tagBDSMMy Surprise

My Surprise


You walk up to me at my computer in our home office wearing a mini skirt and no top and say "Get up and come with me if you know what's good for you."

Recognizing what you are doing I stand and say "Yes Mistress."

You lead me into our basement dungeon and tell me to strip. I do as you instruct. You place a cock ring and blindfold on me. You lead me over to one of the bondage racks I've built for us and bend me face down onto it. Then you strap my arms and legs to the uprights with me laying face down so I can't move. This leaves me completely exposed for your pleasure.

You walk around me dragging your nails across my back and ass as you do so.

"Oh we are going to have fun tonight. Well, at least I am." You say as you slap my ass hard.

"I think your little boy cunt needs a bit of softening up. Don't you?"

"Yes Mistress."

You then proceed to take a switch to my ass making it very red and sore. Finally you target my ass hole with light strokes of the switch. This drives me mad with lust.

When you've gotten your fill of that you apply some soothing oil to my ass and start to rub it in. Without warning you shove a finger up my ass hole "What a tight little boy cunt you have. I'm going to have fun making you my bitch!"

You increase the number of fingers in me to 2 then 3, stretching me as you do so. Suddenly you pull your fingers out and shove a rather big dildo up my ass hole. This makes me grunt and squirm with pleasure.

"You like being fucked don't you? How would like to suck a big black cock?"

"Yes Mistress I would."

You shove the dildo as far as it will go in what you call my boy cunt.

"I bet I could turn you in to a fine little fagot, couldn't I?"

"Yes Mistress." I knew better than to disagree with her.

As you run your nails down my back again the door bell upstairs goes off and you leave to answer it wearing very little. I heard the door open and close and then footsteps coming down the stairs to our dungeon. I can sense others in the room but no one said a word but you "Undress!"

is all you say.

I am straining my ears trying to hear anything that will tell me what is going on but to no avail. Suddenly someone is fucking me again with the dildo. As it was starting to feel very good to me it is yanked out hard. Then I feel something else pressing up against my ass hole.

What ever it is feel very warm and big. Much bigger that the dildo had been. It starts to push me open wider and wider and then is in me sliding deeper and deeper until I realize that it is a real cock fucking me. A big one at that.

My own cock is extremely hard and dripping an almost continuous stream of clear liquid. Every time the cock in my ass hole slides in it causes my cock pump out more pre-cum.

"I have something for you to moisten with you mouth. Open wide!"

As I do a cock is forced into my mouth. This was a fantasy of mine but I never thought it would ever come to pass. And now I was chocking on a rather large cock. It tasted better than I could have imagined so I sucked it for all I was worth.

"That's enough." My mistress said as she yanked the blindfold off of my eyes. When my eyes adjusted to the light I saw a big black cock attached to a big black man standing in front of me. My mistress came into view and took off what little she had on.

"Get me ready." She commanded the black stud I had been sucking. He drops to his knees behind her and proceeds to lick her ass hole and finger her cunt. When he is done he sticks his finger in my mouth so I can suck the taste of your pussy off of his finger. Then he walks up to you and you let him slide his big black cock deep into your ass hole making sure I can see everything.

As he is fucking you who ever is behind me is fucking me at he same time.

This goes on for a while and you have an explosive orgasm and make lots of noise. You slide off of him and grab his cock. You bring it over to me and shove it in my mouth saying "Suck the taste of your Mistress's ass hole of of this cock. Suck it good and maybe he'll cum in your mouth."

The cock in my mouth tastes of you and him at the same time. I can't get enough as I take him down my throat from time to time.

As the two men fucking me start to move faster and faster you grab my cock and stroke me at the same pace. I'm completely overwhelmed. My senses are on overload.

I loose control and cum convulsing my mouth and ass hole as I do. This causes the two men fucking me to cum as well. It is the single most intense sensation I have ever felt.

The cocks slide out of me leaving me dripping cum out of all of me. I am completely exhausted and totally satisfied.

"Happy Birthday darling." you whisper in my ear.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/06/17

My fantasy exactly

I absolutely dream of this. Hope one day it.comes true

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