tagLoving WivesMy Sunshine Girl Pt. 01

My Sunshine Girl Pt. 01


It was a warm summer night, the Melbourne weather being unpredictable as always. The day was beautiful, bright and sunny. Then a drizzle in the afternoon changed the weather completely, it got so chilly, had to turn the heater on. Now it's all hot and humid again, this weather will one day force me to leave Melbourne and perhaps move to a different part of Australia! I couldn't sleep, was just staring at the ceiling above. Had a fitful sleep last night, in fact this had been the case for last one week or so. My body was tired, yet my brain was forcing me to stay awake. Something was keeping me all restless, but I couldn't single out any specific concern.

I turned left and saw how peacefully my wife was sleeping. Kerstin and I married almost 3 years ago. When I met her, she was married to her ex-husband. I fell head over heels for her the first day we met, not knowing that she was married at that time. She's 5ft 9, blonde hair, very fit from her regular sessions at the gym, long shapely legs, not massively curvy but not very skinny either. I wouldn't be surprised if someone confused her with Nicole Kidman, they look strikingly similar, except Kerstin has bigger breasts. She's as pretty at 31 as she was 4 years ago when I met her. She was having a difficult time with her husband; their marriage was falling apart and as soon as they filed for divorce I asked her out. We hit it off so well, the first few months were amazing, we were inseparable!

In the bedroom, Kerstin has always been very vocal. There is something so sexy, so feminine about her moans. I find it so incredibly hot when she tells me what she wants, what feels good for her while I'm fucking her, how she likes me to eat her. Unlike most of my ex-girlfriends, Kerstin knows what she wants in the bedroom and she would always tell me what she needs. I find that incredibly hot! Her high sex drive, her desire to be pleased and also to please me is one of the things I am so attracted to. There is no girl I met who made me feel this way and I don't think I will ever find anyone quite like her. I'm hooked and deep down inside, in my subconscious I knew that there is nothing she could do to make me love her any less. I had no clue that soon my love for her was going to be tested real hard...

At 32, having a decently successful career in banking, I was doing quite well for myself. The only downside of my work was frequent travel, I had to travel between Sydney and Melbourne, at least 2-3 times each month. Each trip lasting for 3-4 working days. Since our marriage two years ago, we bought a house in a quiet neighbourhood and life couldn't have been any better for us. It was all going smooth until during the end of financial year, my schedule became extremely hectic, I was hardly getting to stay home and was travelling a lot. And then, that fateful day when it happened, something very trivial, yet enough to sow the seed of suspicion.

The third person in our story is Alan, one of Kerstin's friends, whom she has known for many years. They have been friends long before I met her. Alan is a cool guy, quite friendly and over the years we became well acquainted. There was something about him, a bit of narcissism that always held me back from becoming a good friend. I never really disliked his company though, he was always fun to have around and the friendship between Kerstin and Alan never raised any suspicion what so ever. He was all about himself though, always bragging about all his countless sexual conquests with women. Being an up-and-coming musician and a ruggedly handsome face, he had what it took to impress the women. But his friendship with my wife was purely platonic, not a single innuendo of anything inappropriate, or that's what I thought.

One of the things Alan often says when he brags about his sex experiences is that most girls find it extremely difficult to take him all the way in because in his language 'he is gifted down under'. I've always considered this as one of his many lies as he loves to talk himself up. He has a bit of a reputation for being a trickster and we had some inside jokes about this side of him. The other thing he often says when he is hanging out with us and sees a girl he likes is that 'I want to do sex at her'. We always have a good laugh when he says that with a funny accent.

So, this last time when I was out of town, Kerstin went to a concert with Alan. Being two music geeks, they have been to many concerts and music events, some in my absence and it was nothing new. She even texted me before going there with Alan while I was still at the office, working late. I told her to have fun and how jealous I was for not being able to see the band which happened to be one of my favourites too. Couple hours later, I was taking a break from work and had a quick look on Facebook and saw my wife posted a picture few seconds ago from the concert. It was a selfie she took but she was in Alans arms. What was a little uncharacteristic is that Alan was kissing her neck and they looked very intimate, unlike any of their other pictures together on social media. To me, even at that moment, Alan was no threat and I didn't have a shadow of doubt that it was nothing more than a fun intimate moment shared by two good friends at a concert. Few minutes later I went back on Facebook and wanted to see if she had posted anything new, to my surprise the previous picture was gone! It was deleted, or she put a privacy so that I couldn't see that. For the first time ever, in my three years of married life with Kerstin, I doubted her fidelity, I realized she hides things from me!

How I felt at that moment is hard to describe. I felt my hands were numb, I was feeling lightheaded. No rage or anger but a total disbelief that this was actually happening, I was dumbstruck and took me few minutes to find my feet again. That was the first moment of anxiety, the very first bitter taste of betrayal, defeat and jealousy. It was all based on a hunch, yet it was so strong and so real. In the midst of all the anxiety and negativity, I felt something inside of me, begging me to release some of that tension. I felt a lingering twinge of horniness, that came from nowhere. I was alone in my office, still had the presence of mind to lock the door. Then I started to stroke my cock over my pants, it was completely limp. The nervousness, the tension I was feeling was not conducive to an erection yet like a possessed man I continued to stroke my limp dick. I pulled my pants down and continued to stroke my lifeless cock, I honestly was not in control of my body or mind.

And then it happened, in my imagination I saw a vivid image of Kerstin on her back, her beautiful shapely legs spread open, Alan ploughing her hard and she was looking at me with a sly smile on her face. I felt a sudden jolt in my cock, it became so sensitive, blood rushing to the cock and it was getting hard very fast, but before I could reach my full erection, I felt my balls tightening and I started to cum. A bizarre yet powerful and unique experience that I had never felt before. I didn't cum a ton, just a small amount of sperm trickling down my semi hard cock, quite understandably given the situation. But why did that image flash through my mind, why that caused me to get hard all of a sudden, and more importantly why did my body respond to that so abruptly? I had no answer to any of those questions at that time...


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/16/18

Same shit same piss

flush da 🚽 nil ⭐️

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by TediumsShadow07/12/18


thanks for writing and posting

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by Justgr807/11/18


Since when does 600 words justify a story? What was written was awful much the same as most stories lately. No score, not worthy.

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by Anonymous07/11/18

Geez this was just awful

Today will go down as one of the worst days in the LW section in a very long time. Terrible stories that seem to be written by insecure, pathetic people with characters that not even a Mother could love.more...

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by Anonymous07/11/18

this is a crash and burn story

my butt would be back home and do my packing... she would be out the damn door ... I do like the presentation and I give it a 4... waiting to see the ashes...

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