said hoping it looked like I just happened to come upon her. She was wearing a blue button down shirt with jeans, a pair of black heels, about 3 inches, closed toe, tan nylons, and her shoe was cut low enough to show some toe cleavage. "What you up to?" She was standing against the wall, and some guy I had no idea who he was, was talking to her. Andrea didn't look scared, more like uncomfortable. I turned to the guy who was obviously upset I intruded and looked him up and down. " 'Sup dude." I said.

"Oh hey Jason." Andrea said as she put a smile on her face. "Not too much. You stopping for a drink?"

"Yeah sure." I said to Andrea. "I could use a drink."

"Great." Andrea said. "C'mon I'll buy you one." She put her hand into the crook of my elbow and led me toward the bowling alley. She turned her head around and said: "Bye Steve." As we walked into the bowling alley turned bar she said: "Thanks Jason. I hate that guy." She didn't tell me who he was or how she knew him. I didn't bother to ask.

Andrea ordered us a beer and excused herself to use the bathroom. The place was not packed with people but it was busy. A few of the drunkards had taken to the dance floor to dance to the music on the jukebox, and there were enough people sitting at the bar so there would only be one seat available to sit. There were highlights of the baseball game showing on the television, so I sat down to wait for Andrea to return. As soon as I heard those heels coming back, I turned to look at her. She had redone her hair a little so it was hanging down both sides of her shoulders. She also redid her pink lipstick as her lips were more noticeable. Two Buttons were now undone on her blouse. She had a slight smile on her lips and her eyes held mine. She licked her lips just before she got to me, and I started to get a semi in my pants. She placed one hand against my leg and turned me on my stool so she could get in between my legs. She kissed me and let her tongue trace around my lips. Her perfume now filled my nostrils.

"Did you keep my seat warm?" Andrea asked.

"Uh...yes I did." I moved to get up so she could sit down.

She laughed and put her hand on my leg to keep me seated. "Silly boy. I meant this seat." With that, she put her hand over my bulge and squeezed it. "Mmm. Yes you did." She cooed. "You kept it nice and warm and hard for me." She leaned in to kiss me. She traced her fingers around my bulge then moved her thumb against the shaft and rubbed me hard just underneath the head. My leg shook a little and I moaned into her mouth. She broke the kiss, stopped rubbing me, and looked into my eyes smiling seductively. "Seems I found the spot to rub my ass against to keep you hard and close to cumming. And Jason, I know you know I can make you cum in your pants. I've done that already a long time ago." She finished with a laugh.

"I didn't expect to see you tonight Andrea." I said somewhat nervously since I didn't want the other people in the bar to hear what she was saying to me.

Andrea stuck her bottom lip out at me. "Does that mean you already jacked off for me Jason?" She finished with a laugh.

"No..." I laughed with her. "...didn't do that today."

"Good." Andrea said and gave me a quick kiss. "I don't want to miss it when you do." She ended with a wink. We were having normal conversation enjoying the atmosphere while she stood in between my legs with her hand still on my bulge, giving it a squeeze every now and then. Sometimes she would turn and rub her ass against my bulge and I would put my hand on her waist and light kisses on her shoulder and neck that made her purr like a cat. I can't remember ever staying hard for as long as I was. She was always somehow touching my cock through my pants. I finally caught on that she was squeezing my cock every time she let her foot slip out of her shoe. But she did it so quick I never got to see more than her heel slipping back into the shoe. She would giggle after every time she did that. We had three drinks each and then she asked me to give her a ride home. We walked to my car and I opened the door for her causing her to laugh.

"After all these years, you're finally opening doors for me."

"Chivalry isn't dead, my lady." I quipped. Once I got into my side of the car she scooted closer to me.

"My hero." Andrea cooed and took my arm holding it close to her causing both of us to laugh considering the goofiness of the situation. Much like an inside joke only her and I would ever understand. As I drove the few miles home, she reached over and began to stroke my cock through my pants. "Hey Jason? I know you're like divorced and all and I'm like a little crazy, but do you think that maybe you and I could be like boyfriend and girlfriend?"

I chuckled a little at her. "You wanna play house with me Andrea?" I said and tried to imitate a little boys' voice causing her to laugh.

"Yeah." She said in a little girls' voice. "I can be your play wife." As she said that she pulled my zipper down and fished out my hardening cock. "Better pull over quick." She whispered into my ear. I pulled over and turned the car off and turned off the lights. She took my cock into her hand and lightly stroked it from the base to the head. "So hard for me." She whispered. "So hard." She repeated as she stroked me slowly up and down getting more of my pre-cum on her hand. She kissed me pushing her tongue into my mouth to wrestle with mine. Her slow stroking had me going crazy. Not hard or fast enough to make me cum. She rubbed that sweet spot just underneath the head with her thumb just for a second before she would slowly stroke back down to the base, then start the process all over again. My hips were moving in rhythm with her hand and I was moaning into her mouth. She stopped her stroking just short of me exploding and lifted her left leg up and stretched it out across my lap. She then reached over and took her shoe completely off her foot. Her tan reinforced toe nylons and her red toenails peeked out just perfectly. Her toes were all in great symmetry from her big toe down to her pinkie toe. She wiggled her toes a little and the aroma of her foot mixed with the smell of leather wafted up to my nose. I inhaled the smell deeply. I could detect a little hint of her perfume as well.

"Can I touch it?" I asked my voice hardly above a whisper.

"Yes Jason." She laughed. "You can touch my foot all you want. Do you want the other one too?" I grabbed her foot. It was so smooth, and the nylons made them feel smoother. They were a little damp from being in her shoes, but I didn't mind. I ran my hand up and down the sole of her foot from her heels down to her toes. She chuckled a little and slid her other foot over to my lap. Her shoe was already off her other foot, and she placed her foot on the outside of my hand so I could rub the soles of both her feet with my hand. I lifted her right foot and put my face into her sole and sniffed. I began to kiss her foot and lick her toes. Then I did the same to her left foot. When I peaked over at her she was looking directly at what I was doing and rubbing her crotch.

"Do you like my feet Jason?" She asked as her right foot started to rub my cock. I ran my nose underneath her toes and in between the ball of her foot, leaving little kisses as I did so. Her foot smell was making me dizzy, it smelled so good. I then kissed down over her arch and down her sole, around her heel and up to her ankle. I ran my hand just a little way up underneath her jeans and squeezed her calf muscle. Then, back down to her toes kissing and smelling her foot all the way. I put her right foot directly onto my cock and shuddered. The cool nylon felt so soft and smooth against me. I rubbed her foot up and down my cock lightly, and she used her middle toe to rub that spot just underneath my cock head that made me moan and shiver. Do you want to cum?" She purred seductively. I nodded my head yes. "Then keep smelling my feet and cum for me."

With that she reached down with her hand, gripped my cock and ran her thumb back and forth over the spot just underneath the head. She dug her foot into the base of my cock. "I can feel you pulsing in my hand. Smell my feet and cum." My head was spinning from the way she was talking to me. "I want you to cum all over my toes." I was close. I couldn't hold out much longer. "Smell my foot and cum Jason." That was all for me. I bucked against her foot and thumb deeply inhaling the smell of her other foot and came. "Yes Jason all over my toes! It feels so good on my feet." I grunted and groaned and couldn't stop inhaling her nylon foot smell. I became too sensitive and I tried pulling away from her hands and feet. Andrea had brought me to two very hard orgasms in less than a day.

"Thank you Andrea." I said after a minute in which I composed myself and came down from the orgasmic euphoria. I started the car and began to drive.

Andrea put her feet back into her shoes then curled up against me. "So I was thinking Jason, how about you take Elsie and I to the parade tomorrow and then to the carnival afterward, and then watch the fireworks?" I smiled to myself thinking that would be a great idea. As I pulled into my driveway, she kissed my cheek. "Think about it and I'll call you in the morning."

As I watched her walk toward her house I shouted to her. "It's a date Andrea." She turned around, blew me a kiss, and with a little extra spring in her step made her way home.

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